In Mozart's Shadow: His Sister's Story

In Mozart s Shadow His Sister s Story Nannerl Mozart was a musical prodigy who seemed to have a brilliant future But once her younger brother Wolfgang began composing symphonies at the age of five her career and talents were utterly ec

  • Title: In Mozart's Shadow: His Sister's Story
  • Author: Carolyn Meyer
  • ISBN: 9780152055943
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nannerl Mozart was a musical prodigy who seemed to have a brilliant future But once her younger brother, Wolfgang, began composing symphonies at the age of five, her career and talents were utterly eclipsed Here, at last, is Nannerl s heart wrenching tale It s the story of her undying passion for music her relationship with her miracle boy brother and her life as thNannerl Mozart was a musical prodigy who seemed to have a brilliant future But once her younger brother, Wolfgang, began composing symphonies at the age of five, her career and talents were utterly eclipsed Here, at last, is Nannerl s heart wrenching tale It s the story of her undying passion for music her relationship with her miracle boy brother and her life as the other Mozart, the one forgotten by history The acclaimed Carolyn Meyer has written a powerful historical novel about a little known but gifted musician who never stopped dreaming Includes an author s note.

    Mozart s Sister Nancy Moser Books Mozart s Sister Nancy Moser on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Young Nannerl Mozart s life seems to be the stuff of fairy tales traveling far and wide, performing with little brother Wolfgang before kings and queens But behind the glamour lurk hardships Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart January December , baptised as Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart, was a prolific and influential composer of the classical era. Born in Salzburg, Mozart showed prodigious ability from his earliest childhood.Already competent on keyboard and violin, he composed from the age of five and performed before European royalty. Maria Anna Mozart Maria Anna Walburga Ignatia Mozart July October , called Marianne and nicknamed Nannerl, was a musician, the older sister of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and daughter of Leopold and Anna Maria Mozart Was Mozart s sister actually the most talented musician in In the run up to International Women s Day, we celebrate Nannerl, the forgotten musically gifted sibling in the Mozart household In the th century, Mozart toured Europe, wowing audiences across the continent and impressing critics. John Denver, Composer of Two State Songs In Mozart s Expert led trips to the musical capitals of Europe Recommended by European Mozart Ways Calm Radio Mozart Free Internet Radio TuneIn Calm Radio Mozart Mozart January December composed from the age of five and performed before European royalty At , he was engaged as a court musician in Salzburg, but grew restless and travelled in search of a better position, always composing Faster Than Light Physics FAQ Updated by PEG Original by Philip Gibbs Is Faster Than Light Travel or Communication Possible Cherenkov Effect Third Party Observers Vitaliy Katsenelson Contrarian Edge Articles written by Vitaliy Katsenelson on value investing, life and music. Mozart s biography his first concert and European tour Mozart s first taste of the touring lifestyle came in , and with it came musical discoveries and illness, his first solo concert and an epic, country hopping schedule Mozart visits Vienna for the first time In some ways, is a tricky year for us to get our heads around It wasn t the Mozart Overtures This disc contains twelve Mozart overtures but sixteen tracks Both La Finta giardiniera and Il re pastore are tripartite the alleged Symphony k which employs the same fast slow fast structure.

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    1. Reviewed by Harmony for TeensReadTooWe all know about Wolfgang Mozart, the wonderfully talented musician, but what many of us don't know is that his older sister, Nannerl, was also incredibly talented. She was, in the beginning, thought of as her brother's equivalent. They played together in concerts, sometimes in front of royalty, making money for their family. But soon, she was overshadowed by her brother, but that didn't stop her from playing. She wanted, more than anything, to go to a presti [...]

    2. I rated this one as warty on my blogNote that I don't do stars. A novel is either worthy or warty and ne'er the Clemens shall meet. This one was warty.This is one of those novels that seems like a good idea at the time, but turns into a regretful misunderstanding! Given that Carolyn Meyer was starting from the truth (Mozart had a musical sister who outlived him), I can't explain how she went so far adrift!Maria Anna Walburga Ignatia Mozart was known as Nannerl and had all the musical attention ( [...]

    3. I enjoyed reading it. I think Nannerl was a really cool, selfless girl, and I feel sorry for her. Everything she ever wanted, for instance Armand, she didn't get. At least her father never told her she couldn't play, he praised her often, even if he never spent time on her career.

    4. Young Nannerl Mozart, like her younger brother Wolfgang Mozart, has been a talented musician since the time she was a small child. And it is from a young age that she is forced by an unloving and overbearing father to continuously give up her hopes and dreams for the sake of her brother. As a little girl she was allowed to perform by her father, who wanted to show off his children as child prodigies, but even then, she knew he preferred her brother.When she is too old to be a child prodigy any l [...]

    5. I cannot believe I read the whole thing. It felt more like a recitation than a novel. I'd had high hopes for it, and I was interested in the subject matter (the story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's older sister Nannerl), but was pretty boring. Flat. The most interesting part was when she was about 28 or 29 and fell in love with an older man whom her father refused to let her marry. Yes--her father was a wretchedly domineering man and totally wrong about, well, most everything. In fact, her father [...]

    6. All I want to say Mrs. Meyers did a fantastic job of writing Mozart's sister's story but the unlucky one is Mozart himself, in this story he's a rude and proud and even vain man while she is a kind and ever trying to please her father. After she finds out she isn't needed, she doesn't sulk about her lost talent in utter misery. Throughout the story she is TRYING to please her unwilling father, it's hard to please your father who only loves your brother who is selfish and rude. And when her mothe [...]

    7. * Young musicians and historical fiction lovers will enjoy this accurate, and therefore frequently depressing, tale of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's older sister, Nannerl. A talented and hardworking musician, Nannerl was, like her brother, exploited by their father Leopold as he paraded his genius children through the courts of Europe, winning acclaim, applause and occasionally, money. But Wolfgang's charm and extraordinary composing talent become Leopold's focus-and the fact that Nannerl was female [...]

    8. This was a sad story. It was slow to start and I wasn't sure how I felt about Meyer's writing style, but it grew on me. Leopold Mozart was a very frustrating father, using his children as a means to make money and denying Anna-Marie's chances at both a happy marriage and a career as a keyboardist. I was rooting for her and Armand (I know little about Anna-Marie's history, so if I had, this book would not have been surprising) but NOPE her father just HAD to refuse. Anna-Marie's only marriage see [...]

    9. This book was wonderfully written. Even though it is fiction, it could easily pass as a memoir of Nannerl Mozart's life. The reader feels every emotion that she is going through-- frustration, hurt, sadness, love, loss, etc. I randomly came across this book and thought wow, Mozart had a sister? Who was she? So I decided I needed to find out and I'm extremely glad I chose this book.

    10. I feel so bad for Nannerl, she had such a hard life. At least she got to play during recitals in her early life.

    11. Meyer, Carolyn. 2008. In Mozart's Shadow: His Sister's Story."In the beginning, when I was four, Papa sat beside me at the clavichord, the music book open to minuets and other short pieces he had prepared for me, and he taught me how to play." (7)In Mozart's Shadow is a novelization of Nannerl Mozart. Several years older than Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, she was a talented, gifted musician in her own right. When Wolferl showed talent and promise as well, the family--mom, dad, brother, sister--went o [...]

    12. Wow. This was a very heart wrenching tale of the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's older sister, Nannerl Mozart. I think that I would have found it a bit too plain, had I not deeply sympathized with the things that Nannerl was going through. What made this book special to me was that it was so full of emotion, which I could very personally relate to.In terms of historical accuracy, as far as I know, the book did follow the chronological order of Wolfgang's compositions, and I trust that the year [...]

    13. I Enjoyed this book not only because it taught me a lot, but also because it made me realize that even back in the 1700's people had similar struggles as they do today. Many people don't read historical fiction because they see no resemblance in life then compared to life now. I would beg to differ. I admit that I never knew how rough life back then must have been if you were not among the Elite. But I also admit that many of the challenges Nannerl faced throughout her life are challenges many p [...]

    14. This was a fascinating book. However, if you're a reader who prefers happy endings, as I generally always do, I would caution you that it really doesn't have one. I was attracted to this book because I hadn't realized that Mozart had a highly accomplished, yet largely forgotten, older sister. My oldest son is incredibly gifted in many areas, and I have often wondered if his younger siblings will be overshadowed by his reputation, even if they are quite talented themselves, and how that would fee [...]

    15. This tells the story of Wolfgang Mozart's elder sister, also a talented musician. She longs to share in the fame and opportunities that her brother receives, yet lives her entire life eclipsed by his shadow. It was interesting to learn about Mozart's flawed, dysfunctional family and his neglected sister. The book follows Nannerl Mozart's life from her childhood to her later adult years.The writing style stiff and impersonal at times, while at the same time almost force-feeding tragedy and sadnes [...]

    16. For me, this book was merely decent. I did not enjoy it very much, and I think the reason why is because it read like a non-fiction book, not like a historical. Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres, if not my favorite, because you can learn things about history in a way that is still literary and beautiful. This book really lacked the literary aspect - Meyer's writing style felt blunt and informational, not like it was telling a story. Susanne Dunlap continues to be my favorite author [...]

    17. I’ve really been getting into reading historical novels lately… I’ve always been curious about the lives of famous composers – what it must have been like to live back when they weren’t so “famous” like they are today.This novel was set through Mozart’s sister, Nannerl’s POV, and I have to say that it was a good read. Never before did I guess that Mozart was such a stereotypical “little brother” figure until I read this. And while I know that it is historicalfictionand can [...]

    18. I like Mozart's music and different POVs of famous people. That's why I chose this book. At first, I was intrigued by Nannerl's attitude and behavior. I felt I could relate to her. I found myself rooting for Nannerl even though I knew things will not end up well for her. Yet there was no climax to this book and I just read mindlessly. However, the author did a good job portraying the characters (I hated the father and even Mozart from time to time and usually it's hard to elicit those feelings f [...]

    19. This was a heartbreaking but exceptional and unique book. It follows the sad yet thrilling story of Maria Anna "Nannerl" Mozart. Nannerl is blessed with the gift of music but her brilliance never gets to see the light because Nannerl is a woman and as great as she is, she(in that time period) cannot compare to her brother. It is a sad story, and there isn't a happy ending, but reading it is a rewarding experience. Without giving too much away I can say that it will transport you to a whole other [...]

    20. I was very excited when I heard about this book's release--a book about Mozart's sister by one of my favorite authors!--but unfortunately it did not live up to my expectations. If it were not for my interest in the subject, I probably would have given In Mozart's Shadow only a two-star rating. The writing was extremely unemotional, and all the characters aside from Mozart (even Nannerl) had absolutely no distinctive personality. Basically this was a novelized biography of Maria Anna "Nannerl" Mo [...]

    21. I waver between three and four stars for this juvenile historical fiction. The book was a slow starter for me, but the father's obvious favoritism toward one child, his condescending and snobbish view of another's marriage partner, and his overlording toward both of his progeny fueled me to finish. If I were giving a rating for Leopold, it would be one star. And if Meyer is accurate in her historical conveyance, we should all be thankful we live in a day and age where marriage (at least the circ [...]

    22. This was a well done historical fiction novel. I am a bit obsessed with Mozart (musically). I am also aware that there were many sisters of famous musicians (and who often were the better musician) who were ignored, patronized, and dismissed because of their gender. I was therefore interested to see how the author treated this subject. Perhaps it was due to a lack of information, but I felt like this was a story about Mozart through Nannerl's eyes--that Nannerl was still, even in this book about [...]

    23. Carolyn Meyer again spins a touching and beautiful tale, imagined from the point of view of Mozart's sister, Nannerl. The frustration talented girls must have felt at that time, especially one who was constantly in the "shadow" of her famous younger brother, is eloquently depicted in this engaging novel.I'm always on the lookout for well-researched novels about composers, and fortunately more and more of them have appeared in recent years. I especially appreciate when these stories are told from [...]

    24. This book is about Mozart's older sister Nannerl. Despite her own magnificent musical talent, Nannerl is constantly upstaged and overshadowed by her younger, flirtatious, irreverent, often irresponsible, yet brilliant younger brother, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This book follows a portion of her life of personal disappointments and shattered dreams. I found it to be very interesting, yet very sad too. Details in this book caused me to do a little research into Nannerl myself. I found this book to [...]

    25. This book was pretty good, but I didn't like the end with Nannerl. It was so sad when she married Johann Baptist and she never even got to be happy!! I know it's " the real world", but I still didn't like it. The parts with Wolfgang were great! It was great how he could go from being in a trance while writing music, to being the zany person he was. It was amazing how he just wrote the music right out of his head, and he only lived to be 35!!! He was an absolute musical genius!!!!Over all, great [...]

    26. Wow, I never knew Mozart's sister was so musically talented as well! Or that his father was so obsessed with fame and fortune. It was kind of sad to read because of the father's greed and Mozart's irresponsibility. Also, the prospects for women in that time and place were so dismal. Maria Mozart lived in fear of being a burden to her family, and this fear ultimately pushed her to a difficult marriage. So kind of depressing to read, but interesting too to understand more about a great composer an [...]

    27. I have really enjoyed reading historical fiction from Carolyn Meyer. She really tells you how it is though, so I would not recommend her books to young kids, but older youth who are more mature it would be ok for. She does a great job of helping you really know what it was like for the characters she is writing about. I have loved reading about Mozart's sister Nannerl. She was given a lot of opportunities, but then had so many opportunities taken away from her. That is what life is all about tho [...]

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