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Home Remedies Tonsillectomies should not be performed at home cucumbers do not make good stand ins and golf clubs are not for hitting your mother Angela Pneuman renders these unsettling truths small and large w

  • Title: Home Remedies
  • Author: Angela Pneuman
  • ISBN: 9780156030755
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tonsillectomies should not be performed at home, cucumbers do not make good stand ins, and golf clubs are not for hitting your mother.Angela Pneuman renders these unsettling truths, small and large, with blazing insight in Home Remedies It is a startling collection of stories peopled by Christian fundamentalists traversing various stages and crises of belief, grappling wiTonsillectomies should not be performed at home, cucumbers do not make good stand ins, and golf clubs are not for hitting your mother.Angela Pneuman renders these unsettling truths, small and large, with blazing insight in Home Remedies It is a startling collection of stories peopled by Christian fundamentalists traversing various stages and crises of belief, grappling with intimacies that feel like an anxious mix of longing and repulsion, relating to one another in an uneasy balance of eagerness and wariness.

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    1 thought on “Home Remedies”

    1. artists will always revisit their pet themes, and I know I've said this before, repeatedly, so I suppose amateur reviewers will do the same. perhaps it is just a part of the human condition - oh I hate the number of times I've used those two words - to repeat the things we know and to listen with ears tuned to things we want to hear and eyes peeled to things we want to see, to make the world and its happenings into patterns we understand. Angela Pneuman revisits the same themes across eight stor [...]

    2. A tremendous debut of short fiction from an author who truly understands the craft. The eight stories in the collection tap a rich thematic vein of girls and young women on the precipice of change; many stories include mother/daughter struggles and the state of Kentucky is a frequent setting. Pneuman uses religion, pubescence, broken families and mental health to weave narratives poignant and often times hilarious. "The Bell Ringer" and "Invitation" were my two favorites. Fans of Julie Orringer, [...]

    3. When I hear people talk about Pneuman's stories, they converge on some of the more unforgettable moments, as when a nanny heats an icepick to perform a home tonsillectomy or when a daughter raises a golf club to her mother. True, those are the kind of thrilling moments many people read for, but I think these stories are also filled with subtle humor, beautiful prose and achingly observed mother-daughter relationships. Plus this book will really make you think about the plateaus that follow a los [...]

    4. The problem with books of short stories is that they can be repetitive. In this book the writer seemed to want to explore the same themes (mother-daugher relationships; self-esteem issues; violence, to yourself and others) over and over again without really getting anywhere. The stories were well-written, but if the repetitive themes don't engage you, you won't want to keep reading.

    5. I had the chance to meet Angela Pneuman a few years ago, and she seemed like a wonderful and very intelligent lady. She spoke to a class of mine and stayed afterwards to give some tips to us freshmen who all desperately wanted to be writers one day. Her words at the time meant a lot to me, and I still consider some of them today. For that reason alone, I wish I could rate this collection higher. As it stands, I did very much enjoy some of these stories, but they all share a very similar dynamic [...]

    6. I don't usually enjoy short stories--there few authors who make me care enough about the characters in the small number of pages available. This particular collection was fantastic, and the stories were just long enough. Each story is set in Kentucky, or has Kentucky-grown characters (which is interesting to me because I've been to KY a few times and have a dear friend who lives there) and each deals with children of families who are religious. This is interesting, because the adults are general [...]

    7. I am not a big short story person but I am trying to read more of them. This was a good collection about families in Kentucky. Several of the stories had an unpleasant twist - a home-done tonsillectomy, for starters, but I thought the ones that didn't were stronger. I liked the way the stories were open-ended - nothing came to a neat conclusion. Pneuman really nails the mother-daughter relationship and her portraits of emotionally needy parents are cringingly first rate.Note: turtles and cucumbe [...]

    8. donne e bambine, il kentucky, la religione, la quotidianità in cui apparentemente non succede nulla ma che invece è teatro di piccole/grandi tragedie e di enormi avvenimenti silenziosi. bella raccolta, scrittrice interessante.

    9. C Some of the stories were interesting, and it had a lot of potential, but too many repetitions of themes and not that strong overall

    10. Pretty bleak stories, mostly about young people, and all with a connection to Kentucky. I was expecting a little more humor.

    11. Meh, the stories seemed to not really go anywhere. I wont be passing this one on, and I am glad I only paid $.25 for it at a yardsale.

    12. I read the first story on the subway ride home tonight and it bothered me.Returned it, it just didn't grab me.

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