Drawing Fire

Drawing Fire One case from her past defines homicide detective Abby Hart With a possible serial killer stalking elderly women in Long Beach California Abby s best lead is Luke Murphy an irritating private inves

  • Title: Drawing Fire
  • Author: Janice Cantore
  • ISBN: 9781414396682
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Paperback
  • One case from her past defines homicide detective Abby Hart.With a possible serial killer stalking elderly women in Long Beach, California, Abby s best lead is Luke Murphy, an irritating private investigator who saw a suspect flee the scene of the latest homicide When Abby discovers that the most recent victim is related to the governor, she s anxious to talk to him aboutOne case from her past defines homicide detective Abby Hart.With a possible serial killer stalking elderly women in Long Beach, California, Abby s best lead is Luke Murphy, an irritating private investigator who saw a suspect flee the scene of the latest homicide When Abby discovers that the most recent victim is related to the governor, she s anxious to talk to him about a cold case that s personal to her one Luke is interested in as well.As she learns about the restaurant fire that took her parents lives years ago, Abby discovers why Luke is so invested in finding the ones responsible The they uncover, though, the questions they have Can Abby find peace without having all the answers

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    1 thought on “Drawing Fire”

    1. 3.5 starsDrawing Fire was a good suspense. I really liked the characters and hope the next book continues with them. The story didn't really grab my attention right away, so it was a little tough to get through, but I did enjoy it overall and look forward to the next one! *I received a complimentary ebook copy via NetGalley for my honest review. As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.*

    2. Great start to the Cold Case Justice series! Janice Cantore has a gift at creating an entertaining story line with plenty of twists to keep the reader engaged.In Drawing Fire, an interesting cast of characters come together to solve a cold case mystery. While the two main characters are Abby and Luke, readers get a taste of what is to come in the next books in the series.I look forward to continuing the series. Drawing Fire is strongly recommended.

    3. Homicide detective Abby Hart became a detective for the sole purpose of possibly solving her parents murders. But she's good at her job. There's a serial killer stalking elderly women in Long Beach, California. Her best lead happens to be the only witness to see a suspect flee from the scene of the latest murder, PI Luke Murphy. Luke was in the area searching for a runaway he's tracking when he happened to see the suspect flee the scene of the crime. Abby soon learns that this latest victim has [...]

    4. Drawing Fire, the first book in the Cold Case Justice series, is the first book that I have read by Janice Cantore and it will definitely not be the last.The characters were very well-written and their interactions with other characters in the book felt realistic. Detective Abby Hart and Luke Murphy, a local private investigator, are very likeable and I connected with them immediately. The situations they were in and the way they handled themselves felt true to their occupations. There was also [...]

    5. I enjoyed this fast paced suspenseful story about homicide detective Abby Hart and private investigator Luke Murphy. It was interesting how the cold case of the restaurant fire that took her parents' lives is also of personal interest to Luke. It gave them a connection that was unique. I like how Abby is precise and exacting in her work resulting in a stellar reputation and early advancement in her career. Abby is somewhat reserved due to the life she has led since her parents' death but she war [...]

    6. Drawing Fire by Janice Cantore is book one in the Cold Case Justice series. I know you should not judge a book by its cover but I absolutely love the cover of Drawing Fire and knew I was going to like Abby before I even started reading. I was right; Abby is a very likeable character and you empathize with her along her journey. Abby has worked her way through the police force to the homicide division. She is a perfect balance of strong, tough and human. Cantore has a perfect balance of details t [...]

    7. 3.5 starsAbby's life hasn't exactly been easy, but it's about to get turned around, first by her latest homicide investigation and then by Luke Murphy. Although present, the Christian angle is relatively low-profile: it affects the motivation of a couple of characters and provides one major plot point, but it shouldn't be intrusive for non-Christians. There were some comparisons about forgiveness, but I felt this issue could have been explored a little more. (Maybe that will come later in the se [...]

    8. This was a page turner! Abby is an amazing detective & has quite a few haters. This story brings to life the saying "low friends in high places". The story is told in such a believable way, I googled the plot to see if it was a real story line adapted for fiction. I hope that book 2 is a continuation of the story because I'm hooked. I also need Abby to let Ethan drift right back into the friend zone!

    9. Janice Cantore, a former Long Beach police officer of twenty-two years, is a well-established author of suspense but her books are – I’m embarrassed to say – new to me. Her newest release, Drawing Fire, was the first book of hers that I have read; it will most definitely not be my last! The suspense was sharply focused and action-packed, the characters were well-developed and likeable, and the faith element felt natural and ingrained. I was entertained from beginning to end except that I w [...]

    10. Drawing Fire is a compelling suspense, with edge-of-your-seat action, plenty of twists and touches of faith and romance. Detective Abby Hart's life changed the night her parents died in a fire. She changed her name, hid her identity and became set on finding those responsible for the Triple Seven fire and murders. But she was warned to investigate quietly, so she has been working her way up as a successful cop and now homicide detective. When she is called to work a second murder that points to [...]

    11. This novel was a suspenseful mystery, with multiple cases to keep track of and lots of details that I wasn’t sure if were important or red herrings to throw me off other things. It was well-written and interesting; the specifics of police life contributed to the realistic aspects of the novel without overwhelming the reader with unexplained jargon.The characters in this novel were multi-faceted, with Abby and Luke being the most developed. I liked the different backgrounds the various characte [...]

    12. This book is a page turner that leaves you on the edge of your seat all the way to the end! I've read all of Cantore's books so I knew I would love this one and wasn't at all disappointed. I did feel it had a little less romance than some of her others but I have a feeling book two's romance will more than make up for the lack thereof in this one.Abby is a pretty amazing main character. She is driven, focused, and strong and those are some of my favorite characteristics in female leads. She very [...]

    13. Drawing FireCold Case Justice 1By Janice CantoreFor years she's hidden her true identity. The people responsible for her parents murder all those years ago could be looking for her. But Abby Hart needs to discover the truth. But she's not the only person searching for answers. Luke Murphy, a totally annoying PI, is searching for the truth behind the killings that also cost his uncle his life.When a series of murders unexpectedly brings Abby and Luke together they agree to pool research to see if [...]

    14. Author Janice Cantore is a talented storyteller whose work rings true with the authenticity of her own law enforcement background. With "Drawing Fire" she begins her latest book series, "Cold Case Justice". Long Beach, California homicide investigator Abby Hart's adherence to her principles and her determination to bring criminal offenders to justice has earned her the nickname "Superglue". At the age of six, she had lost own parents to a still-unsolved homicide. Almost thirty years later, she i [...]

    15. This book was INSANE!!! Abby is a homicide detective who is trying to love a string of murders that look like she's facing a serial killer However the latest victim is linked to someone who knew her parents who were also murdered in a fire when she was six years old and that was never solved either. Enter handsome PI Luke Murphy, who was a witness in the latest murder and who just so happened to have lost an uncle in the same fire that killed Abby's parents. The story takes on so many twists and [...]

    16. Drawing Fire is an amazing start to the Cold Case Justice series. I was drawn into the plot from the start. Janice Cantore really knows how to write an action-packed, suspense-filled book. I liked it! Highly recommended! 5 plus stars. I received this book from bookfun in exchange for my honest review, which was given.

    17. I really enjoyed this book. It was very realistic and was a great find. My full review is at bookreviewsandwallpaperssI received this book through netgalley for an honest review

    18. What a neat 5 star suspense story You will thoroughly enjoy this storyNobody should be passed over as a possible suspect. Read it, you will be surprised how they all turn out

    19. DRAWING FIRE by Janice Cantore is the first in the Cold Case Justice series, and most definitely earns its “suspense” genre tag. Homicide detective Abby Hart is good at what she does. She’s a determined, by-the-book detective. That’s why she can’t let go of the unsolved crime that took her parents life when she was just a child. The Triple Seven fire is always on her mind, and now she might get a chance to talk with a person who could shed light on that case. Unfortunately, she has to [...]

    20. Janice Cantore tells such an exciting, intriguing story. I love the part that faith and trust play in this story as the heroine seeks to come to grips with what she truly believes. Often a book begins with a short explanation that the lead character is not on speaking terms with God because of certain events that have transpired. Detective Abby Hart comes to the story with a strong faith in God but we walk along with her as she starts questioning exactly what she believes. The unfolding of her s [...]

    21. Abby, a homicide detective in Long Beach, was the only survivor of a brutal murder and cover-up fire when she was six.Now in her thirties and having established a solid reputation as a good detective, Abby feels it is time to make her true identity known. Unfortunately, the aunt who raised her and Abby's fiancé don't want her to pursue finding a conclusion to the case.The only person who seems to understand Abby's need for closure and to solve the case is a private investigator who has starred [...]

    22. JusticeIntense. This book is full of twists and turns, trying to connect all the events and see how they lead back to one event. I really liked Abby, she comes off very serious and focused. Too focused? Maybe. I like the theme of justice, do we seek justice here on Earth or is God's judgement enough? Is it possible to let one event consume and define you, to the point it takes over your life? Read the book and see what you think. Warning, you will want to read the second one. It leaves you feeli [...]

    23. OK, this was near perfectI'm putting it up there by my #1 favorite book (The Negotiator, by Dee Henderson). Cantore's writing keeps getting better and better! I've liked all her characters in her series, but I think Abby and Luke are my favorite. (We get a cameo appearance from a couple of characters from her Critical Pursuit series) I also love cold case stories, so this one was right up my ally. :-)

    24. It's hard to look to the future until the past is put firmly behind you.Can Abby look to the future while the murder of her parents is unresolved. She seems to be a savvy cop . Can the future look brite when she is focused on the past.?

    25. Could not get into this book. I was basically skimming through the chapters and even then didn't get very far. Maybe I'll try again, maybe not. Okay probably not, at least not any time soon.

    26. Great mysteryJanice Cantore is a great mystery writer. I really enjoyed this book and the well written story and characters. Great exciting book.

    27. Don't you just love it when your Grandma has connections and can get you free books??The book was great! I loved the characters, their pasts, the struggles and that cold case. Definitely, read it!

    28. Love this seriesLoved reading this book and I can't wait to read the rest of the series! I didn't want to out it down once I started reading.

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