The Guardian's Grimoire

The Guardian s Grimoire Dylan thought he was an average man with a dead end job and no great aspirations When he finds a black book with peculiar words and markings he discovers the universe is bigger than he imagined The

  • Title: The Guardian's Grimoire
  • Author: Rain Oxford
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dylan thought he was an average man, with a dead end job and no great aspirations When he finds a black book with peculiar words and markings, he discovers the universe is bigger than he imagined The Guardian of Earth, who kept the book and its immense power safe from falling into the wrong hand, was killed Now Earth needs a new Guardian The battle to protect the bookDylan thought he was an average man, with a dead end job and no great aspirations When he finds a black book with peculiar words and markings, he discovers the universe is bigger than he imagined The Guardian of Earth, who kept the book and its immense power safe from falling into the wrong hand, was killed Now Earth needs a new Guardian The battle to protect the book begins early for Dylan as he must rely on his newly discovered powers to defeat the creatures sent to take the book Dylan s life is sure to be full of adventure, danger, and magic To protect his book and the world that now relies on him, he must learn to survive on a foreign world, fight fierce horrors beyond imagination, master the magical arts, and ultimately battle a dark god who has already destroyed one world.

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    • Unlimited [Religion Book] ✓ The Guardian's Grimoire - by Rain Oxford ×
      301 Rain Oxford
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    1 thought on “The Guardian's Grimoire”

    1. Out of all of the fantasy I have read ,mental manipulation was one of the bigger crimesWhat we have here is a lead being mind finger fucked left and rightAnd he doesn't care,his teacher seems not to care body caresI stopped reading after 150 pages

    2. Audible guy here. This is Damn good book with awesome characters, personalities and world building that is not to over whelming. You paper backers don't know what your missing with the hilarity that ensues with the VO work. The VA ( Todd Menesses ) that was chosen narrate was awesome!

    3. AudiobookNarration - Todd Menesses - pretty good!There were a lot of character voices and he has a pretty good range of different characters in his arsenal. Some of the Asian accented narrative was a little stilted, but overall, you really feel like your experiencing a bunch of different characters.So this is kind of a hard book to review. Overall, I liked it, but at the same time, it took me a long time to get through this book, and not just because it was 17 hours and 45 minutes long. This is [...]

    4. I actually listened to this on Audible, but I was so impressed, I just HAD to post a review, here as well. I didn't know what to expect, because I don't normally read fantasy novels, but I was thoroughly impressed! I enjoyed the unique twists and turns in the story ad I enjoyed the narrator ( in the audiobook version). It's a pretty long story, so I'm actually really glad I listened instead of sitting to read the long-form book. I was able to listen in the gym, while riding in my car, etc. I'd d [...]

    5. The Guardian’s Grimoire had promise but lost its way early and never quite made sense again. There are many 5 star reviews of it on Audible and maybe my listening experience was an aberration. So, in order to justify my thoughts on this audiobook, I am going to get a tad specific. Unfortunately, this means there may be a few spoilers ahead. *This review contains spoilers*The Guardian’s Grimoire had promise and started out good. It didn’t require a lot of backstory to identify with the prot [...]

    6. I really wanted to like this book. This is yet another fantasy fiction focused on a protagonist transported to another world. I'll admit it: I'm a sucker for this kind of story. It's not original. It could even be considered a sub-genre on its own (portal fantasy); but it always draws me in. Sadly, the great majority of this kind of fiction is very disappointing, and The Guardian's Grimoire is another title that failed to impress me. The pace was much too slow. And the main reason is that the au [...]

    7. I am always pleased to read a fictional book that not only has plenty of content, but gets it's characters and information done well!I enjoyed how the author described points of view from both a more like child like point and those who have been around the block more than a few times. She gave them ask personalities and personal feelings, enough that the reader can understand them all. Some still managed to surprise me into the final chapters!And best of all, for someone like me at least, is tha [...]

    8. This was one of thst stories I've read in a long time. A contemporary fantasy with great world-building and complex characters. The big reveal at the end was a complete surprise; Iwasn't expecting it at all. There is still a few things up in the air, but I guess that is what sequels are for, aren't they?

    9. The Guardian's GrimoireToo much out of my depth, as an oriental influenced book I grew both bored and confused. Read at your own risk.

    10. This is one of the best books in this genre! It's really hard to describe because I don't know anything like it. I loved learning about the other worlds and the creatures. The Duran language is really thought out, the magic is unique, the characters are complex and the descriptions put me in the world. The writing style was what really wouldn't let me put the book down! It has a lot of hidden humor and some things that only a history buff or psych major would understand. It feels like a lot of r [...]

    11. First of all I want to say that I loved that the lead character was named Dylan! That is my brothers name, so I naturally enjoyed that aspect of this book right away!Aside from the name, however, the whole book was a great read. I did not get much sleep last night since I was up reading it! Once I started the book it was just so hard to put it down! I wanted and needed to keep reading. I think the fast pace nature of the action make it a worthwhile read for anyone!One problem I have with a lot o [...]

    12. I have to say I was quite impressed by this book. I red fantasy from time to time but I would not call it my favorite genre. This book, however, draws the reader into the story in a way that is really subtle and unique, and before you knew it you were right in the thick of the story. This books offers characters the readers can get to know and love, and action that was both fantasy, but also believable. Nothing felt forced like some fiction and fantasy books do, so that was a nice breath of fres [...]

    13. I’m not normally a huge fantasy reader, but I read this book upon a recommendation. I’m glad I did! Before you know it, you’ll find yourself sucked into this story and unable to put it down. The characters are well developed, and in ways that are reminiscent of JK Rowling, you’re able to really picture the environment. The creativity and imagination of the author is really evident and, for me anyway, it seemed to spark my own with it. Truly, it sucks you right in!

    14. I could not stop reading this book till I read to last page. Easy to understand, I must to say author is best writer, he has different stylish written between other writer, all chapter are excellent, I will recommend this book to my friend. This book give me many lessons about love, life, death, how to be strong, how can fight to scare. Thank to author.

    15. When I first started reading this I was instantly sucked into the pages. At first you wonder what's this boy Dylan all about. He just seems like a normal average guy in the beginning and when you read more, you're like will he survive or not. He always feels like he's treated like a child by his mentor and a woman who keeps him intrigued. It's a must read.

    16. I will give it 5 stars because this book is perfect. Like as movie, enjoy it with tea is best way to relax, the main character is Delan, When he found a black book with peculiar words and markings, he knew his life changed. Now he must to fight to defeat the creatures sent to take the book. Awesome book in my honest reviews.

    17. This book is really interesting, the content about Dylan - a Man want to protect a book he got from evil. Till then his life changed, many adventure, danger, and magic happened in his life. When I read it I felt I was in his story. Many thanks to author.

    18. At last a fully immersive fantasy universe with very strong characterisations, plot and humour. I was gripped from the start and cannot wait for the series to develop!

    19. Fantastic:) I accidentally stumbled upon this book and enjoyed it very much. Listening to book 2 now.

    20. This was one of those ebook/audiobook deals.The narration by Todd Menesses was excellent. The story however was too long, mostly boring with a few splashes of hilarity here and there.I won't be following the series, the epilogue was some kind of introduction to next one I think, and that was more than enough for me , thank you. :)

    21. This book took me a long, long time to read. I honestly believe it was because Rain Oxford wanted to create not just one world, but many, many worlds with complex food, money, religion, customs, languages. I couldn't keep up at time with the level of detail. I'm hoping that future books, since the worlds have been established, will allow for more character development and story to be told.

    22. Another audible listener, quite a good book. It is no R Feist or another great fantasy authors book but is good listen.The storyline is sometimes a bit dull and on other times a little to fast but I’m looking forward the rest of the series.

    23. Just couldn't do it. Maybe it was the magic system, maybe the god thing, but I just couldn't get through the bloody thing.

    24. Disclaimer: Review originally posted at audiobookreviewerDylan, a student in college with little aspirations, finds one day a book that will change his life. Kiro, the guardian of a distant world explains to him that this book is the door to Earth, and that Dylan will have to be its guardian, protecting it to be taken by an evil god.I like reading modern fantasy, and I am usually pleasantly surprised. This could have been so good, but it ended up disappointing me. The premises were good, but the [...]

    25. Right off the bat there is something I want to point out that is super refreshing: The story does not waste our time with the typical "This can't be real. There's no magic. I don't believe you!" nonsense that most fantasy books do when the protagonist of the book is filled in on a world full of magic. I understand why writers do it, it makes sense, but it tends to put the story in slow motion. Instead Dylan, our protagonist, is skeptical but willing to listen and is then turned into a believer. [...]

    26. A satisfying read. The mark down is because although I enjoyed the book I felt it was missing something the entire time I read it. The book was technically sound and the plot interesting in unique yet I felt it lacked the spark that makes a good book a great book.Thinking on it, I feel the book often used the 'Deus ex Machina' literary device. Things often happened not for a reason but because they needed to. Without spoilers this is a hard topic to approach but if you read the book you will see [...]

    27. Very good!This was a really good book. I enjoyed the characters and the uniqueness of the new world. It was very exciting, and I found myself not wanting to put the book down. I recommend it.

    28. EnjoyableSome of it is convoluted, but still an interesting story. I picked this one up after reading her book Dark Waters which was excellent, and recommend it over this one.

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