Stones in the Road

Stones in the Road When his snobbish future in laws travel all the way from Boston to visit wise cracking Southerner Wiley Cantrell learns that gay marriage is not without its disadvantages Occupied by concerns over th

  • Title: Stones in the Road
  • Author: Nick Wilgus
  • ISBN: 9781632167293
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Paperback
  • When his snobbish future in laws travel all the way from Boston to visit, wise cracking Southerner Wiley Cantrell learns that gay marriage is not without its disadvantages Occupied by concerns over the health of his special needs son Noah, a meth baby who was not expected to live and who is now on the cusp of puberty, the antics of Wiley s outrageous would be mother in laWhen his snobbish future in laws travel all the way from Boston to visit, wise cracking Southerner Wiley Cantrell learns that gay marriage is not without its disadvantages Occupied by concerns over the health of his special needs son Noah, a meth baby who was not expected to live and who is now on the cusp of puberty, the antics of Wiley s outrageous would be mother in law and severely conservative father in law strain his relationship with Jackson Ledbetter, a pediatric nurse who poses problems of his own As their respective families meet and greet, each just as meddlesome and inflexible as the other, North meets South and the fireworks and cultural misunderstandings are plenty.A tornado blows through the small Mississippi town where Wiley s mother lives, wrecking his mother s house and leaving their lives in disarray Then Jackson s secret drug addiction comes to light, and Wiley and Noah are devastated With so many stones in the road, Wiley and Jackson find their dream of becoming a real family falling apart Though Wiley relies on humor to cope, he ll need something to keep his happily ever after from slipping away.

    • Unlimited [Christian Book] ç Stones in the Road - by Nick Wilgus ✓
      331 Nick Wilgus
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    1. 2 stars. DNF @60%. Review posted March 9, 2015Let me preface my "review" by saying that Nick's writing is very good yet a rating will always reflect my feelings. Sadly, Stones in the Road, the sequel to Shaking the Sugar Tree, didn't appeal to me at all. Thus I'll be giving it only two stars. Though my negative rating shouldn't prevent you from giving this book a shot. It might be one of those cases "it's me not you".Also, bear with me when I'm being lazy for once. I've added a few quotes for yo [...]

    2. 4.5 starsI'm not sure where to begin. I guess my first observation is that this is not a romance. There's not one romantic thing I can remember from this book. If there was romance present, it didn't stand out. At least not to me. However, this is a LOVE story. A fantastic love story. There is love in almost every relationship in this book. The two MCs love each other. The love between Noah and his son is certainly unquestionable. There's even love behind some of the hurtful actions of well mean [...]

    3. 4,5 stars.I don't think I can write an objective review for this book. You know this statement? "Don't talk about religion and politics?" I could add also ".d about health insurance in the United States."I didn't laugh as much as I did reading the first book. Most of the time I was like this:- Why why why FGS so many people in one of the most powerful and prosperous countries in the world are still fighting against the statutory health insurance?!(view spoiler)[- Why why why special schools for [...]

    4. Well, that was quite a ride, and hopefully it's not over yet. This book is the sequel to Shaking the Sugar Tree which was one of my top reads for 2014. You must read that book before this one (which is anything but a hardship.) This review may contain spoilers for the first book. And I'm looking forward to the third.As this story opens, Wiley and Jackson, along with Noah, have been living together for almost two years. Jackson's parents are coming to town to spend a month visiting, and to meet W [...]

    5. I am not sure how much one person can take. Wiley sure was put through the mill in this one. This book was hard, vicious at times, mean, but also so full of love and family, and mistakes - OH SO MANY MISTAKES. But in the end, forgiveness was the message even if it was the hardest thing to hear. Also, you just know, I cried from 63% to the endere were some tears in the beginning, but the second half was just a big heartache.With out a doubt, I will continue to read stories by Nick Wilgus.

    6. This was me throughout most of this book:Yes, Stones in the Road was everything. In fact it was just as good as Shaking the Sugar Tree, which was one of my top five best books of 2014.I laughed often and cried just as often. I wanted to hug Wiley as much as I wanted to punch Jackson in the face. I loved Noah to pieces, as if he was a real person; he was that vivid. I also loved me some Pawpaw. I hated Jackson's mom at first but ended up liking her. I felt the same way about some other characters [...]

    7. 5 hundred stunning bright stars!!To say this book was good, is going to be a shameful understatement !!Do you know what I love about Nick Wilgus's writing? It feels like it just poured brilliantly easy from him, like he didn't "work" to write it. I hate writing reviews, yes, I'm just not a writer (as much as I secretly wished), and when it's an amazing book like that one, it makes it even harder. How can I transfer my thoughts and feelings, and do it justice?But how can I not at least try, after [...]

    8. 4.25 starsEven though I pouted and procrastinated and threw a big baby fit because I didn't feel like reading this, once I started I couldn't put it down. These characters are so freaking amazing I can barely stand it. I even found myself liking the one character that no one else seemed to be able to tolerate - Mrs. Ledbetter, Jackson's mom. There is so much depth to every single one of the characters in this story. I highlighted just about every page. I really hope Mr. Wilgus is planning to wri [...]

    9. The Blogger GirlsI did not have high expectations for the sequel to Shaking the Sugar Tree because, in my humble opinion, equally amazing sequels following a 5 star book are just about impossible to write. I could not have been more wrong. I would give this book more than 5 stars, if possible. Nick Wilgus took it to the next level with Stones in the Road, and he became my newest auto-buy author.The continuation of Wiley, Jackson, and Noah’s story has them all going in the right direction, unti [...]

    10. 3.5 stars The first book of this series, "Shaking the Sugar Tree", had a profound effect on me. It was listed as "humor", and it definitely had some funny parts. But, it was very emotional and the characters of Wiley Cantrell and his son Noah burrowed their way into my heart and my mind and I couldn't get free of them. So, it was with great anticipation, and a tiny bit of fear, that I tackled book 2."Stones in the Road" lived up to it's predecessor with continued humor, the inspiration to live l [...]

    11. What can I say? I don't have the words to share with you how this book made me feel but I'll try to put a few thoughts out there anyway! Anyone who has read the first book in this series will know that Wiley and Noah have not had an easy journey through life. I'm one of those people who like to think at the end of a book the HEA will carry on and everything will be perfect so parts of this second book were incredibly hard to bear. I want to wrap Wiley and Noah and Jackson up and transport them t [...]

    12. Ya know, I read Shaking The Sugar Tree (twice) and highly anticipated this 2nd installment in the Southern saga of Wiley and Jackson. I was also a little wary, because the first book was so good, and I wasn't quite sure that the 2nd would not have bad sequel syndrome.I shouldn't have worried!!With unapologetic frankness and wicked humor, Nick Wilgus delivered an outstanding sequel that's immediately going to my re-read list.We meet up with Wiley and Jackson again, two years or so after Sugar Tre [...]

    13. WOW Talk about an emotional roller coaster. I will never understand Wiley's family. Talk about knock you down with one hand and help you up with another. Most of the time I really did not like them, and Bill I despised and wanted to physically harm. And yet when it comes to the crunch they rally round. Such a confusing bunch.From the start I did not like Jacksons mum. How dare she say what she did. By the end I was left with mixed feelings. She might of come good for Wiley and Noah, but the way [...]

    14. OMG OMG OMG OMG!!I absolutely loved this book, i read it in one sitting, could not put it down! Now I am sad it's over, give me more please!Highly recommended!

    15. I'm not ready for the third book and I already have my heart broken, knowing what GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAINS will be aboutJackson Ledbetter + Wiley Clarence Cantrellreview @ Scattered Thoughts And Rogue WordsNick Wilgus made it again!I can confess I was eager and at the same time scared to read Stones In The Road cause I loved the first one and I was afraid this second installment couldn’t live it up.I was so wrong! This book is amazing, I loved it more that Shaking The Sugar Tree. This serie [...]

    16. I loved this one even more than the first book of the series, Shaking the Sugar Tree. Stones in the Road is a beautiful, emotional, humorous love story, and in my opinion the main focus isn’t on Wiley and his lover Jackson, first and foremost it’s Wiley’s declaration of love to his son Noah.Usually I’m giving M/M romances with kids a wide berth. Most of the time kids don’t fit in the kind of romances I love to read. Noah, born deaf and with several birth defects is different, though. T [...]

    17. I decided to use my FB status update as my review of this book because it sums up my gut reaction immediately after reading Stones in the Road. Ok, so I normally I don't do this (and I normally share these thoughts on ) but I can't contain myself. Ever read a book that's so freakin awesome, heartwarming and so ridiculously funny that you have to tell fellow bookworms to stop what they're doing and read it like yesterday?. this is me telling you to stop what you're doing and start reading Shaking [...]

    18. I did not think that Nick Wilgus could ever write a sequel comparable to Shaking the Sugar Tree. Rarely do sequels to 5 star books live up to the original. But I believe Mr. Wilgus has got another winner with Stones In The Road.Stones In The Road takes place two years later with Wiley’s snobbish future in-laws coming for a month long visit to get reacquainted with their son Jackson and to get to know Wiley and his special needs son, Noah.But Nobody should have to endure a month long visit from [...]

    19. "Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before."Edgar Allan Poe Many buried memories, the structure of family, love and the force that is Mother Nature all compose the stones that litter the road that is the second book in this series. Some are pebbles, other boulders as Wiley makes his way through life. Through it all, Wiley has had the one indomitable force that is his deaf son, Noah. Even Noah's light ha [...]

    20. This excellent sequel to Shaking the Sugar Tree is just as heartbreaking, funny, touching, and genuine as the original. However, the author digs a little deeper with this one, uncovering old wounds, and unleashing monsters we didn't even know were there. I loved it all. The dark humor, the authentic dialogue, the visceral feel of time and place that I get whenever I pick up one of this author's books. His secondary characters add so much to the story, and even the crazy, bigoted ones get under y [...]

    21. Is is really possible to read your top book of the year in Febuary? I DO!! When I bought "Shaking the Sugar Tree" last year, it only had a few reviews, but the story sounded interesting to me. It ended up being my Top 2 read of 2014. Now Mr. Wilgus has hit me with Book 2, all I can say is "butter my butt and feed me a buscuit" this book is astounding. I laughed my ass off at Wiley and Jackson's Mom, I also blubbered like a baby. Wiley completes me, Wiley entertains me, and Wiley gets ME. Well do [...]

    22. “This is important to me,” he said, clenching the steering wheel so tightly his knuckles were turning white. “I need my mom and my dad to approve of what I’m doing. For once in my life. I want them to be part of our family, and I don’t want you fighting over fetuses or the Civil War or body shame or the social construction of sexual identities or how Sarah Palin needs to masturbate more or God knows what else it is with you. And it’s always something with you.”I was literally five [...]

    23. After reading Shaking the Sugar Tree, I was over the moon when I heard that there was a second book coming along. When I got my hands on Stones in the Road, I thought "oh no, isn't that the same as hitting bumps in the road?" I just didn't know how I'd take to Noah and Wiley having anymore challenges thrown their way. The two of them are living their day to day life along with Jackson, Wiley's fiancé. Noah is almost twelve, Noah still works at Food World and Jackson is still a nurse. The story [...]

    24. I didn't care very much for the first book and this one even less so. I was totally turned off by Jackson's mother. She was highly offensive, hateful, and racist. I knew I wouldn't suffer through this book when she started to refer to Noah as "it." WTF? Why would Jackson subject his new family to his mother's prejudicial attitude? Just because she has money and he might one day inherit it??Also this book was too preachy for me. Didn't we already get that in the first book? Why do we have to reha [...]

    25. What absolutely mystifies me, after reading Nick Wilgus, is that I love a little smut (OK maybe a smidge more than a little). I used to be all 'you don't need smut' or if 'it fits into the story then its OK'. I have now made peace with my inner smut slut. We likely the sexy times and we don't likey the no sexytimes. Why am I going about this? Because Nick Wilgus doesn't write sexytimes into his books. OK I've read two of his books, yet neither had any. Everything was closed door. Even to the poi [...]

    26. I don't believe I've wept my way through a novel as much as I did this one for quite some time! I hasten to add I also laughed out loud at a lot of this book too.Some great new secondary characters introduced. I could tell, right from her introduction that Madam Ledbetter, super-bitch extraordinaire was going to be a much loved, major player in this plot. Brilliant character!Sadness, tension, happiness, humour, second in the series is every bit, if not better than "Shaking the S [...]

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