The Pink Dolphin Tale

The Pink Dolphin Tale This fun children s picture book follows the story of a little boy Balu Baldauf who tries to help a pink baby dolphin This is the sixth book in the Balu Baldauf series In this book Balu meets a pink d

  • Title: The Pink Dolphin Tale
  • Author: Ruthz S.B.
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This fun children s picture book follows the story of a little boy Balu Baldauf who tries to help a pink baby dolphin This is the sixth book in the Balu Baldauf series In this book Balu meets a pink dolphin She asks him to save her, but keeps outgrowing the place every time How can Balu help the pink dolphin This is a colorful picture book for kids who love cute dolphThis fun children s picture book follows the story of a little boy Balu Baldauf who tries to help a pink baby dolphin This is the sixth book in the Balu Baldauf series In this book Balu meets a pink dolphin She asks him to save her, but keeps outgrowing the place every time How can Balu help the pink dolphin This is a colorful picture book for kids who love cute dolphins This insightful beginner reader s eBook will teach your child about their potential, helping others, and to overcome dependency It will inspire your kids to believe in themselves, no matter how small or big they are This book is also inspired by the Matsya Avatar Your kids will enjoy cute full color illustrations of Balu and the Dolphin With simple text and 14 colorful illustrations, it is sure to captivate your kids hearts The pink dolphin tale is a sweet children s book written especially for you and your kids ages 2 8 The story is suitable as a read aloud book for preschoolers or a self read book for beginner readers Although this book may be ideal for young kids, it also enjoyable for the whole family as well Follow the entire series and look for other Balu Baldauf book titles for your Kindle.

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    1. Another Wonderful read from Ruth SB. What’s not to love about a boy befriending a dolphin? This tale carries on with the tradition of the author’s incorporation of life’s valuable lessons and learning for young children. Balu is a very likable character that children can identify with. The story has a continued pattern throughout the text. As a children’s reading specialist I can tell you that repetition in books builds a visual memory of words and children will be easily reading this on [...]

    2. I can`t wait to read this book to my youngest granddaughter - I know she will look it. The Pink Dolphin idea is so sweet. Darling little drawings to stimulate a child`s imagination and it a learning tool as well. `No matter whether you are small or big, you can always help someone.`A special find!

    3. The illustrations in this book by Ruthz are bright, colourful and engaging. A lovely empowering message for children to help others and believe in their ability to help themselves.

    4. The Pink Dolphin Tale, by Ruthz SB, is the sixth book in her Balu Baldauf series. Illustrated as well as written by Ruthz, it is intended for very young children. The illustrations have an intentional child-like quality to them. While simple, they have enough detail to keep the interest of children in the age group she made them for.Simple enough for the young to understand, the story is complex enough to hold their attention. The repetition common for books on this level is there, but not to th [...]

    5. I vote for Flip the dolphin (if we were voting), January 7, 2015By susanne leist, author of The Dead Game (Woodmere, NY)This review is from: Children Books: The Pink Dolphin Tale: (Preschool Values book) - Bedtime Stories Picture Book for Early & Beginner Readers fiction (Balu Baldauf Series 6) (Kindle Edition)This is a good book for a child. I could see how a child could become attached to the dolphin. The dolphin is cute and endearing. Balu is caring and tries his best to help his dolphin. [...]

    6. If you or your little ones are fans of more recent Robert Munsch stories, then 'The Pink Dolphin Tale' by Ruthz SB will fit nicely on your shelves. It's a light, fantastical little tale about little ones reaching their potential, and has nice undertones for parents of knowing when to let their kids crawl out from under the umbrella and see the world for themselves.Ruthz SB has a simple writing style that will appeal to young readers, with repeatable phrases and an engaging story. Bebe, the main [...]

    7. A good book on friendship & self-confidence. BeBe befriends a little pink dolphin, but to his dismay—the sea mammal keeps growing too big for whatever is his new home. To make matters worse—the dolphin declares he is ‘helpless’. The ‘big’ little boy BeBe tries to help and this is where the lesson comes in. None of us are helpless—each of us can help one another. This colorful little book is just right for ages 3-6 and the pictures are pleasant and entertaining. I loved the ‘s [...]

    8. A very appealing story of a boy, Balu and his cute little pink dolphin! I like the simple and colorful drawings that I'm sure will attract young "Readers".The little pink dolphin grows and grows and needs Balu to help her but she finds that she too can help save her little friend.The book shows that a child is never too young to learn how to become a good friend. I'm sure that young children would love to have this story read to them and when a little older, would enjoy reading it for themselves [...]

    9. Balu and his pink dolphin will make you smileThis is a cute, illustrated story about helping others and being brave. I look forward to reading more stories about Balu!

    10. This is another delightful story in the series of stories for small children by Ruthz SB. In this one BeBe starts by telling his friend the World about the time he befriended a dolphin. Once again the simple, colourful pictures are absolutely wonderful, and bound to appeal to a small child in the age range at which this is aimed – the pre-school toddler developing a joy in books and reading, whether with a parent, nursery school teacher, or following the story as they learn to read alone. BeBe [...]

    11. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This is a pretty straightforward and simple tale, which is what you'd expect from a children's book. The main character finds a dolphin that continually depends on him no matter how big she gets. Eventually she has to learn that she can take care of herself.The value is good - learning to be independent. The story is fine for young children. There's nothing wrong with it on that front.The reason I'm giving it the score I am is [...]

    12. The story is simple. Balu tells the story of finding a pink dolphin that was in trouble and unable to help itself. Kindhearted Balu helps the dolphin over and over until it finally realizes that it can help itself.The thinking on this story can go several ways. One could focus on Balu's unselfish generosity with an animal in need. Or, one could focus on the growing up process and becoming self-reliant. The illustrations are simple and sweet.Since it's a story within a story, Balu has made himsel [...]

    13. The story of The Pink Dolphin Tale is very similar to Helen Palmer and P.D. Eastman's "A Fish Out of Water," except that this tale has a moral, unlike the irreverent Dr. Seuss-ish prior offering. The illustrations in The Pink Dolphin Tale remind me of the PBS series Caillou, they are simple and charming. If you like Caillou or you liked "A Fish Out of Water," you'll most probably like this short book. If you're looking for something truly original (and there is always a question of whether such [...]

    14. I got what the book was aiming for: easy reading for its young audience. My daughter is just on the verge of diving into books like this and there is definitely a niche for it. If you remember back to those first days of reading, you might recall the joy of simple, light books such as this. The only reason I gave it a four-star review is because I just didn’t go ‘wow!’ over it. In every other way, it’s a wonderful read…and as it appears the author publishes some of her books in German [...]

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