If the Buddha Got Stuck: A Handbook for Change on a Spiritual Path

If the Buddha Got Stuck A Handbook for Change on a Spiritual Path Perennial favorites Charlotte Kasl s If the Buddha Dated and If the Buddha Married have inspired readers with their empowering blend of spiritual and psychological insights Her latest If the Buddha

  • Title: If the Buddha Got Stuck: A Handbook for Change on a Spiritual Path
  • Author: Charlotte Kasl
  • ISBN: 9780142196281
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Paperback
  • Perennial favorites, Charlotte Kasl s If the Buddha Dated and If the Buddha Married have inspired readers with their empowering blend of spiritual and psychological insights Her latest, If the Buddha Got Stuck, is a wise yet lighthearted book that will speak to anyone who s ever experienced being stuck in life and wanted to break free With her signature clarity, wisdom,Perennial favorites, Charlotte Kasl s If the Buddha Dated and If the Buddha Married have inspired readers with their empowering blend of spiritual and psychological insights Her latest, If the Buddha Got Stuck, is a wise yet lighthearted book that will speak to anyone who s ever experienced being stuck in life and wanted to break free With her signature clarity, wisdom, and warm heart, Kasl presents readers with seven steps that tap into life s bigger picture Notice Where You re Stuck Show Up Pay Attention Live in Reality Connect with Others Move From Thought to Action and Let Go Full of insight from Buddhist and other teachings that emphasize the joy that comes with letting go of attachments to events and things, If the Buddha Got Stuck is an inspirational and practical roadmap to a joyful, peaceful, and fulfilling life.

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    • Best Read [Charlotte Kasl] ✓ If the Buddha Got Stuck: A Handbook for Change on a Spiritual Path || [Christian Book] PDF ☆
      244 Charlotte Kasl
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    1 thought on “If the Buddha Got Stuck: A Handbook for Change on a Spiritual Path”

    1. Normally, I LOATHE self-help books. They only seem to help the writer be able to free whatever is troubling them by writing through it and helps their bank account when people buy it. This one (which I got from the library) seems to be a bit different. More of a spiritual approach to life's path and not "here's how I got better." That's what I said when I started. It was an interesting read but I guess not memorable because I returned it without really finishing it. I guess I dislike people who [...]

    2. Read 6-2012Please read this one! Quotes: "Our moods, our perspective, and emotional status are directly related to the chemistry in the brain, which is generally affected by exercise, restorative sleep, and healthy eating.""A peaceful body helps us focus, concentrate, and bring a meditative mindset to what ever we are doing."

    3. I wanted this too be more helpful. I was hooked by the very beginning where it gives an example of a person who isn't excited by things any more (this is a type of stuck) and I was thinking I could be more excited about the simple things in life so I wanted to know particularly about that aspect. But there was no link between the initial examples of stuck and they ways those examples would approach each of the steps so I found I was just sort of floating while I read this and had trouble figuri [...]

    4. This was a different experience from the first two books of Kasl's that I read (and rated 5 stars each) If the Buddha Dated andIf the Buddha Got Married. I strongly related and needed the information in those books, whereas as a therapist I already knew a lot of the information in this one. And as a person currently not experiencing any depressive symptoms and not "feeling stuck", I didn't necessarily "need" this book personally. So the experience was different.Why You Might Bump This Up On Your [...]

    5. I wouldn't call myself stuck in a rut but I would describe my life as a bit chaotic. I have been thinking "is there more to this life deal that I should be doing?" even while moving forward towards some goals. I just didn't want to take the chaos with me.This book is excellent! The reader is walked through how to recognize that they are stuck and then through the steps to get unstuck. I really appreciated the information and have been trying to put a lot of it into practice. Baby steps.One piece [...]

    6. This really was an excellent book, full of thoughtful observations. Its not really so much about the spiritual path persay, but about trying to live life itself. I was impressed. (and felt better too!)

    7. I enjoyed this book for the same reasons that I liked "if the Buddha Married." It's written in a clear and succinct style that lends itself to reading a chapter or two every couple of days. It's a good reference work too, when you're feeling stuck in your journey.

    8. Lovely, straightforward writing about buddhist ideas brought to a white middle class level. It was more self help-y than I liked with lots "you shoulds," so I abandoned it half way through. For what its worth.

    9. This book is completely meh. There are good parts, helpful parts. There's also quite a bit of BS (reiki healing, dowsing, and unabashed orientalism), but mostly it's just more meh. The author quotes so much from other books, I thought I might as well put this book down and read those instead.

    10. Another amazing book! It gives great insight and ideas for really moving your life forward and creating space to make things happen.

    11. This book was loaned to me by a good friend. I highly enjoyed reading. I have been struggling with loss and it's associated grief. This book was great at encouraging new perspectives. Highly recommend. Easy and light while thought provoking.

    12. This is a good book for anyone, like myself, that feels frustrated and stuck in life sometimes. It is good to understand that the pain of feeling stuck is often the start of a journey out of whatever rut you find yourself. Through the steps in the book, the author teaches how we can look within to make changes for the better.

    13. This is a self help book. Sometimes the tone is a bit too "spiritual" for me but so many of the principles are really good, that I can get past some of the new age terminology. I have also found a new appreciation for budhism through it but this is definitely a modern perspective with more leanings toward Taoism (which I realized after reading some other books)than it acknowledges, in my opinion.I started reading it after a bad break up and it took me about a year to get through it. I found that [...]

    14. A friend gave lent me this book over the summer - per her suggestion, I've been reading it in the mornings, before I head off to work. It replaced my many failed meditation attempts, and helped me re-center myself before going out into the world. While no one can accuse me of being afraid of seeking out change - change seems to be more my norm than staying in one place - the idea of feeling stuck deeply resonated with me - and I found many of Kasl's perspectives thought-provoking (and sometimes [...]

    15. I loved this book and like Charlotte Kasl's books in general (If Buddha Dated. In this book, Kasl encourages you to take inventory of your current life situation and make changes where you can. One doesn't passively wait for change, but takes pro-active steps to make things happen and get unstuck.After reading this book in 2006, I was encouraged to quit my fulltime job and start my consulting business. Unfortunately, the business did not go in the direction I'd hoped and I'm wiped out financiall [...]

    16. My husband - a moderately spiritual agnostic (or "humanist") - recommended this book to me after he quit his desk job to pursue a PhD in music, his life's passion. I - a culturally Jewish atheist - recommended this book to my father after I quit my desk job to pursue a freelance career, opening up more time and opportunities for relaxation and the pursuit of happiness. If you are struggling with anxiety and/or depression (or even plain old ennui or malaise) and don't quite know where you are goi [...]

    17. This is one of the “if the Buddha” series and there’s really little to say about it. Naturally, it’s a self-help book based on Buddhism. I found it to be helpful without being flaky. The point of this one is to help us get unstuck. I’m sure everyone has felt stuck at some point with their job or relationship or where they live. This has some helpful tips on overcoming that. If you like this kind of book or are feeling stuck, look it up.

    18. Great advice for getting out of your own way. I love the author's personal tale of getting stuck while writing a book about getting unstuck.I loved the part devoted to cutting yourself some slack when you fall down along the path of getting unstuck. The logical part of my brain would have preferred more step by step instructions.

    19. Enjoyable content in a similar spirit to Radical Acceptance, but I found it a bit trite and long-winded in places. I listened to this in audiobook format and I didn't care for the reader much so that probably had something to do with it. Decent, but there are more useful, succinct titles along the same vein.

    20. This was a great book that I will keep on hand and re-read sections almost daily. It is really a reminder of how easy it is to get 'stuck' and how you are the only person who can do anything to change that. The author writes in an easy to read style but really gives important advice. I am going to get the other books in this series as well.

    21. What else can I say about Kasl's lovely and essential books that quietly and tenderly suggest gentle ways to ground, soothe the soul and practice mindfulness that targets balance and simplicityIm a huge fan of all Kasl's books and have recommended them to clients when working as a therapist.Highly recommended for all fans of mindfulness and sound mental health.

    22. Much like Rilke's Hours and my Sufi handbook, I go to this little tome again and again to remind myself how far I've come to get unstuck. Kasl uses personal anecdotes, hers and others, to illustrate actions. She isn't condescending - ever. Notice where your're stuck. Show up. Pay attention. Live in reality. Connect with others, connect with life. Move from thought to action. Let go.

    23. this is the third book i read in the if the buddha series and it was also great. her books are like self help books for the anti self help crowd. they are less about advice giving and more about self reflection.

    24. I really liked this book. It really helped to explain some of the aspects of Buddhism in a much simpler and easier to follow in this day of age. It's amazing how well she describes how childhood traumas can continue to haunt us into our adult years, and ways to put an end to it!

    25. This book had some great advice and it explained things in a way which was easy to understand. Some of it (the last few parts) were kind of hokey, but I agree with the overall themes. I would definitely recommend this!

    26. I liked this book so much that I wrote the author. All of Charlotte Davis Kasl's books are engaging. Spiritual and emotionally adept, but also practical. This one particularly spoke to me as it seems I get in my own way too often.

    27. This is a simple book by a local Missoula author; nothing earth-shattering here, but I liked its simple message about how to make big and small changes in your life when you're feeling frustrated or directionless.

    28. taught me that i'm not stuck in anything. i can will myself out of any situation i don't wish to be in. take good and bad experiences as a learning opportunities. don't dwell in the past because you can't move forward if your stuck in one position.

    29. Wonderful book with the goal of helping readers like myself get unstuck in life thru the help of Buddhist teachings. I enjoyed it so much I ordered another of Charlotte Kasl's books and am starting that soon!

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