Dangerous Curves

Dangerous Curves Jax Hamill is a man who has changed his life with lots of hard work and even dumb luck He s left the hell of his younger and wilder days behind and now he has a bar a house a truck and a bike Oh

  • Title: Dangerous Curves
  • Author: Marysol James
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jax Hamill is a man who has changed his life with lots of hard work and even dumb luck He s left the hell of his younger and wilder days behind, and now he has a bar, a house, a truck, and a bike Oh, and all the casual sex in a bar back room that a man like him may desire Jax lives his carefree life for now , and keeps things temporary At least he did until sJax Hamill is a man who has changed his life with lots of hard work and even dumb luck He s left the hell of his younger and wilder days behind, and now he has a bar, a house, a truck, and a bike Oh, and all the casual sex in a bar back room that a man like him may desire Jax lives his carefree life for now , and keeps things temporary At least he did until she threw everything he thought in to question Sarah Matthews is a woman who would love to change her life in some ways By default and sheer bad luck, she juggles a staggering number of responsibilities, both personal and professional She s single, stressed, and seriously in need of some fun If only she could escape her overly scheduled, vanilla life, and cut loose just for a little while When Jax and Sarah decide to get together just temporarily and just for fun it changes both of their lives for the better But when a man from Sarah s past returns, it changes everything for the worse In fact, it couldn t be worse As Sarah fights to come back to him, Jax is forced to confront the kind of person he was, who he is now, and the kind of man that he wants to be both for Sarah, and for himself.

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    1 thought on “Dangerous Curves”

    1. 2.75 -3 starsthis was a fast read, nothing heavy to it. it's pretty sweet and light hearted. jax is a tattooed, sex on legs, reformed bad boy & now successful owner of a bar called dangerous curves. sarah is a 26 year old woman who hasn't been able to experience many things in life because of a tough family situation. they meet at the bar and our story begins.i did like both characters but there just didn't seem to be much depth to either of them. the story was there but i felt it was a litt [...]

    2. Sarah meets Jax when she goes to Curves, a questionable bar, to keep an eye on her friend Elise. When Sarah is attacked by her ex-boyfriend David, Jax finds her, helps her, and then romance happens.The Good, The Bad and Everything In Between-Marysol James knows how to build a ‘verse: Ms. James continues to impress me with the way she can create well drawn characters and relationships that really set the foundation for a series. All of the situations and obstacles her characters face are though [...]

    3. There was definitely some eye-roll inducing cheese happening in this story, but I don't care, it was really entertaining. I'm looking forward to book two.

    4. Book Facts: Genre: Romance Part of a Series/Installment: SeriesStandalone/Cliffhanger:(view spoiler)[Standalone (hide spoiler)]M/F-M/M-M/M/F-etc:(view spoiler)[M/F (hide spoiler)]Multi-Luv'n/Ménages:(view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]Was There Descriptive Sex: (view spoiler)[ Yes (hide spoiler)]Contains Cheating:(view spoiler)[ No (hide spoiler)]Amount of Sex in The Book 1-10:(view spoiler)[5 (hide spoiler)]Overall Steam Factor/Chemistry: (view spoiler)[ 5 (hide spoiler)]HEA/HFN/etc Endin [...]

    5. This plot has been done many times, but this is definitely one of the better ones.The story starts out strong with a cute meeting between the main characters, Sarah and Jax. I loved the initial attraction and chemistry between the main couple and their sexy banter was fun. The heroine Sarah (Red) is well written as a strong and sassy woman. She has an incredibly difficult life, but doesn’t complain or feel sorry for herself. The hero is also very likable; he’s confident and alpha without bei [...]

    6. What an unexpected and delicious little treat this was!! We got to meet Jax aka Stud; a big hunk of a man (just how I like them), tattooed all over (just how I like them), with a shady past (just how I like them), sweet and caring (just how I like too) and with tons of money (just how I prefer them). And we got Sarah aka Red; witty, selfless, kind-hearted and with a difficult past and present. The banter between these two at the beginning had me giggling and I was enjoying every second of it. Th [...]

    7. Another fun and easy read with a "stud" hero and a smart/full figured heroine.Nothing too complicated, which works perfectly for me right now.

    8. Another delicious series from MJ. Her characters are truly awesome. Likeable, straight talkers without being unkind or stupid, all in (especially the men, ah I LOVE it when an alpha falls for his girl).I know I’m repeating myself but I love that MJ does not shy away from sensitive/difficult subjects and gets her point across so damn well. This one touches on autism (and the acceptance thereof), abuse and rape, sensitively written without making me cringe. I believe in her characters and root f [...]

    9. I am fan of Marysol James but unfortunately this book wasn't for me. It just didn't suit my reading taste. I still look forward to reading more of her books. Safety Group (view spoiler)[The H nearly hooks up with an OW woman (a previous hook up) when they are broken up. He takes her in the back room and unzips his pants but doesn't go through with realising that he loves the h. I was not impressed. Also he own a bar and has rooms in the back just for random hook ups called f@$k rooms. Feels in p [...]

    10. Quick enjoyable read. Great relationship development. Sometimes I got confused as to whose POV I was reading. Although the H/h were only in their late 20s, they were a mature couple. I will read more of this series.

    11. This was a fast read, nothing heavy to it. It's pretty sweet. It had a really good plot, Jax and Sarah were great characters, both had complicated pasts, and Sarah a complicated present. Overall, I really enjoyed this book, and am looking forward to the next.

    12. 4 HOT TUBBING STARSThis is book 1 of what looks like being another great series!Loved Sarah and Jax's story, and looking forward to book 2!Short, sweet with some great nooky scenes and a good storyline, loved it!

    13. Wow loved this! And cross over from enemy within characters (King mostly but Chris was mentioned). Can't wait wait king!

    14. I liked this read a lot. There were some quirky things that bugged me, but overall the book was great!

    15. GreatPlot: AThis story had a really good plot. There were some unexpected back stories for most of the characters, from Jax's history to the secondary characters. This plot was totally unpredictable in my opinion. There was also a great set up for the next book in the series.Characters: B+Jax and Sarah were great characters. Both had complicated pasts, and Sarah with a complicated present. They have great chemistry. Jax was awesome because he wasn't pushy, wasn't a jerk about Sarah's responsibil [...]

    16. Just got sucked in to a new series from this author!4 1/2 stars. This is definitely my new favorite book from this author. She has this knack for writing those alpha-yet scary-but still sweet leading guys that I am drawn to. I really liked this couple together, and I loved how open and honest they seemed to be from the beginning. Yes, she is very sweet, not aware of her appeal, and a virgin to boot, but I liked her. I also enjoyed all the character's interaction wither her autistic twin brother. [...]

    17. A new series by one of my favourite authors - great way to start 2015!I stayed in last night, so I downloaded and read this book on NYE with a glass of champagne. Amazing!I love Jax and Sarah together, and as usual, how Marysol James introduces and interweaves 'real life' in to her characters' day-to-day existence is perfect. I always feel like any one of her characters could be me, my husband, a friend, a co-worker. The story itself is masterful. I think that James has really found her voice wi [...]

    18. This was a stay up all night kind of book! It captivate me from the first page! I love Jax and Sarah! And the way they meet and as Jax tried to get her number and get to know her was simply adorable and old fashioned!! I found myself with butterflies in my stomach watching Jax try to win Sarah over! It was sweet, adorable and I felt their love through the pages. I loved this book!!! It has been awhile since I read something that kept me up all night!! This line was one of my favorites <3 demo [...]

    19. I got this book as a recommend, really enjoyed it from the first few pages, I'm a sucker for a big old tattooed, rough round the edges guy and Jaxx was it!, loved his character and how completely different he was to how everyone saw him. Sarah his girl was lovely, so much heart and with so many responsibilities, them together, zing!, loved the secondary characters, the sweetness that was Noah and the combined hotness of Mac, Aidan and King, need their stories now!. Great story, nice balance of d [...]

    20. This was a cute book with incredibly irritating 'just talk to each other' moments. Sarah was dealt a tough hand, and yet she kept her chin high and kicked ass. The way she took care of her brother was awesome. And I loved that. Jax was an interesting character. An unrepentant manwhore who does what he wants when he wants it. An alpha in most ways, he turns into a sissy when it comes to Sarah. Instead of being all 'I want you & love you' he was more 'I'll just pretend feelings don't exist'. A [...]

    21. I liked this book. If I had one complaint - ok, maybe two - it was the author seemed to gloss over some important scenes to the relationship between Jax and Sarah. You would read something and think, “Wait! What? What do you mean they already talked about it? Where was I?”The secondwell, I can’t talk about it because it would be a spoiler, but I think once you read it, you’ll think it was way too convenient for the story. It involved Jax.AnywayI loved the characters and adored the second [...]

    22. This book had great potential. I mean, it's still a good book, but just started falling flat.The first half or so was great. It was entertaining, had strong leads and support characters. Great Alpha of a H and a smart, normal, ready to try something different heroine.I loved the other guys that were friends with the H and see great things coming our way for all of their stories.However toward the last half of the book I began to feel things were getting to boring, too drawn out and overall the s [...]

    23. I came upon Marysol James with the start of this series. Dangerous Curves revolves around Jax and Sarah. Jax owns a bar with some questionable customers. Sarah is a sweet girl, whose life revolves her family. She ends up at Curves one night to watch out for her friend. During the process of watching out for her friend, someone from her past shows up. Jax defends her honor, and rescues her from an attack. The back and forth banter between Jax and Sarah was eye-rolling, but funny at the same time. [...]

    24. I've been reading the Unseen Enemy series and decided to try this one after the Dangerous Curves bar popped up in another story. I think I liked this even better than the other series! Jax and Sarah are both great characters, and I liked the secondary characters as well. While there were a few similarities between the other series (such as the big, scary looking men who really prove themselves during a time of crisis) I felt more connected to the story and character development in this book. I h [...]

    25. 3.5 stars This book has been on my TBR list for ages. I am sorry I waited so long to read it.The storyline was engaging, situations were believable especially the relationship between the H & h. It was good to read a book where there was enough chemistry to keep the relationship bubbling along without having the H & h fall on each other within minutes of their first meeting. I will definitely be looking for more books by Marysol James to read, starting with the next in thisseries.

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