For the May Queen

For the May Queen It s and year old Norma Rogers parents drop her off at the college dorms Soon Norma finds herself drunk and nearly naked with three strangers The strip poker event is the first of many experi

  • Title: For the May Queen
  • Author: KateEvans
  • ISBN: 9780692359778
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s 1981 and 17 year old Norma Rogers parents drop her off at the college dorms Soon, Norma finds herself drunk and nearly naked with three strangers The strip poker event is the first of many experiences that prompt Norma to question who she is and who she wants to be Norma s relationships with an array of characters induce her to grapple with society s messages abouIt s 1981 and 17 year old Norma Rogers parents drop her off at the college dorms Soon, Norma finds herself drunk and nearly naked with three strangers The strip poker event is the first of many experiences that prompt Norma to question who she is and who she wants to be Norma s relationships with an array of characters induce her to grapple with society s messages about women, sex, and freedom Many tumultuous events take Norma through an array of troubles, pleasures, and thrills from drug use and ominous encounters with strangers, to rowdy parties and road trips, to queer coming out surprises In the midst of theseincidents, Norma reflects on her desire for freedom, sexual and otherwise Ultimately Norma comes to see that there are many ways to live and love.

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    1. Posted at Shelf InflictedIt is 1981. Norma Rogers is 18 years old, a college student, and on her own for the first time in her life. As someone who was only a year older than Norma in 1981, I can relate to having too much freedom, too many choices, and not enough guidance. “If it feels good, do it” was definitely the motto of life in the 80’s. Or at least it was for many young people at that time. Right from the beginning, I was drawn into Norma’s life – the parties, the friendships, t [...]

    2. Okay, I know my rating's not fair since I wrote this book. But I wrote it out of love for these characters, so I can't give them anything less. If you like edgy, fun-to-read, coming of age type stories, you'll probably dig this. Norma's kind of like Holden Caufield with a sex change.You can read the first chapter here:forthemayqueen/For book club questions go here:forthemayqueen/20

    3. 10/27/15: Finished the full first draft of the screenplay!8/25/15: I'm re-reading my novel because I'm adapting it into a screenplay. Wish me luck! :)---------------------------------------Okay, I know my rating's not fair since I wrote this book. But I wrote it out of love for these characters, so I can't give them anything less. If you like edgy, fun-to-read, coming of age type stories, you'll probably dig this. And I'm thrilled with the new edition's beautiful cover--especially since some rev [...]

    4. I had the pleasure of reading "For The May Queen" while Kate was still sending it around to publishers. I loved it much so that I agreed to write a blurb for it:"The 80s were all about drugs, alcohol and casual sex, and Kate Evans deftly conveys the uncertainty of the era as her feisty Norma Rogers leaves a sheltered home life and dives headfirst into a series of hedonistic adventures at college, including falling in love with Chuck, who just doesn't seem to be that in to her. The clever dialogu [...]

    5. I really, really enjoyed this book. Having not made it past the local community college, which was more a continuation of high school, I have always wondered what it would've been like to have gone off to school and lived in a dorm. Kate's book really gave me what I had been looking for.Through reading some of this book, it felt like I was in the room with the characters. Kate has a way of making them all seem so real, I'm sure each of us has had a Stacy or Liz in our lives. Thank you, Kate for [...]

    6. I started reading For The May Queen disliking the title and cover. That’s an early and easy prejudice to get through. The title made sense after I read the line of the song it had been taken from, referring to lyrics from Stairway to Heaven. I especially didn't like the cover photo. The model didn't look young at all, with dowdy looking clothes she looked about thirty years old, staring at a wilted flower. I would have preferred a photo of a punked up looking rock girl with a stoogie and attit [...]

    7. Move over Holden Caulfield --- there is finally a female character who is not afraid to tell us what it really is like the moment you leave the safety net of your home and your parents’ inquiring eyes. For the May Queen by Kate Evans is a powerful new debut fiction novel that is destined to secure a place in bibliophile mania, equal to that of Catcher in the Rye. I did something I rarely do and that is fell in love with Norma Jean Rogers, the central character after reading the opening lines. [...]

    8. For the May Queen A Novel by Kate EvansIf you liked Paul Fieg and Judd Apatow’s short-lived but critically acclaimed series Freaks and Geeks, then chances are you will enjoy Kate Evans’s new novel, For the May Queen. Peppered with nostalgic homages to the late seventies and early eighties, this debut novel follows lost but liberated Norma Rogers through her freshman year at Sacramento State. Norma comes from a loving home, not unlike the Brady Bunch’s quirky suburban enclave (sans four sib [...]

    9. I just got this book 2 days ago in the mail and I stayed up almost all night last night finishing it off!!! It's addictive and I don't really know why, maybe it is because the characters are so great and funny, maybe because there's one turn after the other and just have to keep turning the pages to find out whats next. You keep wondering whats going to happen to Norma and you keep feeling like there are some secrets lurking somewhere but you're not sure exactly whats going to pop up. Then when [...]

    10. This book was hilarious and touching at the same time. I loved the characters. I meant to read just a few chapters, but I couldn't put it down and read the whole thing in two sittings. It takes place in 1981 in college dorms. That makes for a very fun yet tension-filled setting, especially when all these young people don't have any boundaries about what do with their bodies. It's like Hedonism 101 is their most important class. Yet, it's not an easy class to pass. They have to figure out how to [...]

    11. The setting of For the May Queen by Kate Evans is dorm-life culture in the early 1980s, focusing on drinking, drugs, and sex prevalent in such a context. As a 60-year-old woman who came of age in the late 1960s, I admit to feeling a sense of disturbing recognition as well as powerless disappointment as I read, particularly during the first 2/3rds of the story. And yet Evans presents this as a valid context for a rite of passage without minimizing it as a societal problem. And she employs a wry s [...]

    12. Norma is about to embark on the the most intense year of her life her freshman year of college. She will experience love and hate on levels she has never known existed. Intense friendships unfold as she lives apart from the safety of her parents home for the first time.Though this book is set in the early 80s, it resonates clearly today. Norma discovers freedom in her freshman year and learns with that freedom, you need a healthy dose of responsibility. There's no one to make sure you go to clas [...]

    13. Having commuted to college while living in my parents' Bronx apartment, I never got to experience dorm life although I didn't miss out on many parties. But I did send both of my kids off to dorms some 30 years later.Reading Kate Evan's vivid descriptions, i have to admit I cringed several times wondering - and then deciding maybe I'm better off not knowing (for sure).Kate's writing is so real, you can get totally absorbed in the story. You can experience the carefree freedoms and the heartrendin [...]

    14. WOW!!! It's been a very long time since I gobbled up a book like this one. I read it in about 8 hours (maybe less). This book is the type that you sit and read and the next thing you know, you're 50 pages in.The characters in this book are VERY easy to relate to. If you don't know a Chuck, a Norma, a Liz, or a Stacy, you know someone that knows one. From the first word of the first sentence, I was captivated by Norma. Although my dorm experience was very different, I could totally relate. I coul [...]

    15. Thrust into a world of dorm parties and unbridled liscence, Norma must look beneath the surface of others, and thus herself. Is she a high schoolish academic good girl? A college student who parties and gets wasted every night? Or does she have hidden talents beneath her multitude of surfaces? As she asks herself these questions, torn between her atraction to writing and the endless temptations surounding her, she learns to understand and love those around her, and thus, herself. A wonderful boo [...]

    16. I loved the dialog and Kate's precision from beginning to end. Kate Evans' For The May Queen was for me a deep dive back into my college days - a little scary and enlightening 25 years later and fun too. I remembered I had no idea who I was back then. Kate reminded me those feelings are normal and part of the discovery of life. Thank God I'm here to hope my daughter, who is four now, reads the book the summer before starting college. Chapter 21-"Who Are You", brings it all home for me! I wanted [...]

    17. was a REALLY good book. Thank you so much Kate for sending it to me and letting me have this awesome experience. And it truly was an experience. I felt as if I were going back in time to when I was 18 and 19 and god even 20 and all the crazy things my friends and I did. Kate sincerely captures "the college experience" and by doing so also captures how everyone felt at that age. Its a book about life and love and learning. I loved this book.I highly recommend it.

    18. Witty and engaging, this debut novel from Kate Evans is a page-turning good read about sex, love and sexuality in a freshman dorm. An awful lot of the action takes place under the influence of drugs and alcohol, to a late-seventies, early-eighties soundtrack. I remember the songs, but where were all the good substances and promiscuity in MY dorm?

    19. College-age Norma takes you on a wild romp through the 80s as she searches for her place in a world that is bigger than she ever imagined. Raw. Real. Poignant.

    20. A young woman goes off to college and lives it up in the dorm, drinking a lot, having sex with whoever she likes at the moment, falling in love and losing her way academically. And that's not such a bad story! Kate Evans handles this realistic material deftly and honestly. What I most admire is how she lets her characters be true to themselves. The emotion is genuine, and the way the characters interact in this maelstrom of dorm life is very well-drawn. (I remember wanting everything to be INTEN [...]

    21. What an interesting story. This wasn't at all what I expected, but in the best way possible. It is a true coming of age story, and shows us how much we grow and learn as human beings. With descriptions and events beyond compare, this is a BEAUTIFULLY written story. The end is especially touching. A wonderful book!! :)

    22. A very fun read, characters were very believable, and I was able to read very fast. For me, shorter is better, having ADHD, it is difficult for me to stay with a task for very long. I also am familiar with setting since my oldest daughter was considering Sac State for her college experience.

    23. This is one of the most readable books I've had my hands on in a while. I read it in almost one sitting, and I am not a fast reader (or a long sitter for that matter, these days).The most refreshing aspect of the book is its accessibility. Reading the novel, I actually felt like I was sitting in the same room with the characters, part of their conversations, in conversation with them. It's a coming of age story in a particular time ('80s) and place (Bay Area, Cali). However, For the May Queen su [...]

    24. If you survived high-school and college in the 1970's or the 1980's, then you'll get all the references in Kate Evans' sexy romp of a novel."For The May Queen"--the title is a line from a famous rock anthem--will surprise you with twists you'll never see coming.It's a thrill ride with all your ex-boyfriends(or girlfriends), and just when you think you've gotten away with something wicked and fun, you're forced into being accountable. Ms. Evans never telegraphs how you should feel about a charact [...]

    25. I was a bit hesitant to read this because I didn't want to remember the early eighties, but once I started reading, I couldn't put it down! Kate Evans perfectly captures the thoughts and feelings of a young woman coming of age during those crazy times of drugs, sex, rock and roll. I'm reliving my misspent youth from the perspective of someone much older and hopefully a little wiser. (full disclosure, I designed the cover)

    26. As an 8o's kid,(I graduated from high school in 1984) I really enjoyed For The May Queen. This is a coming of age novel that took me way back! I always wondered what college dorm life would have been like and if I had missed anything and I think the author paints a pretty accurate picture for the time with the alcohol, drugs and casual sex.

    27. Interesting book, well written. I can say my college experience wasnt like this at all, but the questions Norma faces are the questions I think most girls struggle with at that age. It will be interesting to see what this author does next

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