Strike Zone

Strike Zone Faced with the love of her life waiting at the altar thrill seeking adventure guide Taylor Hannah lost her nerve and ran Three years later the gutsy blonde is back in Richmond to reclaim handsome Ro

  • Title: Strike Zone
  • Author: Kate Angell
  • ISBN: 9780505527080
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Faced with the love of her life waiting at the altar, thrill seeking adventure guide Taylor Hannah lost her nerve and ran Three years later, the gutsy blonde is back in Richmond to reclaim handsome Rogues pitcher Brek Stryker before he makes another trip down the aisle From dressing as a giant baseball to pummeling the other team s mouthy mascot, this former fiancee is pFaced with the love of her life waiting at the altar, thrill seeking adventure guide Taylor Hannah lost her nerve and ran Three years later, the gutsy blonde is back in Richmond to reclaim handsome Rogues pitcher Brek Stryker before he makes another trip down the aisle From dressing as a giant baseball to pummeling the other team s mouthy mascot, this former fiancee is pulling out all the stops Trouble is, her ball player refuses to believe she s finally ready to play by his rules Stryke hasn t forgiven the woman who left him on their wedding day, but he can t ignore the chemistry that sizzles every time he and Taylor meet The fireworks between them could light up the ball park, but Stryke won t lose his heart again unless he knows the score If Taylor steps into his strike zone, she d better be ready to go past third base and all the way home.

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    1 thought on “Strike Zone”

    1. This is book #3 in the Richmond Rogues MLB series, and it's another winner.There's two stories told in this one. The main story is about future Hall-of-Fame pitcher Brek Stryker (where does the author come up with these strange names?) and the woman who abandoned him at the altar three years ago, thrill seeking, 'adrenaline junkie' adventure guide Taylor Hannah. Taylor, whose nickname is "Fearless" is the free-spirit daughter of adventurer parents, and when they were killed in a plane crash, her [...]

    2. Ok but not as enjoyable as the others in the series. It’s light and has some fun partsORY BRIEF:This is the third book in the series about the Richmond Rogues baseball players. This book has two interspersed short stories about two baseball players (pitchers) and the women in their lives.Three years earlier Taylor and Brek were engaged. After her parents died in a plane crash, Taylor was emotionally messed up. She ran away from Brek on the day of their wedding. Since then Taylor has traveled a [...]

    3. This was my first read by Kate Angell. My first sport romance book. I'm giving the story three stars, because I like the secondary story. The secondary hero, Sloan was more interested to me than the main hero Brek. Both men are baseball players. Brek is the captain of the team. The pitcher. He was engaged to the main heroine - Taylor, but she broke his heart, when she left him at the altar on their wedding day. She was dealing with an issue that she put before the man that she claimed to love. T [...]

    4. ~* 3.5 Stars *~Three years ago, the grief from her parents' sudden death and the inability to settle down just months after their loss forced Taylor Hannah to drastic action. She left Brek Stryker at the alter and raced across the planet to thrust herself into any and every extreme sport and test of endurance, strength, and courage she could. Since then Taylor "Fearless" Hannah has been the adventurous side of Thrill Seekers, the business she owns with her sister, Eve, and she leads extreme dare [...]

    5. I have a weakness for the trope of celebrity hero falls for ordinary Jane heroine. These days, that's most commonly found in sport romances, where the hero is some superstar athlete. Kate Angell specializes in baseball romances. Strike Zone is the third in Angell's Richmond Rogues series. Somehow I missed this one when it first came out and I picked it up from the library the other day. Angell is unique in that she seems incapable of just writing about one heroine and one hero, and the duality o [...]

    6. was a good story, at first I thought Kason was a real jerk & Dayne was an air head but as the story went on I changed my mind & ended up liking the characters. Kason & Dayne are thrown together when she breaks into his double wide trailer while he's away at training camp. Claiming squatters rights Dayne won't leave his trailer but eventually brings in her own small trailer(given to her by her boss) to live on Kason's land, not that she knows it's his.e thinks he's poor & squattin [...]

    7. STRIKE ZONE BY KATE ANGELL is 259 pages long and this book was one I had on my Kindle. It is #3 in The Richmond Rogues Series and Boys Of Summer Series.This was a cute story about the Hannah sisters. One was a thrill seeker and the other was the administrative person who ran the thrill seeker office. Taylor is the one that goes all over the world and jumps off mountains hang gliding and riding the rapids, while Eve is running the business back in Richmond. Taylor was engaged to Bret Stryker but [...]

    8. O.M.Gni nvl lgsung jd slh satu favorit gw di genre sports romance :Di really really loved it!Mule dr Ch.1 ampe ch trakhir perut gw ky ada kupu2 githuBrek-TaylorCLBK!Critanya si Taylor ninggalin Brek di altar, mmm tepatnya Taylor gak nongol di gereja3taon kemudian Taylor dpt kabar Brek udah tunangan n Taylor mutusin saatnya dia brdamai dgn masa lalu.So dia balik ke Richmond n minta maaf ke BrekBrek di lain pihak gak pengen berurusan dgn Taylor lgTay nyogok charlie-maskot Rogues, next Taylor jd ma [...]

    9. The blurb teased about Brek and Taylor's love story, but it felt like the book explored Sloan and Eve's relationship more, which is okay, i guess, since their courtship provided enough excitement for both couples.Very much like Squeeze Play's Aaron and Natalie, Strike Zone could have used less Hilary and Stuart moments, coz they're gone anyway, halfway through the book. I just wish Brek and Hilary's broken engagement had a little more drama, and not just wrapped up too quickly, just so Brek and [...]

    10. Mmm Maybe my favorite one so far. Because of Eve and Sloan.I didn't know how the author could pull Taylor and Brek together, after that much hurt on both sides. But glad it worked and everything was pretty much resolved that I didn't go through the usual feeling of "how could he/she just take him/her back after everything he/she did?"I just have one complaint though Later on in these stories, the guys go soft and start wanting marriage and children and it's sweet and cute but woah thereeveryone [...]

    11. This book was enjoyable and just okay for me. I think I was slightly turned off when Angell discussed baseball in detail (2 to 3 pages of just pure baseball.) Maybe if I was more into this particular sport I could have enjoyed this book more. The story between Sloan and Eve was more enjoyable then the main couple, Brek and Taylor. Taylor a free spirited dare devil left poor Brek at the alter three years ago and just recently found out he is newly engaged. Taylor is devastated with the news and d [...]

    12. I really don't appreciate it when the blurb tells you it's a story of one couple and the book is really about the story of two, especially when the "minor" plot line shares about 50% of the book. I like the secondary characters but I'd rather not read a book where they overshadow the main couple. This is a sore point to me but otherwise, I really like Brek and Taylor. Their story sucked me in from the first. I don't typically read rekindled love stories but Taylor and Brek had me cheering for th [...]

    13. I have really enjoyed this series and with this she delivered more of the same.I'm sure everyone has formulas for rating books a five.My own is pretty simple, if the book holds my attention and I read straight thru( no skimming paragraphs or worse pages)Then in my thinking you deserve a 5, since I am VERY easily distracted and even easier shut down when reading a book--bore me and I just shut the book. Kate Angell's Richmond rogues characters are funny, real and their stories entertaining.

    14. I thought this was going to be a 3 star book because it took me awhile to warm up to Taylor and her actions and I wasn't crazy about Sloan and Eve at the beginning. I ended up liking it more than I thought I would, although I still like the first two books in the series better.

    15. I never read these types of books because they have groupies and there is usually cheating and angst and I just can't handle that at all. This one did have the H engaged to someone else when she came back but it was a very strange relationship. There is a player with groupies but he changes his ways and I liked the secondary love story a little more than the 1st but this was a cute read. I may try another of hers but if it ends up like the other sports themed romances I am out!!

    16. Kate Angell is fast becoming a big favourite of mine. Having had very little to do with Brek Stryker or Sloan McCaffrey in previous books, I started this book kind of annoyed that they get a whole book to themselves, when Psycho, Romeo and Chaser had to share. But once I got into it, I really enjoyed it. I love how Ms Angell writes her male characters and the women are always cool too. Definitely in line to read the next one. Sweet romances, hot sex and great banter make this a great read!

    17. This wasn't my favorite , I mean I liked it, and it did some very funny bits but all in all it was like the first two books. I truly can't say much because I didn't like how the story started with the two main characters. I'm not a big fan of ex's because its sadly true ex's should stay ex's. I wish I could say more but I don't have more to say. But still for the funny moments and some shocking moments its worth reading.

    18. At the risk of repeating myself, I really do not have an active imagination. So I cannot imagine what happened in and out of the field that was described in so many details. So there. And I liked the side story more than the main one. The ending was, of course, as expected. But I needed a breather from the Sheldon book that I was reading, so this book fit the bill.

    19. The first book ("Squeeze Play") is definitely my favorite in the series, but this book was still cute.I thought Kate Angell did a better job in this book than in "Curveball." In that book, there was too much story and too many characters – so everything jumped around. In this book, she focused on just 2 of the pitchers and their relationship.

    20. This series is an easy read, but what always impresses me with these books is that Angell writes a secondary romance that is as good or even better than the first. She tosses a few industry rules and sometimes give you several shapters at a time with just your secodary characters, but this really helps you get to know them. Well done!

    21. I enjoyed it, but not quite as much as the first two in the series. Somehow the motivations of the main couple, Brek and Taylor, weren't as clear to me as I'd have liked. I enjoyed the secondary romance more. The book is definitely worth reading if you've enjoyed the first two, but not as strong a storyline.

    22. Je déteste les tatoos, mais pour changer, ceux de chaque joueur des Rogues paraissent du coup appétissants car plutôt évocateurs. Miam! Original ce petit rituel de se faire tatouer la région de l'aine quand on à un corps de dieu grec Hum! Bon ben on en découvre 2 nouveaux cette fois. Vivement les prochains. ^^

    23. I started with this book in the series as it was the only one in stock at the book store. Sports themed stories are one of my favorites and this one didn't disappoint. I am anxiously awaiting delivery of my next book order including her newest book Sliding Home.

    24. This Rogues book grew on me. I started out not really feeling it but then it kicked in. I liked getting two romances in one story. I also really loved that characters from previous books make several appearances.

    25. The story started off slow and sort of depressing, but the pace picked up and the chemistry between Sloan and Eve filled in quite nicely. Brek and Taylor just seemed to super human and super blind to make their store acceptable, if not believable.

    26. Tertarik baca buku ini karena katanya si penulis ini adalah Susan Elizabeth Philips di dunia baseball. Ternyata jauh banget dari ekspetasi. Cara menulisnya ringan tapi romance nya kurang dalam dan akhirnya saya malah lebih suka cerita secondary characternya di banding cerita utama di buku ini.

    27. Five stars for Eve and Sloan. Took a star off because I lost sigh of Taylor and Brek half waywas way more invested in secondary characters. Eve and Sloan should've have their own book IMO. Either way was a really good story for them.

    28. This was okay but I didn't like the whole storyline with the Mayor's daughter and her whole scam. The rest of the book was a bit flat as well but the abundance of cute dogs at the end won it an extra half a star.

    29. Again and againALWAYS AWESOME!!!Like I've said beforech a GREAT series! LOVE the charactersd LOVE that I can feel like I am part of their lives while I'm reading along!!! :)

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