So Far...

So Far Kelsey Grammer is one of America s best loved performers a Shakespearean actor who became an instant celebrity when he joined the cast of Cheers and went on to expand his legion of fans with his own t

  • Title: So Far...
  • Author: Kelsey Grammer
  • ISBN: 9780451186058
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kelsey Grammer is one of America s best loved performers a Shakespearean actor who became an instant celebrity when he joined the cast of Cheers and went on to expand his legion of fans with his own top rated, Emmy Award winning show, Frasier But Kelsey Grammer could never be confused with Dr Frasier Crane, the uptight, buttoned down psychiatrist he plays on televisionKelsey Grammer is one of America s best loved performers a Shakespearean actor who became an instant celebrity when he joined the cast of Cheers and went on to expand his legion of fans with his own top rated, Emmy Award winning show, Frasier But Kelsey Grammer could never be confused with Dr Frasier Crane, the uptight, buttoned down psychiatrist he plays on television His life has been anything but in control and in So Far, his unsparing account of his roller coaster past, he touches every base, from the deeply tragic to the comically sublime.

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    • Unlimited [Psychology Book] ↠ So Far... - by Kelsey Grammer ✓
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    1 thought on “So Far...”

    1. Audiobooks have been a fantastic way for me to pass the time when stuck doing housework, yardwork and any other sort of long, dreary thing involving the word "work." They make it possible to muscle through a dry read and, because I'm able to get through so many more books than I otherwise would, audiobooks occasionally get me reading something outside of my comfort zone and I think that's a good thing. The first audiobook I ever listened to was Kelsey Grammer's confessional So Far. It was mom's [...]

    2. Kelsey Grammer has had an interesting albeit sad life, but you wouldn't know him from this book, which quickly rushes through without really letting readers get to know him as a person.

    3. I picked this book up for a dollar at Goodwill, excited to get some insight to an actor who I thought must surely be brilliant. Sadly, I didn't really get any. Grammer has certainly had many experiences that would provide for a very interesting (if quite sad) memoir, but they're glossed over so quickly that it's about as emotional as reading a article on his life. He does stop to mention personal pain, but it feels so very distant that there are few moments where the reader feels truly engaged. [...]

    4. Let me just start by saying that many parts of this book deserve 5 stars. When it comes to the ability to write the self-aggrandizing statements of a megalomaniac, Kelsey Grammar is second to none. He's able to convince himself of anything and everything. The best part is that these sentences come out of nowhere. For example: As "The Kels" as he likes to refer to himself, is describing a time when he was riding his motorcycle he announces, nonchalantly that he got hit by lightening. No talk of h [...]

    5. I admit that I read this book out of curiosity because I saw it mentioned on a blog as an example of a terrible celebrity memoir. And I was pleasantly surprised. He comes across as a little pompous and full of himself at times, but also open and honest. I also admire his determination and his sense that his life has inherent meaning and purpose.

    6. Reader survey: was this ghostwritten? Feel like it could really go either way. Not sure if The Kels can string a sentence together, but the structure and what he chose to include is SO bad I feel like a professional author couldn't have been involved in the process?

    7. okay, i admit it. one night at work i had no reading materials and this book was there. i read it cover to cover in under two hours. i laughed out loud. this book was hysterical. surely not in the way mr. grammer intended it to be. i don't recommend it, per se. but it has some great one-liners that reveal the twisted psychology behind the man. enjoy!

    8. Everyone who has ever watched television, probably knows of the series Cheers, and of its successful spin-off, Frasier, where the Emmy Award-winning actor Kelsey Grammer played the role of psychiatrist Frasier Crane. What may not be so well-known to the public is more about the star's personal life. In a story that is provocative, heartwarming and hysterical, Kelsey Grammer finally sets the record straight on his often painful yet always uplifting life. Behind-the-scenes stories from his profess [...]

    9. Don't read this book if you want to like Kelsey Grammer afterwards. He is much like his famous character, Frasier. Pompous, selfish, a braggart who truly finds himself a gift to all. He spends most of the book gloating of himself and skims over the top of all the things that humanize him. The horrible loss of his sister, his grandparents, his life with his mother and father. If he had elaborated on his life stories rather than his celebrity ones, this book would've been brilliant.I think the key [...]

    10. eht the best thing i ever read, nor the worstnd of boring, there was like maybe 1 or 2 chapters on "cheers"t so much a biographywas mostly his retelling of what he learned in therapy and arrogance about his acting abilitynda pointless, in my opinion. his therapist should get writing credit.

    11. Once when locked in a room and trapped under something heavy, I read this entire book. Actually I wish that were my excuse. Read this only if you find yourself in the situation mentioned above, or if you need reasons to detest Kelsey Grammer. Ruined Frasier for me! Plum ruined.

    12. So Far by Kelsey Grammer is an interesting insightful look at a man's difficult life. Brutally honest, Grammer tells all, but manages to keep our interest and our respect. An interesting read.

    13. i chose some strange audio books to listen to sometimes, because that's all there was at the library.

    14. Kelsey Grammer had already had a life filled with some extreme dramatic events, including murders in his immediate family, by the time he wrote this in 1995. Plus had played Frazier on Cheers for 12 years. Oh and had already had 2 wives (now 4 as of 2018) and countless girlfriends. And yet all of these barely make a page each in this scant tale. He comes across as someone needing a lot of attention and wishing others to see him as a deeply spiritual man of great intellect. Maybe he'll write an h [...]

    15. I'm interested in Narcisstic Personality Disorder and how sufferers think. So this was a good book for me for that reason. I could've really hated Kelsey throughout this book, but I will give him some credit.he's not 100% deluded like most narcissists as he does realise that he's got a problem (well sometimes). But then other times he's a typical narc. He gets caught drinking and driving one night and blames the whole thing, from beginning to end on his poor suffering wife. His character Frazier [...]

    16. this is the first time an autobiography has made me dislike Someone. I used to like Kelsey and I knew alot of bad things had happened in his life- but by his book he come across as an incredibly selfish person. the way he treated his ex girlfriend is horrendous and why he would put that in his book whilst seemingly thinking of himself as a victim is beyond me. even with all thats happened in his life he managed to make the book very uninteresting.

    17. Bad Grammer has never felt so good! Patiently awaiting the sequel, cause Kels cuts off in the middle of his Frasier run, and barely mentions Down Periscope. Boneheaded move, Kelsey! I give this book two tossed salads, and three scrambled eggs.

    18. I'm not sure I completely trust one aspect of Kelsey Grammer's autobiography, "So Far." Grammer blames every divorce on the wife, he takes no responsibility for his failed marriages. He approaches them as if he was a victim of a crazy woman and he had the sensibility to call it quits but the complete absence of any remorse or responsibility is what gives me some pause, but also the way he talks of women is one of forced respect. He loves a beautiful woman, a dancer, appearances, but never speaks [...]

    19. Well, it's the autobiography of a guy who was only really known for doing one thing (playing Frasier Crane), but it was written only three years into the show Frasier, which ended up running for eleven years. Yes, he talks about Cheers and about his incredibly unlucky early life, but the timing of this book's release seems really odd because most of what a reader today would want to read about hadn't happened yet. That issue aside, as celebrity autobiographies go this one is well-written and com [...]

    20. I can watch Fraiser over and over and not get tired of the show. Between Kelsey and David I adore them both.I’ve been meaning to read Kelsey’s book for the longest time, finally buying it at book sale. Since I’m a fan, I was not disappointed. I have read quite a few autobiographies and only two annoyed me. It’s my opinion that an actor’s life is tough. Whether it was the studio system or the present day it can’t be easy to survive and maintain a relationship, much less a job that’s [...]

    21. 1.5 starsThis book reaffirms my suspicion that many actors are not acting, but rather just being themselves. It is not “so far” a stretch for Kelsey Grammer to play essentially himself as the egocentric and self-absorbed Frasier Crane. The book covers the first 4 decades of Grammer’s life. If you are interested in the two since (the book was printed in ’95), I suggest you Google So Far 2.0; i.e . Tossing this back into to the Friends of the Library donation stack, which, coincidentally, [...]

    22. I was never more than mildly interested in "Cheers" and as such I was only dimly aware of his Frazier character and don't think seen nary an episode of the later "Frazier" sitcom. Still, I saw such positive reviews of this autobiography, I thought I'd give it a try. I am glad I did, especially with this audiobook effectively read by the author. It's a great performance and a honest and revealing assessment of a life full of tragedy, hope, and triumph.

    23. I'm a huge fan of Frasier, so it pains me to say this, as I think Kelsey Grammer is a great actor, but I was very disappointed by this book. He has a great many things to say, but they are all barely glanced over, there is no depth to the stories he tells, instead it's more like he's just listing off the events of his life. This probably could have been better as a longer, more detailed book, but as it is, it's not very enjoyable.

    24. Not the kind of book I usually read, or have ever read, but I ended up with it in a stack of books I got at a thrift store while out-of-state. It was interesting, though, to see the process of "making it" in such a competitive field. It was sad, however, to see the tragedy that has struck the life of this fellow human being, and the pain and emptiness in many parts of his life. (Language was rough a few times.)

    25. I've enjoyed "Frasier" (fro the most part), so I finally got around to reading star Kelsey Grammer's autobiography. I have yo give him points for being willing to expose himself as something of a jerk. The book tends to read like an excuse for his bad behavior. Does it succeed? Not entirely, but you do feel as though you understand him a little more - and like him a little less.

    26. I enjoyed reading this book and learned a lot about the actor's early life. The TV show CHEERS that ran from 1982-1993 coincided with my early adult life, and I have memories of coming home from evening college classes to catch this show.

    27. I read this in eighth grade. The only reason I brought it home from the city library was because I thought it'd be a funny book to be seen reading. I ended up really liking it. Any book you read in Kelsey Grammer's voice (a.k.a. Sideshow Bob's voice) is a winner. "GOOD LORD!"

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