Seduced By The Senator

Seduced By The Senator What s your dirty little secret For Xavia Kennedy it was freedom Escape from a pastel painted life ruled by an American dynasty and headed by a formidable foe One wanted to escape Her family X has a p

  • Title: Seduced By The Senator
  • Author: Alex Elliott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What s your dirty little secret For Xavia Kennedy it was freedom Escape from a pastel painted life ruled by an American dynasty and headed by a formidable foe One wanted to escape Her family X has a plan Get serious and get the hell out of Bean Town Away from the pretty people and boring as hell lives Then she met him Smooth talking and gorgeous All it took was aWhat s your dirty little secret For Xavia Kennedy it was freedom Escape from a pastel painted life ruled by an American dynasty and headed by a formidable foe One wanted to escape Her family X has a plan Get serious and get the hell out of Bean Town Away from the pretty people and boring as hell lives Then she met him Smooth talking and gorgeous All it took was a dim hall He called their hook up a mistake No problem She walked away without a name, just an impression That was the hottest sex she d had minus the actual sex After one Nantucket party too many, Xavia ends up cutting bait and heading to D.C She hops aboard the crazy train as the newest intern to Bennett Stone Or Senator Stone as he s known on the Hill He s than Cosmo s sexiest congressman He s complicated A mystery Ben doesn t date He s got his own dirty secrets But where X is concerned, there s one he s willing to share If she agrees to his terms In his bed, it s way All she needs to do is learn to stop arguing Impossible when she finds out the connection they share runs too deep to put aside, and she begins to fear the secret under the secret that s left unsaid.

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    1 thought on “Seduced By The Senator”

    1. This one left me wanting more Such hot scene and oh my a possessive alpha Dom and a quick whit, stubborn woman. On to the next one.

    2. " I'm her worst nightmare and she's my obsession" This book has everything , from hot sexy scenes , to a hot yummy Dom . Bennet is running for VP of the U.S ,He is hot all over tall green eyes and a Dom need I say more I don't think so . So he meets this girl and he is totally attracted to her but she just seems to innocent for what he has in store for her so he just lets her go, with no intention what so ever of ever seeing her again.That's not what happens here , it so happens that Xavia has [...]

    3. OOOOOHHHH! This book is a marvelous Dirty Little Secret!! It is erotic, with a well thought out and complex plot line, and full of intelligent mischief. It is well written and with characters that can both entertain us and make us feel connected to.I can see that this is going to be a series to blow my mind. There are so many possibilities here in which the plot can expand and weave. I am absolutely and positively in love with Bennett! I sense a deeply complex character I am itching to know more [...]

    4. 4.5 stars! I loved this book! I love the tv series Scandal and this somewhat reminded me of it due to the forbidden love between a very popular senator and his intern. Although that's where the similarities stop because the hero, Senator Stone favors the kink! He is a charming man who is definitely domineering and is used to D/S only relationships. Xavia is perfect for him she is a strong female with a spitfire personality that is used to the political life due to her family ties. The story flow [...]

    5. This was a scorching hot read. This book gives a whole new meaning to the term "House" on the Hill. Mr. Senator, oh my! I'm getting hot under the collar just recalling some of the scenes. We have all heard about Bill Clinton and Monica lewinsky but those two have nothing on Bennett and Xavia.Senator Stone is a Republican and climbing his way up the Political ladder but what very few people know is that he is also a Dom and one of the seven owners of the very private sex club know as the "House" [...]

    6. I 1-click so much I don't know how I got this book, but I am glad I did. Subtract the sex, which is hot, wild and kinky, and you have an intriguing story. It's The West Wing meets Scandal times 10, who can be trusted, are they really your friend, what did they just say, was that code?Set in Wash. DC, during a Senate reelection campaign, and the start of the next Presidential run, you have-the dark secrets of the two main characters, their push and pull of giving and earning trust, getting to kno [...]

    7. I received a copy of the ePub from the author in exchange for an honest review.Xavia is a Kennedy—yes, her family is all about wealth, politics and power. She is strong willed and determined to forge her own independent path without the interference of her family. Bennett Stone is the mysterious hard working senator who appears to be making all the right decisions for his own political aspirations. Yet he is hiding a secret. Are there really any secrets in D.C.?Their first encounter is intense [...]

    8. (3.75 STARS)•copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review•Xavia is from the famous Kennedy clan but is dying to break out from under their thumbs. Bennett is a state senator with a little dark and dirty private life. They meet at a club, the chemistry is insane, yet he walks away. I liked how upfront with the readers Ben is about his lifestyle. The one thing that threw me off during the prologue was that X refers to Ben by his last name when she doesn't know who he is. Months lat [...]

    9. Wow . what an incredible book. I loved the story, hot characters and dialogue that will melt your panties! Bennett Stone is one hot U.S. Senator. Xavia Stillman Kennedy is his intern with a pedigree. After a chance meeting at a bar one evening, Bennett is obsessed with Xavia. But neither of know who each other are or their backgrounds. Xavia will soon be graduating from college and wants to escape the clutches of her famous family. A friend prompts her to apply for an internship with Senator Sto [...]

    10. Я прочитала три главы и могу на 100% сказать, что дальше читать я не буду не за какие ковришки! Я не искала банальный эротический роман, а искала интересный роман, напряженный. Мне кажется из трилона таких же романов этот абсолютно ничего не отличается, но если рассматривать и [...]

    11. I have a lot of thoughts on this so im just gonna jump right in but i'm gonna go out of orderSex scenes:Anyone who regularly reads my reviews knows that i'm constantly bitching about the portrayal of D/s relationships and how no one gets it right. Literally all you have to do is google it and it pisses me off that an author can't be bothered to make sure they portray it accurately rather than just how they view it. This book is the closest i've seen but it still was highly flawed. For instance t [...]

    12. I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review.I am not sure how I feel at this end of this story I had huge hopes or maybe they were expectations. The blurb had me really wanting to read it and maybe it is because there was so much foundations for the main characters Bennett Stone and Xavia Stillman Kennedy but it seemed more thinking on the characters behalf instead of them speaking but I get that and now I know there is more than one book to this story.Bennett is a US senator on the [...]

    13. I was provided with a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review4 'Expect To Be Owned' StarsSo, shockingly, I haven't read political smut stories and now I'm screaming to myself 'Why have I not done it before?'!Xavia Kennedy. We all know that last name. She is part of one of the most powerful family ever but she feels like an outsider, and she kind of is, she wants to make her own path, not aligned into what's expected of her so that's why she doesn't ask for favors and wants to be as far [...]

    14. 4.5 Stars!This book was crazy good and I cannot wait to dive into book two with an ending like that. This book was sexy, sinful, delicious, hypnotizing, gritty, and has one Senator who will have you begging to call him Master. This book will take you on a quite a ride into the down and dirty on the HillThis is the beginning of X and Ben's story. X comes from a line of royalty on the hill. Being a Kennedy is never easy but it comes with the territory. But X wants to be different than her relative [...]

    15. I didn't realize that this was a fanfic of FSOG before I went in, and that probably wouldn't have dissuaded me, but it certainly explains a whole lot now that I've read it. Thus, this is a fanfic of a fanfic, which is like hearsay within hearsay and I'll tell you, that's never good. Oh good god, I just made a legal comparison. SORRYNOTSORRY.Clearly, I did not enjoy. First off, the writing style isn't what I like - it's very exclamation pointy, and I prefer when the author shows more than tells.A [...]

    16. Mmmhmmm. I love me some domination!!!Bennett Stone, Senator from Georgia. Gorgeous, dominating yet personable, a real up and comer in the political world, and keeper of SO very many dangerous secrets. One night while celebrating a friends birthday he is captivated by the hottest, sexiest slip of a thing kiss, copping a feel, and ALMOST having sex in a hallway up against the wall Bennett Stone is STILL thinking about her and what could have been 2 months later.Xavia Stillman Kennedy.p, of those K [...]

    17. Bennett Stone is the poster boy for control and power. He is a popular and gorgeous Senator in Washington. In secret, he is also a Dominant. He lives by certain rules and everything has to be kept quiet.While in New York, he is out at a club with some friends, when he sees a gorgeous woman on the dance floor. He is drawn to her, and almost ends up breaking his rules. He leaves after some passionate kissing without getting her name.To his surprise, a few months later, the beautiful stranger ends [...]

    18. I enjoyed this book with a political setting, not so common in romance novels. Bennett Stone, the up-and-coming senator of Georgia meets Xavia, a young student heiress to influential political families. Their instant attraction ends up with a hook-up in a bar hallway, that Bennett considers a mistake. But he can not forget her.Two months later, Xavia is offered a summer internship with the senator through his assistant. They both have doubts about the negative consequences their attraction could [...]

    19. This book was definitely my kind of book. I wasn't sure how I would feel about it since it is a forbidden romance with a senator and his intern. I am so glad I requested a copy.This was an erotic tale that was well written with great detail and characters that were easy to connect with. Senator Stone loves his kink and Xavia is perfect for his character. She is strong and with her families ties in politics she fits.While reading this book I felt as if I was a voyeur watching everything as it pla [...]

    20. Fanfuckingtastic! This was one pleasant freebie surprise!Xavia and Bennett are off the charts HOT! I'm not much of a political fan, but here in the literary world.hell yes I am!Xavia Bennett

    21. The first question that needs to be answered isCan a Democrat work for a Republican ?? But Xavia is trying to get away from her family and the family name and just make a name for herself.but can she do that when she is a Kennedy ??Bennett Stone is a rock star hot sexy Senator on his way up the ladder. He knows where is future is heading or where it is suppose to be heading but when he meets XS his tough exterior starts to crumbling just like his interior walls that he feels coming down.But can [...]

    22. I was provided this book as an ARC so here is my honest review. No spoilers contained.A story that is filled with a tremendous amount of content on political verbiage and the erotic BDSM scene. At times I was lost in some of the terminology used, I'm British and a little more explanation would have been useful. It didn't detract from the story which flowed well. It's about a chance meeting that is repeated and there is no denying the chemistry between the two leading characters Ben and Xavia. Be [...]

    23. ARC provided by author via Fifty Shades Support GroupI enjoyed this story, but wish there was more story of the characters. I feel is was a very fast attraction. Ben is an U.S. Senator on the fast path up the political ladder. Once Ben meets Xavia he can't seem to forget her. A chance meeting brings them together again and their chemistry is hot. Xavia comes from a very old wealthy and influential family, but considers herself the black sheep and is set on making her own way. I really enjoyed th [...]

    24. a lot of political hullabalooThere a bunch of parts where I glanced since it contained in my opinion a lot of political hullabaloo Once may twice but there was bunch of itDifferent & interesting Dual POVs Steamy heated scene heavy on the BDSM aspect.Both expected and unexpected twistsOverall an ok story that may not be for everyone(a we love kink book blog review) 3.5

    25. There a bunch of parts where I glanced over since it contained in my opinion a lot of political hullabaloo Once may twice but there was bunch of itDifferent & interesting Dual POVs Steamy heated scene heavy on the BDSM aspect.Both expected and unexpected twistsending will have the reader wanting more but I wouldn't call it a cliffhanger.Overall an ok story that may not be for everyone(a we love kink book blog review). 3.5 stars

    26. Bennett Stone is one hot U.S. Senator, and Xavia Stillman Kennedy, is a Kennedy who isn't into politics. But the two of them together are like fire on "The Hill" Like the dual POVs, and the backstabbing story line is great!

    27. I'm not one to leave many reviews. But, this one was such a captivating story! I think all of us ladies after reading this need a Senator Stone in our lives!

    28. I'm not rating this because I felt, when it comes to these kind of kinky sex scenes rules must be put in place, who knows who read these kind of books in this world.

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