The Pact

The Pact On the New York Times Bestsellers List for Four Weeks in a Row The Pact is a FULL LENGTH STANDALONE not part of a series no cliffhanger fully wrapped up novel FRIENDS TO LOVERS CONTEMPORARY ADULT RO

  • Title: The Pact
  • Author: Karina Halle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • On the New York Times Bestsellers List for Four Weeks in a Row The Pact is a FULL LENGTH STANDALONE not part of a series, no cliffhanger, fully wrapped up novel FRIENDS TO LOVERS CONTEMPORARY ADULT ROMANCE It all started with a pinky swear Linden McGregor is tall, rugged, and gunslinger handsome a helicopter pilot with a Scottish brogue and charm to spare He s aOn the New York Times Bestsellers List for Four Weeks in a Row The Pact is a FULL LENGTH STANDALONE not part of a series, no cliffhanger, fully wrapped up novel FRIENDS TO LOVERS CONTEMPORARY ADULT ROMANCE It all started with a pinky swear Linden McGregor is tall, rugged, and gunslinger handsome a helicopter pilot with a Scottish brogue and charm to spare He s also one of Stephanie Robson s best friends and has fit into that box for as long as she s known him Beautiful, funny and an ambitious businesswoman with one hell of an ass , Stephanie Robson is one of Linden McGregor s best friends and has fit into that box for as long as he s known her But some relationships can t be boxed, can t be classified, can t be tamed Back in their mid twenties and tired of the competitive hit or miss dating scene of San Francisco, Steph and Linden made a pact to marry each other if neither one of them were in a serious relationship by the time they hit thirty It sounded like fun and games at the time but as the years to thirty tick past and lovers come and go out of their lives, the pact becomes larger than life Sex is inevitable Friendships are tested Hearts are on the line The pact is about to change everything Note due to the dirty talk and sexy times, The Pact is not meant for anyone under the age of 18 All characters in THE PACT are in their thirties, therefore this is NOT a new adult bookeven though love can mess you up at any age.

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    1. The Pact is LIVE!!!!!5 Cowboy & Baby Blue stars!Life follows many directions and hopefully, eventually, your mind and body and life and love, all will catch up with each other. The Pact is a beautiful friends to lovers story thats fun, sweet, sexy and a little angsty. When I think of books like this, Karina Halle isn’t the author I picture writing them. She does action and suspense, she does raw and gritty, she does emotion to the extreme, and she does all that very well. But guess what? K [...]

    2. ::: FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED ::: ^^^that's who the author cast as the hero!! *swoon* If you're looking for a new book to fall in love with, this friend-to-lovers romance was fun, hot, a little angsty, and kept me glued to the page from the minute I started until the end!! I loved it! Linden and Steph were best friends since they first met and were both tired of a never ending stream of bad dates. So one day, when they were both in their mid-twenties, they made a pact and agreed that if neither of [...]

    3. DNF at 82%I can't take anymore. I normally don't rate books I haven't finish but this one annoyed me to such a degree that I couldn't help but give it one star.I wish I had waited for more reviews to be posted before buying and starting this book. If I had, I would have quickly realized this story wasn't for me. I'm not a fan of plots where the main couple spend a good portion of the book in relationships with other people, use contrived scenarios to keep the romance from progressing, or feature [...]

    4. "If I seem to recall, you had your tongue down some tiny chick's throat half the night.""Tongue in the throat, cock in the c**t, it's all the same," he says.You know, I really do like a lot of Halle's novels - especially Sins & Needles, Shooting Scars and Dirty Angels - I like them because they're dark, gritty and push boundaries. I like the unlikable characters. And I especially admire Halle's talent for creating flawed female protagonists who get drunk, make mistakes and sleep with all the [...]

    5. 1.5 stars!Here's the thing: I love the friends-to-lovers trope. It's my catnip. No lie. Just look at my Read shelf here on GR. I love them. I usually devour them and they always -- well, almost always work for me. It's fairly hard for me to dislike a book with this trope because no matter how silly or improbable the situations are, I always end up liking them. In other words, I don't think I could ever dislike a book with this trope. It's almost impossible. I was wrong. The Pact just proved it.F [...]

    6. A full-length, standalone, sweet and sexy (oh my lord, Linden) friends-to-lovers romance. It's not new adult, since the characters are in their thirties, but that still doesn't mean you have a clue what you're doing when it comes to love. That shit messes you up at any age. This was a joy to write, a lot of fun, and I hope you all enjoy it too :)Note: there are no crazy mindfucks, plot twists, people being raped or killed or dying for no reason or totally heart-wrenching scenes that will leave y [...]

    7. 4.5 StarsThe Pact was a fast-paced, friends to lovers romance with a little twist. It was light, fun, and steamy with just a enough emotional turmoil to satisfy my need for angst. This was an enjoyable read for me, with likable characters (with the exception of 'he who shall not be named')and a storyline that kept my heart racing.Linden and Stephanie are best friends, and in their mid-twenties, neither one is having much luck in the love game, so Linden suggest a pact.“How about if we don’t [...]

    8. 3.5 ARGH Stars***Spoilerish Ranty Review***This book is a hard one for me to rate. The writing was strong and flowed beautifully and I enjoyed the first eighty percent up till that point it was somewhere in the 4 plus star realm.”I just want to be everything to her. I want to be the best and her only. I want to make her want me, crave me, yearn for me, all the fucking time. I want her to know what it’s like to want and I want to know what it’s like to be wanted by her.”The story in a nut [...]

    9. 2.5 Stars!SPOILERS AHEAD.Well that wasI was a bit hesitant to read this one to begin with. I feared the angst but I liked the premise. Sadly there was only about 20% of the book I did like. My first problem was the fact that Linden and Steph spend the first 45% of the bookeeping with other people! Most of the time they weren't even together, even to hang out. SecondlyJames, James, James!I did not like James at all, not once at any point during the entire book. And especially not at the end when [...]

    10. LIVE -> amzn/1HTAgbCIt all started with a pinky swear…THE PACT is a friends to lovers storyline with a few bumps along the way. Three best friends, 2 guys and a girl, started hanging out in their early twenties. A marriage pact is formed on Linden and Stephanie's 25th birthday that if either of them haven’t gotten serious with anyone by the time they’re thirty they will marry each other. Sounds easy enough, right? But throw in their other friend, James, who had first dated Steph back in [...]

    11. 2.5 starsTo my buddy read friends, :))I can't believe I didn't end up liking this book. Karina Halle is my favorite author if you consider that I've given 15 of her books 5 star ratings. I basically rated the entire EIT series as well as the Artist's trilogy 5 stars. This is why it kills me to give one of her books a low rating. It just wouldn't be me to not be honest, in addition to the fact that this book in my opinion is not a great representation of what she is capable of writing. I don't th [...]

    12. 3,5 Baby Blue Stars.The title of this book is pretty self-explanatory. Two best friends make a pact when they turn 25 years: if neither of them gets married until then, they will get married to each other when they reach thirty. They made this as a joke, but deep inside both of them want it to be real. Until they finally reach thirty and the pact has to be fulfilled, and when feelings they thought to hidden start to surface everything will change. But if they don’t learn how to deal with those [...]

    13. ★★★★★ 5 Stars ★★★★★NOW LIVE!Oh my lordy, this was an amazing, beautiful and sexy read - it was an angsty friends to lovers story that gave me the feels in all the right places.Linden McGregor is a sexy Scottish helicopter pilot and is best friends with both James and Stephanie. Living in San Fran, they are a threesome in their mid - late thirties who are navigating life and dating. Whilst drinking one night, Linden & Stephanie make a pact that if they are both single by t [...]

    14. 5 Pinky Swear StarsI feel like I am like a little share bear lately, but oh well, here goes! I met my husband when I was eighteen years old, right out of high school. He was the “shift leader” at the video store were we worked. Now that special title earned him $6.75 vs my $6.25 an hour so I knew I had to make him mine. Kidding. In all seriousness, I don’t believe in love at first sight, but the second I saw him I knew I would marry him. It makes no sense, I was eighteen and wasn’t even [...]

    15. Yayyy it's live and it's 99 cents for a limited time!!!bit/ThePact-Kindle WOW AMAZING <333 4,5 STARS Every time I read a new book from Karina I feel so happyThis woman is like a god for meShe is on top of my favorite authors.She is so talented!Once again, she has made me fall in love with her writing all over again!!!Now you can understand why I love her so much!!And you can imagine how I felt when I won an ARC :)) It was like a Christmas present for me!!!I start it immediately and honestly I [...]

    16. 4 BABY BLUE STARS! ★★★★"Nine years. I've been waiting nine years for this. Nine years to finally have you the way I've always needed you."When I think of Karina Halle, her EiT series easily comes to my mind and I get the instant chills recalling how I nearly peed my pants reading On Demon Wings, no doubt bringing out the grit and the horror. But with The Pact that comes in a form of a fun and sexy read with a dose of angst, Karina Halle proves that she can move out from her comfort zone [...]

    17. Rating:2.5/3 starsWhen I found out about new book by Karina Halle, I got excited. When I saw that pretty cover, I got really excited. When I read book description, I got super fucking excited. When I finally started to read The Pact, I was all: I can't say that I hated it - it's just that there are parts that I liked and those that made me want to pull my hair out and scream. What I liked? Everything about that big, scary 30th birthday. I could totally relate and everything is so damn true. Soci [...]

    18. DNF at 60%Sigh.Yet another disappointment.I feel so guilty for DNFing another book. I shouldn’t feel that way, should I? I should read whatever I want and stop whenever I want. I read to enjoy, not to get so goddamn angry that I have to put the book down.Let’s talk about the situation first.The book starts out on the heroine’s 25th birthday. She’s celebrating with her best friend, the hero, whom she’s known since she was 21. They’re both the same age.Now, the hero has a best friend, [...]

    19. 4 it really grew on me STARS“Life isn’t a linear journey. Sometimes it’s one step backwards, two steps forward and then a jump out to the side. It’s kind of like the “Time Warp”, when you think about it.Life follows many directions and hopefully, eventually, your mind and body and life and love, all catch up with each other.”Oh boy. Something is not like the others, isn't it? I honestly didn't expect for this book to turn out the way it did. I have read two books in Karina Halle's [...]

    20. Having first met Linden and Stephanie in The Play….I actually didn’t read this trilogy in reading order…I was eager to delve into their story.Linden McGregor is a sexy and charming helicopter pilot, a loyal friend, fun to be with but he’s also egotistical, selfish, self-centered, and arrogant and spends his life having lots of meaningless and fleeting sex hookups.Stephanie Robson is beautiful, ambitious, witty and fun.These two have been friends for years and enjoy a close friendship. Ce [...]

    21. Linden and James are working at the same bar when Stephanie applies for a job. James sees her first so he makes his move, unfortunatelyor fortunately, they don't last. Linden wants her but he doesn't want to mess with the "bro code". Instead, Linden and Stephanie become best friends and then, "The Pact" is made. So, "The Pact"Linden makes a "pinky-promise" with Stephanie that if they are both not seriously involved with someone else by the time they are thirty then they'll get married. And since [...]

    22. “The two of you in a marriage? World’s pickiest woman with the world’s biggest manwhore? Yeah, have fun with that.”In a sea of stories about young lovers sharing their firsts—first loves, first heartbreaks, one and only forevers—there finally comes a story about single people in their early thirties desperately searching for that rare, almost illusive connection with someone that would make them feel a little less lonely in the world, a little less stranded, all the while trying to r [...]

    23. 3 STARSOkay, despite this not being all that I had hoped it would be, I still love KH. As she says herself, this was a departure from her other books and was meant to be a fun, lighthearted read about dating with the added twist of the pact. I really liked the beginning, the connection between Steph and Linden and the whole idea of the pact. It had such promise! And yes, I was all gooey for Linden, the sexy Scot.Where it fell down for me was that most of the book was spent with the two of them a [...]

    24. 4 Friends to Lovers StarsA Pact is made.“How about if we don’t find anyone by age, I dunno, thirty, we marry each other?”
“You’re actually serious”
“Aye.” And a friendship is tested.The rest is another Karina Halle romance paradise!Linden McGregor and Stephanie Robson our heroes are young and living their lives to the fullest. Best friends, smart, funny and striving to be successful and surpass their parents shadows. They are also perfect to each other. But Steph was once gir [...]

    25. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/2.5 StarsDid you know Voodoo Doughnut makes beer? See that? They do. Did you know that it tastes like chocolate covered raspberry pretzels and it goes down so smooth you don't even know you're a little intoxicated until it's too late. Well, you do now. And finally, did you know that when you're drunk a little intoxicated and spent your New Year's Eve day reading a porno, that when you come home after celebrating you think it's probably a STELLAR idea to w [...]

    26. Sweet, funny, sexy and romantic with a heart-wrenching dose of angst, this is a gorgeous story of friends-to-lovers with that unique edginess that is all Karina Halle. Linden and Stephanie have been best friends for years. In their mid-twenties, with both of them despondent about the state of their love lives, they make a pact that if both of them are single by the time they reach 30, they will marry each other - they even pinky swear on it! (this is apparently Karina’s casting, and I think it [...]

    27. Well, I didn't hate it and I didn't love it. I liked it. Since everyone else already wrote brilliant reviews arguing both feelings, I'm going to leave these photos I made here and call it a day. I will note as always I loved Karina's writing style and this book flowed beautifully.

    28. 4 "It's Always Been You" Stars!(BR with Sharon)This is a story about 2 guys & a girl living in San Francisco that become best friends after meeting at the age of 21 when they were all working at the same bar. The girl is Stephanie Robson aka Steph/Baby Blue. She dates one of the guys briefly names James. The other guy Linden McGregor aka Cowboy then gets put in the friend zone.Through the years the three of them remain close, but Linden & Steph are always each others confidant & best [...]

    29. I've had this book on my TBR list for quite a while and finally got around to it. Man, am I glad I did! This story was fantastic!Linden and Stephanie have been friends for years, ever since she dated his best friend, James. Although Stephanie's romantic relationship with James fizzled, the three have remained friends. In fact, Stephanie's friendship with Linden has only grown stronger over the years, despite the unspoken attraction that lingers between the two. One drunken night, the two make a [...]

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