Psychic Storm

Psychic Storm PSYCHIC STORM Ten Dangerously Sexy Tales of Psychic Witches Vampires Mediums Empaths and SeersTen books Ten internationally bestselling authors Ten different tales of sexy psychics empaths and see

  • Title: Psychic Storm
  • Author: C.J. Ellisson Deanna Chase Dale Mayer Heather Topham Wood Hazel Hunter Jesi Lea Ryan J.C. Andrijeski April Aasheim
  • ISBN: 9780986392
  • Page: 491
  • Format: ebook
  • PSYCHIC STORM Ten Dangerously Sexy Tales of Psychic Witches, Vampires, Mediums, Empaths and SeersTen books Ten internationally bestselling authors Ten different tales of sexy psychics, empaths and seers who solve crimes, fall in love, make magic and fight to save the world.Over 2,000 pages of extrasensory reading await, with three brand new, original novels and over 1,4PSYCHIC STORM Ten Dangerously Sexy Tales of Psychic Witches, Vampires, Mediums, Empaths and SeersTen books Ten internationally bestselling authors Ten different tales of sexy psychics, empaths and seers who solve crimes, fall in love, make magic and fight to save the world.Over 2,000 pages of extrasensory reading await, with three brand new, original novels and over 1,400 5 Star Reviews for the rest From Bestselling Author, HEATHER TOPHAM WOOD NEW REVELATIONS Life should ve been perfect Kate Edwards won the heart of police detective Jared Corbett and is coming to terms with her psychic ability Things are blissful until the day she meets Declan Brayden Kate doesn t trust the damaged and arrogant seer, but knows combining their abilities would allow her to help people When visions of a missing fitness instructor turn into a race against time to save her life, Kate might have no choice HEAT LEVEL 2From Bestselling author, APRIL AASHEIM ARMAND Never trust a warlock Before Maggie Maddock and her sisters returned to Dark Root, Oregon, a generation of witches and warlocks reigned over The Council 13 men and women devoted to holding back the dark they believed would eventually end the world This is the origin story of Dark Root s most notorious warlock Armand HEAT LEVEL 2From USA TODAY bestselling author, DALE MAYER TUESDAY S CHILD What she doesn t want exactly what he needs Shunned and ridiculed all her life for something she can t control, Samantha Blair hides her psychic abilities and lives on the fringes of society Against her will, however, she s tapped into a killer or rather, his victims Sam knows she must go to the authorities, but will the rugged, no nonsense detective in charge of tracking down the killer believe her HEAT LEVEL 3From bestselling author, JESI LEA RYAN JUST A LITTLE NUDGE Marley Sexton never aspired to be a stripper But it s the only job that puts a dent in her mother s medical bills It s also the only job where she feels justified using a little talent she calls nudging But JC Moreno figures out Marley may have taken the nudge too far Marley s not big on trusting people, especially a man with a gun, a badge, and a story that doesn t add up, but maybe they can work together to both get what they want if they don t end up dead HEAT LEVEL 3From NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author DEANNA CHASE, HAUNTED ON BOURBON STREET Jade loves her new apartment until a ghost joins her in the shower When empath Jade Calhoun moves into an apartment above a strip bar on Bourbon Street, she expects life to get interesting What she doesn t count on is making friends with an exotic dancer, attracting a powerful spirit, and developing feelings for Kane, her sexy landlord But when the ghost moves from spooking Jade to terrorizing Pyper, the dancer, it s up to Jade to use her unique ability as an empath to save her HEAT LEVEL 4From bestselling author, MORGAN HANNAH MACDONALD SPIRITS AMONG US WHAT HE SEES WOULD SCARE YOU TO DEATH Cajun bad boy and ex FBI profiler Jon Luc Boudreaux is in Paris hunting a serial killer That s nothing new, neither is being haunted by the victims, but watching the murders through the killers eyes, now that s something new entirely Jon Luc is on the hunt for the most diabolical killer he s ever encountered, and Angela Henderson, fashion designer, is next on the killer s list HEAT LEVEL 4From bestselling author, JC ANDRIJESKI LONDON If there was ever a race traitor job, this was definitely it Revik arrives in London with a new job, a new home and new people watching him, seemingly than he has helping him watch the Bridge, a holy warrior hidden among humans to keep her safe from dark Seers called the Rooks Meanwhile, in San Francisco, Allie has no idea that she s the Bridge or even that she s a Seer Then she meets Jaden HEAT LEVEL 4From bestselling author, JORDAN CASTILLO PRICE AMONG THE LIVING Victor Bayne, the psychic half a PsyCop team, is a gay medium concerned with flying under the radar than making waves He hooks up with handsome Jacob Marks, a non psychic from an adjacent precinct at his ex partner s retirement party and it seems his luck has taken a turn for the better But then a serial killer with a gruesome M.O surfaces and no one agrees what he looks like HEAT LEVEL 5From NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author, C.J ELLISSON VAMPIRE VACATION Meet Vivian She s a 580 year old vampire who exudes sex, has a talent for drama, and is passionate about two things her human husband, Rafe, and their resort for the undead Her ability to project physical illusions creates the perfect vacation spot a dark, isolated Alaskan hideaway where visitors can have their wildest fantasies come true The powerful vamp is put to the test when she discovers a corpse in a locked guest room minutes before the next arrivals HEAT LEVEL 5From bestselling author, HAZEL HUNTER TOUCHED In the world of Isabelle de Grey, eyesight isn t the only way to see When she touches objects and people, she looks into their past But her gift is equal parts curse She has yet to find the lover who can accept the brutal truth of what she sees Isolated and rejected, she is ready to leave Los Angeles and abandon her career when she meets FBI profiler Gavin Mac MacMillan Thrown together when the daughter of a mutual friend is abducted, Isabelle discovers that Mac could be the man who won t push her away HEAT LEVEL 5Categories Thriller SuspenseRomance Suspense

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    • Free Read [Contemporary Book] Ý Psychic Storm - by C.J. Ellisson Deanna Chase Dale Mayer Heather Topham Wood Hazel Hunter Jesi Lea Ryan J.C. Andrijeski April Aasheim Î
      491 C.J. Ellisson Deanna Chase Dale Mayer Heather Topham Wood Hazel Hunter Jesi Lea Ryan J.C. Andrijeski April Aasheim
    • thumbnail Title: Free Read [Contemporary Book] Ý Psychic Storm - by C.J. Ellisson Deanna Chase Dale Mayer Heather Topham Wood Hazel Hunter Jesi Lea Ryan J.C. Andrijeski April Aasheim Î
      Posted by:C.J. Ellisson Deanna Chase Dale Mayer Heather Topham Wood Hazel Hunter Jesi Lea Ryan J.C. Andrijeski April Aasheim
      Published :2018-05-25T17:14:51+00:00

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    1. Pre-order this and get ten books for $0.99? Hell, yeah!SmashwordsiTunesKobo"Can PsyCop go mainstream?" Read Jordan's newsletter here! (scroll down to read)

    2. 3.5 starsNew Revelations by Heather Topham Wood - 2 stars(view spoiler)[Oh boy. This book. What do you do if you like parts of the book but you think your heroine is a whiny, vapid brat? I had numerous problems with her character and ideas towards women. Kate Edwards is constantly jealous, insecure, immature, whiny, bitter, pissy, so MUCH OF A BRAT that I wanted to smack herpeatedlywith a shoe. And what was the deal with her not eating? Like several actual discussions of her doing the maple syru [...]

    3. I posted reviews to the individual books as I read them. overall, I enjoyed each one I read, even though this is not my preferred genre. well done

    4. I was lucky to get an ARC of this box set.I buy box sets as they are great value and it introduces you to more authors.I New a couple of the authors in this set and they are amazing I hoped that if there books was to go by I'd enjoy the others too.I am pleasantly surprised how many I truly enjoyed.New revelations (book2) HEATHER TOPHAM WOODGood from start to finish an enjoyable read story line is great easy to follow and I couldn't put it down glad there is more in this series I read a lot and t [...]

    5. Rounding up to 5 Stars for collection. Must read for PR/UF fans!New Revelations: 5 StarsArmand: 5 StarsTuesday’s Child: 4 StarsHaunted on Bourbon Street: 4 StarsJust a Little Nudge: 5 StarsSpirits Among Us: 5 StarsLondon: 5 StarsAmong the Living: 5 StarsVampire Vacation: 4.5 StarsTouched: 4.5 Stars

    6. HEATHER TOPHAM WOOD –– NEW REVELATIONS - 4 starsAt the beginning I was unsure about New Revelations. Firstly, the story was obviously a sequel, the characters had backstory that I hadn't known firsthand and I usually, out of principle more than anything else, prefer reading stories that come from a series in the order they were meant to be read. That instantly put me in a bad mood because I would have liked to get to know the character from the very beginning, experience their first adventur [...]

    7. This was the first time I've ever requested an ARC and im glad I did. This bundle is amazingly, awesomely great! It has a little bit of everything and even if you have never read anything in the genre, guaranteed you will find some gems in this book that will have you hunting down more books by the same authors. I thoroughly enjoyed reading these stories im going to go look into a few of the authors included and see what else they might have for me. Psychics, Vampires, Witches, demons, ghosts, u [...]

    8. Great Boxed Set!This is a great boxed set, by some wonderful authors. This boxed set has 10 wonderful books about psychic witches, vampires, mediums, empaths and seers. I have read some of these authors before, and some were new to me. Each book kept my attention and the characters were great. They were all an enjoyable read and the story lines were awesome. I love paranormal books and these were all great. I highly recommend this boxed set; if you love paranormal books then you need to read thi [...]

    9. Thoughts on early reviewer copy:I LOVED collection. Each book only took a day or two to read and I loved how different each author's style was. Although I'd recommend all the novels, my favorites were Haunted on Bourbon Street, Tuesday's Child and New Revelations. I'll work up full reviews for each novel ASAP.

    10.     Psychic Storm,  C.J. Ellisson , Deanna Chase , Dale Mayer , Heather Topham Wood, Hazel Hunter , Jesi Lea Ryan, J.C. Andrijeski , April Aasheim  , Morgan Hannah MacDonald, Jordan Castillo PriceReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre: Thriller, Suspense Romance, Paranormal, FantasyWow – these multi author bundles are a great way to try out new authors at a bargain price, over 2,000 pages in this one. Of course this one was a must for me as its got a new Allie’s War story, featur [...]

    11. Metaphysical & Paranormal Stories Galore?! YES PLEASE!!!What more could a girl ask for? This bundle has all sorts of metaphysical and paranormal stories. I pre-ordered it and now that it's here, I can't wait to read them all!I've only made it through JC Andrijeski's latest installment, London, so far. This novel is a prequel in her Allie's War series that provides a more in depth history for one of the main characters in her series, Revik. Andrijeski has masterfully written this book so it c [...]

    12. Can I just say this is a fantastic deal? If you're at all interested in paranormal books, you're bound to like at least one of these ten. For less than the price of an impulse buy in the checkout lane. Take a chance on it; you won't be disappointed.That said, there were some books I enjoyed more than others. My favorite one was Among the Living by Jordan Castillo Price.Victor Bayne is a psychic detective. Not like those lame psychic detectives who have "visions" and study maps to find a place un [...]

    13. VAMPIRE VACATION>>>>>>Holy Vampire Alaska vacation spots Batman!!!! This was my first read of author C.J. Ellisson and I must say this was a very good read for me. As you all know I'm a vampire fanatic, so when I spotted this vamp author on FB I jumped to check her out. Loved the character, especially the lead female Dria (aka Vivian). Lest we forget her ever so hot sexy hubby Rafe! I was also happy to see a Werewolf in this one as well. This author also writes some of the most [...]

    14. I like all of the stories. I will let you about my favorite two. First is Just A Littie Nudge by Jesi Lea Ryan. Awesome book the characters are amazing. I love so many thing about this book I can't just name one. Come join Marlay and JC on adventure to save Lucas. I hope to have more of this series. Vampire Vacation by C.J. Ellison. Love this story. The best vampire book I ever read. You need to read this book to find out why Vivian said "I 'm torn between wanting to run screaming from the room [...]

    15. So far I have read Haunted on Bourbon Street, and loved it! Everything about this story is fun and exciting! Jade is new to New Orleans and not sure how to use her special abilities. As if that isn't exciting enough, there are complications with ghosts, and lots of interesting characters. This is the first book in one of my favorite series. Definitely give it a try! I have not read the other books in this box set yet, but if they are anything like Haunted on Bourbon Street, then this set is a ph [...]

    16. NEW REVELATIONS -- Kate Edwards is in a relationship with police detective Jared Corbett and is coming to terms with her psychic ability. Things are great until she meets Declan Brayden. Kate doesn't trust Declan but knows combining their abilities would allow them to help more people.

    17. So I finally finished it and even though there was 2 books that I didn't like I did love 8 of the books.

    18. Reading them in order and so far 5 stars for: New Revelations, Armand and Tuesday's Child. More to come soon

    19. This is an honest review given in exchange for an advanced readers copy. **Note** I have read half of these so far--I'm a slow reader and wanted to get the reviews out for the ones I've read, and will continue to add reviews for the others as I finish them. I have not yet read:Vampire VacationHaunted on Bourbon StreetTouchedLondonSpirits Among UsPsychic Storm: Boxed Set—ReviewNew Revelations: Second Sight Book TwoBy Heather Topham WoodI am not sure if my reaction to this novel was because it w [...]

    20. I have only read Tuesday's Child and Touched from this anthology. Tuesday's Child was more of a full length read than a novella. Both were fast paced and highly enjoyable. Thanks to this antho I have found 2 new authors to try books from. So, I may come back later to read others. I recommend this to those who needs a quick reading fix or just looking to try new authors work.

    21. I love psychic abilities in my speculation fiction, and this bundle had everything from dream-walkers to life-stealers to clairvoyants, and yes, a few of our protagonists can talk to dead people. Most of these novels were Urban Paranormal Romance, but there was an urban fantasy story. Also to be noted, quite a few of these stories are a part of a series, but most are book one (some aren’t). I didn’t have any trouble keeping up, and most felt like a single work with a complete plot and everyt [...]

    22. I received this book as an Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for an honest review (I'm just not too good with the timely part).I had mixed feeling about reviewing this book. I don't normally read romances - or books about vampires or ghosts, or werewolves - and did I mention romances? I wanted to read the stories and offer an unbiased review. I thought I would have a problem with that, but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised when I began to read.Yes, there was romance - some pretty stea [...]

    23. Review can be read at It's About The Book Like a good girl I started this collection of books at the beginning. If I’m honest I was very excited at the concept of a Jordan Castillo Price book, but I wanted to give the other writer’s their opportunity to wow me. I do love a good wowing.I was reading this on my kindle, which just dives right into the story. It turns out the first one is NEW REVELATIONS by Heather Topham Wood. Unfortunately it’s not new. It’s a sequel. Never mind, I can cat [...]

    24. I received an ARC to read & review & have so far read 6 of the 10 books in the collection. If you enjoy books with a paranormal background you're sure to find something you love in there, and all for such a bargain price!New Revelations - Heather Topham Wood: The dramatic opening to the book and subsequent hints about what had already happened made me want to read the first book (which I have just downloaded), and the ending definitely made me want to find out what happens next! Well pac [...]

    25. I just finished book 1, New Revelations, by Heather Topham Wood in this collection. It turns out that this is book 2 of a series. I absolutely detest reading books out of order. So now I'm left with a conundrum. Do I go back and read book 1 of the series or do I move ahead to book 3 since the author left us readers at a not so nice cliff hanger?The 2nd book, Armand, is by Heather Aasheim. I managed to make it to chapter 5 but no further. I was so incredibly bored.Book 3, Tuesday's Child, by Dale [...]

    26. (02/05/15) I got this as an ARC. I'm going to try and read all the stories here. Only two read so far.Initial impressions - Seems like a nice, with a little bit of everything, collection. Raging from multiple levels to different types of psychs. I can never make up my mind which to read next. It's also nice to see m/m in what any other day would an only m/f collection, but sadly there is just one.New Revelations: TBR - This seems like a second book in a series. Will likely remain unread until I [...]

    27. This is a great collection of 10 books by some great authors. Please be aware that most are part of a series and you will be left with many cliffhangers. Here are a few notes on a few of the stories that stood out to me.Among the Living by Jordan Castillo PriceVictor, a PsyCop who can see the dead, is working an investigation of a serial killer who is preying on gay men. He is working the case with Marks, who is non-psychic and his partner. This is a m/m romance and left me wanting more. The che [...]

    28. Love stories with a psychic elementWell written love stories with well developed characterization and the added bonus of psychic. One of the stories was worth a repeat read. Sexual content was rated before the books in this collection. Great collection for readers.

    29. This was fantasticOne story after another and I still want more. has mystery and suspense. The finding of love and friendships. Over coming evil. This just full of it all. You must give it a try.

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