Free at Last

Free at Last A biography of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr who encouraged non violent protest to fulfill his dream of an America where people would be judged by the content of their character no

  • Title: Free at Last
  • Author: Angela Bull
  • ISBN: 9780751328578
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
  • A biography of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr who encouraged non violent protest to fulfill his dream of an America where people would be judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin DK Readers

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    1 thought on “Free at Last”

    1. This book was a great bio for him and this book was very descriptive which was great, and the emotion in this book as amazing. This book great.

    2. This book was pretty much a biography of Martin Luther King's life from beginning to end. It touched on the changes that he made for segregation in America.

    3. Personal Reaction: Free at Last: The Story of Martin Luther King, Jr. was a very detailed and informative book but still be great at holding children's attention and keeping them engaged. I really liked this book because of how concise it was; it got to the point, presented the most important and ideal details and show pictures that would fascinate students. One thing I find particularly great about biography books that hold students attention such as this one is that students find it so much co [...]

    4. I liked it a lotI t was amazing I would recommend this to my friends and people, this book tought me about Martin Luther king , Jr.

    5. This is a great book! I love how the book show's Martin Luther King Jr.'s life from his childhood on. This book also has great illustrations that enhance the reader's attention. I also liked how the book as fun facts on the left and right hand margins of the book, these facts give more information about certain aspects of King's life. I think this would be a great book to read aloud to a class grades 4th through 6th. This would be a great book to read for Martin Luther King day. The teacher coul [...]

    6. I love my book because it wash very informational.For example Micheal King was Martin Luther King Jr original name.He got that name after he hot baptized by his father which is also a pastor.I also loved this book because it inform me on not only Martin Luther King Jr.For example Abraham Lincolon signed the Emancipation proclamation in 1862.I round all this information on pages 4-7. I believe Ms.Gutner would like this book if she likes informational books.I also believe that Ms.Gutner would like [...]

    7. In the novel "Free At Last: the story of Martin Luther King J.R.",by Angela Bull. The author suggest that King was an interspersion to millions of African American during A period unequality and segregation. The main problem that faces King is racism and segregation. this is supported by, Jim Crow Law. These laws were designed to stop black's from voting and being treated equally. M.L.K worked with black's in the south,but he also impacted people around the world. King worked on equality for bla [...]

    8. In the novel "Free at Last!",by Angela Bull the author "suggests that king was an inspirational, to millions of African Americans daring a period. The mean probable that king is with people trying to stop him, and he does not have the same rights. This is supported by, Jim's crow laws were designed to stop black from voting and being treated equally. M.L.K worked hard with black in the south but he also impacted people around the world. king worked equality for blacks during the 1950's to 1960's [...]

    9. In the novel, free at last; The story of Martin Luther King was an inspiration to millions of Africans Americans. The main problem that king was blacks and white being separate and unequal.The main idea in this novel is equal rights for everyone. Along the way the way king is faced with any challenges. one challenges he is faced with is segregated and restricted voting practices. M.L.K worked with people around the world .King worked on for many years to help people get rights from 1950’s to 1 [...]

    10. This book covers Martin Luther King's life from start to finish. It is a great book if you would like to know who Martin Luther King was a little better. One strength about this book is it has plenty of detail about each scene it talks about. The character Martin Luther King reminds me of our president, Barack Obama, because like him, Martin Luther King is a great leader. This book is not part of a series, but I will continue to read books by its author, Angela Bull. I would recommend this book [...]

    11. Books such as these should be a requirement for students in elementary and middle school. Racism and civil rights are still a problem to this day. This book is very informative on the life of MLK and some facts about the civil rights movement. MLK spent most of hi life having a dream of freedom for all skin colors. He died because of his dream and I feel he should be learned about all through school.

    12. I like to have these DK readers in my classroom and at home for my own children they are really good at giving information at a childs level instead of diving in to upper level non fiction books.In this book I like they way there are captions on every page to help with vocabulary and other unfamillar words. Thease captions also tell a story within a story.I am think that I would like to use this as a literature circle book. There is alot there for thoughtful discussion.

    13. This book is a great shortened version of MLK Jr.'s contributions to the civil right movement. There are tons of pictures that supplement the reading and provide the students will real photographs of the time period. This book is geared more towards elementary students and the book actually provides the reading level on the front cover. I would use this book as a multicultural book during a lesson on civil rights movement or during Black History Month.

    14. I found this on wegivebooks today & decided to read it in honor of Black History Month. While I don't know a whole lot about it (I'd love to learn more), the whole Civil Rights movement has always been intriguing to me. I quite enjoyed learning the details of MLK Jr's life in this quick yet informative read.

    15. I thought this was a nice young reader book. It not only talks about MLKJ's life, but the historical events like the Civil Rights movement. It also has tips and events on the side about the era and different things found in the text like Gandi and sit-ins. I liked the set up of this book and how it describes such a big issue and life of MLKJ.

    16. This paperback book contained a lot of information about the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Children learn about his life and his dream and he fought for it through his words and civil rights movement. This is a great book to learn about his life.

    17. Level 4, proficient readers; includes many historical photographs; details about the violence directed against the civil rights movement, including a few graphic photographs (the hoses used on protestors, a burning KKK cross).

    18. Set up like a leveled reader, packed with text features, students will enjoy taking this book off the shelf. They can learn not just about Martin Luther King Jr, but also about the time period in general with information packed sidebars. A great addition to your classroom library.

    19. A biography of Martin Luther King Jr starting with his childhood, going through his struggle for equal rights by using peaceful means, and ending with his tragic death, which inspired people to keep fighting.

    20. This book has an immense amount of information. I thought it was a great example of a secondhand account to use with students.

    21. Well written summary of MLK Jr. I especially like the fact that there are pictures, illustrations and columned facts included in this.

    22. The Best Book ever in USA.The Best Book's to Have in school of the book's u will really like and you will full in love wit all of the book's.

    23. I know that's a book for a child but I couldn't let it go, it's about Martin Luther King, Jr. really he was an amazing man love this so much

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