Poisoned Apple

Poisoned Apple Snow White s a goth and Prince Charming s a jerk On Neve s eighteenth birthday her stepmother kicks her out A group of diner rats offer her refuge including Brendan who offers his couch for her to c

  • Title: Poisoned Apple
  • Author: Katherine McIntyre
  • ISBN: 9781613337837
  • Page: 225
  • Format: ebook
  • Snow White s a goth and Prince Charming s a jerk.On Neve s eighteenth birthday, her stepmother kicks her out A group of diner rats offer her refuge including Brendan, who offers his couch for her to crash on But the time she spends with him, the he confuses her One second, he s kissing her The next he s pushing her away.Believing her life has reached rock botSnow White s a goth and Prince Charming s a jerk.On Neve s eighteenth birthday, her stepmother kicks her out A group of diner rats offer her refuge including Brendan, who offers his couch for her to crash on But the time she spends with him, the he confuses her One second, he s kissing her The next he s pushing her away.Believing her life has reached rock bottom, Neve struggles to ditch her damaged girl label But when she uncovers the truth about her life, she s rocked to her very foundation Will Neve be able to hold on to the good things coming her way, or will her bad luck poison everything

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    1. Neve lives at home with her stepmother after her father left them for another man. On Neve's eighteenth birthday, her stepmother throws her out. Neve has no where to go. She's a loner. She blames herself for the lose of her parents."At her core, she always wondered, always questioned if the reason her mother died and her father had run away had been because she was a terrible person. That her fate in life had always been to be saddled with this bitch of a stepmother."Neve finds a diner that's op [...]

    2. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.This story sucks you into the troubled mind of Neve. Neve isn't your typical teenager she has lost her mother, her father has left to be with someone else, by doing this Neve is left with her wicked. Neve lives a lonely life keeping to herself, with no friends or family solitude has become her life.On her eighteenth birthday her stepmother kicks her out, without actually knowing it this is where Neve's life could actually begin, where she can [...]

    3. Poisoned Apple isn’t the story of Snow White re-written with a modern day slant. The similarities are there though: a girl who befriends a bunch of misfits after getting kicked out of her childhood home by her stepmother and a boy who comes to the rescue albeit reluctantly. No this girl, Neve, is visually a hard edged Goth who on the inside is completely vulnerable. Prince Charming is a little less charming, in fact he is quite sarcastic and bristly in most instances, but beneath the handsome [...]

    4. * I received this novel in exchange for an honest review *Poisoned Apple is a deliciously dark fairytale retelling where Snow White is no helpless damsel and Prince Charming is anything but charming most of the time. What's not to love about that?Neve finds herself kicked to the curb on her eighteenth birthday and also finds Brendan. I loved the relationship building between those two and the author wasted no time as this is a very short, but endearing read. For fans of fairytale retellings lace [...]

    5. Full disclosure: I've known the author personally for years.This was a very engaging story with well developed main characters. There is a lot of emotion to the story and it is well written and feels real. My only criticism is I feel strongly that there is enough there to really flesh out into a full length novel as opposed to a novella.

    6. Started today and read it all the way through because I could not put it down!! Excellent character development and another female lead that Kat has written to perfection. Thank you for sharing your talent!

    7. Great readLet me 1st say I love that this is a rewrite of an earlier manuscript. Neve' s story needed 2 b told. If you have ever been hurt, damaged, or betrayed this is a great read for you. If you've not been damaged by life or people it's still a great read, you just may not resonate with the main character as much.

    8. I didn’t realise that this was a Snow White inspired story because I didn’t read the blurb (slaps wrist) but I’m kind of glad I didn’t know because now I can see all the links and I want to read it again where I can pick alllll of them out. As the blurb says the book follows Neve on her eighteenth birthday who is kicked (almost literally) out of the place she has always called home by her evil stepmother – (see Link) Wandering the lonely streets she finds at 24/hr diner where she befri [...]

    9. **Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for honest review.** This novella was a quick and entertaining read!Neve's life hasn't been easy and it's about to get even tougher. Her eighteenth birthday is anything but a celebration as her step-mother finally makes good on her promise to kick Neve to the curb. With only a suitcase in tow, Neve stumbles upon a group of young men who take an immediate liking to her.Brendan offers to let Neve sleep on his couch but it's onl [...]

    10. “All of the sudden, things she’d never given a second thought to mattered so much. The comfortable bed she’d slept in for as long as she could remember, the brass dresser lamp she and her mom had picked out at the thrift shop, even the stack of old paintings she’d saved from when she had time for art. All of those things meant more than she’d realized.”Neve is a self-proclaimed “damaged girl”. Why she doesn’t have any school-friends isn’t exactly clear, but she’s kicked out [...]

    11. Free book for honest review. juliesbookreviewMost people look forward to their 18th birthday. But Neve Wynn is not everyone and dreads the day of her 18th. On that day, her child support dried up and her vile step-mother kicked her out for good. Neve ends up on the street, abandoned and alone; something she is quite familiar with. Neve grew up without her parents really in her life. With no where to go, Neve wanders around until she comes upon a safe haven in the form of a diner where she meets [...]

    12. Ever since her dad left, Neve has been stuck living with her evil and cruel stepmother. With a dead mom and no prospects, Neve was the poor, sullen maiden locked in her dungeon. But this maiden, one as white as snow and of raven hair, was far from helpless with a fermented rage to go with her bleeding heart. Neve is a morbid character with courage, strength, and a biting wit. Although frightened to face a cold, merciless world after being kicked out, she was no “damsel in distress.” You woul [...]

    13. I was lucky enough to get a early copy of the book, and ended up tearing through it in a single sitting which is not very like me. While stories like this are usually not as much my cup of tea, I simply could not put this book down. Neve's character was strong and incredible, and the emotional hell that befalls her through the book is intense. Watching someone's world fall apart at such a young age is such a tragedy, but the fact that when everything comes to a close she is able to still stand u [...]

    14. This is a short novella that is a modern twist on Snow White sweet quick read for anyone.This review was originally posted on Books In Brogan

    15. Neve’s life goes from bad to worse when her stepmother kicks her out, luckily for her she befriends a group of diner rats including Brenden and then she uncovers some truths about her life that rocks to her very core in this emotionally gripping new adult romance.The reader gets emotionally caught up in the turmoil that Neve is facing from the very beginning as Neve faces her Stepmother’s plans and she left with nowhere to go. The strong compelling characters grab the reader’s attention fr [...]

    16. Another book I read quite a while ago. A modern retelling of Snow White. It's definitely meant for a younger audience that myself. Short, not very sweet, but sorta meh. If this book was going for edgy, I wish it would of gone full out, and if it was going for sweet, again, go full out. It seems the tone was never fully established here, and it leads to some confusion and ultimately disinterest on my part.

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