Tormentor This story isn t really about me On the Isle of Skye near the community of Dunvegan sits a rustic old one bedroom home waiting for a new tenant It seems like the perfect opportunity for Jim Greenwo

  • Title: Tormentor
  • Author: William Meikle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This story isn t really about me On the Isle of Skye, near the community of Dunvegan, sits a rustic old one bedroom home, waiting for a new tenant It seems like the perfect opportunity for Jim Greenwood to escape the hectic London city life a place to move on from tragedy This is the story of a house As he tries to settle into country life, his is tormented by mysterioThis story isn t really about me On the Isle of Skye, near the community of Dunvegan, sits a rustic old one bedroom home, waiting for a new tenant It seems like the perfect opportunity for Jim Greenwood to escape the hectic London city life a place to move on from tragedy This is the story of a house As he tries to settle into country life, his is tormented by mysterious soot marks left throughout the house while he sleeps, cryptic e mails from unknown senders, and hundreds of hand drawn stick figure drawings etched in a perfect pattern on the cottage s cellar walls Stay Beth needs you Jim begins losing control, drinking excessively, shaking to an uncontrollable beat in his head, trying to decipher what may or may not be a code or a warning No limbs, no limbs, no head, no head, left arm gone, left leg gone, no legs, no head The door is open, and something is coming through It s just a matter of when and what.

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    1. When Jim Greenwood moves to the Isle of Skye to start a new life after his wife's death, he has the misfortune of buying a house with a dark past. Will Jim meet the same fate as the previous owners?Tormentor is the story of a house with a troubled past and the man who has the misfortune of trying to make a new life there. While I've read two other haunted house stories by William Meikle, Broken Sigil and Pentacle, this one was like neither.It started simply, with a smudge of soot on the wall. Th [...]

    2. Jim Greenwood is left devastated and facing some big decisions about his future when his wife passes away. Time for a change, time to leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind, time for solitude and time to mourn. So he moves to an isolated cottage on the shore of the remote Loch Dunvegan in Scotland. Here he falls into the well-used trap that awaits sudden loss and loneliness. One of alcohol abuse, conversing with his dead partner and something else on the periphery, strange occurrences, [...]

    3. 4.5 stars.When a young widow, Jim Greenwood, decides to run from his life in the city, he couldn't get much more isolated than the remote shore of Loch Dunvegan. The locals are friendly enough, although all studiously avoid any mention of the history surrounding Jim's new home, and the ruins of the old crofter's cottage on its grounds.When mysterious smudges and stick figures drawn in soot begin appearing, along with cryptic coded emails, Jim starts to harbor the hope that somehow his dead wife, [...]

    4. 4.5 stars.Review of Tormentor by William Meikle Tormentor is my favorite William Meikle book thus far. This is far from your usual haunted house story, and I am far from a connoisseur of Scottish folklore, but I enjoyed this one quite a lot. The beginning is fairly cliche, to be honest. A guy  (Jim Greenwood) loses his wife and moves to a house on a mostly remote island for a change of scenery. From there the story is anything but mundane. He starts to hear hints of rumors about the house from [...]

    5. The story starts out after the passing of Jim Greenwood's wife Beth. Jim decides to get away from everything and buy a house by sea loch in Skye. After getting settled in his cottage strange things start to happen. He starts finding these soot marks all through the house every morning. Then he starts getting strange e-mails. He starts looking into the history of the house. The more he finds out, the more he gets obsessed with the things that are going on. The story is a ghost story with some fol [...]

    6. This one is a bit of a slow burn as Jim moves to an old house on the loch with a storied history to escape city life and recover from the death of his wife Beth. What should have been a relaxing and healing time quickly starts to go sideways with the appearance of strange soot markings and ghostly messages written in emails and wee stick men. Something is trying to communicate. Hoping against hope that his wife has something to do with these supernatural occurrences, Jim stays and tries to solve [...]

    7. This is a first class example of just how to write an intelligent and gripping horror novel. A good horror story, and in particular a good haunted house horror story, needs certain vital ingredients, firstly an isolated and inviting haunted house, and secondly a troubled even tormented central character. William Meikle does a wonderful job of exploring his native homeland (Scotlands's loss is Canada's gain) and in Jim Greenwood he has chosen the perfect victim to showcase his dark writing talent [...]

    8. William Meikle is an excellent writer. His prose is beautifully constructed; his descriptions of scenes second-to-none; his characters are generally detailed and human enough in their actions to be believable. But like all of us, Meikle has proven himself prone to the occasional dip in form. His books are not infallible. And unlike most of those who have reviewed Tormentor before me, I consider this one to be such a dip.Told exclusively from the first person perspective of the novella's protagon [...]

    9. TORMENTOR by William MeikleJanuary 20 to January 21, 2015Dark Fuse pre-releasedWOW-WEE!! Mr. Meikle has outdone himself in his newest Dark Fuse publication, Tormentor. He has developed well written, believable characters. In this book there are good guys and not a lot of bad guys except for, yes you guessed it, The Tormentor.There is no place in the world like Scotland and when you add a haunted situation just makes you want to go back and visit your loved ones. Ha! I don't know, maybe after rea [...]

    10. This was a neat little ghost story I fancied reading between other books as a palate cleanser of sorts, and it was just what I needed. I was soon immersed in the remote Scottish setting and found the characterisations thoroughly believable, and since it's based on local legend and folk stories, is just my thing. Highly recommended.

    11. This is the story of Jim, he has recently lost his wife Beth so he decides to pack up and move to the wilds of Scotland. He moves into a house that is steeped in mystery and before long strange things begin to happen in the house. When he tries to find out what is going on, however, his enquiries are met with stony silence by many of the villagers. This only seems to deepen the mysteryI love haunted house mysteries, and this was no exception. Willie took us on a tension filled ride, while Jim tr [...]

    12. Jim Greenwood's life is devastated with the death of his wife from cancer. He attempts to start over by getting away from all of the pain that surrounds him in London by moving to a remote home on the NE coast of Scotland near Dunvegan. The home is the oldest in the area and the locals seem to be frightened by it. Soon Jim finds out why. Mysterious sooty smudges appear while he sleeps that seem to be forming some sort of code. In an attempt to avoid the madness of it all, Jim resorts to drinking [...]

    13. When grieving widower Jim buys an old house on a remote piece of land on an island in the British Isles, he gets much more than he bargained for. At first he tries not to let it bother him him as he settles in to a simple routine of daily living. It's just a stripe of soot after allWilliam Meikle mixes love lost and ghostly hauntings better than anyone I have ever read. He is a master of his craft. Buy this book, gift this book. Recommend this book to others.I received an e-arc of TORMENTOR from [...]

    14. In "Tormentor", Meikle adds his chapter to the tried and true theme of the recovering victim of a tragedy in an idyllic setting, removed from the pains that brought him to a point of no return.Strange symbols that may be a code, an adjacent cottage that has fallen into ruins and townspeople that are not willing to discuss the haunted history that surrounds the hero's new home all drum their way towards the ancient mystery that resides at the climax of this tale.3 STARS

    15. A very well written book. Beautiful descriptions and all that jazzbutStory.I wants me some story yo.I never once felt a pang of terror or a stiring in my boxers. A 'haunted house' story with other elements thrown in that didn't amount to anything. Colour me disappointed.

    16. William Meikle delivers a solid, if somewhat quiet, ghost story in Tormentor.Jim has escaped to Dunvegan, Scotland, following the loss of his young wife to cancer. Independently wealthy, he's able to buy a nice piece of property, but begins to learn that this centuries old house has secrets. Not such an uncommon thing, until he begins waking to soot marks scratched across his bathroom mirror, mysterious e-mails, and drawings of matchstick men with missing limbs.Meikle does a great job of recreat [...]

    17. I received an E-arc from Darkfuse Publishing in exchange for an honest review.Jim moves to Dunvegan for a fresh start after losing his wife to cancer, he is in need of a change of pace from London and the small isolated property he has just purchased seems ideal. He begins to settle into a more leisurely pace of life and makes some friends and acquaintances with the people of the village.Whilst they welcome him to the community they are reluctant to say anything about the house he has bought. St [...]

    18. I'm not much of a fan of haunted house stories, hence William Meikle had his work cut out for him when I started Tormentor. This novella demonstrates that a talented writer can overcome an unappealing premise.Mostly I responded to Tormentor as a character piece. Living the story through the perspective of Jim made the experience most visceral. Jim is already vulnerable due to the untimely death of his wife, and as his life starts to unravel in his new (haunted) home the reader is drawn in to his [...]

    19. Man, did I love this book! Haunted house stories are my favorites, and Willie hit this one out of the park. Yeah, OK, so maybe the setup is cliche, but beyond that it seems pretty original to me. Start with an ancient, creepy house on the secluded shore and secretive, hostile townfolk, throw in some history/mythology, and you've got a well-written, engrossing, multi-layered ghostly mystery. I definitely did not guess the ending, and I thought it fit very well. I've read a lot of Willie's work, l [...]

    20. There is a house.I loved this story from William Meikle. The characterisation was great and the ever growing sense of dread was fantastic. Very few ghost stories give me the creeps, but this one did. I felt like I was with Jim throughout the whole story, feeling his pain from losing his wife. Brilliant read. 5 stars.

    21. Very interesting haunted house story. It draws you in a little at a time until you're totally immersed in it. Highly recommended.

    22. Once again, William Meikle has written a story I couldn't put down until I was done. Tormentor is a nice little slice of creepy. Check it out, won't you?

    23. This was just ok for me. I thought it was going to be alot creepier than it ended up being. I hate to be the one that doesn't agree with the rave reviews, but this just didn't do it for me. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad. I loved the atmosphere, characters and the writing was good, but the story was just so-so.

    24. Don’t you hate it when the previous owners of your new house trashed the place moving out before you moved in? That’s what happens to Jim Greenwood who moves into a small house on an island off the Scottish coast. The house, centuries old, begins showing signs of mysterious soot marks, as if unseeing visitors wander the interior leaving grimy streaks like young children who haven’t washed their hands after playing outside. When the soot marks start taking the shape of stick figures, often [...]

    25. Mr. Meikle has rapidly written his way onto my favorite authors list. I usually try to hold off awhile when it comes to reading his books because he's like a chocolate bar that I have hidden away and will only eat after it's become sheer torture from wanting it so much. I guess what I'm trying to say is that Mr. Meikles books are a treat to read and I do love to savor them! This is a great story and it really made me yearn for a place I may never see, but can at least visit occasionally in books [...]

    26. I thought this was an excellent haunted house story. I found it quite creepy and disturbing. The setting was beautiful to imagine even though you knew it was going to turn around and bite you. I loved the compulsion of the repeater and think I would go quite mad with something like that swirling around my brain. I enjoyed this story immensely and look forward to reading many more by this author!

    27. The weirdest story I have read so far this year. I couldn't get into it at all, although I kept hoping it was going to get better. Not much actually happened! Stickmen, soot stains and local legends don't amount to much of a story on their own. The only saving grace was the beautiful descriptions of the location, which made me want to move there despite the strange occurrences.

    28. I have the sense that novella was somewhat like Hodgson's The House on the Borderland but with a somewhat more certain and happy endingor was it?Excellent "quiet" horror novella.

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