Lady Maybe

Lady Maybe In the new novel by the three time Christy Award winning author of The Maid of Fairbourne Hall a woman s startling secrets lead her into unexpected danger and romance in Regency England One final cry

  • Title: Lady Maybe
  • Author: Julie Klassen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the new novel by the three time Christy Award winning author of The Maid of Fairbourne Hall, a woman s startling secrets lead her into unexpected danger and romance in Regency England One final cry God almighty, help us and suddenly her world shifted violently, until a blinding collision scattered her mind and shook her bones Then, the pain The freezing water AndIn the new novel by the three time Christy Award winning author of The Maid of Fairbourne Hall, a woman s startling secrets lead her into unexpected danger and romance in Regency England One final cry God almighty, help us and suddenly her world shifted violently, until a blinding collision scattered her mind and shook her bones Then, the pain The freezing water And as all sensation drifted away, a hand reached for hers, before all faded into darkness Now she has awakened as though from some strange, suffocating dream in a warm and welcoming room she has never seen before, and tended to by kind, unfamiliar faces But not all has been swept away She recalls fragments of the accident She remembers a baby And a ring on her finger reminds her of a lie.But most of all, there is a secret And in this house of strangers she can trust no one but herself to keep it.

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      376 Julie Klassen
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    1. Julie Klassen is one of my favorite authors, among the best in the Regency genre, a trusted name on my “automatic buy” list. I knew when I requested this novel that it was published by Berkley Trade, but was hoping Klassen was simply doing as many before her have done: broadening her reach into mainstream romance. I know there has been some backlash in the past for those who have done so, but I personally don’t feel as if the author is abandoning her faith or core audience simply because t [...]

    2. Once upon a time I didn’t think I could enjoy a new Julie Klassen book any more than her previous releases, then Lady Maybe came along. After I finished this book I wanted to immediately re-read it. To go back to Regency England, to follow the characters, to enjoy it all over again!A few pages into this book and “bam!” a curveball was thrown. One of those that causes the reader to sit up a little bit straighter, maybe even rub their hands together and say “alright then! Let’s do this! [...]

    3. Lady Maybe was good, very good. There were several plot twists (some predictable and others not) which had me quickly turning pages.This is definitely a 4.5 star read. I enjoyed Julie Klassen's beautiful writing, the vivid imagery and the compelling storyline. Conversely, the romance wasn't quite strong enough for me. Perhaps that was done purposefully, to keep the reader engaged and guessing to where the story was going. In the end though, I didn't feel the sense of "Ahh, these two fabulous cha [...]

    4. This is the first, Julie Klassen book I've read. What I want to know is why no one said to me years ago I need to read this author's books ? Lol Some needed to put some of her books in my hands and tell me to read them. I have heard glowing reviews about her books and I had to see for myself how true it was, or not. I absolutely loved this book. It was a book I wanted to gallop along reading it to see what happened but yet didn't want it to end. It was very different from the usual book I read a [...]

    5. I love the Regency era novels, and Julie Klassen writes them with rich detail and intrigue. However, despite that, and Julie Klassen being one of my favorite historical authors, I had a few (personal) problems with Lady Maybe.Subtly hinting at the dark, scandalous classic of Jane Eyre, this story centers on Hannah, a lady's companion, who is suddenly thrust into a world of riches, and secrets, and deception. She longs to save the one person most precious to her, but doesn't know how long she can [...]

    6. "Lady Maybe" was an intriguing, suspenseful read that had me literally shocked at times. The plot twists were COMPLETELY unexpected but truly added to the excitement of the story. I enjoyed the plot and the characters and was truly thinking about the story even when I was not reading it!However, there are a few things that I am concerned about with the author and this book and the path that it is taking that caused me to give it only 4 stars.While I mostly enjoyed all of the characters in this n [...]

    7. There's good news and bad news. Which to start with?! I'll start with the good news, I suppose.The good news is that there is very little distinctively Christian content within Lady Maybe. Why is that good news? Well, you don't have to be unChristian to have disdain for "Christian romances." Some Christians avoid it perhaps for the reason that "Christian fiction" is "preachy." Some perhaps for the reason that "Christian fiction" rarely contains realistic content: characters that are actually, ge [...]

    8. This book is really hard for me to review. Now first off, let me say that Julie Klassen is on of my favourite Christian Historical Fiction writers. I've read many books by her and they have all had high ratings. Which brings me to this book.I was very excited to read Lady Maybe, but I have to admit I was disappointed. This book had a plot that involved a "situation" that I am not very keen on reading about. I read about (view spoiler)[ adultery (hide spoiler)] enough in secular fiction and am ti [...]

    9. I feel like the oddball for not loving this book. I admit, the last 100 pages were redeeming compared to the majority of the story, but I never felt drawn to the characters. I never felt like the characters emotions were sincere. There were so many lies and deceitful motives that I lost count. I also didn't enjoy the style of writing. For example, many chapters ended with the heroine asking herself questions that the reader should have simply understand based on the circumstances implied! They j [...]

    10. •°o•:*:•STY.•:*:• o°•[Rom 13:12-14 ESV] 12 The night is far gone; the day is at hand. So then let us cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light. 13 Let us walk properly as in the daytime, not in orgies and drunkenness, not in sexual immorality and sensuality, not in quarreling and jealousy. 14 But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires.I have been putting off the writing of this review because it is with a heavy h [...]

    11. old vibes(4.5 I think)This book is crazy!!! THE PLOT TWISTS!!!!!!!!! Wall this is not my favorite Julie Klassen book, I did really like it, but I other books more and I think I will re-visit this book but I think I will re-visit other of her books more. I do like this book more then some of her books (but I like all of her books). I really like Sir John, he is my favorite character of this book. This book is for mature readers there are things that I don't want to say want they are because I don [...]

    12. First of all, and probably because I'm a published author and pay attention to more publisher related things, I knew from almost the day I heard about this book that it was written for a secular publisher. That said, I still looked forward to reading it because I love Julie Klassen's writing. She's always been one to write her historical romances involving a little more of the messiness of life, so I went into reading Lady Maybe fully expecting much of the same, but perhaps on a different level- [...]

    13. First thought that comes to mind is, "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive." And, oh my goodness, tangled doesn't begin to describe the state of the story threads in this plot. Klassen has a devious imagination! Enthralling and angsty and utterly astonishing. I was seriously shockeds, shocked one point. I didn't think my heart or my mind could take much more but I persevered to the end. This is the kind of read that steals your breath away and leaves you really and tr [...]

    14. I really enjoyed the incredible plots twists in this book. In fact, there are so many that it makes it nearly impossible to review without giving some amount of spoilersbut I will do my best to keep them out.At the beginning of the book we meet the Mayfields, who are leaving Bath posthaste because Sir John is desperate to separate his wife from the lover she refuses to give up. It is said that Marianna considers her marriage a farce and hopes her lover, Anthony Fontaine, will end it soon. Instan [...]

    15. Disappointing! When I read this book, I'd already read most of all of Julie Klassen's books and enjoyed them all greatly but Lady Maybe wasn't like Julie Klassen's other books. It wasn't "clean romance" like her others and the whole thing just seemed dirty. It had things such as adultery, out-of-wedlock sex, etc. Several scenes could EASILY be stricken from the book (I know because I didn't read most of them, hehe) and still keep the plot together and improved. I was really shocked/disappointe [...]

    16. This was a delightful read. The book worked. It's a case of mistaken identity that spirals out of control. Over the course of the novel, the romance develops in a triangle that left me really hoping the heroine would choose one hero -- she made the right choice! ;-) It's also a story that spools out the past in dribs and drabs that are entirely compelling. This is a Regency novel that comes with my highest recommendation. I loved it!One side note: the faith thread wasn't as strong as it is in so [...]

    17. Let me start by saying Julie Klassen is a hit-or-miss author for me. I've absolutely adored three of her novels (The Silent Governess [the first of hers I ever read], The Maid of Fairbourne Hall, and The Secret of Pembrooke Park); thought three were okay (The Lady of Milkweed Manor, The Girl in the Gatehouse, and The Tutor's Daughter); and hated two (The Apothecary's Daughter and The Dancing Master). For the most part, I really do like her work, so I was excited when I saw that Lady Maybe was re [...]

    18. A Regency Romance More in the Style of Charlotte BrontëTYPE OF NOVEL: Historical Fiction, Regency RomanceSETTING: Devonshire, England 1819MAIN CHARACTERS:- Hannah Rogers: a former companion to Lady Mayfield who has just returned after leaving mysteriously six months ago. But due to a tragic carriage accident she now finds herself in a very conflicted situation.- Lady Marianna Mayfield: a flirtatious married socialite who despises her husband and practices no discretion as she carries on with an [...]

    19. Hannah is a ladies companion who has been in an accident and has lost some of her memories. After the accident she awakens in a room she has never seen before and she is tended to by unfamiliar faces. But she does remember fragments of the accident. She remembers a baby, and a ring on her finger reminds her of a lie. But most of all, she remembers a secret that she can trust no one but herself to keep.I've read several books by Julie Klassen and usually know what to expect. She writes Christian [...]

    20. Let me just say, this book is awesome! It was not what I expected at all but was so much better. I read a few of Julie Klassen’s other books and loved them, which made me decide to read this one. When comparing this book to some of the others, one difference I notice is that some of the main characters are not as, well, innocent. I mean, they are good, God-fearing people, but they have made mistakes, whereas some of the characters in other books have not made those mistakes. For some reason, I [...]

    21. Gripping, page turning writing for certain, unfortunately quite a deviance from her usual clean Christian approach. I'm guessing that should have been obvious from the change in publisher, and like a few other reviewers I felt disappointed. Often, it's just not needed, and ruined this book for me. The ideas, the story - would have had me giving it 5 stars. However, for what I look for in Regency Romance, this one pushed the limits a little. I've sold many Julie Klassen books in the past, often b [...]

    22. Julie Klassen's books always seem to draw me in so I can't put them down. Her description of the time period is always beautiful and flawless to me. That being said the theme of this book is heavy on mistakes and forgiveness. immorality and deceit being the issue. The love triangle drove me a bit crazy but I was SOOOOO happy with how it ended. No bedroom scene description so that I would call the book not clean but a child out of wedlock is a huge part of the story and I would definitely conside [...]

    23. WOW!!!!! By far, the best Julie Klassen book I have read so far. The only one I haven't read is The Dancing Master. I loved it. I could rave about it for days. I love books with multiple suitors in it. It was like a Laura Frantz book but set in the Regency period. It contained dire situations that couldn't be escaped. The connection between the characters was riveting. This is a read again in years to come and I never re-read books. I hope Klassen continues writing her books like this one. I sta [...]

    24. First off: I enjoyed The Secret of Pembrooke Park better. This book was filled with so many lies!!! Thought the story was decent but never cared about the characters. I think I probably liked the last 100 pages the best.

    25. I'm not sure what to write about this book. I did like the theme of forgiveness and acceptance! But for an author who writes under the Christian genre, I expect more Chritian. Faith, Jesus, anything more to do with God in the book. Mentioning Jesus once, and then praying 4 or 5 times for God to save them, in a very "by the way" way, does not make the book a Christian book. God isn't our guard dog and nothing else. That's not what Christianity and faith is. No one in this book was a Christian, no [...]

    26. Lady Maybe is a very good book, a very good story. Lots of things going on here and there. I love the little twists happened at every chapter, some were predictable and some were “whattt.wait, I didn’t see that coming” moments! Although, I enjoyed reading every page I turned, I feel the whole development of the story could be better

    27. Lady Maybe is my second complete novel by Julie Klassen. Klassen actually approached me and asked if I wanted to review this book. Of course, I agreed. Klassen is the leader in Regency fiction because of her lifelike characters, comforting settings, and swoon worthy plots. The pace and flow of the novel was spot on. The scenes flowed effortlessly with the romance and the intrigue weaved and flowed as both threads continued to build nicely, and the ending matched a Regency romance. Two people thr [...]

    28. An intense Regency romance which brings to mind hints of Jane Eyre, Ethan Frome, and First Knight, Julie Klassen's Lady Maybe held me captive from word one. This story of riveting secrets, love polygons (too complicated for a simple triangle lol), and colorful characters reminds us of the power of our choices - past, present, and future. The main character is torn between three different suitors, all good men in their own right, all men for whom she has different measures of affection. Right up [...]

    29. I'll be honest. I wanted to LOVE this book. Instead, I mildly liked it for being a diversion for a work-worn brain. The two stars are docked because Ms. Klassen utilized the tired old plot devise of a love triangle AND one of her heroes was a jerk. I can never understand why heroines in so much Christian fiction fall in lust with guys who have no moral virtues or worthwhile qualities. Also, I'm pretty sure that the law would be on the side of the father in an illegitimacy case in the Regency era [...]

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