Poison Bay

Poison Bay The Maori call this place Ata Whenua Shadow Land Television reporter Callie Brown likes safe places with good coffee But she joins friends from the past on a trek into New Zealand s most brutal wilder

  • Title: Poison Bay
  • Author: Belinda Pollard
  • ISBN: 9780994209801
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Maori call this place Ata Whenua Shadow Land Television reporter Callie Brown likes safe places with good coffee But she joins friends from the past on a trek into New Zealand s most brutal wilderness, in the hope of healing a broken heart What she doesn t know is that someone wants them all dead Lost in every sense of the word, the hikers primal instincts erupt The Maori call this place Ata Whenua Shadow Land Television reporter Callie Brown likes safe places with good coffee But she joins friends from the past on a trek into New Zealand s most brutal wilderness, in the hope of healing a broken heart What she doesn t know is that someone wants them all dead Lost in every sense of the word, the hikers primal instincts erupt Surrounded by people who have harbored secrets for a decade, Callie must choose the right ally if she doesn t want to be the next to dieOld loves and old rivalries reignite as the group begins to disintegrate They were told their expedition would establish an alternative to the famed Milford Track By the time they understand that its true purpose is much sinister, it is too late Far from the reach of outside help, they must face a deadly wilderness and a murderer alone A breathtakingly fast paced and original eco wilderness thriller Karin Cox If you want to go to sleep early, don t start this book at night you ll find yourself avidly turning the next page in the small hours wondering who is next and whether it will be the killer, or the beautiful, savage wilderness of New Zealand s Fjordland that will be the cause of the next death Leisal, reviewer

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      248 Belinda Pollard
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    1. ‚Verschollen in der Poison Bay‘ hat sofort mein Interesse geweckt, denn das Cover sieht einfach richtig schön stimmungsvoll aus, und außerdem lese ich unheimlich gerne Bücher, die an Orten spielen, die ich bereits selber bereist habe. Die Gegend um den Milford Sound in Neuseeland gehört zu den schönsten, die ich jemals gesehen habe, auch weil ich damals mit schönstem Wetter alles auskundschaften konnte.Anders geht es unserer Reisegruppe von 8 Freunden, die sich anlässlich eines Treffe [...]

    2. A half star for effort. The premise of the novel was excellent! However, the execution of the premise was lacking a bit especially for a new author.And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie is an Iconic book, so I appreciated the author's homage to it. The twist was exciting: Murder by leaving the 7 friends stuck in the beautiful, savage wilderness of New Zealand's Fjordland to survive. It is the perfect Murder/Suicide plot. But the characters were two dimensional and they all sounded alike. W [...]

    3. First, thank you for the author and publisher that send me the copy of this book. I won this book from giveaway. The first thing that I love about this book is the cover. It's simple and yet looks beautiful. Second, I love the setting of the story. I never go to hiking before, but from what I read in this book, I can feel the thrilling that characters feel. How dangerous the place that they need to do everything they can do to survive since they are amateur at hiking. I love the characters. At [...]

    4. Wild Crimes ich muss gestehen, dass mir dieses Genre bisher unbekannt war. Aber der Grundgedanke gefällt mir als Kind der Berge sehr gut und ich war gespannt, wie die Autorin das umgesetzt hatte.Der Plot mit der Gruppe von Freunden, die zusammen einen Abenteuerurlaub in der Wildnis Neuseelands verbringen, bei dem immer wieder ein Gruppenmmitglied abhanden kommt, ist selbstverständlich nicht neu. Durch das Setting in einer malerischen und aufregenden Landschaft verleit der alten Idee einen gewi [...]

    5. Set in New Zealand, written by an Australian author, POISON BAY by Belinda Pollard is one of those novels that you just can’t help but wonder what tourism authorities reaction would beLocated in one of New Zealand’s most rugged and beautiful locations - Fiordland - the place and the circumstances combine to create some real menace for a group of high school friends on a trekking holiday that goes horribly wrong. Starting out with a flashback to the tragic death of one of their friends, the f [...]

    6. Belinda Pollard’s debut novel tells the story of eight friends whose lives were shattered one fateful night ten years ago, when one of their own made a tragic decision.Reuniting in New Zealand for a hike to commemorate their mutual loss, Callie finds herself looking into the familiar faces she hasn't seen in a decade. Conservationist Bryan is heading the group, with outdoorsman Adam and handsome lawyer Kain among the crew, as well as Jack, now a reverend, whom no one ever gave much thought to; [...]

    7. Very engaging book about wilderness survival in New Zealand. Characters remained human (mostly) to each under desperate circumstances. Great sub-plots and history among the trampers! I am looking forward to more from Ms. Pollard.

    8. PuppenspielerBeinahe zehn Jahre sind seit dem Schulabschluss vergangen und auf Vorschlag und Einladung von Bryan trifft sich die Clique wieder. Zwar haben sich manche der alten Freunde und Freundinnen zögerlich auf den Weg gemacht, aber schließlich sind doch alle neugierig und gespannt auf die Wanderung durch die Fjorde Neu Seelands, die Bryan geplant hat. Enthusiastisch machen sie sich auf den Weg: Bryan, Jack, Kain, Adam, Sharon, Callie, Rachel und Erica. Schnell jedoch merken die Freunde, d [...]

    9. This story begins with a group of friends celebrating graduation at a pool party. One of the group comes in and has a gun which she turns on herself. The plot begins ten years later when the boyfriend of the girl who killed herself invites the group to a ten day outdoor adventure hiking New Zealand's wilderness. After reaching the end of the ten day trip, the boyfriend kills himself by falling off a cliff into the freezing lake leaving them with no way to send for help. He had purposelytaken the [...]

    10. (I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.)Television reporter Callie Brown likes safe places with good coffee. But she joins friends from the past on a trek into New Zealand’s most brutal wilderness, in the hope of healing a broken heart.What she doesn’t know is that someone wants them all dead.Lost in every sense of the word, the hikers’ primal instincts erupt. Surrounded by people who have harbored secrets for a decade, Callie must choose the [...]

    11. I was very intrigued by the idea behind Brisbane journalist Belinda Pollard's debut novel - a 'who's the unknown killer in the group' adventure thriller set in one of New Zealand's most ruggedly gorgeous national parks: Fiordland. A sort of And Then There Were None in the heart of majestic Lord of the Rings locations. So there was a lot of promise behind the premise, and setting.Unfortunately, for me, the book only semi-delivered, falling short of what it could have been. At the beginning, I cou [...]

    12. A superb book – a gripping story with plenty of mystery and twists. The writing is wonderful – at times I felt I was there alongside the characters in the cold and relentless rain on the side of a mountain in New Zealand. This is a story about greed and revenge and how they can destroy lives. It is also a story about friendship and teamwork and parents’ love for their children. It is a story about survival of the elements, mistrust and faith. I rarely write the over-used term ‘page-turne [...]

    13. Callie has agreed to go on a trekking holiday with old friends. The Maoris call it 'Ata Whenua- Shadow Land'. So although she's happier in a comfy coffee house- she's committed to spending time hiking through the wilderness in New Zealand with someone who wants them dead! She's actually hoping that she will be getting over a painful break up but soon she's discovering that she needs to decide who she can trust to prevent her being targeted as the next one to die. Everyone has secrets- but who is [...]

    14. Ich lese selten Krimis oder Thriller, aber "Verschollen in der Poison Bay" hat mich mit seinem düsteren Cover und dem spannenden Klappentext total angesprochen.Die Geschichte um eine Gruppe Wanderer, die durch einen harten Schicksalsschlag in ihrer Vergangenheit nun mitten in der Wildnis auf sich allein gestellt ist, klang nach einem tollen Survival-Krimi.Jedoch konnte der Schreibstil der Autorin nicht mit meinen Erwartungen mithalten. Belinda Pollard hat sich mit Neuseeland eine beeindruckende [...]

    15. Something about this book just didn't sit right with me. The plot was meticulously researched: diabetes, survival tactics, environment and laws. Additionally, the architecture of the world was also sound, and at all times I felt like I was in New Zealand. The uneasiness, I feel, is derived from the characterisation. The introduction was incredibly rushed and I felt as though I had entered a room and already forgotten everyone's name. I also didn't feel any compassion for any of the characters be [...]

    16. The POV characters Cassie and Jack are intriguing. I enjoyed watching their stories unfold amidst the fear and anxiety of the main plot line.A great read, I didn't want to put it down!

    17. Poison Bay by Belinda Pollard will make you never want to go camping again. This is a truly scary book which will leave the reader to appreciate the need for self-reliance in situations of crisis when to face the crisis means the possibility of winning and failure means death. And if you think you had friends along on the ride; you will be disappointed. In this novel, another name for friends is “suspects.”The end-of-high-school party should have been a great party. It was, until Liana showe [...]

    18. Poison Bay tells the story of a wilderness hike turned dark and deadly. Eight friends from high school embark on a trek into New Zealand’s most forbidding wilderness. All of the trekkers have something from their past to hide, related to the suicide of another classmate, Liana, in front of them at an end-of-high-school party. Each of them has a guilty conscience from their relationship with Liana.Their leader, Bryan, now lives in New Zealand, and has become an experienced trekker, orienteer, a [...]

    19. Reviewed by me as a member of Rosie Amber's Review Team Poison Bay is a mystery/thriller set in a New Zealand wilderness setting. Eight old friends meet up ten years later to go on a ten day hike masterminded by one of the group, Bryan. Bryan has hidden motives in getting them all together, though, and the story gains in sinister overtones as the hike turns into a survival situation.I love reading and watching anything about survival in adverse circumstances, and when I started this book I found [...]

    20. Callie Brown has decided to reunite with her old high school friends on a mountain trip for ten days. She is not really convinced about the rejoin, because one of her old friends commit suicide in front of all of them on their last party during high school. Her instincts seem to alert that maybe there is something more behind this meeting but she decides not to trust them and go on with the journey. After a few days hiking, everything is odd and their team leader, Bryan, acts really suspicious H [...]

    21. I thoroughly enjoyed this wilderness mystery. A small group of Australians meets up for a class reunion hike through a New Zealand national park. The mountains are rugged and jungly, the weather oppressive rain, and when they reach the supposed destination of Poison Bay their leader is revealed as a madman. Connie who is a journalist is out of her element but is determined to survive despite the lack of food, rescue or cohesion. John is also a journalist who is determined to record everything on [...]

    22. I came across a very interesting blog post by the author and found the fantastic cover enticing.The premise - a group of former high-school friends goes hiking in New Zealand Wilderness, but someone does not want them to make it back to civilisation - had me hooked from the start. But at first I was unsure about the different viewpoints. I would have been very comfortable sticking with Callie, a young woman who would have been interesting enough to work as a first person narrator. When Belinda P [...]

    23. Read on a long haul flight, this kept me occupied for a few hours.Frustrated at some of the stupid decisions made, and the authors inability to describe how dense and remote Fiordland bush is.The starting package of eight characters, four of each sex, was a bit tidy, and life is rarely like that. The mental instability wasn't as well developed as it could have been. This left me feeling the whole book was a bit clunky. Take a walk on one of new zealand's native bush trails and experience some of [...]

    24. Callie and Jack join a party of hikers but this is no ordinary party and no ordinary hike. The group is re-uniting some years after a horrific event and gradually we realise that all is not as it seems on the surface. The setting is Fiordland in New Zealand – a place of great beauty but wild and hostile landscape with steep mountains plunging to the sea and no roads, making it accessible only to the brave and hardy. Belinda Pollard has written a complex thriller and set it in an amazing locati [...]

    25. Callie is a journalist coping with the public humiliation of being dumped by her boyfriend. An opportunity to go hiking through the mountains of New Zealand with her former school friends seems too good to pass up. If only she knew what was ahead….This is no ordinary debut novel. Ms Pollard’s previous career as a journalist is evident in this perfectly balanced and well-plotted story. Characters are well drawn and the dialogue is realistic. The pacing is exceptional. Poison Bay is an engross [...]

    26. An unputdownable adventure. A group of school friends get together ten years after they last met to go on a hike through the wilderness in New Zealand. All have secrets and are tied to a tragedy which happened over 10 years ago. I loved the characters and the vivid descriptions of the trek and the scenery. You actually felt you were there with Bryan, Callie, Rachel, Jack, Erica, Sharon, Kain and Adam. There are lots of twists and turns and the story is very fast paced. One of my favourite reads [...]

    27. Couldn't put the book downI loved this book! It's well written and never gets boring. I found myself reading until the wee hours of the morning, because I just had to know how the story ended. I've been to Fjordland and the author's descriptions of Te Anau and the wilderness brought back a lot of great memories. It's a breathtakingly beautiful place with unpredictable weather that can quickly change. At least there are no dangerous animals!

    28. When I read the blurb of this book, I thought it sounded like my kind of book: a mystery set in New Zealand, a group of friends on a hiking holiday, secrets, a killer on the loose. And I wasn't disappointed. Belinda Pollard is a local writer from Brisbane and this is her debut novel. Poison Bay has a great story, page-turning action and characters you care about. I can't wait for more books from this promising author.

    29. Wild rideA seriously wild ride that will have you feeling the rain pelting your face and the mountainside crumbling underfoot. With excellent prose that you just want to read over and over again, mixed with plot twists and intense characters, this is definitely one to pick up. I very much enjoyed it.

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