Mortal Memory

Mortal Memory Along with Jamie and my mother Laura died at approximately four in the afternoon It was almost two hours later that Mrs Hamilton a neighbor from across the street saw my father drive away During th

  • Title: Mortal Memory
  • Author: Thomas H. Cook
  • ISBN: 9780553565324
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Paperback
  • Along with Jamie and my mother, Laura died at approximately four in the afternoon It was almost two hours later that Mrs Hamilton, a neighbor from across the street, saw my father drive away During those long two hours in which he remained in the house, my father washed my mother s body and arranged her neatly on the bed After that, he made a ham sandwich and ate it atAlong with Jamie and my mother, Laura died at approximately four in the afternoon It was almost two hours later that Mrs Hamilton, a neighbor from across the street, saw my father drive away During those long two hours in which he remained in the house, my father washed my mother s body and arranged her neatly on the bed After that, he made a ham sandwich and ate it at the table in the kitchen He drank a cup of coffee, leaving both the plate and the cup in the sink He didn t pack anything, because he left with nothing He didn t reenter either Laura s of Jamie s room He made no attempt to clean up the frightful mess that had been made of them And yet, for no apparent reason, he remained in the house for a full two hours What had he been waiting for

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    1. 4 times over, and we're still not done yet. Yes, people, I've read Mortal Memory 4 times. This is my favorite book, written in excellent style, moving, edgy, a novel that you can't put down! Steve Farris, is an architect/family man, who one day at the office, is approached by, Rebecca Soltaro, an author, who is interested in meeting with Farris for one reason to discuss the life of Steven ' father, who years ago murdered his family in cold blood. "I am writing a book about men who kill their fam [...]

    2. This earlier book was somewhat disappointing for a big Cook fan like myself. The story and writing were good but the execution just missed the mark. It needed to be longer with more time spent on both the protaganist Steve's prior family and current one for the plot to be truly fleshed out. The surprise ending, while good in theory, was way too rushed and lacked the emotional impact it should have due to a failure to really develop the other characters in Steve's prior and current life. The endi [...]

    3. My 5th read by Cook. This one was very good and exceptionally dark. Now, having read 5 book by him, the patterns or trademarks start to emerge. There is a sense of alienation to Cook's characters and Steve Farris is no exception. It's as if they are not completely present in their lives, more like passionless observers. There is also a sense of the past rising up and threatening to drown the present, which is very much the theme here. I do think the main character could have been more relatable [...]

    4. Rating: 3.5 starsGood story and well-written, but dark and depressing the entire way through. The beginning was a bit slow-going (a lot of narration in some spots, without enough dialog to move the story along), but things picked up during the second half of the book. When Steve Farris was just 9 years old, he lost his brother, his sister, and his mother in a single afternoon. A neighbor heard three shots and then witnessed Steve's father exit the house, get in his car, and drive away, never to [...]

    5. I love Thomas H. Cooke as a light mystery read, but this one was not as good as the previous ones I read. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it. I think it was too detailed for the story that it was. He did not have to say so much and could've been briefer in his descriptions. Sometimes, a long book with good writing is great and WORKS, but not this time. Very repetitive.

    6. Yet another great book from THC. I finished this one in two days. There is something about Cook's writing that makes it hard to put his books down. Read on my Kindle.

    7. Steve Farris finds himself in the midst of a mystery when an author asks to interview him concerning the death of his mother and two siblings who were presumably murdered by his father when Steve was only 7 years old. Steve now married with a son is reluctant to delve into painful memories. Rebecca convinces him to do so provoking a series of events that turns Steve's life upside down. Cook's writing gets your attention from page one and never lets you go. A heart wrenching tale of what could ha [...]

    8. (No Spoilers.) I am disappointed with 'Mortal Memory'. The premise is interesting but the story is slow and draggy, lengthened by Mr. Cook's great ability to paint details and atmosphere. The ending was conversely tensed but a little abrupt. The conclusion also lacked the impact that floored me like that of 'Instruments of Night'. Overall, an average read.

    9. BOTTOM-LINE:Not everything happened the way you rememberOT OR PREMISE:A young boy loses his mother, sister and brother to an apparent killing spree of his father. Years later, an author tracks down the boy, now a man with a wife and son, and asks him to remember the details of their last few months togetherWHAT I LIKED:The basic plot is somewhat interesting in that it deals with the young boy's impressions of life, now recolored and filtered through the eyes of an adult, and the sudden realizati [...]

    10. It is extremely hard for me to review this book because I did not enjoy reading it. Please let me explain. I gave this book 5 stars because I can't stop thinking about it. This book is very dark from the very beginning and yet I couldn't stop reading it. The story opens after the crime of 3 people being shot to death, a mother, daughter and son. I wanted to know more about Stevie, the remaining son and how this tragedy would affect his life.There are no laughs or smiles for that matter and yet I [...]

    11. Mortal Memorys, by Thomas H. Cook, a-minus, Narrated by Traber Burns, Produced by Highbridge Company, downloaded from audible.Steve Farris is an architect middle-aged and with a pretty ordinary life, married to Marie and with one son, Peter. Then he meets a writer who is interested in probing his family history. Steve is the only survivor of his family. His mother, sister and brother were all killed by his father who then disappeared. Steve believed that the only reason he wasn’t killed was th [...]

    12. Another classic from the best author on the planet. This book compared to his others was more gruesome. Cook usually leaves the details to the readers imagination by generalizing a scene but in this book he went and detailed everything. The prose is solid as always and the plot had me thinking the story would turn out multiple ways while I was reading. Characters stood out and will definitely be remembered because Cook does development so well. The thing that had me knock off a star was that I d [...]

    13. Definitely not an engaging book, Mortal Memory just meanders along until the author gives a somewhat unsatisfactory explanation for the crime outlined in the beginning of the book. In my opinion, a whole portion of the story did not ring true for me. It seems unlikely that Steve would let a writer crawl into his head the way that Rebecca did, nor would he keep the writer's interest from his wife. I know that the author needed both of the above mentioned plot lines in order to keep the story movi [...]

    14. An interesting,gripping psychological thriller from ever reliable Thomas H CookNarrator already traumatized by brutal murder of his family members when he was a child, lays bare his memories before a woman who wants to write a book on it and finds that his own life sort of mirrors the reasons behind the murders which his father has committed Cook expertly chronicles this parallels as he moves the story forward as well as keeping the suspense element intact. An interesting, unexpected twist await [...]

    15. Although he works in the often-dismissed mystery genre, Cook is a perceptive and thought-provoking novelist. This book, like many of his others, revolves around a decades-old murder case finally being understood and more or less resolved. As he moves through contemporary investigation and flashbacks to 1959, Cook touches deftly on non-crime subjects such as the nature of love, the accuracy and meaning of memory, the stresses of marriage and family life. “Mortal Memory” is hampered, unfortuna [...]

    16. I'm going back and forth between 3 and 4 stars on this one. This book was haunting and chilling, disturbing and troubling. A powerful book that I couldn't get away from and a story I couldn't stop thinking about. I loved this book and I hated this book. It will take you places you really don't want to go. But you still keep reading. It's hard to explain. This is the 4th book I've read by Cook. While this one isn't my favorite simply because the story is so tormenting, it is still very good. I ha [...]

    17. A 9-year-old's father murders his mother, his sister, and his brother while he is at a friend's house and vanishes. Years later, a woman contacts the now grown man and asks if she can ask him questions concerning his father and family for a book she is writing about men who murder their families. When she has all the information she needs, the man is obsessed to find his father and confront him about the evil he did. It's never what you think it is

    18. Like many of Thomas H Cook’s novels this deals with an unresolved issue from the distant past. There is that familiar tone of melancholy and regret from other works, but this time I found it hard to engage with the protagonist. Though the prose was well written as always, I found it slow and repetitious and it only got going towards the end, by which time I didn’t really care.

    19. 3 ½ stars *** Thomas H. Cook is one of my favorite authors. I especially enjoy listening to audio versions of his books. This one is similar in style to others that I’ve listened to, such as The Crime of Julian Wells. The novel begins with a crime and the rest of the story details why it happened…with a surprise twist in the end. It is a dark tale, fascinating to the end.

    20. A gifted writerThomas Cook grabs you with his first paragraph and doesn't let you go until the last. Every word moves the story forward which makes it hard to ever put the book down. That said, there were too many inexplicable decisions made by central characters to warrant five stars.

    21. This book has literally haunted me for years. The characters were very well thought out and the story line very original. It was a very emotional book for me. I really have never forgotten this one. Highly recommended.

    22. I read it all in one evening. Couldn't put it down. The first novel from Cooke that I've read. Won't be the last, for sure.

    23. The story is good and it had a good ending but I find Cook's writing style ponderous. I was constantly reading a head to see when something was going to happen.

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