Black Feathers

Black Feathers A gripping genre bending novel from a master storytellerSixteen year old runaway Cassie Weathers is utterly alone living on the streets of Victoria as winter sets in She meets Skylark a girl who dr

  • Title: Black Feathers
  • Author: Robert J. Wiersema
  • ISBN: 9781443410526
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A gripping, genre bending novel from a master storytellerSixteen year old runaway Cassie Weathers is utterly alone, living on the streets of Victoria as winter sets in She meets Skylark, a girl who draws her into a community of street dwellers, a rag tag group led by the charismatic Brother Paul.Cassie begins to find friendship and a tentative sense of belonging within thA gripping, genre bending novel from a master storytellerSixteen year old runaway Cassie Weathers is utterly alone, living on the streets of Victoria as winter sets in She meets Skylark, a girl who draws her into a community of street dwellers, a rag tag group led by the charismatic Brother Paul.Cassie begins to find friendship and a tentative sense of belonging within the group, though everyone is on edge when the city is rocked by the news that a number of young prostitutes have been murdered Cassie is haunted by dreams and the secrets that she fled from at home What is real from her past and what exists only in her night terrors How did the darkness of her dreams slip into her life back then, and why does it seem to be happening again Under the spectre of a serial killer and questioning her own violent nature, Cassie spirals into complex dreamworlds where her past blurs with her present and nothing can be trusted.Reminiscent of the works of Stephen King, Charles de Lint and Neil Gaiman, Black Feathers is a mythic thriller that carries you in its grip right until its heart stopping conclusion.

    • ✓ Black Feathers || ✓ PDF Read by Û Robert J. Wiersema
      110 Robert J. Wiersema
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    1 thought on “Black Feathers”

    1. Wiersema wisely drives home the harsh life of the homeless and disenfranchised, grounding Black Feathers’ gripping mystery-thriller in an all-too-real situation most people are content to ignore. Wiersema’s Victoria is a cityscape of brutal nights and cruel days, as stark as vintage film noir and as dangerous as a straight razor. Cassie’s encroaching instability drives the narrative into a twisting labyrinth of hallucinations and red herrings, keeping the reader guessing as to which realit [...]

    2. I gobbled up Black Feathers in one day. While different in focus than Before I Wake, another Wiersema novel I adored, there are similarities: a haunting, beautiful, often just out-of-reach Goodness in the universe that guides or comforts the main characters in the midst of horrendous pain or challenges; and a gentleness the reader senses on the part of the author. What's interesting about this is that Black Feathers is hugely gory and uncomfortable at times – Wiersema writes horror very well, [...]

    3. I was fortunately on holidays in Victoria and was able to attend a reading and signing for this novel. I enjoyed it very much, authors are my rock stars, lol.He explained that this novel is dark, with a capital D. I found it to be sad and somewhat depressing at times, but not gruesome. The most uncomfortable part of the novel, for me, was the way the author depicted the homeless, invisible and ignored by the public. Unfortunately, this depiction is accurate. We are all guilty of passing a homele [...]

    4. A super easy beach read that is predictable enough you can easily get distracted without forgetting details. The best part of this novel is when Cassie starts mixing her past and present in her dreams leaving the reader a little unsure of what is real. Although Cassie is depicted as an unreliable narrator, if you have watched enough Law and Order SVU, you know right away that she isn't lying despite the maze of her dreams. The ending was nicely wrapped up. If only it was that simple for all teen [...]

    5. Black Feathers is quite the psychological mystery thriller! I read it in a day. Cassie, the main character, was likeable and frustrating at he same time and blurred lines between dream and reality propelled the story at a very fast pace. This book is dark, graphic and has very uncomfortable and disturbing subject matter, so not for the faint I will probably go and look for Robert J. Wiersema's previous book - I enjoyed his writing style very much.

    6. I really enjoyed the journey that was this book, the destination was just a bit anticlimactic. Don't get me wrong, there was nothing terribly wrong with the conclusion, I just found it lacking something. Perhaps it boils down to the fact that the storytelling had been so good that the ending seemed too easy?

    7. So disappointed in this book after loving some of his previous books. This one was tedious and needlessly graphic. Needed a good editor - repetition without moving a story forward is so boring!

    8. Wiersema is the author to one of my favorite books, a novella called The World More Full of Weeping. Going into Black Feathers, I was expecting to have a similar, moving experience. In that way I was disappointed. Black Feathers has a lot going for it. I enjoy the setting. I felt Wiersema captured a frigid, Canadian winter very well. He explored topics and themes that are interesting to me. I read the book and I enjoyed it, but I didn't love it. The dialogue could get awkward. Dark, darkness and [...]

    9. Black Feathers may be an impossible book for me to review. I devoured it in just a few sessions, the text effortless to read and the nonlinear plot compelling, creepy, and chilling. It's dark and speaks of Darkness with a capital D and yet there is always a hint of the light from chapter to chapter. As the mother of a teen it's always difficult to read something in the "teen girls in jeopardy" motif, but Wiersema provides the girls with strength amid uncertainty.There's a balance in the plot of [...]

    10. This was a perfectly serviceable thriller novel that was somewhat obfuscated by some Freddy Kreuger type nightmare scenes which to me felt overblown rather than adding to the storyline, which I think really hindered my enjoyment because the nightmare scenes also happened to be the main conceit of the book. Once the nightmares were clear, the serial killer was pretty obvious and easy to guess from almost the beginning of the novel. Having some familiarity with the locale and the subject matter th [...]

    11. I am so disappointed that I cannot finish this book. I read to page 88 and it got too much for me. I can't read books that delve into the minds of murderers or rapists. I don't want to have empathy for people like that. I don't want to know. It's too dark for me. I may have jumped the gun, but I couldn't finish. As much as I have enjoyed Wiersema's innovative novels and enticing writing, I won't be completing this book.

    12. Didn't care for this book. Picked it up at the library because I wanted to read a local author write about Victoria, BC. Though I enjoyed the local references, I found it a slog to read through. For a mystery read, I'd have rather read Edgar Alan Poe (the themes of darkness and crows reminded me of Poe). Disappointed.

    13. I'm not sure how to describe this book just yet. It was really exciting and intense, but some of the logic and detective work of the characters was dodgy/they weren't using their brains. Like, we know about criminal profiling now.

    14. By far my least favourite of Wiersema's. The parts about "The Darkness" feel kind of pretentious and cheesy, and I didn't feel there was adequate explanation of why Cassie had so much trouble telling what was real from what wasn't. The parts about being homeless were very realistic and affecting.

    15. Another great book by Wiersema, set in Victoria. I enjoyed the creepiness of the book, the Victoria setting and the supernatural elements.Reviews of this book said it would be scary, and it wasn't as scary as I anticipated.Great book. I liked the characters and the plot line a lot.

    16. Set in Victoria, BC, follows a young runawa who can't tell her dreams from real life, and a serial killer who is targeting her.

    17. Loved that it was set in Victoria BC in the winter of 1997. I was there! But this horror/mystery about a young female runaway was a bit disjointed and confusing at times.

    18. I liked this book. Lots of twists. I confess I skimmed a bit of the 'poetry' but it was cohesive enough to keep me turning pages!!

    19. Quite confusing trying to figure out whether the heroine is hallucinating or dreaming at times; but still quite an engrossing story

    20. Terrible book. Gratuitous violence and a story line that was muddled with major inconsistencies in the plot.Cassie, Brother Paul, Skylark.Total waste of time.

    21. A complex mystery that is both a gritty thriller depicting the harshness of life on the streets and a poignant tale of abuse and redemption.

    22. A quick read. I liked the horror/mystery, though I did figure out who dunnit pretty easily. The main character is pretty sympathetic.

    23. Freaky and hardcore but in the end it was awesome. A novel one definitely reads more than once because there are so many tiny thrilling details that are easy to miss.

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