Winter's Bullet

Winter s Bullet Tygo a locksmith s son is forced by the Nazis to loot abandoned Dutch homes for valuables Known as the Ferret he s despised by everyone but it s the only way he can keep his family alive But when

  • Title: Winter's Bullet
  • Author: William Osborne
  • ISBN: 9781909489769
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tygo, a locksmith s son, is forced by the Nazis to loot abandoned Dutch homes for valuables Known as the Ferret , he s despised by everyone, but it s the only way he can keep his family alive But when he discovers a girl with a diamond in a chimney, he refuses to give her up Instead he turns spy and trades the jewel for information about Hitler s ultimate weapon Can aTygo, a locksmith s son, is forced by the Nazis to loot abandoned Dutch homes for valuables Known as the Ferret , he s despised by everyone, but it s the only way he can keep his family alive But when he discovers a girl with a diamond in a chimney, he refuses to give her up Instead he turns spy and trades the jewel for information about Hitler s ultimate weapon Can a ferret become a hero He has one shot to stop the war.

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    1. ARC received courtesy of First Reads GiveawayI enjoyed this story and I'm sure that Middle Graders that are interested in history would love it. The story is set in WWII Amsterdam during the Winter of Starvation. Mr. Osborne does a great job of accurately describing the situation and inserting his characters into it. Tygo is a teen whose father was a locksmith. He has been forced to work for the Germans as a lock-pick so that they can plunder the valuables of the city. This is the story of how [...]

    2. E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineTygo, the son of a locksmith, lives in Amsterdam during WWII. His parents are both dead, and his sister has been sent off to the Nazi death camps, and he is working for the Nazi's to break into buildings to retrieve art even though he would rather not. To make matters even worse, the Resistance has targeted him as a sympathizer, telling him that everyone has a choice. Unfortunately, Tygo's choice is to not get shot! When the Gestapo officer for whom he is f [...]

    3. This rating really should be 2.5, but is still not into half stars. Since I gave book #1 a two star rating, I guess this one gets a three, but only begrudgingly. Although it doesn't have quite the shock factor of Hitler's Secret, I still labored through the story more than I thought I should have to. I'm thinking that I just don't click with Osborne's style.At any rate, it had been a long time since I read Hitler's Secret and didn't retain the connection to its characters. This seemed of little [...]

    4. I loved the way William Osborne drew Tygo's character as a fearful incident person scared for his life from two sides of the war. Until he meets this girl who captures him. The storyline the author used was very accurate with WWII timeline and the characters really fit the time frame. I liked this book and would recommend for anybody looking for a historical fiction book.

    5. Osborne’s second young adult novel concerning World War II takes place in 1945 as the war is ending. The protagonist,Tygo Winter, a 15-year-old locksmith, who is forced to work for the Nazis in occupied Amsterdam. His father, also a locksmith, had previously worked for the Nazi’s before he was executed by the Resistance for aiding the Germans. Tygo initially refused to replace his father because of rumors that the war is nearly over. As punishment for this his sister is sent on a guest worke [...]

    6. Fifteen-year-old Tygo Winter has formed an uneasy alliance with a Nazi taskmaster who enlists his skills as a locksmith in his search for valuables in homes in Amsterdam. The man, Kruger, calls Tygo "Frettchen" or "Ferret" for his appearance and ability to slip in and out of tricky situations, but Tygo knows that Kruger and the other Nazis are not to be trusted. As Tygo tries to survive and not end up as his father and sister did, he also must contend with the anger of the local Resistance movem [...]

    7. Tygo's nickname is “The ferret"; a moniker given to him because of his ability to sneak in and out of places in search of treasure for the Nazis that threaten his life on a daily basis. After his locksmith father is murdered, Tygo knows that he has to stay alive no matter what it takes even if it means being despised by his fellow Dutch countrymen. When a particularly cruel high-ranking Gestapo commander seeks a priceless diamond called the Red Queen, it is Tygo who must locate it. Along the w [...]

    8. This book was about a boy how was brave and didn't live with his family. He made this journey of his own. He didn't have much he only had one person to talk to. He only had a master to talk to. I gave this 5 stars because it took place during a war. This book was a great book and I really liked it. I thought I wasn't because the genre was historical fiction, but I gave it a chance. This book had a great background and had lots of action. This book reminded me of the wars we had. It reminded me o [...]

    9. I won a copy from This is Teen.At the moment that I read this, I'm also binge watching X Company, a WWII spy drama by CBC. My standards before and after I started watching X Company for this book changed. Whoops.Mostly I discovered that this book was for a younger audience than I was expecting. It's a skinny book, and the font is rather large.When I think about the historical fiction books I read, there's always a bit of 'this could have happened'. Winter's Bullet was missing this aspect all tog [...]

    10. Interesting premise in which Hitler is threatening to use a "wonder weapon" at the end of the war or escape Europe for South America with help from Eva Peron. Drawing on some historical fact and some speculation, it's one of a few books I've read recently which have this new movie thriller feel in a middle grade/tween. You can sense Osbourne's screenplay chops in the pacing and action, and the book has a slightly lighter action feel than traditional middle grades. I liked the fact that the prota [...]

    11. This is loosely historical fiction as the events mentioned in the book are mostly fictional but it does give an idea of what life may have been like during this time. It's certainly an interesting idea of what could have been had the Nazi's been able to build their ultimate weapon. I like that it's a fairly light hearted look at what was such a horrendous period in time and would be a good book to introduce young teenagers to WWII. Although for me personally it's not a 4 star, probably more a 3- [...]

    12. Tygo Winter came back to help a girl he didn't know and she couldn't help him in any way to finding the Red Queen jewel. "Really so there is no point in coming back." She said. "Well i'm coming back," I said firmly, " like it or lump it."when he said that it showed he just wanted to help the poor girl and not use her to get the Red Queen. The event shows Winter is a passionate, and caring person that isn't all self centered. He may be working for the Nazis but he is doing it to survive. He hates [...]

    13. Tygo is caught between a rock and a hard place. In Holland towards the close of WW2, his skills as a locksmith are highly-sought after by the Nazis. If he doesn't cooperate the consequences are death or a German work camp. However as he is a Dutch Citizen the resistance consider him a traitor and a price is put on his head.While some characters, the setting and time period are real, Osborne does weave some what ifs to this novel: The Germans have the nuclear bomb and intend to blow up New York; [...]

    14. The story line and character development seemed awkward and not well thought out. The ending was totally implausible. That said, Winter's Bullet takes place in the Netherlands during WWll, which is not well covered elsewhere. It is readable and moves along, and at times the descriptions make the atmosphere come alive.It is good enough to be recommended to historical fiction, but not a stellar choice.

    15. The plot was slow and boring. The characters were bland except the one girl who I loved to pieces but you never really got to see her all that often. To be fair though, I judge World War 2 books quite harshly because it is one of my favorite subjects to read about. The one plus though was the vivid world he managed to create and the accuracy of the fear that the Third Reich put into people.

    16. You can't rush through this book, that's the beauty about it. This book is set in 1940's. It is about the war. I really enjoyed this book and recommend it for ages 9-21 mainly because of the genre and the way it is written.

    17. Decent, reads a lot like a movie, which made sense when I read that the author has been a screenwriter.

    18. Winter's Bullet by William Osborne is a story that is written for middle school ages but is interesting enough for anyone who likes to learn about World War II. It is the story of Tygo is helping the Nazis by carrying on his father's job having being a locksmith at the age of 15. He tried to refuse to help the Nazis but the decision was rethought as it caused his sister to be transport to Germany. The Resistance is after him but he discovers a girl hiding in a mansion that the Nazis are searchin [...]

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