A Tide Too High

A Tide Too High McKenna Morgan is the driving force behind one of New Zealand s biggest exports rock band Polar Blaze With thousands of fans and packed concerts wherever they play it seems she s everyone s darling

  • Title: A Tide Too High
  • Author: Carole Brungar
  • ISBN: 9781502701015
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Paperback
  • McKenna Morgan is the driving force behind one of New Zealand s biggest exports, rock band Polar Blaze With thousands of fans and packed concerts wherever they play, it seems she s everyone s darling Everyone, that is, except her own mother.Mac has spent her life trying to prove she s a success But no matter how successful Mac has become she can t please her mother TheMcKenna Morgan is the driving force behind one of New Zealand s biggest exports, rock band Polar Blaze With thousands of fans and packed concerts wherever they play, it seems she s everyone s darling Everyone, that is, except her own mother.Mac has spent her life trying to prove she s a success But no matter how successful Mac has become she can t please her mother The only way Mac knows how to deal with her mother s disapproval is to bury herself in her work However, life of an international rock musician is fast and furious Work hard and play harder and when Mac collapses on stage in front of a packed Auckland stadium, she has no choice but to make some serious life changes She disappears from media scrutiny to spend time recuperating at a private beach in the winterless far north of New Zealand London based Alec Stanford wants what his twin brother has a home, a wife and children But just because he s one of the world s most successful and respected businessmen, doesn t mean he s good at personal relationships With a divorce pending, maybe he s just not marriage material Then he meets a burnt out rock star who s in hiding and she manages to shift the whole axis of his universe A novel about two people from different worlds who find a soul mate in each other and almost lose everything in the process It explores messy modern relationships and it s a roller coaster of a read If you love reading Danielle Steel, you ll love this story

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    1 thought on “A Tide Too High”

    1. A book that was easy to read and hard to put down. Devoured it over a few days. Great characters and imagery of which still lingers.Yay Carole!!!!!

    2. Mac and Alec, the rock star and the businessman, live very different lives. The depiction of Mac's rock star life caught the frenetic pace of living in the spotlight but it was the contrast with the scene at her parents’ home that showed the strength of writing. The New Zealand settings were vivid and I feel an urge to visit the far north in particular! While I can see that many people might dislike Mac’s cold mother, I felt the depiction of a woman caught in the coils of sorrow was powerful [...]

    3. I loved this story. Set in NZ, McKenna is a music rock star who is about to burn out, big time. When she finally does, she is given a month to sort herself out. She takes a chance to stay on a secluded property in the far north to recover.Alec is a NZ businessman who lives and works in London, but with divorce recently been filed, he's come back home to find some peace, and spend quality time with his family.And here Alec and McKenna meet.I spent a lot to time yelling at these characters, wantin [...]

    4. I really enjoyed the story of Mac and Alec, rock star and businessman, who live very different lives but are destined to find love together. I especially enjoyed Mac's rock star life, and the dedication she has for her career. The writing was very good, and the New Zealand settings were vividly bought to life. Especially the far north beach setting, which made me want to visit, and stay in the beautiful cottage by the sea.Mac and Alec have a lot of obstacles to get through before they earn their [...]

    5. I bought the book in support of an on-line friend and her first novel. Within days of it arriving I picked it up and struggled to put it down. So gripping was the story line with the ebb and flow of strong characters in locations that are known and there for more meaningful that I was quickly drawn into the lives where Mac and Alec overcome obstacles that create twists and turns to keep the reader interested. One of the quickest reads I have had and was sorry to reach the end. Now ready for this [...]

    6. Loved it! The book's description sounded so interesting, I couldn't wait for the Goodread's Giveaway, I purchased it as an e-book. Lots of twists & turns. Alec, successful businessman, meets McKenna (Mac) Morgan, rock star and the roller coaster takes off! As much as I loved Mac & Alec, I wanted to strangle Mac's cold, selfish mother and stuff her in a trunk with Margo, Alec's selfish, self-centered soon-to-be ex-wife. This is a great story but the beginning page was a tad bit confusing. [...]

    7. Working in a library and being exposed to vast amounts of literature, I have naturally developed a high set of expectations in regard to my personal reading.This modern romance, well written, paced and researched has kept my attention the wholeway through - in fact I read it in one sitting, lol.I also enjoyed identifying locations in this New Zealand set story I have visited personally.I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted romance.Robyn Wilson

    8. What an awesome book. Was easy reading and had a great story to it. Cant wait to read more from Carole. Well done and would/have recommended to one and all.

    9. Stayed up way too late reading this book because I thoroughly enjoyed it! I was hooked from the get go. The characters were endearing even if I did want to throttle them at certain points;)

    10. Unlike many romance novels, this one wasn't overly predictable. Of course, the he and the she got together in the end (and in the middle, otherwise you wouldn't have your bad thing to happen and have to be overcome, etc.), but there were unexpected turns along the way. One of the plot turns wasn't quite in accord with how I'd read the character, but I put that aside and just enjoyed the bit of strife it caused.I rather liked that the rock-star heroine and the one-of-the-richest-men-in-the-world [...]

    11. I personally know the author and have been following her journey with this book so couldn't wait to read it. I wasn't disappointed! I know within a few pages if I am going to enjoy a book or not and I got caught up with the characters very quickly. Some I loved, some I hated - which I think is the sign of a good writer. Despite being a New Zealander I haven't visited the area the book is set in, but I very soon imagined myself walking along the beach with Mac and Alec. After starting the book my [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book, I loved how easily you could connect with the characters and their relationships, meaning it was difficult to put the book down. I also liked that it featured a young New Zealander and took the reader to some beautiful places. It's the perfect holiday read or "dreaming of summer" read.

    13. 3.5 starsWould have rated higher if not for that sad ending. The epilogue if that even was one didn't do much for me.

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