I Will: Nine Traits of the Outwardly Focused Christian

I Will Nine Traits of the Outwardly Focused Christian Could you be the answer to the problems you see Every day we are faced with the needs of those around us Emotional Physical Spiritual What are we to do about it Are these problems for our pastors to a

  • Title: I Will: Nine Traits of the Outwardly Focused Christian
  • Author: Thom S. Rainer
  • ISBN: 9781433687297
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Could you be the answer to the problems you see Every day we are faced with the needs of those around us Emotional Physical Spiritual What are we to do about it Are these problems for our pastors to address or is there a way for the church member to make an impact that will last Bestselling author Thom S Rainer answers these questions by offering nine simple trCould you be the answer to the problems you see Every day we are faced with the needs of those around us Emotional Physical Spiritual What are we to do about it Are these problems for our pastors to address or is there a way for the church member to make an impact that will last Bestselling author Thom S Rainer answers these questions by offering nine simple traits that you can incorporate into your life no matter your background, stage of life, or sense of capability You can do it Now it s time to just stand up and say you will

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    • í I Will: Nine Traits of the Outwardly Focused Christian || ↠ PDF Read by ✓ Thom S. Rainer
      296 Thom S. Rainer
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      Posted by:Thom S. Rainer
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    1 thought on “I Will: Nine Traits of the Outwardly Focused Christian”

    1. This is a good motivational book about being a vital part of the body of Christ. Filled with stories, verses, and ideas to help do that. Short but inspirational. This is a quick read and I would recommend it.

    2. I WILL:NINE TRAITS OF THE OUTWARDLY FOCUSED CHRISTIAN by Thom S. Rainer is a book about "a believer in Christ and a church member. It is about learning how to have complete joy in your service through your church. It is about becoming a fully functioning member of the bodyof Christ.It is about saying, "I will" instead of focusing inward on our wants and desires. Philippians 2:1-11The nine traits are:1. I will move from "I am" to "I will"2. I will worship with others3. I will grow together with o [...]

    3. “I want hymns in the worship service.” “I want sermons that are practical and tug on my emotional apron strings.” “I want a slick youth program.” “I want the worship team to dress up.” “I want a quarterly business meeting.” “I want, I want, I want.” This is the lament of many twenty-first century Christians. It is a cry that has been informed by our consumer-based culture. It is an inward cry that makes a plea on the basis of personal preference.That is the subject of Tho [...]

    4. A very helpful resource by Thom Rainer! "I Will" is basically the sequel to his earlier book, "I am a Church Member." In the earlier book, Rainer examined the attitudes and motivations of church members; in this book he focuses more on our actions in a church setting. Of the two, I found this book to be more helpful to me. In some very practical ways, Rainer compares the expectations that we often have for church to what church life should really look like. Along the way, he has some healthy cri [...]

    5. A very interesting point of view about church members!I'm not really into non-fiction books but I did enjoy this one. Is a quick read and definitely recommended!

    6. Absolutely incredible book, full of God's word and His promises! This book truly makes you self-evaluate and is the perfect mix of encouragement and blunt (much needed) truth. Each chapter concludes with "points to ponder" which allow you to dive even deeper into the scriptures and the application to yourself specifically. Throughout the book, the reader is supplied with specific real-life examples that we can relate to, as well as applicable scripture references. I can't say enough about this b [...]

    7. "I will" is a relatively short book outlining in progressive steps nine traits of a more effective Christian. These nine traits all center around being a contributing member in a church body. Rainer claims that many Christians are stuck in a me-first, country club church kind of attitude, and that this sort of behavior has been contributing to the overall decline of the church in America. Rainer doesn't simply accuse and bemoan, however. He presents a strategy for helping Christians who are stuc [...]

    8. Our pastor encouraged our congregation to read this one, and it has some really good points about what being a Christian can look like in a church ---From the Publisher: Now is the time to stand up and say, 'I Will!' Could you be the answer to the problems you see' Every day we are faced with the needs of those around us. Emotional. Physical. Spiritual. What are we to do about it' Are these problems for our pastors to address or is there a way for the church member to make an impact that will la [...]

    9. I just read a fantastic little book by church researcher, Thom Rainer, called I Will. The book is meant as a call to action to church members. Specifically it challenges us on nine major topics, such as, worship, study, growth, evangelism, etc. In typical Rainer fashion, the book is challenging, helping church members to see what it means to faithfully serve Christ. I am thinking of starting a new small group at my church. This book is a strong contender for our first study text.

    10. A very quick read that will make you look at yourself. I am a God fearing believer who knows I can do better. Instead of talking about what others are not doinge search light needs to be turned inward. I must and will do and be a better version of me.a better version of what MY God expects.

    11. Church can be more!More than a country club. More than my little clique. More than where I wield power. A place where I serve others, whoever they may be and whatever they may be like.

    12. This is a worthwhile read after the original on church membership. Our church is currently buying these books by the case. Its a great resource to integrate into church membership.

    13. Fantastic little book thats full of raw honesty. Only honesty like this will get to the soul of the church band revive her!

    14. Excellent listen. Really great points and reflection questions as well as ways to apply this in my own life, small group and church.

    15. Good reminderI like that is not formulaic at all and yet helpful. Reminds us what we are here to do and who we are here for.

    16. I wasn't the right audience for this one -- it's more for Christians who aren't yet fully committed to the church. Rainer probably would place me squarely in that group, since he says straight out that people who don't belong to a small group are "peripheral church members." I agree with much of what he says in the book, but his argument for that particular church trend doesn't convince me.

    17. I can't honestly say that I was excited to read this book. You see I felt a terrible sense of conviction right from the cover. All of those crossed out phrases have been in my thoughts and most likely on my lips. I know I should, but . . . just fill in the blank with a lame excuse and that would be me.I've been a church member for most of my life. If you were to ask me generically if I love the Church I would say of course I do. But if you were to dig a little deeper and be a little more specifi [...]

    18. I would like to begin by just saying this is not the best book I have ever listened too, and it is not the worst. Overall, this audio book was alright.I like how Rainer not only encourages taking the right action, but also having the right attitude when he speaks on giving to the church and fellow Christians. I also liked how he used many examples from his own life to give an illustration of the point he was making. But, I am sad to say that I have found more cons than pros when I listened to th [...]

    19. Spoiler Alert! This "review" is more of an open letter to the author. It's been a couple of weeks since I've finished this work and the ire's still afire inside my spirit and heart. If this book were a Newspaper column, that would be a good thing. However, there is so much to disagree with here that begs this sort of response.The thesis that it's everyone's fault, except Church leadership, that people are leaving the Church is simply ridiculous. In Christendom, the tail does not wag the dog. The [...]

    20. The cover and the length of the audiobook interested me at first glance. The cover looks determined with capital letters and three bold colors - red, black, and white. The length of the audiobook is 3 hours which can easily be enjoyed during my short commute to work.I was blown away by this short little book. It was packed full of good information about how to focus on God and others rather than yourself, while growing in faith. I'm never read (or heard) anything by Thom S. Rainer before so I di [...]

    21. Here’s a needed book for pastors and church members alike. Pastors need to know what church members are really thinking these days. At the same time, church members would do well to recognize how the culture has affected us all and turned us into church consumers who only view church in terms of what benefits it can give. Lost in the shuffle is service, which clearly is a bedrock of Christianity.Rainer is the perfect author for this subject. He’s been studying churches and pastors for years. [...]

    22. This book will definitely step on some readers' toes. I've always heard that a good sermon or a good book on how to be a proper Christian will step on your toes. That's not always a good thing. In the case of I Will, it is. Too many times Christians (and non-Christians as well) focus too much on themselves. What they want. What they feel they need. How they think the church and other people in it should act. I fully admit even as a non-Christian that I have a specific idea of how a church I atte [...]

    23. Overall, this book I believe achieved the author's intentions and while it had good points in it, I struggled with several things in it. Delivery and I would have liked to see God and Jesus more the focus of the book are a couple of the reason why I give it 2.5 stars. Here is an excerpt from my review:I WILL! was a real struggle for me. Let me begin with what I enjoyed about the book. I like that it’s an easy read and not very long. I thought the cover was creative and eye-catching. I apprecia [...]

    24. I Will is an outstanding resource to help church members understand their role to make a difference for the sake of the Gospel. Too often we treat church like a country club. I admit a few years ago I felt very complacent in my role in the church and it was easy to come up with excuses not to get involved or help others within the church. My true joy in the church has come by stepping into the team and saying 'I Will". It has been a joy of unity like no other and will help not just you but your [...]

    25. I started reading another book today (August 12th, 2015) that is I Will! by Thom S. Rainer. I had to laugh what "GCM" stand for. Grumpy Church Member. Yes, I plead guilty of that too! We all need to be "JCM" that is Joyful Church Member. So far, I am enjoying this book and looking forward to finish this book. Thankful for this little book to read. He had written another book before this one that is I am a Church Member. It is a great book to read, and I would encourage every believer to read thi [...]

    26. This was an excellent little book that addresses the disunity in churches caused by those who believe they should be served instead of God. It touches on selflessness and inward serving attitudes. On those who are more concerned with having worship music that pleases them, having a spot in the pews that is "theirs", or who cannot tolerate it if the service isn't over by noon. In the past few decades many Christians have changed from an attitude of "I will" in the church to an attitude of "l want [...]

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