Blood Genesis

Blood Genesis Before there was a modern day town called Dark Moon Vale there was an ancient kingdom nestled in the Transylvanian Alps Before there was a primordial species called the Vampyr there was a celestial

  • Title: Blood Genesis
  • Author: Tessa Dawn
  • ISBN: 9781937223144
  • Page: 281
  • Format: ebook
  • Before there was a modern day town called Dark Moon Vale, there was an ancient kingdom nestled in the Transylvanian Alps Before there was a primordial species called the Vampyr, there was a celestial race begotten of gods and men Before light battled shadow, the sacrifice became mandatory, or the first Blood Moon adorned the celestial sky There was the Curse.A punishmBefore there was a modern day town called Dark Moon Vale, there was an ancient kingdom nestled in the Transylvanian Alps Before there was a primordial species called the Vampyr, there was a celestial race begotten of gods and men Before light battled shadow, the sacrifice became mandatory, or the first Blood Moon adorned the celestial sky There was the Curse.A punishment.An abomination.The ultimate act of vengeance.And it was placed upon a people so corrupted by their thirst for blood and dominion that they awakened the souls of the slain and became the souls of the damned Before the Blood Curse Series, there was a beginning BLOOD GENESIS A short story prequel to the Blood Curse Series

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      281 Tessa Dawn
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    1 thought on “Blood Genesis”

    1. ***ARC provided by Author***If you think you know the story of the Blood Curse, trust me, you don’t…Long before Dark Moon Vale there was a time of death, betrayal, vengeance and a love so strong that not even a brother drenched in madness could quell it. Nothing will prepare you for the emotional ride Tessa Dawn takes you on. Rich in texture and beauty with equal parts darkness and pain, this tale is not for the weak, it is no fairytale however, there’s beauty in the pain that is reflected [...]

    2. This is the prequel to the Blood Curse Series. This book gives us a rare glimpse into what it was really like for the last female and her love before the Blood Curse came about.

    3. I wasn't through the first chapter yet and my emotions were welling upI have always loved this series and wanted the back story of the curse so badly. I am just astonished once again at Tessa Dawn's ability to make you feel so much for these characters and this world she has created so expertly. I won't post spoilers(because I don't like them) but please, please if you havent read this series, try it. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. Dark Fantasy at its absolute best. Characters you feel for and wa [...]

    4. Solid 3.25 StarsI wasn't sure how I was feeling about this one for majority of the book. On the one hand, it was interesting in certain parts. But overall I didn't really feel any intensity with the telling of the story. It's like I was reading someone's diary & not really being taken back to the time all this actually occurred. It's almost like this novella didn't really need to be written cos it held no real weight for me on what I've already come to know about the series & why. If tha [...]

    5. We always hear about stories that capture the imagination. As readers, we long to come across those fantastic tales that engage our minds and touch our hearts. We want to be pulled into those worlds and feel as if we are just as much a part of what is happening as the characters. After six novels, Tessa Dawn has proven to be a master storyteller by taking us into the lives, hearts and minds of the vampires of Dark Moon Vale and now she has done it again by taking us into the heart of the very cu [...]

    6. If you thought you knew anything about vampires, think again. Tessa Dawn has taken a whole new spin on the supernatural beings, finally providing a story you can get completely lost in. Blood Genesis is full of emotions you couldn't imagine getting from mere words on a page. Throwing you into a time of chaos, it brings love and tragedy to a whole new level. Tessa Dawn is a different kind of author, an author who brings real entertainment and pleasure to the reading world. Taking you on an emotio [...]

    7. Wow, again Wow, I would not have thought it possibleTessa Dawn's prequel to " the Blood Curse series " Blood Genesis added even more Layers of emotion to what to me is probably THE BEST Dark Fantasy/Paranormal series EVER!!! Also as this book is not a full length book I feel like it explained and added so much more with such Raw emotion, from love to sacrifice ( literally and figuratively ) hate and compassion.I just can't do this book justice with my pitiful writting, I will leave that to Tessa [...]

    8. Thé Blood Curse series is one of thé best vampire séries I have éver read. I am not à novella fan but this is excellent. If you like paranormal romance, hot vampire s, and a unique plot start on book one.

    9. What a way to reel in the readers! And the love that is shown between Timaso and Jessenia is so beautiful. Be sure to grab your Kleenex while you want to scream your injustice. As always The Queen of Dark Fantasy, Tessa Dawn, delivers!!

    10. I was thrilled when Blood Genesis (Blood Curse #0.5)was released!Learning about the events that lead up to the curse and how it was to affect the members of the houses of Jadon and Jaegar as well as what happened to 10 year old Napolean Mondragon made for a riveting read! I love reading any and all stories that involve this world and am looking forward to "Blood Vengeance"!

    11. Another hit-it-out-of-the-park book for Tessa Dawn. I've made no secret that I love this series. Dark, gritty, suspenseful, sexyed I say more? Tessa is one of the writers that just gets better with every book. Sometimes in a series you see the writing quality decline. Not with this series! It only improves. I enjoyed this prequel immensely. It shed even more light on the history of the blood curse and the ancient actions that have impacted the lives of our vampires in Dark Moon Vale. I would hig [...]

    12. Intriguing WorldI found the book intriguing. I feel once I continue down the path of the series I will fall further into the storylines and feel a sense of no return from a world of in-depth magnetism.

    13. This series is still one of my absolute favorite dark fantasy series. It is great to read about the time before the blood curse came to being.

    14. Wanted more! Feel in love with the main characters! Hopefully a book or continuing novellas will come from the storyline!

    15. Book: Blood Genesis (Blood Curse 0.5)Author: Tessa DawnPublication Date: 11/13/2014Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts My Rating: 4 Stars REVIEW New to me author. Jessenia is going to be murdered simply because she is a female but she is not just any female she is the last female. Her lover Timaos however will now be killed also unless he does Jessenia's final words to him. Prince Jaegar was an evil man and his soldiers were well versed in torture before death. His brother Jadon is evil but [...]

    16. This is a great prequel to an absolutely wonderful amazing series. I have enjoyed this entire series. Fantastic characters, story lines, plots, writing, romance, epic battles, perfect narrations.I highly recommend this entire series. Everyone who enjoys paranormal romance will absolutely love this series!Eric G. Doves narration of the entire series is absolutely amazing. He can even sing! Thank you Tessa Dawn and Eric Dove for these stories! Perfect combination of writer and narrator.

    17. love a story with a strong female. This novella had one as strong as they come!!I am left wanting more Timaso!!! I hope there will be a longer story in our future!What a great strong read all packed in a short story. Time to go reread the rest of the series.

    18. Great Intro to the series!I just discovered the Blood Curse Series. I thought this was a great introduction and am eagerly looking forward to reading Book 1!

    19. This is a prequel about the House of Jaden and the Sillivasi brothers and their beginings, why and how it all started. It's a short story but this is the defining moment in the vampire history which would make them or would break the for who they could be. Awesome job, well done, and nicely written.

    20. while this story was very entertaining I probably would not have continued with the series had it been set in the same time frame as this book. so with that said the author leaving the note about the folding booms and how they will resume in present day made me change my mind. I will probably continue on with this series. very interesting introduction.

    21. Such a tragic beginning. I don't know how to feel. On one hand I'm so remorseful for the women. Yet, on the other hand, those vile men got what was coming to them. I'm looking forward to where this tale goes from here.

    22. It's a promising storyline and how as I love the vampire world I am willing to continue down the path of Prince Jeagar and Prince Jadon and the Blood Curse Definitely, worth the read.

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