A Halloween's Curse

A Halloween s Curse Book Two of The Portal Prophecies Series Why do prophecies have to speak in riddles Willow s destiny led her to a whole book of them If that wasn t bad enough a gypsy witch shows up and utters words t

  • Title: A Halloween's Curse
  • Author: C.A. King
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Book Two of The Portal Prophecies Series Why do prophecies have to speak in riddles Willow s destiny led her to a whole book of them If that wasn t bad enough a gypsy witch shows up and utters words that made even less sense Was it a curse or another prediction With Mike still missing, and Halloween approaching quickly Willow will need all of her friends to help connecBook Two of The Portal Prophecies Series Why do prophecies have to speak in riddles Willow s destiny led her to a whole book of them If that wasn t bad enough a gypsy witch shows up and utters words that made even less sense Was it a curse or another prediction With Mike still missing, and Halloween approaching quickly Willow will need all of her friends to help connect the events of the past with the present or there may not be a future King Cornelius plan to dominate every realm is woven into the mystery that surrounds every corner they turn Following the clues will lead them on a journey through the spookiest time of the year.

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    1. This book is the continuation to the portal prophecies . When reading the book it seems like at times your reading riddles but your not. It is the way the story is written. With Halloween approaching Willow needs to get her friends together and help her connect with the different events that have happened through the years past and present. In which there may have a future. It also explains more what hollows eve is about in the book. Whereas sometimes blood flows and sometimes death the story is [...]

    2. Book two of the Portal Prophecies series picks up right where the first left off. Willow and her group are still trying to understand and strengthen their powers in this much larger world that is foreign to them. They have made new allies and their group grows as they discover there is much magic on this world surrounded by people unaware of anything magic at all. William inadvertently becomes the new leader of the group by taking on so many responsibilities and keeping everyone focused. Willow [...]

    3. A follow-up to A Keeper's Destiny, A Halloween's Curse is a strong follow-up that raises the stakes beyond a simple coming-of-age tale.Make no mistake; Willow sees tremendous growth throughout A Halloween's Curse, but the focus is less on her and more about the mission she and her friends have to undertake. Along the way, we're shown that things run far deeper than previously thought, and the nuggets of behind-the-scenes machinations give this book a depth that I feel A Keeper's Destiny lacked.T [...]

    4. The second installment of The Portal Prophecies expands the world and continues the stories of interesting characters. I loved the development and progress, plus the setting reminded me of one of my favorite places. I'll keep on reading!

    5. I won this book off good reads. I had no idea what to expect. It was a definite page turner. The use of emotion and magic was great. The characters and there relationships were interesting. I will definitely be looking to read the rest of series. The story itself had a awesome plot and adventure in it. i enjoyed it.

    6. A Halloween's Curse continues a wonderful series. Original ideas mixed with otherworldly wisdom and new world innocence makes for a book I could not put down. I Can not wait for the next. C.A. King has quickly become one of my favorite authors. Enjoy.

    7. 4 StarsA Halloween’s Curse is the second book in The Portal Prophecies Series by C.A King. This story is a Young Adult/ fantasy/paranormal adventure full mythical creatures, magic, some action and lots of drama.The Portal Prophecies started with A Keeper’s Destiny- where we learned that many years ago some ancient races called the guardians placed barriers between all the realms in an attempt to protect the peaceful inhabitants of some worlds from the dangerous ones in other realms. The real [...]

    8. A Halloween’s Curse, by C.A. King, is a fantastic continuation of The Portal Prophecies series. Much more so than the first book, A Keeper’s Destiny, it has a strong urban fantasy feel which I particularly enjoyed.The prophecies that determine much of the story in A Halloween’s Curse, as well as the first major dilemma our heroes have to deal with, are established at the end of the previous book. This meant I was particularly eager to get on with reading it and finding out what happened ne [...]

    9. This is book two of six books that form ‘The Portal Prophecies’ Series. This book, A Halloween’s Curse; continues on from book 1. It follows the quest of ancient races that join together to help save the many worlds and realms in which they live .The only clues they have to help them are hidden within a book of prophecies which was written long ago. They learn that the prophecies are the key to their survival but can they decipher and understand them in time to act upon them?Willow (a teen [...]

    10. The Portal Prophecies: A Halloween's Curse by CA King is the second book in this series. I highly recommend the first book as this one starts where the first left off. This story is a paranormal/fantasy book that will take on a journey of mystery and suspense. This story has twists and turns that will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat. You will enjoy how this author has created a story that will pull you in from the first chapter. One of the things I enjoy most about this author is the [...]

    11. The Portal Prophecies: A Halloween Curse by C.A. King is the second book in The Portal Prophecies Series and once again C.A. King has written an astonishing read. This novel is more of a young adult read but can be read by anyone of all ages. I absolutely loved reading A Halloween Curse and how the paranormal and fantasy can come into play with the characters. What happens when you find a book of riddles that you can’t understand but then a witch utters words that you should know but don’t. [...]

    12. This book is the second in The Portal Prophecies series and picks up from where the first book left off. Once again we find Willow and her band of friends trying to decipher the prophecies. They are trying to learn what they know, what they need to know and where they should be with learning their strength and weaknesses. After one of their friends goes missing Willow and her best friends have learnt through one their powers just what one of the prophecies means. They discover that he is in dang [...]

    13. The Portal Prophecies: A Halloween's CurseBy: C.A. King5 out of 5 starsThe story The Portal Prophecies: A Halloween's Curse by C.A. King is a paranormal/fantasy book. The second book in The Portal Prophecies finds Willow and her friends looking for the still missing Mike and trying to solve one of the prophecies. It takes you on a fast-paced adventure that is full of mystery and surprises. I have read several books by the author and have found all of them to be wonderfully written and the charac [...]

    14. I give The Portal Prophecies: A Halloween's Curse by C.A. King 4 stars.This review may contain spoilers from book 1.Willow is just a teenager who grew up lonely, without her parents. She has never understood love, she’s never really had it. But she has special abilities and a group of friends and people who also have their own types of special abilities. This is as much as a family as she has ever known and she is happy. But then one of her friends go missing. With the help of two other girls [...]

    15. Review of the Portal PropheciesA Halloween Curse C. A. King has again, proven herself to be a five star writer. In the Portal Prophecies, A Halloween Curse, the second book in the Portal Prophecies series, we follow Willow and her friends as they navigate a brand new world with very new and very different rules. The people on this world don’t even possess magic. In fact, in this world, magic is strange and foreign and very frightening to them. In this setting, Willow and her friends must incre [...]

    16. C.A. King has a magnificent imagination. The world that she has created is a universe of its own. I love how King's novels revolve around a set of prophecies that guide the characters and unfold mysteries, and I couldn't put this novel down. There is a big difference in King's writing style from the first novel in The Portal Prophecies series and this sequel. King has grown artistically, and this novel is my favorite of hers yet.Many authors who write long series such as King often fall into the [...]

    17. A Halloweens Curse is the second instalment of the The Portal Prophecies series. This book concentrates a bit less on Willow but more on uncovering the meanings of the prophecies and the team's effort in seeking them out. More alliances are made along the may and more discoveries making it so easy to submerse yourself back into this world and the quest within. The Halloween theme not only gives a great insight into the rich history of it but plays a vital part in how the group move forward and e [...]

    18. A Halloween’s Curse is the second book in the Portal Prophecies series by C.A. King and it has just as much, if not more, going for it as the first book. I adored the first book (A Keeper’s Destiny) and was supremely excited when I got the second one, half because I was so intrigued by the story and half because of the cliffhanger from the first book. The second one did not disappoint. We learn so much more about the magical creatures inhabiting the world and their extensive powers. There is [...]

    19. The Portal Prophecies: A Halloween’s Curse by C A King**5 Stars**A Halloween’s Curse by C A King is the 2nd installment in The Portal Prophecies series. I am finally able to quench the thirst of the cliffhanger C A King left us with while finishing A Keeper’s Destiny. We start off exactly were the first book ended. But it seems the older people in the group need more proof than the three young keepers experience while dream walking. Questions rise after Mike disappears soon after in an est [...]

    20. Picking up from the first book in the Portal Prophecies series, this one initially fixates on deciphering one of the prophecies and rescuing a friend of Willow, the main character, who went missing at the end of Book 1. From there we get a further exploration of the universe that is being weaved by the author, as the story combines the tales surrounding Halloween and witches, with the larger narrative. By the end of the book, a great deal more has been revealed about the enemies plans, more of t [...]

    21. *I voluntarily reviewed a review copy of this book*This series definitely intrigues me. There are many different worlds and different types of beings. It is kind of hard to keep up with the many types. Willow seems to be gathering quite a few admirers which adds some drama. I am thinking Lance might not be as bad as the rest of his family. I would like to know more about Lance and what motivates him. There are so many mysteries they have to solve that sometimes it gets a bit muddled. However, th [...]

    22. I was one of the fortunate winners to receive a copy of this novel on a Goodread giveaway.I was not sure what my thoughts would be on this novel when I first began to read it but I found myself pleasantly surprised by the content.I think it is an amazing concept and kudos to the author on the writing style. It is quite the unique blend of paranormal, witch, supernatural, fantasy that will suit many readers. Very interesting characters and I love how they are all used and that the story is not ju [...]

    23. I loved it! It was filled with adventure and new species that I don't usually read about but left me wanting more. I received this as a giveaway winner.I recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading anything supernatural. Can't wait to read the other books!

    24. A Halloweens Curse by C.A. King follows immediately on from the first book in the series. Still following Willow and her friends as they try to establish their new life in an unfamiliar world they know more is in store for them. But will they be in time to stop it?“Be forewarned on Hallows EveThose who are not of this world shall take to the streets,Blood shall flow and death shall follow.Your presence attracts what we cannot explain.Your destiny is written. You best make sure you listen.”Wi [...]

    25. The Portal Prophecies: A Halloween’s Curse is a five star novel by C. A. King. Just like the first book in the series, I could not put this one down. The author is able to draw you in to her mystical half earth, half otherworldly place to make the events that happen seem realistic. Please read the first novel before going more in depth into this review. At the end of the last book, Willow has put herself into a situation that the people around her aren't quite sure she can pull herself out of. [...]

    26. A Halloweens Curse is book two in the Portals Prophecies Series written by C.A. King. Book one: A Keepers Destiny should be read first, it is not required however all the stories are based along the same characters, just different prophecies and adventures they all feed into one another. A Halloweens Curse starts off right where A Keepers Destiny left off at, it was such a smooth transition and very well written. In this part of the story the group comes across quite a few issues where they have [...]

    27. The Portal Prophecies Halloween Curse is the second book in this wickedly good series by this author. I could hardly put this book down. As fabulous and as engaging as the first book was. This one takes place right after the first one does. Willow and her friends have dream walked and found where a missing comrade is and trying to convince the others to find him and that it's all part of the prophecy they're working on is a trying matter. Of course they find new trouble around every corner to de [...]

    28. The Portal Prophecies: A Halloween Curse by C.A. King is the second in the Portal Prophecies series. This book continues the journey and adventures of Willow and her friends. There is much to be said in the form of riddles and what might not make sense. King Cornelius is still on his mission to dominate every part of every realm. Can Willow and friends find Mike and follow all the clues to complete their mission. I have always loved the spookiness of Halloween and this book brings some of the sp [...]

    29. A Halloween’s Curse is the second book in The Portal Prophecies series by C.A. King. I did enjoy this book, but I found that the pace was a bit slower and a lot of retelling of the story to others. I love the new powers that they all learned and really enjoy the aspect of many different worlds out there. Willow found out in the first book that she has great powers. She is a keeper, someone that can carry guardians with her through portals and throughout daily life. The guardians show up on a k [...]

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