Acts of Contrition

Acts of Contrition An original novel set in the universe of Star Trek Voyager and the sequel to the New York Times bestseller Protectors Admiral Kathryn Janeway has now taken command of the Full Circle Fleet Her first m

  • Title: Acts of Contrition
  • Author: Kirsten Beyer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An original novel set in the universe of Star Trek Voyager and the sequel to the New York Times bestseller Protectors Admiral Kathryn Janeway has now taken command of the Full Circle Fleet Her first mission return to the Delta Quadrant and open diplomatic relations with the Confederacy of the Worlds of the First Quadrant, a civilization whose power rivals that of the FeAn original novel set in the universe of Star Trek Voyager and the sequel to the New York Times bestseller Protectors Admiral Kathryn Janeway has now taken command of the Full Circle Fleet Her first mission return to the Delta Quadrant and open diplomatic relations with the Confederacy of the Worlds of the First Quadrant, a civilization whose power rivals that of the Federation Captain Chakotay knows that his choices could derail the potential alliance While grateful to the Confederacy Interstellar Fleet for rescuing the Federation starships from an alien armada, Voyager s captain cannot forget the horrors upon which the Confederacy was founded.More troubling, it appears that several of Voyager s old adversaries have formed a separate and unlikely pact that is determined to bring down the Confederacy at all costs Sins of the past haunt the crew members of the Full Circle Fleet as they attempt to chart a course for the future Will they learn much too late that some sins can never be forgiven or forgotten 2014 CBS Studios, Inc STAR TREK and related marks are trademarks of CBS Studios, Inc All Rights Reserved.

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    1. I love Star Trek novels that focus on the on-screen characters. In order to do this well, the writer has to have watched the series and learned the characters well--maybe even come to love them. Beyer is a Voyager expert. It is obvious that she has watched the series closely and that she has nailed the characters. This intimate knowledge makes her novels especially gratifying. This novel deals with a ticklish situation where Janeway and her fleet are getting to know a new Delta Quadrant "federat [...]

    2. Star Trek: Voyager: Acts of Contrition by Kirsten Beyer This is the second part of a trilogy that began with Protectors earlier this year. I have to say that this book leaves me ambivalent - there are strong points, but also passages that simply made me angry angry enough to want to abandon it. Let's start with those - and they almost exclusively pertain to the trial between Paris and his mother over custody of his daughter. Miral's wellbeing wasn't in any danger, she's a happy, well-adjusted c [...]

    3. 3.5 stars. I am a little torn by this book. Once I had managed to recall parts of the storyline from the first book that I finished quite some time ago, the story once again grabbed me, and the action and the tension ratcheted up until a delicious climax. Sadly, then the wheels fell off, since the resolution resolved nothing whatsoever, and indeed was even worse than that, because all it did was raise more questions. The cliffhanger ending was rather interesting, and makes me want to read the ne [...]

    4. Beyer's Voyager relaunch had been one of the best things to come out of Trek in ten years, but this book flounders. I gave it three stars, but some of its subplots would barely make two, while one gets a solid four. The overall problem with this book is that everyone's been hit with the Idiot Stick, the author's Axe To Grind, or both. And, the story arc just isn't as much fun with Janeway back in command of the fleet: the new Voyager series was both superb and different because it told the story [...]

    5. So. This was a good one. Possibly my favorite out of the reboots so far. From what I can remember. Which apparently isn't a lot because I forgot half of the non-canon crew. Anyway.First Contact is my favorite thing, and the amount and depth of conflict on a social level (and not the age-old SPACE BATTLE trope that ST books tend to fall into) just tickled my pickle. I also enjoyed the introspective look at capitalism through the eyes of starfleet, even if it was a bit heavy handedAnd one sided? I [...]

    6. Acts of Contrition was a fairly well executed continuation of the Voyager story from the previous novel, Protectors. The Full Circle fleet has begun a diplomatic mission with the Confederacy of the World of the First Quadrant, a coalition of 53 member worlds who's subspace corridors had previously saved the crews of starship Voyager and Demeter. Meanwhile, Seven of Nine has been recalled to Earth to help stop a plague possibly tied to her former Borg nature. And Tom Paris has returned to Earth t [...]

    7. Once again, Kirsten Beyer has knocked it out of the park. This story was beyond outstanding. I barely touched on the sub-plot that had Tom Paris fighting in family court for custody of his own children against his mother. Scenes in that courtroom were incredibly moving. Also barely mentioned in my review was the catomic plague that Seven and Dr. Sharak are investigating. Kirsten Beyer has said that Acts of Contrition acts as the middle book of a trilogy, consisting of the previous novel, Protect [...]

    8. The second book of what we will call "the Confederacy" trilogy is a triumph. Multiple plots lines are juggled with extreme care, while an entirely new civilization is explored with great depth & detail. By rights, this book covers so much that it should have imploded under the weight of so much plot & so many expectations to fillbut it manages to succeed in spite of the odds. Easily the best of the "Star Trek-Voyager" novels I've read to date.

    9. Great Voyager novel with an interesting group of aliens and several engrossing story lines- the Tom Paris one on Earth being my favourite. Can't wait to see what happens next!

    10. This is a continuation of the Voyager story, following "Protectors". As usual, Beyer tells a good story, with excellent pacing and competent characterization. There are complex issues explored, and nothing is cut-and-dried as far as what the best actions for the characters would be, but the Voyager crew generally manage to do a fine job of acting in a way that lives up to the ideals of the Federation, even when the rest of the Federation doesn't always. I appreciate the continuing storyarc, as o [...]

    11. This series is beginning to have too many POV characters with disparate plot threads, and it's getting frustrating. Tom Paris has to go to Earth to fight his mom for custody of his daughter (which is extra weird because her case is based on "he hurt my feelings and I'm very angry".) Seven is basically kidnapped by the government to be a lab rat. The Doctor is having a weird meltdown over unrequited love. Each of the captains have their own perspectives because the fleet splits up. I think there [...]

    12. I continue to enjoy Beyer's Voyager novels. In this one, she creates a new civilization that both mirrors the Federation and is quite different from the UFP. I enjoyed learning more about these people and seeing Janeway as a diplomat again. I don't think this is the strongest of these books. It does a lot of set up that pays off at the very end. I think the next instalment will be quite interesting.

    13. I left it too long after reading the last one in this series and found it difficult to follow in places. I love the series but one really does need to read them quite close together sometimes.However this was a fast paced read with some interesting points to make. Maybe there were a few too many story lines?

    14. Star Trek: Voyager is a series with an interesting relationship to my teenage years. It's probably my second-to-least favorite Star Trek but I know all of the cast intimately and was invested in their quest to get home. If I had to explain it in simple terms, I probably liked the cast of Voyager more than anyone else save the Original Series' crew but they had really bad plots. Some really good ones too, mind you, but not so much to balance things out. As such, I was interested in the Voyager no [...]

    15. Feels like my reviews for these relaunch novels are all the same. Here are the greatest hits: The story is overly complicated with an overabundance of original characters. There were more scenes with the classic Voyager gang, but some of them are reduced to glorified cameos. Still, I've come this far so I can't stop now.

    16. Like the one before, Protectors, this book in in two parts, with part of the story on Earth, or somewhere in the Alpha Quadrant, & the rest in the Delta Quadrant.Like my review of Protectors, I liked the story line happening on Earth much more then in the Delta Quadrant with the fleet.

    17. So, so, SO good!Loved this book. So much I want to say about it but it would contain spoilers! Must start reading the next book right now!

    18. Admiral Janeway is back in command of the Full Circle fleet, and that's good. Ever the devoted Janeway fan, I had to read this next installment. Although I enjoyed the Delta Quadrant story more in this book than I did in the last (mainly because Janeway was there this time), I skipped over some of it toward the end of the book.Back in the Alpha Quadrant: I enjoyed the fleshing out of Tom Paris's character (with nice cameos from Samantha Wildman and Vorik). But the soap opera plot line with his m [...]

    19. "Acts of Contrition" follows the Full Circle fleet towards the closest entity resembling the Federation and immediately follows the events in the previous series of novels. In the previous books, the fleet, including Voyager and many of the officers from the television series, set out to retrace the steps of her maiden journey through the Delta Quadrant in an attempt to discover what happened to the Borg following the invasion a year before. What they discover is that the Borg are gone, but in t [...]

    20. "Acts of Contrition" is the 6th straight Voyager novel for Kirsten Beyer as she alone has become the face of the Voyager relaunch. This latest outing continues the story from "Protectors" by weaving its way through a myriad of plots that while at times can be confusing is also becoming a hallmark of this series since the return to the Delta Quadrant as part of the Full Circle Fleet. The main plot point in the Delta Quadrant involves the fleet's encounter with the Confederacy of the Worlds of the [...]

    21. When I started reading this book I didn't feel quite as strongly about it as I did Protectors, although along the way the story still got to me. As a whole I think that Acts of Contrition is a really good addition to the Voyager relaunch and continuation to this trilogy that started out with Protectors.One of the things I found to be really interesting was to read about the Confederacy and how their society differs from that of the Federation. At a first look it seems to be pretty similar, but a [...]

    22. Acts of Contrition is the middle book in a trilogy which began in The Protectors and will continue on in Atonement. Voyager and the Demeter have had an abrupt introduction to the Confederacy of the First Quadrant. They were saved from battle by one of the 'Protectors' from the previous book and taken through a subspace 'tunnel' to a strange new world. The Confederacy is strong and thriving but unfortunately, it is at the expense of less fortunate citizens who are penalized for not being 'industr [...]

    23. This is probably one of the most well thought out and strongest Star Trek stories I have encountered. Acts of Contrition spends a lot of its time meandering (worldbuilding!) around the Confederacy of the First Quadrant; in doing so it constructs an allegory so bleak and heart-wrenching I felt sick to my stomach upon my realisation of what the Confederacy actually is -- a galactic American Empire. Beyer spends quite a bit of time deconstructing the Federation's technology and wisdom and framing i [...]

    24. Overall I am enjoying the books written by Kirsten Beyer and this one wasn't really an exception but I did feel like it floundered a bit in places. I was intrigued to see how the Tom Paris custody battle was dealt with and I thought it was a very interesting idea to look at. The world of Trek has fantastically advanced technology and peace between any number of alien species and yet humans still end up in Court regarding the custody of their children?! The problem for me with the custody battle [...]

    25. This had some of the newest and most interesting "world" building in a Star Trek novel. It's nice to see how another "federation" of multiple species has come together and how they evolved and how they are different from the UFP. It's also good to see how the Federation and Starfleet respond to those differences (though I'm surprised no ambassadors were sent on this mission).There are a lot of characters in this story, as the fleet has several different ships and I am enjoying most of the new ch [...]

    26. I am going to review this book from two levels Star Trek and SciFi:Star Trek Voyager: great continuation, characters behaving as expected true to their TV counter part. Hope Beyer continue with the series.SciFi: this is SciFi at its best, true depiction to today's world: capitalism, health care limitation, poverty, religious extremists, refugees, over estimated pregnancy, power hunger. Must admit that I do not like SciFi that goes into fantasy/utopia. Verne started SciFi genre describing his cur [...]

    27. Dense with activity, intrigue, and moral dilemma Kirsten Beyer's last book, Protectors, only got three stars from me. I felt that the bulk of the primary story-arc led up to a lackluster ending. The Protectors' story just wasn't compelling to me. What I didn't know was that it was just the set-up into the fascinating Confederation, their relationship with the Protectors, and the difficulties of well-meaning, if perhaps misguided, people.Acts of Contrition is dense with plot and sub-plot. Three m [...]

    28. Admiral Janeway has been officially given command over the fleet, just in time for a first contact with the Confederacy of The Worlds Of The First Quadrant. She assigns the Galen, Demeter, Voyager and the newly rebuilt Vesta to various sectors of the Confederacy in hopes of establishing a good rapport.As aspects of the Confederacy start to disturb her, they learn that they have enemies in common with the Confederacy. Several of Voyager's enemies from their first trip to the Delta Quadrant, inclu [...]

    29. I swear that all my reviews of Kirsten Beyer's books start off like this, but again, I LOVED this book. Once again Beyer is able to pull me into the story of all these characters, and I can really hear the voices in my head. This book in particular has quite a few plot lines running at the same time, which might be confusing to some, but the way Beyer writes, I was interested in them all. The whole central plot to this book deals with the "Confederacy Interstellar Fleet" and exploring the differ [...]

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