Mrs. Bennet Has Her Say

Mrs Bennet Has Her Say If Jane Austen had been allowed to write about sex I d like to think this is how she would have done it Rebecca Makkai author of The Hundred Year House An audaciously entertaining look at love marr

  • Title: Mrs. Bennet Has Her Say
  • Author: Jane Juska
  • ISBN: 9780425278437
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Paperback
  • If Jane Austen had been allowed to write about sex, I d like to think this is how she would have done it Rebecca Makkai, author of The Hundred Year House An audaciously entertaining look at love, marriage, and the beloved Bennet family from Pride and Prejudice, as you ve never seen them before It is a truth universally acknowledged that every man in possessionIf Jane Austen had been allowed to write about sex, I d like to think this is how she would have done it Rebecca Makkai, author of The Hundred Year House An audaciously entertaining look at love, marriage, and the beloved Bennet family from Pride and Prejudice, as you ve never seen them before It is a truth universally acknowledged that every man in possession of a wife must be in want of a son 1785 was to be the most marvelous year of Marianne s life, until an unfortunate turn of events left her in a compromised state and desperate for a husband to care or rather cover for her Now, she is stuck in an undesirable marriage to Mr Edward Bennet, a man desperate in his own way for a male heir But as she is still carrying a smoldering desire for the handsome Colonel Miller, Mrs Bennet must constantly find new, clever ways to avoid her husband s lascivious advances until she is once again reunited with her dashing Colonel Except that the best laid plans of a woman in good standing can so often go awry, especially when her contrary husband has plans and desires of his own .

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    1 thought on “Mrs. Bennet Has Her Say”

    1. I acquired this book as an ARC via a friend in the publishing world, and from the description on the back I expected it to be silly and funny. It wasn't. If I could give this a negative rating, I would.The one thing I can say for the author is that she remained mostly true to the characters of Mr and Mrs & Bennet. They're idiots in Pride & Prejudice and they're idiots in this book. However, in P&P there are redeeming qualities to them. There are none in Juska's version of them. Not o [...]

    2. I loved the format of this book. One chapter it is Mrs Bennet writing to her sister and the next it is Mr Bennet writing in his journal. Mr Bennet is more like a womanizing, sexual assaulting Mr Collins so I could see people having a problem with that. There were a lot of humorous places in this book that made it worth the read for me. If you want to sit back and open a P & P variation that will have you in the embrace of your beloved familiar characters, this will not be for you. If you wan [...]

    3. What prompted Mrs. Bennet to marry Mr. Bennet? Was their marriage always one of disinterest and little affection?These are just some of the things I sometimes wonder about Bennets. Jane Austen paints their marriage as one of unhappiness, inequality, and discontent. Was there ever a time of happiness and hope? I was so glad when I discovered that someone published a story about Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. I was even more pleased when I discovered that the story was fully comprised of letters and diary e [...]

    4. It is a truth universally acknowledged that if there is a book set in the world of Jane Austen, I will read it even though it is sure to disappoint. Reader, I was disappointed. This is the story of the early years of Mr and Mrs Bennet's marriage told in alternating chapters of Mr Bennet's diary entries and Mrs Bennet's letters to her sister. A big problem is that the characterization is inconsistent, but mostly this book just makes me sad. Neither person seems to really grow or change much (oh, [...]

    5. Wow. Such a slew of bad reviews of this novel! Mine will not be. In fact, I thought this novel was wonderfully fresh and put a really interesting twist on a classic. I can’t say that I loved it, but I definitely don’t understand anyone who gave this a 1-star review. Actually, I do I understand why people are “upset” with this novel. They say it’s “crude”, it’s “offensive”, etc etc. My response? Give me a fucking break, ladies. This novel is “offensive” to you because it i [...]

    6. I listened to the audiobook and absolutely loved it. It was so good I used it as my motivation to workout. I couldn't devour it unless I was exercising. A book has to be pretty good to do that.It's fun, witty, perceptive and made me happy to be living in a time when women have more choices and control over their lives. I did not know it was a musing on the mother in "Pride and Prejudice" until I finished it and went to review it. (I had downloaded the book because I saw Jane Juska had written a [...]

    7. Amusing in a way, horrid in a way I didn't find either of the protagonists particularly appealing, and, unfortunately, Mrs. Bennet didn't seem to grow much. Anyway, here's a theory as to why Mrs. Bennett is so silly, but not a particularly satisfying one. This may be an indictment of the utter inequality of the times, but by the end I was thinking a lot about marriage in general and how the easiest way to fail at it (or to fail at any relationship for that matter) is to think only of oneself. We [...]

    8. I gravitate to all things inspired by Jane Austen, and I admit to being a bit hesitant to pick up a book that focused on the irritating Mrs. Bennet. Flipping the book around I saw great reviews, so I thought I'd give it the benefit of the doubt. Lesson learned: Do not trust the reviews on the book cover. This was a great one-day-read because it's easy and kind of interesting. I like that the author delves into Mrs. Bennet's past, trying to set up a more sympathetic character than we meet in "Pri [...]

    9. It is a truth universally acknowledged that there are countless riffs on Pride and Prejudice (and other novels). "How delightful! How silly!" So says Mrs Bennet in this dual account of the early years of the Bennets' marriage, letters from her to her sister Jane and letters to a future son-turned diary from him. Just when one despairs of Mrs Bennet, one remembers: she's only 15 when this saga begins (and a mature 18 when it ends). Her flibbertygibbet persona in Pride and Prejudice (when she's ol [...]

    10. If you enjoy Jane Austen, you may not like this book that much. It would have been a better book, if not based on Jane's characters (Elizabeth Bennett's parents), but along the same timeline or with minor characters.I did have a hard time completing this book, simply because it did not follow what may have been expected of Mr and Mrs Bennet - whether from the book, or from the BBC (Colin Firth/Jennifer Elhe)version.

    11. For Pride and Prejudice fans, this is a unique twist on the spin-off novels that have proliferated over the years. We hear Mrs Bennet's back story and glimpse the origins of her peculiarities. While not as complex and satisfying as Jo Baker's Longbourn, it is an interesting take on the silly Mrs Bennet of Jane Austen's original novel.

    12. While everyone wants to know how/why the Bennets ever got together, this book doesn’t offer a satisfying answer.

    13. Fan fiction isn't really my thing but it was interesting to consider the parents to one of the most famous fictional heroines of all times.

    14. Sexual Content: Subtle Language (Profanity/Slang) Content: NoneViolent Content: NoneIn her debut novel, Jane Juska takes us on a ‘what if’ look at love, marriage and sex in Jane Austen’s day. While Mrs. Bennet is a fairly prominent character, she really doesn’t get to say much about her life and how her marriage came to be. So Jane Juska has taken the challenge of giving Mrs. Bennet a voice.The book is written as letters from Marianne (Mrs. Bennet) to Jane and the journals of Edward Benn [...]

    15. This good-reader (inis is pen name) seldom, if ever, calls any book amazing - and this is a good-reader who averages three reads a week. Jane Juska's debut novel (her two previous were memoirs) earns that adjective - in spades. You can be anywhere along the love-don't love spectrum of Jane Austen's work; it will likely earn an "amazing" from you too. Why? Juska gives us a rich, round, standalone character in her Marianne Bennet. Don't fancy epistolary? Her letters to sister Jane might be mind-ch [...]

    16. This is a short novel written in the form of letters and diary entries, some from newly-married Mrs. Bennet and some from her new husband, Mr. Bennet. I liked the idea of this backstory to Pride and Prejudice, even though I found the novel somewhat unsatisfying. Even as she marries the owner of Longbourne and births her first two daughters, Marianne Bennet yearns after a Colonel with whom she had a romantic dalliance before her marriage. Mr. Bennet, whose parents have both passed away, enters th [...]

    17. Such a fun book! Aimed at fans of Jane Austen's classic Pride and Prejudice, this is a fictional prequel imagining the backstory of the marriage between a very young Mrs. Marianne Bennet and and older, stodgy Edward Bennet. I thoroughly enjoyed this short tale told entirely through Mrs. Bennet's letters to her sister Jane and Mr. Bennet's diary. You see the marriage and various events through two eyes, which only serves to point out the Mars/Venus dichotomy between men and women. Juska is an exc [...]

    18. This is another take on the lives of Pride and Prejudice characters, this time looking at the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet early in their marriage. The author’s afterword implies that she wanted to give a more sympathetic view of Mrs. Bennet, but the book really failed in that regard. Mrs. Bennet comes across as superficial and foolish as she does in Pride and Prejudice. The timeline also seems very off, with Mr. Collins being the same age here as he is in Pride and Prejudice. And while Mrs. B [...]

    19. What a hoot! Mrs.Bennett - ever the daft one.So young, however.The language is a delight to read, though I skimmed through all those novels including Pride and Prejudice.At the end of the book, the author tells how she came to write such a story and I must say, too, that conversations can lead a writer to speculate about much and often put it to pen.The letters to sister Jane and the "no one must ever read this" journal of Mr. Bennett provide an entertaining platform for the stories.My cousin re [...]

    20. Anyone who has read Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" remembers the Bennet daughters rather silly mother, a mismatched wife for her more intellectual husband. And silly she may have been, but never would she have carried on as Juska portrays Mrs. Bennet as a young wife. The two oldest girls are born during the time covered by this novel; the details surrounding these events are themselves unrealistically imagined and actually offensive. Mrs. Bennet may have been silly, but she was too well versed i [...]

    21. It was actually fairly well done but I couldn't bear Mrs. Bennet in "Pride and Prejudice" so a whole book, most of which is from her point of view, was way too much.

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