Naked Greed

Naked Greed Stone Barrington is back in the thrilling new adventure from the New York Times bestselling author When Stone Barrington rescues a prominent brewery owner from an attack by two rogue policemen he s

  • Title: Naked Greed
  • Author: Stuart Woods
  • ISBN: 9780399174667
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Stone Barrington is back in the thrilling new adventure from the 1 New York Times bestselling author When Stone Barrington rescues a prominent brewery owner from an attack by two rogue policemen, he s thrown into the turbulent world of beer making and distribution, where the stakes are higher than he ever could have expected

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    1 thought on “Naked Greed”

    1. It is hard to say anything positive about this latest effort by Stuart Woods. Perhaps the book is aptly titled (about the author.) Much of the book is centered on a bunch of low-level wise guys and some petty crimes they commit, and their vengeance against Stone and Dino. There are cameo appearances by a few, but not many, of Stone's inner circle.

    2. SUBJETIVE READER REVIEW FOLLOWS:I think Woods has bottomed out with NAKED GREED; the lights are on but nobody's home! I've sensed and complained about Stuart Woods' drop-off in novel quality over the past three years, but most of 'em have been entertaining enough to recommend to other readers. NAKED GREED has hit rock bottom and is a terrible read. Most of the book is devoted to small time gangsters who escape NYC and head south to greener pastures in Florida, which is completely off the title's [...]

    3. I'm done reading this series. I keep reading each new book as they come out and end up regretting it. The last few books, I haven't even been able to finish without forcing myself.just in case it gets better. Done! No more for me! Too many good books out there to read!

    4. This is the 34th novel about the life and loves of super-rich New York lawyer Stone Barrington. Although I enjoyed it more than some of the others over the past couple of years, I must note that I read it almost in one sitting - and on a day I was cooking dinner for friends, no less. In part, that's because it's just 320 pages; it's also because even when something happens that borders on action, no one gets the least bit worked up and it's easy to breeze through without fear of missing anything [...]

    5. ACTUALLY ZERO STARS!Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a new soap opera in town and it's called "Stuart Woods' Convenient Coincidences" and it's not looking good. Whatever happened to the author that penned Chiefs? Oh yeah, he sold his fans down the river for a massive cheque each quarter. His books have slowly and steadily grown weaker and weaker until this latest "novel" and with this latest piece of ABSOLUTE TRASH he has finally reached the very depths of his own "Naked Greed". There is NOTHING h [...]

    6. Seriously. Another example of an author putting out a book simply for a paycheck. Advertised as a Stone Barrington book but was anything but. The few times he is in the book he is welcoming another woman through the revolving door of his bedroom. Inviting them up to see his etchings, I mean his mothers paintings is getting old. We know Stone is a great swordsman so give him something else to do. We also know he is well known to the rich and famous so stop throwing that in every chapter. Bring ba [...]

    7. Stone Barrington is in the forefront of Naked Greed. He is practicing law, kicking butt, threatening suspects, flying planes, drinking Knob Creek, and seducing a whole lot of women. The ending leads me to believe that there will be a sequel. It's also the reason I gave Naked Greed only 3 stars. If you like Stone Barrington, don't be discouraged; it's worth the read.

    8. When you pick up a Stone Barrington series, you know there ACTION,sex and a cliffhanger ending! Stuart Woods Does not disappoint in Naked Greed.

    9. No point to this book. I think this will be my last Stone Barrington book. They are nothing but a bunch of words strung together

    10. There are just some books or series that I enjoy reading without rhyme or reason, the Stone Barrington series by Stuart Woods is one of those. I look forward to every installment with eagerness. The newest one, "Naked Greed" was no different. There are those who say it is time for the author to stop writing this series, that they are formulaic, same old, same old. I say, no! For me, it may never be time to "do away" with Stone. I may not always like him but I enjoy him, he's a little James Bond- [...]

    11. I received the book for free through First Reads for review. It was an “uncorrected proof”, so your experience might be different.I have read the previous 33 in the Stone Barrington series, most of which I gave 3 star reviews. I have also read a lot of his other novels, and a lot of the characters turn up in each.There was a lot of action, and glimpses into the lives of the rich and famous, as usual, but there didn’t seem to be any coherence to the plot.Also, I was expecting more of the r [...]

    12. I never get tired of Stuart Woods' Stone Barrington. The stories are beginning to blend together as the more recent novels progress. Every once in a while Stone comes up with a razor sharp remark that makes me laugh out loud. One shortcoming that I am beginning to find in the novels, however, is the bed-hopping minus repercussions. Stone moves seamlessly from one woman to the next and the women are compliant in moving in and out of Stone's life with apparent ease. That's fiction, however

    13. This is the first Stuart Woods book that I have read. It was quite entertaining and an easy read that flowed right along. Stone Barrington is easy to like though the wealth and privilege is a little over the top. The friendship and camaraderie is evident in the banter between Stone and Dino and is fun to read. It is a stand-alone novel but there are several offhand references to Stone's previous adventures that are not essential to the story. I would definitely read other novels by Stuart Woods. [...]

    14. It's really a 3.5. Just like all Stone Barrington books, they don't really pick up until the last 5 chapters. This one wasn't as good as previous books. There were WAY too many characters to keep up with. Plus, it was kind of boring. The ending was horrible too. Maybe that new character will appear in the next book. Read it if you are a Stone Barrington fan, but don't expect too much action. In to the next one, Foreign Affairs.

    15. I have long been a Stuart Woods fan and a fan of the Stone Barrington books. Lately it feels like it is the same book over and over, just a new title. The characters have lost their originality - everyone is wealthy, Stone sleeps with all the women, and all the dangers are a bit too easily escaped. I miss the days when they went to "Elaine'ste". and still had some unchartered storylines.

    16. I read an ARC for this book. A perfect beach book, with popcorn or potato chips alongside. The book is filled with double-crosses and fine meals. I always like reading his books. Occasionally he gets off gems like this: "[t]he party had upshifted from cordiality to conviviality, though nobody was wearing a lampshade yet."

    17. One thing you have to give Woods credit for: he is consistent. His books are never going to qualify as great literature, but they have the virtue of starting with some kind of hook and keeping the action going right up to the end. This installment was a bit bloodier than usual, but it was the bad guys coming to a bad end, so I didn't mind. A good evening's entertainment.

    18. Stone and Dino are something else, you never know what those two are going to get into it. As usual I have enjoyed another Stuart Woods- Stone Barrington novel. Stone ought to have about 50 kids by now but oh well.

    19. Always a Great ReadA little formulaic, but lots of us obviously like the formula and will always buy the new Woods novel, if for no other reason than to see what new and larger plane Stone will 'need' to buy next.

    20. As always Stone & Dino get the bad guys. Stuart Woods once again put together a great piece of writing !

    21. Stuart Woods is back on his game after a few limp Stone Barrington novels. While Woods might have his edge back, seasoned Barrington readers will know the story line. For some it might not be enough.

    22. This is the latest Stone Barrington novel, and it's just classic Stuart Woods: nonstop action, great dialogue, believable characters, and a story that never lets you catch your breath. Good stuff!

    23. A quick, light read and just what the doctor ordered. With Woods, you know what you're going to get. 7 of 10 stars

    24. Naked Greed by Stuart Woods is the latest instalment in the Stone Barrington novels. I have been totally disappointed with the last few books and wanted to call it quits but that has not worked out. Once you are a fan, you are stuck. You can get angry or mad or even laugh at your own foolishness but you remained a fan. And when a new book comes, you go out of your way to be the first to read it.Author Stuart Woods, no doubt, is a fine writer. I like his writing style. And in Naked Greed, Stone B [...]

    25. In this latest installment, Stone finds himself on the wrong side of attention from two thugs. He stumbles onto an attempted shakedown and intercedes. The victim is the owner of a family brewery from Texas and is looking to expand his business to NYC. Stone sets him up with a marketing agency and a potential business to buy. When the two thugs continue to follow their intended victim, Stone ups the ante and things do not go smoothly. Stone then finds himself on the radar of two new goons and rea [...]

    26. Naked Greed was readable and exciting; but, the excitement just kept coming and coming and coming. Sometimes to the detriment of the plot. Stone finds a nympho maniac and gets tired after only two nights. She recurs with different characters in the book--passed around. Dino acts like a detective, not like Tom Sellick the "PC". making big decisions. At least, we're back to crime and out of politics. The mob comprises the bad guys. There were a lot of cool airplane sceneswould that any of us could [...]

    27. This book is terrible. I've read all the Stone Barrington books (save for the 2 most recent) and they are easy and entertaining reads. At the first of the year I decided to read them again in order. This book is the worst effort from Stuart Woods. There is more plot devoted to the hoods and crime rings, and random story lines than to Stone and crew.

    28. Did not realize this was part of a series. Too many characters to keep track of and the main character Stone seemed like a soap opera dream. Sleep with anything that comes along, Rich and powerful man. Ugg. The action moved slow but I did like the last half with the bad guys deals going south.

    29. This Stone Barrington/Stuart Woods' book only got a 3^ from me. I enjoyed the parts about Stone & Dino, and their escapades but, oh my God, there was far too much information about what the bad guys were going to do, and how they were going to do it. There was chapter after chapter of things I found boring, to the point I literally skipped those chapters, thumbing through them as fast as I could.

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