The Underwriting

The Underwriting In this sexy debut novel a high stakes deal pitches the power of Wall Street against the savvy of Silicon Valley until a young woman s death threatens to topple it all The Social Network meets The Wol

  • Title: The Underwriting
  • Author: Michelle Miller
  • ISBN: 9780399174858
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this sexy debut novel a high stakes deal pitches the power of Wall Street against the savvy of Silicon Valley until a young woman s death threatens to topple it all.The Social Network meets The Wolf of Wall Street in The Underwriting, as it takes you behind closed doors into a post recession world of sex scandals, power plays, and underhanded dealings.Todd Kent is youngIn this sexy debut novel a high stakes deal pitches the power of Wall Street against the savvy of Silicon Valley until a young woman s death threatens to topple it all.The Social Network meets The Wolf of Wall Street in The Underwriting, as it takes you behind closed doors into a post recession world of sex scandals, power plays, and underhanded dealings.Todd Kent is young, hot, and on his way to the top of Wall Street when the eccentric founder of Hook, the popular new dating app, handpicks him to lead its IPO Given just two months to pull it off, Todd and his investment banking team brainy Neha, party boy Beau, and old college flame Tara Taylor race to close the 14 billion deal of the decade It s the chance of a lifetime for Tara, too, who sees her opportunity to break through the glass ceiling and justify six years of sacrifices for her career But nothing is what it seems in Silicon Valley, and when tragedy strikes Stanford University s campus, there s no telling where the sparks will fly.

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    1 thought on “The Underwriting”

    1. The author has no tenderness for her characters. They are unconvincing, mostly unlikeable, and the author judges them from atop some high horse for their (rather blinkered) beliefs and decisions – which, if you've been following, she gave to them. Perhaps the most insulting part of the whole story is that all of her Stanford / Ivy League characters in prestigious jobs carry themselves with little of the brilliance, quirks, or even self-insight associated with the country's highest achievers.As [...]

    2. There aren’t too many books these days that I start reading on the day they come into my house. (Welcome to the life of a compulsive book purchaser). But one flick through The Underwriting convinced me that I needed to read this baby, now. It’s like the madcap energy that the characters have to pull off one of the biggest, hottest listings on the stock market in record time infused me on opening the book. Plus, with points of view from multiple characters and an opening line of, “you’re [...]

    3. It seems like (in literature at least) the closer you are to a lump multi-million-dollar sum, the closer you are to a nervous breakdown and/or possible murder investigation. With that knowledge, I think I'm happy in book publishing, and not in investment banking. But it doesn't mean we can't read with interest about the east and west coasts rushing head-long towards possible mutual destruction (fictitiously speaking, of course).Which is part of the reason why The Underwriting is such a page-turn [...]

    4. Are you kidding me?? 372 pages only to find out there's a sequel that I have to wait for to find out what happened??I super enjoyed this book but I'm just gobsmacked right now. Yes, some things were resolved, but most things were not and then it turns into a (view spoiler)[#@*&% serial killer book (hide spoiler)] on the last page??I need some time to rethink what I had planned to write about this. I'm still giving it 4 stars, BUT

    5. This book's pre-release literature compares it to recent films like The Wolf of Wall Street and The Social Network, but I'd prefer another parallel. Edith Wharton's 1905 classic "The House of Mirth" had moments of hilarity without ever resorting to jokes, episodes of tragedy without ever descending into despondency. Throughout this debut novel, I repeatedly recognized Miller and Wharton as kindred spirits. I also cringed to realize, in 110 years, how little Manhattan has changed.Todd Kent has am [...]

    6. I received ARC for my honest review.I happened to know a bit of the world Michelle Miller wrote in THE UNDERWRITING, and all the characters are SPOT-ON! Of course there are good and wise people in any place including Wall Street and Silicon Valley, but Authors have to exaggerate characteristics of the world to make a point. And, she didn't do injustice. These people DO exist. It's not fair to criticize Miller without knowing the inside of Wall Street and Silicon Valley. You may not find anyone i [...]

    7. Honestly, this is more of a 3.5. Couldn't bring myself to make it a 4 though.First off, why is this book part of a series? It read clearly as a one off and then at the end it became clear that things were not wrapping up as they should. Does this book need a sequel? Worlds of no. Will I read it? Worlds of yes cause I want some closure.There were literally no likable characters in this novel. Even Juan, who I'd love to hang out, took too damn long in that decision. In fact, it was made without hi [...]

    8. Чувствам се изтощена.Има около 1000 героя, които трудно помнех през цялото време.По-лесно щях да схвана индиански, отколкото този измислен свят на Уолстрийт и цялата финансова информация изсипана в книгата.Доста противоречиво чувство остави в мен и определено изглежда недо [...]

    9. I received an ARC from the publisher.This book is brilliant! I couldn't put it down. It is fast-paced, entertaining, fascinating, and a total guilty read, something I want to pass around to my girlfriends. They should make a TV series out of it, should be fun.It is not literary and never claims to be, which some of the reader comments should have taken into account. If you read the afterword the author clearly states that the book is a sort of love letter to Wall St. and Silicon Valley. The char [...]

    10. What I wanted: an entertaining read about the scandalous, dramatic lives of young and rich Wall Street people. What I got: a boring read about the uninteresting lives of young, rich, and awfully annoying Wall Street people. Just throw in an irrelevant murder mystery that only makes up like 1/4 of the book and is "solved" in the most disappointing way and a CRAZY cliffhanger that is obviously the author's attempt to make you read the sequel because she probably knows this first one sort of sucked [...]

    11. Populated by a cast of unlikable characters who wantonly abandon all ethical and moral grounding in their pursuit of money and the Wall Street & Silicon Valley power that follows. Even more stereotypically, the only characters who seem to possess any redeeming qualities are the (spoiler) dead girl, the token minority character, the truth-hunting reporter, and the one character who decides to give it all up in order to find her true self/happiness. Blech. Aren't we over the 1990s yet?

    12. A pretty good read, although it seemed to be going around in circles a bit, like a round the table conversation rather than giving you a clear picture of events unfolding. An easy going read though.

    13. This is definitely one of those books I never thought I would adore, or even understand (the words 'investment' and 'banking' didn't fill me with confidence). I've never read a book like this before, but I was so pleasantly surprised at how engaged I was in the plot and the lives of all the characters. In the novel you follow the lives of Todd, Tara, Kelly, Charlie, Amanda, Juan and Nick with their entourage of business beetles scuttling within the walls of Wall Street and Silicon valley. Who kn [...]

    14. Hook, the Tinder-esque dating app with a Zuckerberg-esque CEO is set to have their IPO and they have picked stud Todd and his merry band of bankers to lead it. The CEO has decided that bankers are useless, though, and only lets four tiny souls work on the deal instead of the gigantic team one would normally require. That, uh, makes sense? I guess? And who will save this deal from going down like the titanic? Will it be Todd, playboy with the superhero ability to cause every female character in h [...]

    15. I could not put this one down. I think the Silicon Vally start-up scene is fascinating--and this book is obviously written by an insider.

    16. Such a waste of $20.00 not to mention my time reading it. I never waste my time reading such a horrible book but with people giving it 5 starts I thought it had to get better. It didn't !!!

    17. Hook is the hottest new dating app. It's location based and as long as two users match each other they can "hook" up in a matter of minutes. Jost Hart, Hook's creator, believes it's time to follow in the steps of Facebook and other apps and take his public. He enlist Todd Kent with L.Cecil to help with the IPO. Todd barely knows Josh, having just met him briefly at a strip club months before, but is grateful for the opportunity seeing the potential in the app since he is one of it's users. Kelly [...]

    18. The book revolves around a clash of ideals and environments; it features rabid, coffee-fueled Wall Street wolves, and the technologically inclined, sartorially challenged Silicon Valley set. In the midst of all the money, sex, booze, and mayhem, there's a mystery. That mystery is the most unexpected and sobering part of the story, and rather disturbing. I picked up this book out of curiosity and boredom, and it was just what I needed. If you're looking for something more "involved", look elsewhe [...]

    19. The author did a great job weaving plot and characters through a fast-paced Wall Street tale she brings to life in The Underwriting. While the characters may seem one-dimensional and unlikable to many, I believe she portrayed this world accurately. (I'm familiar with the world) She's even got it down to the products they use, the neuroses and habits they have, and the particular brand of vanity and arrogance they exhibit. But it's all done in a such a clever way. She's spot on, in my opinion.The [...]

    20. A bit of light reading I bought in the airport to read on the plane. The characters are mostly not very likeable and broadly drawn, though the author does bring knowledge of Wall Street firms and Silicon Valley and the IPO process, which brought tension and reality to the plot. I didn't mind that the characters were unlikable, but they were very one-note in their motivations, but perhaps that was the intention of the writer in calling out their character flaws. The novel ended very abruptly and [...]

    21. 4.5 StarsThe Underwriting reminds me of a nighttime soap. The novel focuses on a group of millennials working to make an online dating app Hook, go public. The cast of characters include:Todd, the pretty boy womanizer, who can't figure out what's missing in his life--he's also pretty clueless when it comes to women. Tara, a pretty but not pretty enough girl, fighting her way to the top.Juan, the son of illegal immigrants, who is torn between worlds. The Underwriting is pure entertainment--I real [...]

    22. A book filled with characters for whom their consciences were rarely an obstacle and a plot that, at times, strained credulity. But hey, we're talking about a book where the lives of cushy, top shelf Wall Streeters, foolish man-children of Silicon Valley and those special snowflake millennials all intersect; all of a sudden, this becomes more believable. Not that it makes it any less terrible. Perhaps a bit too much of the Jim Kramer Mad Money terminology for my tastes, but really--I couldn't pu [...]

    23. HumI'm still trying to figure out if I like this book. The characters were really not likeable, but some of them, in the end, exhibited some moral character. The plot kept moving throughout the story and kept my attention. At the end of the book, there was no resolution and the book ending was left open for the second book. I am still debating if I will read the sequel.

    24. 4* porque falta aqui qualquer coisa no destino dos personagens. Leitura compulsiva, agradável e emocionante. Será mesmo assim? Temo que ainda seja pior que isto! Leiam, vão gostar, vão tentar abanar, abrir os olhos e distribuir chapadas, mas ninguém vai ficar indiferente!

    25. Total chic-lit with a investment banking and Silicon Valley flavor.if you feel like an easy read with a business spin, this is it!

    26. So good - reminded me a bit of The Circle as well as movies like The Wolf of Wall Street (but less crazy) and The Social Network. Couldn't put this one down!

    27. This was the best book I've read in a long, long time. Every page was so entertaining, it was hard to put down. I recommend you read this one! Can't wait for the sequel.

    28. everydayebook/2015/06/This originally appeared in everydayebookTHURSDAY JUNE 18Catching Up With Michelle Miller, Author of The UnderwritingBy Courtney AllisonA multi-billion-dollar deal brings together six ambitious young professionals in The Underwriting, part corporate thriller and part social satire. There's hyper-driven Tara, who runs six miles every morning no matter how much she has slept, and stays vigilant about taking her anti-anxiety meds; Todd, a playboy who disposes of women faster t [...]

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