Twelve Days of Temptation

Twelve Days of Temptation How far would you go if you were offered a chance to fulfill your secret fantasies What would you ask someone to do if you knew they d do anything After the death of her mother and the abrupt end of

  • Title: Twelve Days of Temptation
  • Author: Ruth Cardello
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • How far would you go if you were offered a chance to fulfill your secret fantasies What would you ask someone to do, if you knew they d do anything After the death of her mother and the abrupt end of her marriage, Kate is desperately unhappy to be spending the upcoming holiday season alone She vents her frustration in a letter to the one man her mother raised her to belieHow far would you go if you were offered a chance to fulfill your secret fantasies What would you ask someone to do, if you knew they d do anything After the death of her mother and the abrupt end of her marriage, Kate is desperately unhappy to be spending the upcoming holiday season alone She vents her frustration in a letter to the one man her mother raised her to believe in Santa Claus This year she is rebelliously requesting something guaranteed to raise his eyebrows.Brock Foster has wanted Kate since they were in high school When he finds her letter, her Christmas wish becomes his obsession Winning her will require skill and deception Brock initiates a game that will bring them together and tear them apart.Join Kate and Brock as they discover what happens when Santa puts you on The Naughty List.

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    1. Dear SantaPlease can I have Brock Foster in my Christmas stocking he will definitely put me on the naughty list ;-)Make my wish come true. LA X Twelve Days of Temptations is the most erotic Christmas novella I have EVER read. I fell in love with Brock and Kate. Kate is none the wiser that Brock has found her letter to Santa and that he is her Master Elf giving her orders to obey during the day then she will get her rewards at night. Kate has two guys making her hot and bothered. Who will she cho [...]

    2. 2.5 stars -- I don't know was an ok read for me, but I wasn't blown away. Maybe it's because I did end up having a problem with the deception, and the fact that Brock chose to keep it a secret in the end? Maybe because we got to see inside his head, and the number of times he was focused on the sex and not seeming to care about the woman herselft that it was always like that, but it just gave me a bad taste in my mouth. I found that near the end I was waiting for it all to blow up in Brock's fac [...]

    3. Who ever thought a letter to Santa could stir up so much trouble and fun at the same time? Certainly not Kate, who was raised to believe in Santa, and she was also raised to act like a lady at all times. Well, she is frustrated with the upcoming holidays, since she has lost her mom, her husband, and really does not know which direction her life should now go in. She takes out her frustrations on Santa Claus, asking for things that will no doubt, raise his eyebrows, leave him shaking his head, an [...]

    4. This is one HOT read I have been a fan of Ruth Cardello for a while now and this is much spicier than most of her work. I love the sense of humor that she inserts into her writing and her characters are so much fun.Twelve Days of Temptation is a novella so it is a quick read, but definitely worth the time. I love this one, Brock is super sweet but that bad boy side will drive you wild! Kate is more than a little frustrated and looking for a change in her life. Her world is about to be shaken up [...]

    5. This was actually good, but I just couldn't connect with the characters or even the story. It's probably just me who feels like this. It was pretty short but somehow I find myself bored in the middle. I hope the next book gets better.

    6. Tempting TextOnce again Ruth has blown me away with her extraordinary writing skills. This was a hot, fun and delicious read from the beginning to the end. Kate who is coming back to town following the death of her mother and a disastrous divorce decides to vent her feeling in a letter to Santa not thinking that anyone would see it. Brock finds the letter that Kate was intending to send off to Santa an boy was it a great letter so instead of giving it back to her he decides to fulfill her Christ [...]

    7. Oh I just love Ruth Cardello's work. Every time I read her newest release I become a bigger fan of hers. I just love the story between Kate and Brock.They knew each other in High School and grew apart. A death in the family brings Kate back home and just in time for the Holidays. Angry at the world she leave a letter to Santa. Of course if not a child's letter if you know what I mean.After watching her drop the letter, Brock goes and reads it. Having this crush on her since High School and now r [...]

    8. Loved it, very hot Christmas.Ruth Cardello has done it again. This hot little novella is a must read, over and over and over,(as kate had requested). overview: kate has had a hard and weird life. people thought she was cold and stuck up. she was raised by a single mother who wanted the best for her daughter. so when her mom died and she divorced her husband, she thought nothing could change her life. she writes a letter to Santa about wanting to be on the naughty list. but when she goes to mail [...]

    9. Hot and Steamy I really enjoyed the sexy games played in this book. This is in no way your average Ruth Cardello romance, in this book she takes it to a whole new level of sexiness. Kate has been unsatisfied and writes Santa a naughty letter asking for something she's desperately craving in her life. She misplaced her letter and freaks out. Little does she know Brock found it and wants to secretly help her discover her sexual self and decides on a fun game of twelve days of temptation to show he [...]

    10. This book is Temptation from page one. What book wouldn't be when you have a naught Mr. Elf and a misplaced letter to Santa. Kate Hale hasn't had a good year, can one last letter to Santa change everything for her or will it end up just like everything else. This book is HOT from page one. Brock Foster is hot and makes a perfect male lead. This book is one any reader will get pulled into. Ruth Cardello is an amazing author and she shows you again with this book just how amazing. The next in the [...]

    11. Ruth Cardello delivers a hot, sexy Holiday read with Twelve Days of Temptation! What starts off as a scathing letter to Santa turns into one hot relationship between Brock and Kate. When Kate accidently drops this letter and Brock(who always had the hots for Kate) picks it up and reads it, an intriquing relationship starts between Kate and Brock(and with Brock's alter ego Mr. Elf) Have I gotten you curious yet? You really need to read this book if you like hot, sexy encounters, great character i [...]

    12. Hot! It's so good seeing Ruth Cardello being naughty. The book is erotic, funny, with real characters that live in a real small town. Brock is every woman's dream. Kate is what every woman wishes she can be. Ruth keeps getting better with every word she writes. Each of her series has a different style of writing and storyline she stays true to the end of each book and series. This series is certainly her most erotic. Keep on pushing yourself Ruth. The sky and your mind are your only limits.

    13. Love Brock and Kate. Their story had me reading till the end.I felt really sad when I read about what happened to her mom and going through a divorce, certainly didn't make things any better. Kate returns to town and tries to deal with all of these emotions, but it doesn't male it easy, specially when people all over town critizice her. Then Brock comes along and stirrs things up for her, making her feel alive and wanted. This is a short and fun story. Very highly recommended. I certainly cannot [...]

    14. Once again Ruth Cardello has not disappointed me! Now I am just chomping at the bit to meet Mr Elf and be on the Naughty List! When Kate sent her very to the point letter to Santa I did not expect the Twelve steamy days that were to follow. Her gifts and her chats with "Mr Elf" left me squirming with desire and wanting more. I am ready to see what happens with Brock and Kate in the next installment. This book is a must read an I am sure you will like me; also be anxiously waiting for Be My Tempt [...]

    15. Wow what an awesome book! I read this in the airport and plane. Good thing my aunts were sitting next to me. The concept was wonderful. I love how she told Santa off in her letter but also asked for things to come true. The nerdy guy she didn't pay attention to who is mister Hotty and promises to make her list come true was so yum. Ican't think of a better way to describe him. Mature readers this is a Hot Christmas story you don't want to miss. Way to go Ruthie

    16. I love Ruth Cardello books. Twelve days of Temptation is a fantastic novella and I can't wait for Be My Temptation. This book made me want to be on Santa's naughty list. It is a fantastic story about Kate hating the holiday season. She has every right to hate this season, she has just lost her mum and her marriage. Santa always seem to be screwing her over and she is not taking it anymore.I would recommend this book. Can't wait for the 2nd December.

    17. This is a good holiday story. I think I will write a letter to Santa too. This was fun and sexy, I want to find a man like Brock aka Master/Mr. Elf. I felt bad for Kate but she found the right man for her. Certain parts I couldn't help but laugh. Brock and his research too funny. But when the two of them finally get together it was Fire!!! well on to the next one have to see what happens next.

    18. Oh my! Was this a quick,steamy read! Kate has had a rough two years, with her mother passing and her cheating husband leaving her. Kate is down in the dumps this Christmas season and blames Santa. Kate decides to write Santa a letter, but thinks twice about it and it falls from her purse.Brock who has had a crush on Kate for years finds the letter and realizes she wants dirty, hot sex. He figures now is the time to mAke his move.Loved both characters and Master Elf is HOT!

    19. I loved the idea Of a woman writing to Santa Claus you don't read about that everyday This was amazing cute and wonder story and you can read it all in a night I know I did . I felt bad for Kate tho because nobody it town wanted to get to know her and talked behind her back until she gets a letter back from the elf and some fantasies do come true !!!!!!!!!!!!

    20. Do you write to Santa?? Kate does in Twelve Days of Temptation, what she asks for & receives makes this one HOT read!This book is spicier than the other books written by Ruth Cardello. There is humor, fun and romance which I always loved this added addition SPICE just makes it even better - HOTTER!!!!!This was a quick read for me - it was so GOOD - I couldn't put it down

    21. Sooooo GoodHilarious and smokin hot. There are quite a few laugh out loud moments in this book. Kate's letter to Santa is hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed this book as I always enjoy this author's book.

    22. This was a great book by one of my favorite authors. I have read alot of Ruth Cardello books and I must say, this one was pretty steamy!!! I loved it and can't wait for the next book in the series to come out!!!

    23. Every book I read of Ruth's I just get more and more amazed at the wounderful stories she gifts us. This one was no exception. It's a hot hot little read with great characters you do not want to miss reading.Needing a Holiday pick me up this is your ticket

    24. OMG!Kate and Brock story was breathtaking, mouthwatering, stimulating and oh so freaking amazing. Looking forward to read the next book to see how payback becomes a happy coupleAwesome.

    25. I had a blast with Kate, Brock and Santa's Elf relationship. I laugh a lot. Why is it that everything that is forbidden is amazingly attractive and tempting? I'm looking for the next book to see what happens.

    26. Wow this is a must read. The chemistry between Brock and Kate is HOT. This was one of those novels you can not put down and has your attention the whole time. It's definitely a book I would Recommend reading. I am looking forward to the next book in this series.

    27. In this series Ruth Cardello is expanding her writing into the spicy genre more towards Erotic, and boy is this a hot little number that you just can't put down.Kate and Brock were friends for all of one summer when his father worked in the gardens at her mothers house when she was around eight. They did everything together including climbing trees and getting dirty much to her mothers annoyance. However after that everything changed. Kate was told she had to act like a lady, was sent to the ver [...]

    28. Hot Hot Hot! This is the story of Kate and Brock. Once childhood friends who drifted apart, Brock finds a letter to Santa from Kate, that he just can't resist answering himself.Kate is back home to back up her mother's home. With the recent death and the failure of her marriage, Kate is ready to live for herself. She's frustrated and sends a hateful letter to Santa on how he has failed her in the pastd if he really wanted to do something for herBrock finds the letter and wants to make all of Kat [...]

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