Arctic White

Arctic White When you live in the Arctic in winter everything is a shade of white A young girl looks around her home in the Arctic and sees only white white white but one day her grandfather takes her out on a

  • Title: Arctic White
  • Author: Danna Smith Lee White
  • ISBN: 9781627791045
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When you live in the Arctic in winter, everything is a shade of white A young girl looks around her home in the Arctic and sees only white, white, white but one day her grandfather takes her out on a journey through the tundra And at the end of their cold walk across the ice, they find something special that brings color into their world.

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      329 Danna Smith Lee White
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    1 thought on “Arctic White”

    1. The Arctic has many shades of white. Will color ever appear? Take a journey with an Arctic family as they go to see the Northern Lights. The story was a tad long for my storytime group, so I ad-libbed a few pages to move the story along. This book also lends itself to group discussions and activities for older listeners.2018 storytime theme: arcticReviewed from a library copy.

    2. Lovely title with brief text, but warm storyline showing different hues of white in the Artic. How does color come to the white winter world? A very well done title that ultimately shows a wonderful natural happening that happens in our world and seen predominantly in the Artic regions. I can think of lots of storytime themes this could be used with.

    3. A nice winter book exploring the great white arctic and yearning, waiting for colour.Not sure of the accuracy of representation of the arctic but a gentle winter read which can also be used to introduce colours in art.

    4. This book had unique illustrations. I loved all the descriptions in the story. It almost made me want to go visit the Arctic to see all the shades of white.

    5. Someone who lives in the Arctic longs for color, until she encounters the Northern Lights. This was a wonderful primary grade picture book that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

    6. "When you live in the Arctic in winter, everything is a shade of white."One night, the young girl's grandfather smiles and hums. She thinks he is keeping a secret. She follows him as he walks out across the cold tundra. Others of the community follow too. All the while, she sees the whites of the tundra. They finally reach a place where grandfather stops. The beauty of the Northern Lights dances across the sky before them where they enjoy the glorious colors, their movements, together.She had ho [...]

    7. Arctic White, by Danna Smith, with illustrations by Lee White (no relation, ha!) is a good kids book, with nice illustrations. The story depicts a young, indigenous girl from the Arctic, who, together with her grandfather, observes all the varying hues of whiteness that exist in their world - blue-white of the tundra, yellow-white of the polar bear, silver-white of the arctic fox. Then, (view spoiler)[grandfather takes the young girl to observe something magical, and together they see luminous c [...]

    8. Beautifully illustrated, Arctic White is a book about colors---how all colors except the white disappear during the winter in the Arctic. An Eskimo girl wants to see colors, so her grandfather takes her to see the aurora. The book isn't very strong in story plot and character building, but it seems to be a photo album of Eskimos' lives in the Arctic. The book is told in the second person, which makes it more emphatic and contagious. The illustrations not only present the Eskimo culture by their [...]

    9. White's illustrations are anything but white. You can't illustrate a book about everything being white and grey without a lot of blue and what looks like some purple on other pages. Smith give the mixed colors to us on some pages, but not on others where the non-white is even more true. I loved how this close look at the watercolors subverts the main point of the text and sometimes contradicts the words page to page. It makes me wonder what Lee White thought about while painting? The ending was [...]

    10. I had questions about this book. It is set somewhere in the arctic - where? There is a child and grandparent that appear to be indigenous but that is also not made clear. They are living or at least staying in a house made of snow. I was unsure of why that choice was made since people in the arctic would not live in these as a general rule anymore. There is no explanation for why they are living in it and I really felt there would need to be a reason. It's unfortunate because I like the idea of [...]

    11. This is a wonderful story about winter in the Arctic. Within the white that is very visible there is still hope that color will come and the darkness of night will disappear. This is a simple story about the Arctic and the people that live there. While their culture is not explained it is very visually depicted and children will be able to understand the different lifestyles that are shown in the illustrations. Also the images of the Northern Lights is something that kids will enjoy. This is a g [...]

    12. Everything, well, almost everything, in the Arctic is seen in shades of white. This lovely family story finds a young girl on a journey with her grandfather after saying that all she sees is white. Across the tundra they go, where the grandfather shows her where colors can be found. There are family scenes in the house, and across the tundra, ending with the beauty of the Northern Lights. Lee White shows the variations of white and the swirls of color found at the end in beautiful watercolors.

    13. I really enjoyed this picture book because it celebrates the special relationship between a young girl and her grandfather. The two live in the Arctic, where everything is white. The girl searches and searches for color in this cold, snowy world. At last Grandfather takes the girl on a special journey to see something spectacularly colorful. I love that what she sees is so beautiful, she is inspired to recreate it through art! Danna Smith brings this awesome relationship to life, and the waterco [...]

    14. I very much enjoyed this book, first as the author and illustrator focused on the different shades of white in the Arctic, and then the trek to see the Northern Lights in all their brilliance. I liked that trip back home (riding on the grandfather's shoulders) and then proceeding to color one's own Northern Lights.And I probably like it as well b/c the grandfather is so lovingly portrayed. I could use one of those hugs toward to end of the book, right now.

    15. A young girl looks about her Arctic home and sees the color white in various shades all about her. One day, her grandfather takes her on a journey through their homeland and they behold the Northern Lights, the most wondrous and colorful sight the Arctic has to offer. The girl is so moved that back at home she and her grandfather paint their memories of the experience and hang them up to enjoy.Watercolor and ink illustrations are breathtaking. Great read aloud for PreK-2.

    16. May 2016 - I'm torn on this one. On the surface, the story is sweet and lovely and celebrates life in the arctic winter - but how accurate is this depiction? In the absence of notes about the life of actual people living in the arctic, or the identification of a specific culture for these characters, it can only feel inauthentic. The Kirkus review sums it up perfectly - "Despite lovely art, a stereotypically generic and romanticized portrayal of indigenous people."

    17. Wonderful illustrations demonstrate the overwhelming whiteness of the Arctic during winter, so when the main character sees the Northern Lights, the reader is able to see just how magical they are. Would be a great book to read to kids at the end of winter, when everyone is sick of the snow and cold.

    18. A unique picture book about the Northern Lights, and one young girl's special relationship with her grandfather and the life they share together in the arctic. Unlike other picture books about the arctic, this one is more accurate than most, conveying wonderful images about the environment and animals that live within this landscape. Highly recommended.

    19. Virtually nothing about setting or culture is mentioned. Who are these people? Where do they live? The little girl's grandfather shows her the Northern Lights and it makes her forget about the cold. Back at home, she remembers the colors and paints them. This is an instance where I like the cover art just as well as the dust jacket art.

    20. Considering how long I had to wait to get my hands on a copy of this book, I was disappointed with it. I wish the "white" throughout the entire beginning was more spare so that the pop of color at the end was truly amazing. Instead, it was pretty, but not as great as I had hoped.

    21. Arctic White tells the story of a granddaughter and her grandfather who are seeking some color in the whiteness of their Arctic World.The beauty of the Northern Lights helps give hope to them on the coldest of winter days.

    22. There are many shades of white in an Arctic winter, but every once in a while, colors come into the sky. This nicely-illustrated picture book portrays a girl, her grandfather, and other Arctic dwellers as they make a nighttime expedition to the perfect spot to observe the Northern Lights.

    23. I have a dear friend who lives in Alaska, and aching for colors during the very white/gray winter is a very real thing for the people who live there. I love this depiction of Native People and the beautiful way Danna Smith honors Native culture.

    24. A young girl describes her arctic tundra and the lack of color surrounding her until one night her grandfather takes her on a journey. What will they see? Loved the simple words. It did get a little long but I think I might still try with toddlers but preschoolers for sure.

    25. Love, love, love this book! Beautiful illustrations, full of wonder, full of awe, plenty of learning and information. My favorite type of picture book. Perfect for a cold white winter day or even could be used to demonstrate finding inspiration from nature.

    26. the text is not as enchanting as it probably should be given the subject, but the idea is great and the illustrations have a lovely nature-based magic.

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