The Door to Time

The Door to Time Eleven year old twins Jason and Julia have just moved from London to an old mansion on the English coast Their new home is filled with twisting tunnels and strange artifacts from around the world and

  • Title: The Door to Time
  • Author: Pierdomenico Baccalario Iacopo Bruno Laura Zuccotti Leah D. Janeczko Beth Dunfey
  • ISBN: 9780439774383
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Eleven year old twins Jason and Julia have just moved from London to an old mansion on the English coast Their new home is filled with twisting tunnels and strange artifacts from around the world, and the twins can t wait to discover all its secrets Before long, Jason, Julia, and their friend Rick stumble upon a mysterious looking door hidden behind an old wardrobe ButEleven year old twins Jason and Julia have just moved from London to an old mansion on the English coast Their new home is filled with twisting tunnels and strange artifacts from around the world, and the twins can t wait to discover all its secrets Before long, Jason, Julia, and their friend Rick stumble upon a mysterious looking door hidden behind an old wardrobe But none of the keys in the house will open it What lies behind the door And why has someone tried to conceal it Jason, Julia, and Rick are determined to find out, no matter what it takes.

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      478 Pierdomenico Baccalario Iacopo Bruno Laura Zuccotti Leah D. Janeczko Beth Dunfey
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    1. Ω, μου αρέσουν τόσο αυτές οι εφηβικές περιπέτειες και οι σειρές τους (όχι μόνο αυτό το καλοκαίρι, πάντα μου άρεσαν!) που στο τέλος θα πρέπει να δηλώσω ότι δεν είμαι 15 χρονών!!! Τις βρίσκω όμως απίστευτα χαλαρωτικές (πάλι χαλάρωση θέλω πια????), αθώες και γεμάτες με τη γνήσια περιπ [...]

    2. Πάντα απολαμβάνω ένα ωραίο παιδικό βιβλίο και αυτό είναι πάρα πολύ καλό.Έχει την κατάλληλη δόση περιπέτειας και μυστηρίου ωστε να κρατάει αμείωτο το ενδιαφέρον και έχει και πολύ ωραία ατμόσφαιρα.Το κακό είναι οτι δεν μπορείς να σταματήσεις στο πρώτο και θες να διαβάσεις τ [...]

    3. Keluarga Covenant baru saja pindah ke kota kecil bernama Kilmore Cove dan membeli sebuah rumah bernama Argo Manor. Rumah itu unik dan elegan, terpisah dari bangunan2 lain di kota Kilmore Cove, berada di atas tebing yang tinggi dan bawahnya adalah lautan. Rumah itu dulu didiami oleh seorang tua yang tak pernah keluar rumah hampir sepanjang hidupnya, nama orang itu adalah Ulysses Moore. Keluarga Covenant memiliki sepasang anak kembar yaitu Jason dan Julia, Jason yang suka berkhayal dan berpetualan [...]

    4. I enjoyed this bookpicked a brand-new copy up from the IMCPL Book Sale for $1.00. I would have liked it even better if there had still been copies for sale the next weekend. I only bought one so I could read it before deciding whether to buy some as gifts for my 4th grade students.The book claims to be written by Ulysses Moore, but Baccalario's name does show up on the copyright page. There were a few things that annoyed me as I read - spots where some quick re-reading and revision would have ma [...]

    5. Normalde bu tarz hikayeleri severim. Bana çocukken arkadaşlarımla yaptığımız "define" avlarını, keşifleri ve küçükken izleyip hala çok sevdiğim "The Goonies" filmini hatırlatır.Ama bu kitapta istediğimi bulamadım. Sanki tüm karakterler "felix felicis" içmiş gibi her işleri rast geliyor, en saçma salak pervasız hareketleri bile işe yarıyor, kimsenin aklına gelmeyecek şeyler bir anda akıllarına geliyor Mantık hatalarını hiç saymıyorum bile.Yine de kısa ve akıc [...]

    6. In Pierdomenico Baccalario’s book The Door to Time, he wanted to show that the dead still have influence on the living. This book takes place in the modern day England in a hidden town called Kilmore Cove. The story is told from the perspective of a boy from London named Jason, who believes in ghosts and always likes a good mystery, his twin sister: Julia, who believes that ghosts are not real and that her brother is crazy, and their new friend, Rick, who knows much of Kilmore Cove for he has [...]

    7. Jason dan Julia, sepasang kembar anak dari pasangan Covenant pindah dari kota besar ke daerah pesisir pantai Kilmore Cove. Rumah Argo Manor yang mereka tinggali melengkapi keunikan dari kota Kilmore Cove. Rumah yang bertengger di tebing tinggi menghadap laut, deretan pepohonan diselingi bunga beraneka warna, terkesan sangat eksotis. Bagian dalamnya lain lagi, vas dari Mesir, meja dari Venesia, permadani Persia yang entah bagaimana terlihat serasi dan memberi karakter yang kuat di Argo Manor.Jaso [...]

    8. First off, the book is marketed as being Ulysses Moore, but is actually written by someone from Italy and has been translated to English. That being said, I think there were some things lost in the translation.Our three main characters, twins Jason and Julia and their friend Rick, are fun to follow and each of them offers something different. Julia constant sarcasm and joking keeps the mood light, but Rick irked me a bit. The twins are 11 and Rick is 12, but, at times, their dialogue and knowled [...]

    9. Category: Books Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy Author: PIERDOMINICO BUCCALARIO Sinopsis: Jason dan Julia, sepasang anak kembar berumur 11 tahun, baru saja pindah dari London ke sebuah rumah besar yang ada di pesisir Inggris. Rumah baru mereka dipenuhi dengan terowongan-terowongan yang simpang siur dan perabotan-perabotan aneh dari segala penjuru dunia. Semuanya itu membuat mereka tidak sabar untuk segera menjelajahinya dan mengetahui semua rahasianya. Tak lama berada di rumah itu, Jason, J [...]

    10. Hari itu adalah hari ulang tahun saya. Ada dua buku yang baru saya pinjam dari perpustakaan, salah satunya buku ini. Saat merapikan tas dan bersiap-siap pulang, ternyata saya baru tersadar tidak bisa pulang saat itu juga, karena kabel rol yang cocok untuk menyetrum kembali laptop saya yang baterainya menipis, sedang dipinjam untuk rapat SMA yang baru akan dimulai di kelas sebelah.Keluarlah buku ini dari dalam tas, sambil melirik jam di depan kelas, 15.50 waktu Parung, isi halaman demi halaman te [...]

    11. I loved this book! It was a fast-paced good read, great for summer-time or weekends. Plus, it is the first in a series so it is easy for kids to keep on reading! 11 year old twins Julia and Jason move into Argo Manor with their parents; an old masion on the English Sea Shore. (yes, i seem to be on a british kick, see my last review) Is it haunted? Is there a treasure waiting to be found? What's up with the caretaker? There are so many cool questions and possibilities that it is hard to put it do [...]

    12. My only complaint with this book was that it ended just when the action got going!Jason and Julia move from London to a sleepy little seaside town in England. They move into Argo Manor, a house surrounded by mystery. Right away, they notice that the house is a little different, and along with their friend Rick begin exploring. They stumble across (or rather slide down a cliff to) a small box containing some clay balls and a message written in a strange language. After decoding the message, other [...]

    13. Czytana jakieś 5 razy.Najlepsza młodzieżówka ❤️ Spędzałam z nią każde wakacje ! Same dobre wspomnienia z lat podstawówki,gimnazjumCzas w tym roku na re-readBędzie dobry pretekst do nagrania filmiku o młodzieżówkach ! Ale to w wakacje-mam już wizję! Na łonie natury

    14. 3.5 Stars Fun book for children. Reminded me a bit of Over Sea under Stone. Perhaps for children who enjoyed TLATWATW by Lewis. Three children exploring their new home, a large, old mansion on a cliff overlooking the sea, solve puzzles to discover a door leading to a ship which takes them back in time. What was extra fun for me was to see the author is Italian and this book has been published for children all around the world.

    15. Lo he leído en euskera y de momento es el más entretenido que he encontrado en ese idioma. Ya sé que es literatura juvenil (incluso infantil), pero me ha enganchado. Termina con los chicos subiendo por una escalera y un "continuará" Así que voy a buscar el resto de libros de la saga para poder seguir con la historia.

    16. Dalam sebuah rumah di pesisir Inggris, terdapat sebuah pintu. Pintu itu menyembunyikan misteri yang tak terbayangkan, dan kejutan yang tak terduga. Pintu itu masih merupakan rahasia yang terkunci dan tersembunyi di belakang sebuah lemari tua.***WARNING: Review ini mengandung bahasa Fangirling dan selipan Curhatan tersembunyi. AAAAAAAA!!! Ini buku bisa dibilang buku penuh kenangan, salah satu buku yang menempati tempat spesial di hatiku. ingat banget dulu waktu masih kelas 6 sd liburan ke rumah s [...]

    17. First saw this series of books in Italy could not understand a word but was attracted by the front covers. I guessed, of course, that they were written for children but I enjoyed the Harry Potter books so thought I would take a chance and ordered the first one the hardback version really by accident but am glad that I did as they are lovely to keep. They are aimed at a somewhat younger audience than Harry Potter but nonetheless I decided to read it. They made me nostalgic for the days when I was [...]

    18. curcolan sambil nunggu kick off pertandingan Spanyol vs Honduras:- desain sampulnya keren dan ekslusif, tapi bukan ide bagus membawanya ke mana pun soalnya berat- ceritanya asik, mengingatkan kembali ke masa kecil dan keinginan untuk berpetualang. bagiku menyusuri persawahan di dekat rumah, membantu namboru memanen kentang, atau menangkap ikan dari kolam ikan yang dikeringkan airnya, menikmati ikan bakar hasil tangkapan sendiri ditemani sambal pedas, menikmati manisnya tebu di tengah ladang samb [...]

    19. This book wasn't anything groundbreaking, and the whole of it felt like the lead up to what the series is really about, but it was adventurous, and followed the puzzle and journey format that made up what I liked about The DaVinci Code.A new family, including 11-year-old twins Julia and Jason, has moved into a mansion on the English coast, called Argo Manor. The previous tenant was named Ulysses Moore, and the whole town was curious about him for various reasons. One weekend, when Julia and Jaso [...]

    20. Eleven year old twins Jason and Julia have moved from London to an old mansion on the English coast. Jason loves their new house. He has been researching the paranormal and is sure that their new home is haunted. Julia would rather be shopping at the mall. They have only made one friend in their new town. For years,Rick has been fascinated with the old mansion that his new friends live in. He has never had an opportunity to go inside until he is invited to visit while the twin’s parents return [...]

    21. Just when the story got going it was over and “to be continued.” I don’t mind a cliffhanger in a book or tv series, but this book was left very unfinished. It was a good attempt and may get kids more interested in learning about Greek mythology and ancient languages. Some parts of the ancient language clues may be a bit over the heads of eleven year old readers. It was reminiscent of Harry Potter, The Secret Garden, and you could say it had some National Treasure/Da Vinci Code elements in [...]

    22. The Door to Time doesn't have an author (Weird!). Jason and Julia, both eleven, move from busy London to an almost empty town on the coast of England. Although they are twins, they couldn't be more different. Jason is a very observant dreamer, while Julia is athletic and adventurous. And the enormous house they move into seems to have some secrets. In this book, Jason and Julia explore Argo Manor (the house), question Ulysses Moore (the former owner), and discover the world through a single door [...]

    23. Buku cerita anak-anak ini berhasil membuat Making Globalization Work-nya Joseph Stiglitz harus menunggu lebih lama lagi untuk dapat kesempatan dibaca. Saya membaca buku ini dalam terjemahan bahasa Indonesia yang diterbitkan oleh Erlangga. Keren! Seru! Tidak terasa, tidak sampai satu hari, lembar terakhir buku ini telah kelar saya baca. Dan sekarang saya harus menahan hati yang gumun karena rasa penasaran yang tidak tuntas oleh kisah petualangan yang menggantung di tengah jalan. Semoga saja Erlan [...]

    24. I got this from the library for my son, then started reading it myself when I was stuck without another book, and finished it the next day - that's a great part of kids' books, you can read them so fast! It was pretty fun, and I loved the illustrations. The book appears to have been translated from Italian, so there are points where it is a little stilted, but altogether it flows well and is interesting and well-written. It's obvious that it's part of a series - you are constantly reminded that [...]

    25. actually, this book is not as good as its covertentang dua anak kembar, jason and julia convenant, yang baru pindah dari hiruk pikuk kota london, ke sebuah kota kecil dipinggir laut bernama cornwall. they leave in a manor, named argoe manor was huge! and just like any other old building, full of secrets and mysteriesey spent one afternoon, along with their new best mate, rick, to conquest the manor. they were trying to find the source of the mysterious sounds that jason kept hearing, but no one [...]

    26. an interesting book put out by scholastic. the author appears to be italian, but his name is only listed in small print with the library of congress info at the front of the book. they have tried to make the book appear to be one of those, “this manuscript appeared at my doorstep” kind of books. there are times where the book definitely has the feel of a book not originally written in english, but they’re not too awkward. the book is about twin siblings in england who have just moved into [...]

    27. Saat si kembar Jason & Julia Convenant pindah ke sebuah rumah baru "Agro Manor" rumah tersebut tidak hanya besar & indah. Rumah yang terletak di pinggir tebing di Kilmore Cove seolah mengajak mereka untuk mengeksplorasi setiap sudutnya.Saat Jason menemukan secarik kertas di sebuah tebing di Kilmore Cove, petualangan Jason & Julia serta temannya Rick Banner, di mulai. Teka-teki demi teka teki terpecahkan dan menggiring mereka ke sebuah pintu rahasia yang menyimpan banyak misteri.Petua [...]

    28. Very interesting combination of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" and "Over Sea, Under Stone" in style and atmosphere, plus it had a bunch of riddles to solve and codes to break, which always fascinates me. Obviously aimed at a much younger audience, but it still had enough going for it to keep an older reader like me entertained ;)Unfortunately it ends with a cliff-hanger (a pet-peeve of mine), and feels more like a part of a longer book, or an introduction/prequel than a book that's meant [...]

    29. Был долгий период, в котором я отказывался слушать аудиокниги. Просто не мог найти нормального чтеца, постоянно что-то, да мешало.А тут наткнулся на данное произведение на литресе. Заинтересовался, была так же возможность прослушать ознакомительный отрывок. Мне понравилос [...]

    30. This book ended too abruptly. I would think that once they open the door to time there should be an adventure to be read, but instead, the door is opened and Bam the book is over. So I will be reading the next book, but if it ends as another cliffhanger I am going to petition the publisher to rename the books Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, etc. instead of Book 1, 2, 3 Because really there should be an adventure in the story that has to do with the title. Or they should rename the books. The first one s [...]

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