The Followers

The Followers On the windswept moors of northern England a small religious cult has cut itself off from society believing they have found meaning in a purposeless world Led by their prophet Nathaniel they eager

  • Title: The Followers
  • Author: Rebecca Wait
  • ISBN: 9781447224730
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Hardcover
  • On the windswept moors of northern England, a small religious cult has cut itself off from society, believing they have found meaning in a purposeless world Led by their prophet, Nathaniel, they eagerly await the end times But when the prophet brings in Stephanie and her rebellious daughter Judith, the group s delicate dynamic is disturbed Judith is determined to escapeOn the windswept moors of northern England, a small religious cult has cut itself off from society, believing they have found meaning in a purposeless world Led by their prophet, Nathaniel, they eagerly await the end times But when the prophet brings in Stephanie and her rebellious daughter Judith, the group s delicate dynamic is disturbed Judith is determined to escape, but her feelings are complicated by a growing friendship with another of the children, the naive and trusting Moses, who has never experienced the outside world Meanwhile, someone else is having doubts, unleashing a horrifying chain of events that will destroy the followers lives.In the aftermath, the survivors struggle to adjust to the real world, haunted by the same questions if you ve been persuaded to surrender your individual will, are you still responsible for your actions And is there any way back

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    1. The Followers centres on Stephanie and Judith, a thirtysomething single mother and her 12-year-old daughter stuck in a mundane cycle of life in a small Northern town. Stephanie is working in a drab café and struggling to make ends meet when she meets a handsome, charismatic man called Nathaniel. The impact of their ensuing relationship is life-changing for her, and so she allows herself to be manipulated into joining the Ark, a religious group he is a part of. With no belief in gods or God, St [...]

    2. The Followers is a not-so-subtle allegory on its surface, but the nuanced characters and telltale story by British writer Wait keeps it contemporary, fresh, and provocative. It begins now, with a young woman, Judith, reluctantly visiting her mother, Stephanie, in prison. It’s evident that this is an ongoing yet uncomfortable face-to-face, where the conversation stays safe with topics of movies and books. At home, Judith isolates and chooses unhealthy habits in order to escape from the memories [...]

    3. What would cause a normal person to lose all sense of individuality and right and wrong, and slavishly follow a charismatic leader? From the Manson murders to the Jonestown tragedy, we’ve seen the magnetic pull of the cult on those with porous boundaries, yet still, the topic is fascinating. Perhaps that’s why novelists – from Margaret Atwood to Claire Vaye Watkins – gravitate to the subject. Rebecca Wait goes back to this well in The Followers—vividly and convincingly spinning a cauti [...]

    4. There is, of course, a religious death cult that is attracting lots of followers in Britain today, but it has no connexion with Christianity. I’d have thought there was about as much need in contemporary England for warnings against Christian cults as for fire insurance in February 2014 in the Somerset Levels. But even before reading the author’s afterword I’d a sense that she’d once had a brush with something of the sort, and I thought The Followers was an excellent depiction of the psy [...]

    5. As soon as I heard about The Followers, I was desperate to read it. Religious cults are a fascinating topic and I'm a big fan of the TV series The Following.When struggling single mum Stephanie meets Nathaniel, she is sucked deep into his world, along with her 12-year-old daughter Judith. Moving into his small village in the Yorkshire moorlands, little did any of them know that life will never be the same again.The Followers grabbed my attention from the first page, as 22-year-old Judith visits [...]

    6. This story of a small religious cult, known as the Ark, in a remote moorland setting is interesting enough, though the inevitable ending is so clear from the start that when the 'shock' comes it isn't too shocking. Some of it felt underwritten - the writing is a bit sparse at times, and I would have liked more detail of the lives of the cult followers, more insight into how it feels to devote yourself so totally that you lose your sense of who you are, more sense of the charisma of the leader - [...]

    7. Wasn't blown away by the story but very much appreciated the sensitivity and authenticity the author brought to what could have been an unoriginal story of cult followers and their leader.

    8. I received this book for free from a giveaway.I read this book over a couple of days but the writing flowed so well that if life didn't get in the way it could be a one sitting book. Essentially set in a remote, religious cult the story is mainly that of a vulnerable mother and her teenage daughter - how they become entangled in it and how they cope with the traumatic aftermath. The main characters are, on the whole, believeable and likeable despite their flaws and everything about their situat [...]

    9. Boy oh boy do I love a good cult story. Much like true crime and serial killers, the dark psychology behind cults and the control they exert upon their members has always interested me. So when I heard about THE FOLLOWERS by Rebecca Wait thanks to a New York Times book article, I knew that I wanted to read it. It took a bit, but it finally came up for me on request at the library. I sat down this past weekend intending to start it, and then I ended up reading the whole darn thing in an afternoon [...]

    10. A compelling and absorbing tale of a woman's slow absorption into an isolated religious cult and her daughter's lonely, internal, un-realised rebellion against her mother, the cult, and its charismatic, egoistic leader, the sinister Nathaniel. The story begins with twenty-two year old Judith's prison visits to her all-too normal mother. They discuss the films they have seen, birthdays, domestic details. They never talk about why Judith's mum is in prison, about The Ark and the rapid descent into [...]

    11. Holy crap. This book was amazing and I am so glad that I ordered it from The Book Depository. For some reason I couldn't find it in Canada. Anyway, you are taken into this mediocre world where life is static and struggling to be static at that. The main character Stephanie seems not to be living for anything or anyone (including her daughter Judith). That's when we're introduced to Nathaniel, the prophet and the leader of the Ark. I definitely don't want to spoil the plot, but what I found so fa [...]

    12. The Followers (Rebecca Wait)Imagine Stephanie, a bored mother, limited by lack of education and responsibility towards her twelve year old daughter, Judith. Further Stephanie is burdened with a poor relationship with her mother and a lack of friends in the new town in which she now lives.Stephanie makes her a living as waitress, yet is unfulfilled, bound by routine and poor finances.Enter into her life a charismatic man, Nathaniel. Stephanie falls for his compliments, enjoys his company, has a f [...]

    13. It was ok. A readable story.It was very quick and not very challenging to read and I didn't feel invested in the characters. I couldn't understand how quickly and easily they were taken in by Nathaniel. Perhaps as a reader I should have been taken in too.The book had potential but never quite hit it for me.What I did like was the sense of rage I had on behalf of the characters. It was an interesting morning but I don't think the book will stay with me. Could be good for people wanting a lighter [...]

    14. I received this book for free, through First Reads.I found this a very engaging novel and I was gripped almost immediately to find out the story behind Judith's monthly visits to her Mother, Stephanie, in prison. Very clearly written and on a very thought provoking subject, would have liked to know a little more though on how The Ark came to be but I very much enjoyed this read and would definitely recommend it.

    15. I really enjoyed Rebecca Wait's first book, A view On the Way Down and this book is equally as good if not better! My heart ached for Judith and Moses. What on earth was Stephanie \Sarah doing? I would love a follow up to this book. Will Stephanie be released and will Judith and Moses live happily ever after? I really hope so!

    16. Having read The View on the Way Down, I was excited to win a copy of The Followers on giveaway.As much of a page turner as Rebecca's last book, I found this a fascinating topic and enjoyed the tension building in the storyline.I found that sometimes, I got confused on who was who in the Ark taking aside the main characters but this didn't distract from a superb read.

    17. Extraordinary - I found this completely compelling. Rebecca Wait's straightforward, clear prose belies a simmering tension that rises increasingly to the surface as the plot progresses. Gripping, fascinating, horrifying.

    18. Having a great indie neighbourhood bookstore is already paying dividends in getting me to read books I might not have looked twice at. The Followers is about a single mom and her daughter who fall into a very insulated cult on a cold, rocky part of the coast of England, just as that cult is starting to fly apart at the seams. It's told alternating between 'present' -- with the mom and daughter, after the cult ends -- and 'past', the story of those final days of the group.It's engaging and well-w [...]

    19. I won a bundle of 10 copies of this book from the published for my book club. The premise of the book sounded intriguing though had the potential to be challenging and I was surprised at how quick a read it turned out to be. I thought the characters were well-drawn and I liked the technique of changing narrators and hearing about events from the point of view of different people, though I was frustrated at times that I didn't know more about some of them. I found the events in the book disturbin [...]

    20. This is such a good read. You will be sucked in from the start. Of course, I am always fascinated by books about cults and what draws people into them. Stephanie falls for Nathaniel's charms because that is how he reels people in. But once you are living at the Ark, he is the prophet and what he says goes, even if that means punishing someone with death. (That scene had me in tears) Reading about Judith's progression from rather messed up girl to finding understanding really made the book even s [...]

    21. A sad cautionary tale of what isolation and lack of community, such as Stephanie experienced, can drive us to. I really thought how she fell into cult was well done, and how the connections, or lack of, doomed or, later saved, characters. I did feel overall it lacked heft, lots more I'd like to see covered . how Judith got from teens to where we meet her mid 20s, for instance. Overall I liked it. Quite heartbreaking too, but with a light at end of tunnel ending.

    22. Fascinating and subtle, this is a story of a cult and those swept up in it, as well as those who aren't. I had a brush with recruitment in my teens, but my many questions, while "answered," made it clear I wouldn't become a believer. I always wonder about those who do. This book is enlightening on that subject.

    23. I flew through this in a weekend and loved every moment of it. Easy to read, but it didn't feel simplistic. Disclaimer: I have a particular fascination with cults, so I'm sure that was part of the appeal. Also, the author did a great job with foreshadowing - giving you just enough information that you wanted to find out what happened but not enough that you could figure it all out right away.

    24. Really good book.This book made me laugh and cry and think. I feel so sorry for kids who are brought into a way of life that they never get a say in. Spirituality to me should be like food, you offer your kids the kind you like and know but let them chose which they prefer or want at all and be there to provide guidance and support.

    25. Utopia, dystopia, a cult it all seems the same. I didn't need page after page of religious fervor to make me realize where this was going. Hard to understand how the main character could just walk into this situation? Wish there was more backstory so I could understand why she would have gone so blindly with this man?

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