Everything Carries Me to You

Everything Carries Me to You Everything Carries Me to You is the third and final act in the Axton and Leander series What started off as a sweet story about a reclusive gay werewolf finding love has become a high stakes action pa

  • Title: Everything Carries Me to You
  • Author: S.P. Wayne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 405
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  • Everything Carries Me to You is the third and final act in the Axton and Leander series What started off as a sweet story about a reclusive gay werewolf finding love has become a high stakes action packed drama, and now lives are on the line.Love is all you need unless love is not enough In Los Angeles, Axton and Leander were blissfully, peacefully in love, navigating tEverything Carries Me to You is the third and final act in the Axton and Leander series What started off as a sweet story about a reclusive gay werewolf finding love has become a high stakes action packed drama, and now lives are on the line.Love is all you need unless love is not enough In Los Angeles, Axton and Leander were blissfully, peacefully in love, navigating the warm, deepening waters of their relationship But a man from Axton s past took it all away in an instant With Dana threatening Leander s safety, Axton has no choice but to leave in order to save his human lover s life After a painful good bye on a hospital bed, Axton goes away for what might be forever.Axton knew the price was high a life for a life But Axton has no idea how much higher the price can still get Dana might still be in love, so he claims, but mercy will not temper his hand How far can Axton be pushed before he snaps How much can Axton take before he s out of his mind with pain and grief And when he snaps not if then who will land the killing bite Axton Or his ex boyfriend turned jailer Left with two broken legs and a shattered heart, Leander nonetheless knows what he must do He swore to Axton that they would be reunited, and Leander is a man who keeps his promises Physical recovery might be slow, but love doesn t wait Leander sets his plans in motion before he s even out of the hospital Before he can follow Axton, Leander has to find himSeparated and longing for reunion, Axton and Leander reach for each across the sprawling American landscape They live under the same moon, they might wish on the same stars, but nothing is easy Working apart, they will nonetheless have to fight together, fight for each other, fight for their future or else the good bye is forever.Sometimes bleak and despairing, sometimes soft and tender, sometimes spitting with rage, Everything Carries Me to You spans the full spectrum of human emotion From the sublime and lonely mountains of Montana in Winter Wolf, to the friendly and welcoming community in City Wolf, the Axton and Leander series has been a fresh voice in the werewolf romance genre Though often serious, the story still finds time for subtle humor, and also very unsubtle humor With a growing, varied cast of characters, the story has kept on evolving.By turns brutal and bloody and then benevolent and beautiful, Everything Carries Me to You is an epic, heart wrenching finale It s a tale of fighting, of friendship, of freedom It s romance and angst and action It s about love measured against loss, about revenge against mercy Ultimately, the lesson is this not all fights are the same.There s than one way to be a hero.

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    1 thought on “Everything Carries Me to You”

    1. I'm a big fan of series and I really appreciate it when an author is able to bring a series home well. This was fun and a great ending to the saga of Axton and Leander. It's kind of a mix of the wildness and otherworldliness in book one and the smart city life feel of book 2. The story picks up immediately after the cliffhanger ending in book 2. Our MC's are separated and the story switches between their POV's. Leander is slowly and painfully recovering from his attack and plotting how to find A [...]

    2. This is a good end to the series although the separation was really frustrating. Axton and Leander have really great chemistry and you can feel it when they were finally reunited. I hope S.P. Wayne would write follow up stories, I would love to read more about Ax and Lee! I want more of them!I really love the cover of this entire series, a big thumbs up to the artist!

    3. Awesome story, although it took way too long (in reading time, not story time, if that makes sense) for Axton and Leander to be reunited, and I thought the capitulation scene was a bit flimsy. (view spoiler)[Why would Dana believe their sudden about face? Their acceptance of his demands? His initial suspicion was too easily calmed. (hide spoiler)]There were some great scenes, though. A lot of action, interesting characters, complicated emotions, and best of allense love. Axton and Leander are on [...]

    4. I want to start off by saying that I loved this series as a whole. Axton and Leander will forever be branded into my very being. These characters have such a distinct voice and this is one of the few stories I've read where I felt that their love was truly epic on an absolutely out of this world scale.The fact that our MC's are separated by tragic circumstance for more than half the book obviously decreased my enjoyment significantly. What doesn't decrease is the impact of all the feels wrought [...]

    5. 4 StarsFair warning: this review will be filled to the brim with spoiler tags. I just have so much to say – most of which is in reference to plot points that I consider extremely spoiler-y in nature to anyone who has yet to read this book/series. We’ll see how we go…The second book (City Wolf) ended on quite a distressing note (view spoiler)[ with Leander in hospital, broken and distraught, and Axton leaving with Dana (as his prisoner) (hide spoiler)]. It was a heartbreaking and painful en [...]

    6. I'm done! I'm done! This was such a good series! So good and I will say it again. Shifters so ain't my thing. But Axton and Leander are like the best couple ever. When they are together you feel that love! You feel it right in your bones. Mare~Slitsread

    7. Reviewage on Prism Book AllianceSome of my initial reactions, all within the first 10% of this book:~ Jerkhole!!!~ Oh… potty mouths abound, me likey.~ I’ve missed these people.~ No!!!! Leander, no… no.~ C’mon Axton, Dana is no match for you, neither physically nor in humor and intelligence.By the time I’d reached the end, say the last 20%? Here are some of those reactions:~ Omg Leaaaanderrrrrr, you’re fabulous!~ I love jizz flavor jokes! (I’m still waiting for it, just FYI)~ Banter [...]

    8. I didn’t get the feelz from this one. It semed very different from the first two books. I didn’t like the way the story played out, but I can’t put my finger on just why the writing felt so different. Maybe it’s just me. I considered abandoning it a few times but stuck it out because it was the final installment. It needed better editing and I think great gobs of it could’ve been cut, but I‘ll put my specific story problems behind a spoiler tag.(view spoiler)[Axton & Leander are [...]

    9. I was really looking forward to getting my teeth into this book and seem to have been waiting forever for it to come out. Sadly I just couldn't get into the story and I really tried. Axton and Leander were apart for such a large part of the book and I believe the reason I love the first two books so much is because of their amazing chemistry. Therefore by the time they finally did get back together I was beyond frustrated.

    10. Book #3 ~ to start soonish I was supposed to buddyread with my friends Are and Therese, but RL interfered (as so often) again.

    11. 3.5 starsIt’s always good to visit with Axton and Leander, much love for these guys. But this just didn’t do it for me like the first two books in the series did. There are some wonderful bits here, but I struggled the whole way through. It’s difficult connecting to a romance where the two MC’s are apart for most of it. That was the point… to build up the frustration of that separation, but it made for some very frustrating reading too (the many, many line edit errors didn’t help eit [...]

    12. I love this series! It has strong characters, an awesome plot, a heartwrenching romance and a Werewolf culture that makes total sense! FOR ONCE!!!I've read a lot of werewolf stories, and so many of them have a 'mate' system in place, where there is one random person in the world who they will truly love.It was cute the first few times I read it but then it became repetitive and I started to find it hollow and cheap. An easy excuse for love at first sight.[Spoiler Warning]This series does away wi [...]

    13. A wonderful conclusion to the trilogy although I agree with some of the other reviewers, it is wordy and overwritten. Having said that, I didn't mind because I loved seeing these two guys work things out. There's a wit to the writing here, especially in the interaction between Leander and New York, yet the poignancy remains from the previous books. The separation between the characters worked for me and I enjoyed seeing how they developed during their time apart - in particular seeing Axton and [...]

    14. Unfortunately, this was the weakest of the series for me: major drama for the most part, the kind that tears your heart and with no hope visible in the horizon, it became too dark even for me. And I hated the middle with a passion as we read daily descriptions of Ashton's life with the clan while nothing really happens, Dana gets even more unlikable IMO and Dru's clearly a dictator whom everyone hates but no one's doing anything to change it. Rinse and repeat. For a loooooong while. And then, fi [...]

    15. This was really really good! I loved Winterwolf and wasn't so keen on Citywolf, and this third installment was so enjoyable. It had so much sarcasm, banter and humor, but also a lot of very good drama and action.An all around good mixture. And very deep feelings.  It made me understand if not like Dana - something I wouldn't have thought possible.I loved Axton in this book.    

    16. *3.5*This last book in the series was, despite a tiny bit overlong in places, very entertaining and easy to read. One thing I really liked, was how the author portrayed the passing of time. It was, like for Axton during the first time in “captivity”, hard to tell how long had passed, with the days coming and going a blur. Neither Axton nor Leander had it easy this time around, although kind of in opposite ways. Axton went through a more mentally disturbing time, with a self-induced captivity [...]

    17. You know how this is:If I look at the crystal moon, at the red branchOf the slow autumn at my window,If I touchNear the fireThe impalpable ashOr the wrinkled body of the log,Everything carries me to you,As if everything that exists:Aromas,lights,metals,Were little boats that sailTowards those isles of yours that wait for me.This is a verse from Pablo Neruda's " If you forget me" and clearly permeates the story told in this book, conclusion to a fantastic trilogy that started with Winter Wolf and [...]

    18. I really can't find the words for how much I loved this whole series. The writing, the descriptions, the way it made me FEEL. Gah. This author made me fucking desolate, aching for Axton in his bone-deep loneliness, made me smile like a giddy girl in book 2 when they were just HAPPY together, made my heart fucking HURT and feel complete desperation at their separation, STOLE MY BREATH with Leander's amazing inability to give up on finding Leander (no matter the cost), then smile again at that HEA [...]

    19. Fantastic finish to this series The first book of this series was pretty sweetish and it has got progressively darker once the other werewolves became involved This book was a lot like a mind game, with everyone having a plan and a lot of forward thinking by all of the characters. I liked the depths he guys went to and were prepared to go to in order to be together again. No matter the distance they were always committed to each other. New York is great, I would love to see more of him.

    20. This is part of the poem that the title comes from. I think it says everything you need to know about this novel if you haven't read it yet.IF YOU FORGET ME.I want you to knowone thing.You know how this is:if I lookat the crystal moon, at the red branchof the slow autumn at my window,if I touchnear the firethe impalpable ashor the wrinkled body of the log,everything carries me to you,as if everything that exists,aromas, light, metals,were little boatsthat sailtoward those isles of yours that wai [...]

    21. I've really enjoyed this series, and while I thought this did wrap up everything quite nicely, it was probably my least favorite of the three books.For one thing, Leander and Axton spend the majority of the book apart, which I was expecting, but it felt like the pacing really dragged until they were back together again. I get that a lot of things had to be maneuvered so they could reunite, but it became a bit boring, TBH.Dana. While I appreciate the author trying to paint him as more than just a [...]

    22. rating: 3/5Even though this is my least favorite of the series, I still couldn't not like it. Maybe I was already too invested in the story, too involved with Axton and Leader to not care about them. Whatever the reason and despite the bumps and bruises, I sped through the story wanting to know how their adventure ends.Yes, this book is filled with too much witty banter, and too little everything else. If anything I would think that the third was the first book in the series, it seems the most s [...]

    23. 4.5 stars. A wee bit withheld for my own suffering through the first half of the book. Good lord the details, the waiting, the trauma, the suffering. My suffering! I ended up loving it. With the exception of a few technical errors, it was very well written, great story arc, lovely prose, thrilling, almost transcendent in its conclusion. I'll not soon forget, amidst all the drama, the conversations between New York and Leander. Just hilarious. And the scenes between the wolves and Leander, hyster [...]

    24. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Although at the end it left a bittersweet feeling in my mind that they would have very little time together (from a wolf age perspective), but for a love like that any time is good. It was beautifully written and the story was very engaging and the MCs were awesome together.

    25. 4.5 'Wow what a final book in this awesome series. Action, intrigue and such a beautiful love' stars.

    26. This last book in the series was, despite a tiny bit overlong in places, very entertaining and easy to read. One thing I really liked, was how the author portrayed the passing of time. It was, like for Axton during the first time in “captivity”, hard to tell how long had passed, with the days coming and going a blur. Neither Axton nor Leander had an easy time in this one, although in many ways in opposite ways. Axton went through a more mentally disturbing time, with a self-induced captivity [...]

    27. You know that feeling you get when you can't put a book down, when you should go to sleep but you just want to finish this chapter, when you spend your lunch hours deeply engrossed? Yeah, that was this book for me.It is fascinating to see an author develop as a writer and as a self-publisher. Winter Wolf introduced some intriguing characters, and City Wolf fleshed out those characters, introduced a fuller story world, and welcomed some wonderful secondary characters (and ended in a gut-wrenching [...]

    28. The first book in this series was so brilliant and wonderful that it was going to be hard to live up to that quality. The third book and finale of this series does an adequate job of completing this rather wonderful story about Axton and Leander, and I won't quibble too much. The third book in the series doesn't have the same impact, the same sparkle and cleanliness and refreshing wonder as the magical Winter Wolf. Some of the pacing drags, and there were a few hokey plot choices (convoluted and [...]

    29. Edit 16/01/17:Just completed rereading the series. Still addictive as ever. I adore their flirtatious banter and romantic chemistry. 3.5 starsThis book was nice a continuance from where book two left off. It was much longer than the first two and had a lot more characters and new plot threads. I found the interweaving stories a tad messy. Dana murderously chasing after Axton and Leander didn't really add up. His insistence on doing what he thought was right for Axton wasn't plausible to me. But [...]

    30. I have to disclose that I am in the acknowledgements of this book, which I did not realize until I was done.I really wanted to like this book more, but there were not enough happy moments for me.I was despondent at the end of the last book, when Axton willingly went with his abductor to protect Leander, who was lying in the road, physically and emotionally shattered. What I had enjoyed best about this series was Axton's quirkiness, and his interaction with Leander.When this book opens, Axton is [...]

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