Adrian Lessons

Adrian Lessons If there s one thing Cleo Reynolds knows it s that she s not into Adrian King The son of a model with the looks to prove it the experienced author of her school newspaper s sex advice column the co

  • Title: Adrian Lessons
  • Author: L.A Rose
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • If there s one thing Cleo Reynolds knows, it s that she s not into Adrian King The son of a model with the looks to prove it, the experienced author of her school newspaper s sex advice column, the cocky playboy with a hint of darkness That Adrian King Nope Nuh uh No way The problem is, he s very into her After accidentally flashing him, and slightly less accidentalIf there s one thing Cleo Reynolds knows, it s that she s not into Adrian King The son of a model with the looks to prove it, the experienced author of her school newspaper s sex advice column, the cocky playboy with a hint of darkness That Adrian King Nope Nuh uh No way The problem is, he s very into her After accidentally flashing him, and slightly less accidentally but still totally unintentionally making out with him in front of the whole class, she expects to be called crazy Instead, he asks her out Cleo s determined not to end up as another notch on his bedpost Except she hasn t done you know it in a while Read ever And as a girl who pays her tuition by writing all the sex scenes in her roommate s bestselling romance series, the lack of inspiration has served up a fat slice of writer s block Until her roommate proposes that Cleo and Adrian act out all the steamy scenes in her book It s just research No feelings involved Nope Nuh uh No way.

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    1. Genre: Silly SmutCover: 3/10Writing: 7/10Heroine: 8/10Hero: 7/10Humour: 7/10Hotness: 4/10Romance: 7/10Extra book Details: Heroine & Hero POV; 1st person. Stand-alone. Approx 214 Kindle pages.'I've known the guy for literally five minutes. He saw my boobs, I volunteered to let him taste me in Psych Lab, I proceeded to taste him, and suddenly it's his holy mission to get me to go on a date with him. He's probably on crack. I'm probably on crack. We're all on crack, because there's no way this [...]

    2. Trama:Así en sencillo, trata sobre una chica, Cleo, que escribe las partes porno de los libros best seller de su compañera de pieza. Sin embargo, después de la ruptura con su ex, con quien estuvo como tres años, su inspiración sencillamente se va por el desagüe. Aquí es donde entra Adrian, un chico muy sensual y carismático que parece decidido a salir con ella después de su primer encuentro, que no puede sino definirse como inusual.Cosas que me gustaron:1. Me encanta el sentido del humo [...]

    3. Manwhore Hero and virgin heroine! H's sexual exploits are legendary and described in some detail. I found it icky , esp. when they were talking about how he made random girls 'squirt', gave them hours long orgasms and his policy of at least four Os for a girl every single time.His nickname is Sex King bcos he actually has a column answering questions for readers who write in and he himself says he has earned the title - sex is his favourite thing in the world. I don't know whether to laugh or cr [...]

    4. This book was hilarious - laugh out loud funny. It was also very sexy with a good amount of steam and sexual tension. I absolutely loved this one!! Cleo is so funny and you just can't help but love her. She is strong, witty and hilarious. Adrian is hot, funny, and a sex king. I love that there is a dual pov in this book - it made it even better! There are some parts in this book that are a little far-fetched and it may not be for everyone but if you are looking for a sexy, lighthearted romance w [...]

    5. Review from: Mischievous Reads***ARC courtesy of author in exchange for honest reviewReading Adrian Lessons definitely made my day or should I say, night, rather. I just devoured the whole book for a whole night. Even for a quick read, I have to this book is definitely one of the best I've ever read. Cleo is on a dry spell. She's stuck and can't get her head properly to write erotic romance for her best friend/roommate. Meanwhile, Marie, her author best friend, thinks Cleo needs all the help she [...]

    6. The conversation between Uterus and Brain, with a little incentive from Heart is probably some of the best and funniest dialogue I’ve read – especially in this new world we call New Adult Genre. I swear it had me laughing so hard I was gasping for breath. Once again the setting is a college campus and as always a sexual campus god, along with another heartbroken coed as the main characters, but the "sameness" to so many others stops there! Rose delivers a truly unique and hilariously outstan [...]

    7. It's a sad sad day for my NA booksThis one has been on my "on-hold" shelf for months and as much as I want to finish it, (I've been dying to read this one) I just can't.It's that NA thing again and I really can't get past the consistent description of the MC's hotness and the irrepressible sexual urges between the H and H.Please, enough.I won't stop you from reading this though. A lot of my friends like this and the author is really great

    8. Po dlouhé době erotická romance, co mě fakt bavila. Hromada vtipných hlášek, pekelně sexy Adrian, a i když to s realitou nemělo moc společného, byl to parádní relax.

    9. “Your genius plan to revitalize my writer spirit fell through. I’ll just have to go to India to discover myself like that chick in Eat, Pray, Love, Sleep, Masturbate and whatever else.”Sometimes you need a fun laugh out loud while falling in love with the characters book. Adrian Lessons was PERFECT for that. I was constantly texting my book BFF quotes because someone else needed to see the craziness and awesomeness that was this book.“Sometimes I want to write her Catholic parents a stro [...]

    10. Istyria book blog ~ B's world of enchanted books4.5 starsI love it when books end up surprising me! I didn't expect much when I accepted the author's review request for this book to be honest. But she was so nice and I agreed to help her out with her blog tour too. So when I was making this blog post, I read the excerpt she gave me. And I was curious. So I started the book. And I loved it!Cleo pays most of her college tuition by writing the sex scenes in her room mate/best friend's books and she [...]

    11. Warning: Rated SPG so keep out of reach of children. Ha-ha1st page and you'll be laughing-out-loud to LA Rose's humorous writing. It's drop dead hilarious. I have to praise LA Rose for her humor in this book. The brain and uterus conversation is hilarious. There were lots of sex jokes and reference to amazing TV shows. I have to contain myself from giggling while I'm reading it while riding the bus on my way home.The character growth is nice and I appreciate how she developed Adrian and Cleo's r [...]

    12. I expected this to be a read where I would laugh my ass off, and it was. I burst out laughing more then once, from both Cleo's and Adrian's PoV. Sadly, as fun as thoughts and dialogue were most of the time, it was hard to take the whole story serious. Even more so since Adrian was all shades of Christian Grey's money-careless, horny, and a few other things, but without any of the jaded parts -- too good to be true, even for a fictional story. I would've liked just a little of that darkness from [...]

    13. Okay, so I wasn't sure on this book and spent a lot of time debating whether I should buy it or skip it. The teaser on the Kobo site was what finally got me to cave (that and the fact that no local library I could find had the book on their shelves). Very happy that I did cave. Adrian and Cleo were a hoot, and I enjoyed their relationship and how it evolved. Yes, the situation in which they found themselves was orchestrated for the book. But it's fiction, so suspend diselief folks and dive on in [...]

    14. How many more times does he have to say he's hot or sexy in this book for him to shut up ? I don't really need him telling me 30 times. Other than that the book was kinda okay?

    15. Holy moly guys. Seriously, I laughed the whole way through this. The characters are smart and witty, the sex is damn hot, the plot is hilarious. Loved it, this is on my favourites list.

    16. Review also posted here fangirlavue/When I finished Adrian Lessons last night, I knew exactly what I was going to type. I had all my thoughts together, and as soon as I fired up my laptop to begin, BAM, all of my thoughts scattered like scared mice. So after 10 minutes of brainstorming how I was going to describe this story, I came up with one word . . .Crazy!Saying this book was good just isn't enough. It was fun, entertaining, and beyond Hilarious. I haven't laughed that hard while reading a b [...]

    17. I couldn't figure out what rating to give this book so let's just go with 3.5 ⭐️ Genre: NA contemporary RomancePOV: Both protagonists!Humour: 9/10. I mean have you READ Christina Lauren's books?! They're the actual 10. Embarrassment: 6/10Smut: 7/10Romance: 7/10The love confession: 4/10. I didn't know if you actually wanted to know this rating but this is a big deal for me. Let me know if you want it for the rest of the books I review this year. I love the name Cleo but I still can't figure o [...]

    18. It wasokay. Okay, it was funny as hell in the first few chapters and it just spiraled downward after their first date. The spiraling was so sudden, I thought the book was written by two people. The sappiness was too much sometimes. I gave this two stars because there are only a few books that have made me laugh out loud. The sense of humor of this heroine deserves a rotfl moment. Sadly, the momentum was not sustained. The sex scenes were hot but kind of over the top. Realistically speaking, I ju [...]

    19. 2.7-ish starsThis had soooo much potential. Honestly, after approximately 13 chapters of back and forth between the characters I was just tired of their story and I skipped some pages.Buuut, the writing was quite entertaining?

    20. Cleo’s always written the sex scenes in her roommate’s successful romance novels, but it seems her muse has flown the coop, and everything she tries to write now morphs into something entirely unromantic. But when her roommate coerces her into using the hottest guy on campus to spark the heat back into her writing, specifically by acting out some of the foreplay until her muse takes residence again, Cleo finds herself in over her very chaotic head.Judging Covers: I do like the clean, rather [...]

    21. Note: I was provided a copy of this book for review.Adrian Lessons is a new adult contemporary romance and after finishing this book I can certainly say it is definitely more adult than not. The story revolves around Cleo, writer of erotic fanfiction and ghost writer for the sex scenes in her friend’s romance novels, who soon finds herself infatuated by a guy in her class, Adonis-like Adrian King. Conflicted and lustful she tries to fight her feelings but is soon drawn into those green eyes. C [...]

    22. Giveaway provided by the author! Thanks again for this! I love it! Review to come!!!**************************************************************************From the beginning, i totally get the mood of this book: hilarious, sexy, hot and some romantic moments who make me swoon!This book is told from a dual POV : Cleo and Adrian.I love this writing style when the characters put all their thoughts and interact with the readers.Back the story : Cleo is a student who writes sexy scenes for her roo [...]

    23. I received this book for free from a publisher in exchange for an honest review.How It Made Me Feel:Oh. My. Gosh. I don't even know where to start. This book was something that kept me laughing from the beginning to the end and by the fifth chapter, I, myself, was in love with Adrian King. It's been a long time since I've been able to visit a story and characters that were real and honest and horribly dorky, like myself. I immediately connected with Cleo and felt as if I was here. I can't even b [...]

    24. **You can see this full review and more at Book Briefs: bookbriefs** Adrian Lesson's was a new adult book that felt fresh and different. I thought it was going to be a girl and popular playing guy dancing around each, leading to an inevitable romance. But there was a whole other element that took me completely by surprise. I loved the added depth from Adrian where Cleo was concerned. It made the story feel fresh and so endearing. But don't worry there is still the URST (unresolved sexual tensio [...]

    25. I absolutely adore this book. I was taken by surprise by how much I ended up smiling and laughing while reading this wonderful story. This book made me realize this is all I ever wanted from a new adult book. I've been so disappointed in the new adult genre this year, so it takes a lot for me to be impressed. But I can now say I'm officially impressed by Adrian Lessons! At first, I stopped reading because the beginning didn’t intrigue me but up until recently, I started reading it again and I [...]

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