Westward Justice

Westward Justice A historical western cowboy romance novel about a mail order bride A clean romance novel Sammi Jameson has seen her two best friends leave Walhalla and move to Dawson Montana She s lonely and bored S

  • Title: Westward Justice
  • Author: Linda Bridey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A historical western cowboy romance novel about a mail order bride A clean romance novel Sammi Jameson has seen her two best friends leave Walhalla and move to Dawson, Montana She s lonely and bored So when her friend Jamie lets her know that another eligible bachelor is up for grabs in Dawson, Sammi waits for the ad to be posted and isn t disappointed A handsome lA historical western cowboy romance novel about a mail order bride A clean romance novel Sammi Jameson has seen her two best friends leave Walhalla and move to Dawson, Montana She s lonely and bored So when her friend Jamie lets her know that another eligible bachelor is up for grabs in Dawson, Sammi waits for the ad to be posted and isn t disappointed A handsome lawman is in need of a wife and Sammi knows she s the perfect woman for the job She sets her sights on the deputy and heads off to Montana.Deputy Mitch Taylor is looking for a woman who s strong, independent, and beautiful Sammi Jameson fits the bill to a T His boss and friend, Sheriff Allen passes away unexpectedly, leaving him with a lot of unexpected responsibility as the new sheriff When Sammi arrives in town, she proceeds to shake things up, including him The gun toting, tough woman might just be than he bargained for.Amid danger and desire, they make a passionate connection While Dawson is in upheaval, Mitch and Sammi are experiencing their own difficulties Broken promises and heartache plague the couple and their marriage may fall victim to their love being lost forever.

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    1. I reviewed this through Audiobook Boom in exchange for a fair review. The reader; J. Scott Bennett, does a decent job. I didn't find him distracting, but I wasn't crazy about his voices for women.Author isn't my cuppaSammi and MitchFor pity's sake. I can't finish this one. DNF @ 20%Sammi is the 3rd of the trio of friends from Walhalla South Dakota. She is tall, wears pants and carries a gun. I liked her at first. Mitch is the deputy in town and after tragedy strikes, becomes the sheriff just bef [...]

    2. This was one of the books in the series that I didn't really love. I usually love the characters and story but Sammi and Mitch were both annoying at times. I really didn't like how Sammi had to be the one to apologize in the end. It really drove me nuts. Hoping the next one is better.

    3. A Cowboy RomanceThe story had a decent pace and was interesting, however, I was a bit surprised by some of the questionable language.Sammi, the female lead, is a little lonely since her friends have left home to become mail order brides.So, when she tells one of her friends, she is informed that there is a certain law, Deputy Mitch, is in need of a wife.Sammi decides that Mitch is a catch, so she decides to visit Montana, events quickly pick up from there with a few surprises , twists, and turns [...]

    4. This is one of the better ones of the other books in the series. (I've read Books 1-6) I like that Sammi plays a more active role than some of the women in the previous books. I like these books, but one thing that I don't like is how it always seems that the men are doing everything while the women are passive. The books seem to be more about the men than the women. Claire didn't show up at all in this book, but the Samuels brothers always show up and have a big role. Also, there were lots of t [...]

    5. I have enjoyed how the men in this series simply have an excellent friend who helps them with their mission for a wife. Sammie and Mitches Story is very entertaining and not your ordinary run of the mill mail order bride story. I love her character and wonder how many more mail order brides were so much like Sammie. I loved how the plot unfolded, it kept me wondering what would become of these two. Another great story by Linda Bridey!

    6. Audiobook - Narration, J. Scott Bennett - he's a very enjoyable narrator. perfect for these historical romances.Sheriff Mitch Taylor decides he needs a bride and his call is answered by Sammi Jameson. Sammi is the tomboy of all tomboys. An orphan who had some nasty business to deal with in her past learned to protect herself - to fight, shoot guns and throw knives. She wears pants and doesn't take crap from anybody. When she shows up in Dawson and is mistaken as a deputy, she steps in and handle [...]

    7. This is another great book in the Montana Mail Order Brides series. I've now read the first six books in the series, but I don't think that is necessary to enjoy them as each book kind of stands alone. I like reading them in order because I can see how relationships between the characters (which are present in all the books) develops. I really liked the main character, Sammi. She is beautiful, strong, tall, and tough. I enjoyed seeing how things were addressed when she revealed her "past situati [...]

    8. Another great addition to the series. Very entertaining and enjoyable as always. While each book can be read as a stand alone, I would start at the beginning just for the enjoyment of each story as well as getting to know all the characters. It's one big extended family that you can't wait to come back and visit.This time it's Sammi's turn to find her cowboy. I have been waiting for Sammi's story since she was first introduced into the series. She is such a great character. A strong, independent [...]

    9. Loved the characters in this one. Mitch was the Sheriff. He places an ad in an out-of-town newspaper for a mail-order bride, wanting to be discreet about it. Jamie and Lacey, mail-order brides themselves, contact their friend Sammi and tell her to look for the ad. They aren't sure who posted it but think she should answer it. After all, they found the men of their dreams that way. But Sammi is different than other women. She wears trousers, carries a gun, is an expert with a knife and can best a [...]

    10. I just love this series of Mail Order Brides. Each person in this series has a relationship either as family or as a friend to start with.In this particular book we have the Mitch, the Deputy Sheriff who soon becomes the Sheriff falling in love with Sammi, a gun slinging and knife throwing young lady.She is cute, she is sexy and she knows how to defend herself. He is a hunk, loving but a no nonsense type and they are both crazy for each other.This story tells us about the ups and downs in their [...]

    11. Sammi Jameson doesn’t put up with crap from anyone. She is headstrong and can take care of herself. When she comes to town to meet Mitch Taylor, something clicks with them immediately. Being the time period it is, Sammi doesn’t fit in well with other women, she wears pants and carries weapons. She is afraid she isn’t the type of woman Mitch needs. I think Linda Bridey created a wonderful story again. The Montana Mail Order Brides Series can be read as standalone novels, but I am glad I hav [...]

    12. “This audiobook was given by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review via Audiobook Boom.”Mail Order Bride - Westward Justice: Montana Mail Order Brides, Book 6: Linda BrideyI love re-visiting Dawson, Montana and all the great characters that call it home. In this book Deputy Sheriff Mitch is in the market for a mail order bride. Sammi answers the advertisement and travels west. She is a strong woman who has gotten use to taking care of herself. Lots o [...]

    13. The Montana Mail Order Brides books are enjoyable stories that are each complete without the feeling of being rushed through and entwine the characters into the other books within the series. As most romance books each couple has their ups and downs, inner battles, heartaches, happy times and end in a happy ending. It combines different cultures and the hardships and struggles that goes along with it. I found this to be a great mix in the story and was well done. Once I finish one book I quickly [...]

    14. Sammy is a no nonsense girl and I love it! She knows how to handle weapons and she's not afraid to use them. Try to manhandle her Only if you want to be on the losing end of her wrath! How refreshing! No mealy mouth whiner here, and Mitch loves every prickly part of her! I wasn't really fond of the narrator's style, it didn't stop me from listening, but I wavered on my rating, it almost took a four star story down to three, but time to reflect made it fall on the side of 4 stars in my opinion.

    15. Great read!So far this had the least number of misspellings word Mrs. or too many words. The story is great I love the new characters I love the expansion into the native American family The introduction of more of the towns people and Dawson becoming a real place besides the Samuels farm or ranch

    16. Equal rights, law and orderThe sheriff find himself in a bind when he discovers the beautiful mail order bride who answers his ad is as good as he is with a gun or knife. She dresses like a man and is a first rate bouncer, but is all woman. She captures the respect of the Chief, is best friends with the mayor, great read.

    17. I am really enjoying the Montana Mail Order Bride series by Linda Bridey. It is extremely difficult to find a "clean" western mail order bride book that is not Christian. However, Ms Bridey does this with ease. Her stories are enjoyable and not predictable. She is on my must read list. I just love the character of Sammi

    18. “I was provided this audiobook at no charge by the author, publisher and/or narrator in exchange for an unbiased review via AudiobBlast dot come”.I liked this book because it had Passion, Romance and Suspense.I also thought that Sammi and Dawson were perfect for each other!

    19. Not all that cleanI can count on one hand the books I just couldn't finish reading and this was one of them. Not only was it not a "clean" book, but it wasn't at all well written. And it was set in the wrong time period - women didn't act like Sammi old west.

    20. Love this series!Fantastic story and amazing characters. It's addicting and I can't wait for the next book!! Family learning and growing together is the way life should be

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