Geraldine's Big Snow

Geraldine s Big Snow Geraldine can t wait for the snow to come so that she can coast down the hill on her sled

  • Title: Geraldine's Big Snow
  • Author: Holly Keller
  • ISBN: 9780688075132
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Geraldine can t wait for the snow to come so that she can coast down the hill on her sled.

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      455 Holly Keller
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    1 thought on “Geraldine's Big Snow”

    1. I enjoyed the illustrations very much. The author's description of the snowfall was poetic and filled with peace.

    2. This is a really cheerful book. The book begins: "Geraldine brought her new sled down from the attic and put her boots near the door. 'I'm ready.' she said." What we have is an anxious little pig awaiting the first snow fall of the season. Her mom tells her it's much easier waiting if you don't sit and watch, but Geraldine is too excited. She asks her mom to tell her again what the weather man said about a the snow storm coming and she asks her mom to show her how much a foot of snow is.She walk [...]

    3. When Emily was very young, we would regularly read another Geraldine book called Geraldine's Blanket. It was one of her favorites and she always requested that I read it with the voice. The voice happened to be my version of a southern accent. Not very good I'm afraid, but a must in Emily's opinion.This book told of Geraldine's wait for the first big snow of the year. She wanted to sled, so she waited, and waited, and waited for the snow to fall. Finally she had to go to bed and while she slept, [...]

    4. I was so excited to learn there were more Geraldine books! I loved Geraldine's Blanket when I was little. I thought she was a cute pig and I loved how resourceful she was in the end. And you see Rosie wearing the blanket-dress in most of the other books as well. This book is simply showing a child's anticipation for a big snow to come. I like that Keller is good with including typical emotions in the characters without focusing too much on them or distracting from the plot. (e.g. mother's annoya [...]

    5. This was a very cute, very basic (without being boring) story about a little girl pig that couldn't wait for that 'foot deep snow' to happen. She heard on the weather that's what was coming she saw people in her neighborhood getting prepared for it, going shopping, going to the library, getting the snow plow on the vehicles etc. She couldn't wait and she KNEW it wasn't going to happenbut it did and everyone was happy in the end. The illustrations and story flowed nicey and was great. Was pleasan [...]

    6. These pictures are, like, ingrained on my mind; I've read it so many times throughout my childhood. Geraldine's longing for snow and excitement when it finally comes perfectly match what I felt when younger (and still occasionally feel [I went outside yesterday]). Just, a super sweet book filled with the magic of winter and all that good stuff ;u;

    7. Cute book with fun illustrations for little ones who are eager for snow. I do think she should have been gently admonished to asked more politely instead of demanding her mom to tell her again what Papa heard on the radio. Maybe that one page could have been better worded IMO.

    8. I honestly don't know how many times I've read this book as a child, but even as an adult it is still really cute. Geraldine is impatiently waiting for the big snow that is supposed to come and talks to other characters while she waits.

    9. This is a fun book about snow that I would love to read in a classroom when snow is being predicted for that week. It also teaches patience because when you least expect something to come it will be there.

    10. A cute kids book about waiting for snow when you really want it to come. For example, when you get a new sled!"Geraldine started to sing. "It's coming, it's coming, it's coming." She sang all the way home and watched the sky."

    11. It reminds me exactly of how I felt waiting for snow. I loved reading it, and the illustrations are cute and perfect. Thanks to the author, Holly Keller, and all the people who worked on it, and yay for the Weekly Reader!

    12. Very cute story about how everyone, particularly one little girl, is preparing for a snow storm. The vocab is a little hard for an independent read, but would be a great read-aloud when we get close to snow season.

    13. Everyone is preparing for the big snow, but it's taking too long to arrive for Geraldine. Once she falls asleep, the snow begins to fall and all of the preparations finally come in handy.

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    15. This will strike a chord with any kid who's waited anxiously for that first big snow or snow day from school.

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