The One Thing

The One Thing When everything falls apart he s the one thing that holds me together I have the life everybody wants My own TV show money the guy everyone wants and invites to all of Hollywood s most exclusive pa

  • Title: The One Thing
  • Author: Briana Gaitan
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  • Page: 114
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  • When everything falls apart, he s the one thing that holds me together.I have the life everybody wants.My own TV show, money,the guy everyone wants, and invites to all of Hollywood s most exclusive parties.But I m beginning to miss all the things you normal people take for granted.Privacy and love Everything I do gets scrutinized and plastered on the front of every tabloiWhen everything falls apart, he s the one thing that holds me together.I have the life everybody wants.My own TV show, money,the guy everyone wants, and invites to all of Hollywood s most exclusive parties.But I m beginning to miss all the things you normal people take for granted.Privacy and love Everything I do gets scrutinized and plastered on the front of every tabloid.I don t deal with it like I should, and I m not turning into the person I always envisioned.Everyone wants to be my best friend, but I ve never felt aloneUntil I meet him.The indie musician who could care less about my social status or what s in my bank account.He wants to make me happy The problem is he wants to make everyone else happy too.The world is against us, pushing us apart, and it s beginning to feel as if we are only meant to be friends.

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    1. The One Thing is a so much more than a love story – it truly was a story about two people who needed to find themselves before they could find each other.Ginger seemed to be the one who had it all – she’s beautiful, has money, has a great job as an actress on a top-rated tv show, and is involved with one of Hollywood’s hottest stars. But when things start to fall apart and the demons and insecurities from her past begin to surface, she tries to drown it all out in the bottom of a bottle. [...]

    2. Thank you to the author, Briana Gaitan, for organizing the blog tour and gifting copies of the book in exchange for honest reviews!The thing that really amazed me while reading this book and the preceding one (The Last Thing) is that it's so realistic. The stories center around Hollywood characters and their lives. Some books might portray the stereotypical 'attention-seeking' characters that don't have the best morals. In Ms. Gaitan's books however, another side of Hollywood is shown where ther [...]

    3. ~~~~~~~~~~Dee's ★★★★★ Review~~~~~~~~~~The complicated, frustrating attraction between Caspian and Ginger makes for an enjoyable journey. Never have I read about a love relationship with so many curves, hills, valleys and twists. Kinda reminds me of the highways of southeast Missouri that were laid down by a drunken survey crew! Cas allows others to influence his decisions, totally ignoring his heart and is unwilling to fight for his love. Ginger, on the other hand, has a lot of growing [...]

    4. ~Thanks to the author for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review~Brilliant. What an exciting book. Ginger deserved her happy ending. The One Thing, told from Ginger and Caspian's view (later in the book) was about Ginger's hard life. Ginger's POV was interesting. Caspian's POV was amazing. I actually didn't really mind that Quinn and Chase from The last Thing were in the background- The One Thing was an interesting and sustaining read, and I certainly didn't get bored of reading it at [...]

    5. I loved it! Ginger and Caspain had a complicated 'friendship', I loved the correspondence between the two of them! They are both fantastic characters and I'm seriously hoping to hear more from them please? hehe. I felt so sorry for Ginger throughout a lot of this book, she had lost herself and it was heart breaking, but was great to read about her finding herself again and pulling her life together, a lot because of Caspian of course!Was lovely to still read about Quinn and Chase and of course b [...]

    6. I was lucky enough to beta read this book, and it was one that I was eagerly awaiting.This is Ginger's story and we really find out what is beneath all that facade she puts one. What we find is a broken woman who feels like she has to put on a brave face everyday in order to accomplish anything.I think that she feels like she doesn't deserve any better than she has already.Meet Caspian, I really loved him here in this book and he really felt real and Ginger deserves someone like him.This is a re [...]

    7. I absolutely loved this book!!! I loved watching these two come together and actually be there for each other. These characters captured my heart and soul. This is a great story about realizing that you can't everything just to please everyone and you really need to do what makes you happy. This book completely drew me in on the first page and I could not put it down. I cannot wait to read more from Briana Gaitan.

    8. I'm done!!! Caspian is my favorite character ever written. I hope every one enjoys, and there is a discussion group if you'd like to join! facebook/groups/92018

    9. *Gifted for an honest review*Soft romances are not my usual read, I like a dark gritty kind of story but when I need a break from that kind of thing, these stories soothe my soul perfectly. I love to immerse myself in some angsty, feel good lurve. I was wrong about this one though, it's not so much a soft romance, it isn't all mushy, and doesn't leave that saccharine sweet taste in your mouth. This is Ginger's story, who certainly made and impression in The Last Thing. Quinn's loud cousin and Ba [...]

    10. I was so excited to hear we would be getting a story for Ginger, who we met in The Last Thing. She was Quinn's cousin and I instantly felt for her. She was involved with a cheating boyfriend and sucked into a world of fame and money. I wanted to see her fall in love and finally find what makes her happy. Ginger is not perfect. And I loved her more for it! She parties too much, materialistic, shallow and sometimes immature. Just trying to keep up with those around her and become famous, she ends [...]

    11. My Review: ARC provided (tour host Jan. 21st)4.5-5 stars!I really enjoyed this book. The build up, the chemistry, just the overall realness to it. I pretty much read it in a day and was so happy to get the opportunity to read and review. I liked The Last Thing a lot but I just adored this book.Ginger (h) is struggling with the Hollywood life and keeping up a charade she doesn't want to deal with anymore. She has had enough of her fiance's cheating habits and is ready to call it quits. She relies [...]

    12. I had the pleasure of reading both books in the series and I was delightfully surprised at how endearing both stories are. The characters in The One Thing are real and easily relatable to even though their world is set far apart from most people's lives. Caspian and Ginger have everyday issues and conflicts which the author's pairs with a romantic storyline that is not an over-the-top unbelievable like a lot of recent book releases. I originally thought that Ginger's character was a hot mess and [...]

    13. **** 4.5 star read ****I was given a copy of this book from the Author for my honest opinion.The One Thing is the second book in the Hollywood Times Series. In this book we learn more about Ginger.Ginger is smart Beautiful and a Hollywood star who is very insecure and unhappy with the way her life is unfolding. Recently breaking up with her boyfriend she is just a total mess and reaching out for her only friend the bottle. Thinking that by drinking it will take away all the pain and make her who [...]

    14. Oh my! Such deliciousness!!!Ginger's story was just sooo good, so awesome. Totally awe-inspiring. And seriously funny.Argh, this is definitely a new favorite!The writing was written with an easy flow and very smooth. I really liked the different points of view which changed between the two main charcters Ginger and Cas.Ginger's character is very out there, but still a very head-strong female character that reminds me a bit of Juana in Bonelli's Caballo de Fuego trilogy. Oh, and Quinn would be li [...]

    15. The One Thing is the second book in the Hollywood Times Series and is just as great as the first book! In this book we get to know Ginger, Quinn's cousin. I loved getting to read more about Quinn and Chase too.This is a great love story. Ginger thought she had it allfame, fortune and a fabulous fiancé. Slowly but surely her life comes crumbling down. Her fiancé cheats and that begins her struggle. She had always drank and probably too much but she would never admit that she had a problem. Then [...]

    16. Ginger left a lasting impression on me in The Last Thing. I was curious as to how she was going to escape the clutches of her ex. I also wondered about who would capture her attention and make her see her inside was as beautiful as her outside. That last statement is significant because I never thought I'd say that. I started reading this book with so many expectations and yet what I read was much better and different than anything I expected. I was surprised by Caspian and Ginger's relationship [...]

    17. Please check out my full review heretrinastantilisingtidbitssThis is a magnificant story about Life, Love, Pressure, Idols, Rockstars and just simply living.It will have you absolutely hooked from the first page, and you too will look forward to the correspondance that passes between Ginger and Caspian.Ginger does not always make the right decisions in life and this leads to more trouble down the track that she never foresee's at the time, she battles on and off with alcohol which of course lead [...]

    18. This book was given to me by the author for an honest review. I'm addicted to these books now. Love them. You met Ginger or Deena in the last book. She's Quinn's cousin. Well in this book you also meet Caspian. Ginger has a drinking problem that everyone keeps pointing out to her but she just doesn't see the problem.  It helps her when she's stressed. She meets Caspian on the way to meet with a casting director. He's a musician. He invites her to his show that evening and she ends up catching t [...]

    19. Received a copy of the book from the author for an honest review.Ginger and Barrett have had a up and down relationship. Some how they even managed to get engaged. Even though he keeps cheating on her she stays with him. When finally enough is enough. Starting to drink heavy Ginger's life is starting to spiral out of control. A chance meeting with Caspian outside a building in Nashville starts a friendship that becomes so much more.I liked Ginger in the first book with Quinn and Chase and was gl [...]

    20. This is Ginger's story and it is wonderfully written. I have fast become a fan of Briana Gaitan. The One Thing sucks you in from the beginning. We first meet Ginger in The Last Thing. She is a firecracker but she also has some self esteem issues. Barrett has treated her like crap and for so long she felt like that was as good as it gets and she just let him get away with it. But she finally draws the line, and this time, she meets Cas. These two have such a great attraction for one another, but [...]

    21. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.I was super excited to read this story after reading The Last Thing and feel like Briana is definitely a go to author.I loved Ginger. The way she handled her struggles may not have been the wisest choice, but it made her feel very human to me, countering her 'public' persona. Unfortunately, I had a bit of a hard time connecting with Caspian, which made it hard to enjoy the connection he and Ginger had.It was great to see what happen [...]

    22. The author was so kind to give me a chance to read this in an exchange for a review. I loved this book just as I did the last book. It had a great story line that held depth and had intimacy with chapters filled of explicit sex scenes. You get to see what happens with the couple from the last book which was my one complaint how short of an ending and how the reader was left hanging with so many questions. She did a great job and I would recommend this series this so far my favorite of the two I' [...]

    23. Okay, first and foremost WOW!!! I read an ARC of this and i was floored. Be aware that there are some adult situations in this book, so if you aren't into that. well you know. I loved it and can say nothing but great things about Briana Gaitan and her newest release. My heart broke along with Ginger, I hoped with her and cried with her too. The characters are so real and you can relate to them. Goodness gracious it was awesome. Thank you Briana for putting together such great characters with rea [...]

    24. This one is a slow burn, but worth it. Ginger is a mess and Caspian is so sweet, but both have personal issues to deal with before they can be together. I liked how Ginger seemed to grow over the course of the book. I didn't read the first book but this stood alone pretty well. There was enough background for things to make sense. I would have liked a bit more at the end. I felt like it ended just a bit too soon. I was happy for them, though. I would recommend this one.

    25. I received this for an honest review I have to say that I really enjoyed this book just like the first one. This is Ginger's story and I just love how you really get to know her underneath everything. There is alot more to Ginger than meets the eye. This is the second book in this series and a very enjoyable series at that. I really enjoyed Caspains entry into Gingers life and felt that these two were perfect for each other WELL DONE!!!

    26. I enjoyed this one more than book 1, Ginger is my favorite and everything she has gone through and still manages to stand is unbelievable and made me fall in love with her more. the chemistry between Caspian and ginger will keep you hooked from beginning to end. thank you Brianna fr writing this and letting me read its unbelievably awesome and i can't wait to read your next book

    27. Stick a fork in me I'm done.This is a story about love, life, and friendship. Ginger and Caspian will have you screaming at the pages with both anger and excitement. If you liked The Last Thing, you will LOVE this one! It's amazing and I couldn't put it down. I love Caspian.So much.I can't even.

    28. I thoroughly enjoyed reading The One Thing. I was never quite sure where the story would go. In The Last Thing I didn't care for Ginger but in this book she is finally growing up. great for an escape read.

    29. I loved reading this book and following Ginger as she found strength to overcome things.Imaginative Dreams was given for an honest review.

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