Deliberately Bound

Deliberately Bound A free short story featuring Oliver and Vincent from the Bound series This story takes place after the events in Bound Forever Lord Oliver Marsden loves books but what he loves even is submitting to

  • Title: Deliberately Bound
  • Author: Ava March
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A free short story featuring Oliver and Vincent from the Bound series This story takes place after the events in Bound Forever.Lord Oliver Marsden loves books, but what he loves even is submitting to Vincent A large purchase for his bookshop, however, puts Oliver in the mood to push Vincent s boundaries in bed farther than ever before.Lord Vincent Prescot is thA free short story featuring Oliver and Vincent from the Bound series This story takes place after the events in Bound Forever.Lord Oliver Marsden loves books, but what he loves even is submitting to Vincent A large purchase for his bookshop, however, puts Oliver in the mood to push Vincent s boundaries in bed farther than ever before.Lord Vincent Prescot is than happy to have his lover home Two days without Oliver were far too long in Vincent s opinion But before he can toss his lover onto the bed, he realizes Oliver has his own plans for the evening Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable Domination submission, male male sexual practices.

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      240 Ava March
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    1 thought on “Deliberately Bound”

    1. Omg omg omg! This was my favorite sex scene with Vincent and Oliver throughout the entire series. I loved how Oliver tried to Dom Vincent and things didn't go quite as planned! It was so sweet and HOT! And poor Oliver will never be allowed to purchase books on his own ever again! Haha

    2. HOT, SEXY AND INTIMATE.I adore Oliver and Vincent and by far this is my favorite sex scene in the entire series.

    3. Another sneak-peek into Oliver and Vincent's bedchamber, and what a delight!!!I wasn't ready to let go of the MCs just yet when I finished reading The Bound Series and thank you, Ava March, for this sweet little story to complement the series.Again, this short is sexy and kinky and definitely worth reading!!! ;)

    4. Steamy short kinky m/m romance in which things don't go at all as Vincent had planned upon Oliver's return from London.

    5. Another steamy short with Oliver and Vincent and a few of their favorite toys and cuffs. Oh so very hawt.

    6. This hot little story covers just one scene. I will most likely re-read this one. It's a historical m/m BD scene between two established lovers - Victor and Oliver. Oh the sex was hot. I liked it. There was just enough background which helped me get into the right frame of mind. I could tell the two were into each other. Now I want to read the series.

    7. 4 Stars ~ This is another lovely moment of intimacy shared. Oliver, returning to Vincent after a successful business trip, has planned a night of more firsts for Vincent. Knowing he can absolutely trust his lover, Vincent opens himself to the new experience and finds himself surprised at how much of a tease Oliver can be. I enjoyed this little bit of spice.

    8. Not bad but as hot as this was, I didn't feel all that comfortable reading about Vincent's reluctance to sub for Oliver. I mean, reading his thoughts, it felt more like guilt-tripping than a genuine desire to sub.

    9. Review originally posted on The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange :)To read my review on the full Bound series, please see it here or on my blog :D

    10. The beauty of Vincent's domination is only rivaled by the beauty of Oliver's submission. Very enjoyable series!Note: Review is for the series as a whole rather than the individual books.

    11. 2.5 - 3 starsThis is a short, historical m/m piece from the Bound series (#3.5, to be exact) featuring Lord Oliver and Lord Vincent. I obtained this as a freebie and had not read the other books in the series. When I started reading it, I may have forgotten that it was part of a series and I certainly didn't remember what the blurb had said. In any case, I've seen this author's name as an m/m author before, and I may have been aware, at one point, that she wrote historical m/m, a sub-genre of m/ [...]

    12. Totally yummy, this time Vincent submits to Oliver. Onward to the next one. I'd forgotten just how much I love this series.

    13. Quite a lovely addition to the story of Vincent and Oliver. Ava March has a way with words to make even cuffs seems alluring and erotic. And the little game Oliver played was well in the head space created by Bound Forever. Showing the little dominant streak in Oliver taking over and knowing just how far to press Vincent into trying new things. And Vincent was wonderfully shy and apprehensive about the whole ordeal though trusting Oliver to make him feel good.It's an interesting dynamic and Ava [...]

    14. I was a little worried about reading this short story, having not read the previous stories in the Bound series, however, this was just a long bedroom scene and I thought that it was very well done. I didn't feel that I was missing any important info about Oliver and Vincent, but this did intrigue me enough to want to go and start reading the Bound series from the beginning. I don't normally read historical romances, but I love the BDSM aspect of their relationship.

    15. 3.5 starsEvery time Lord Oliver Marsden succeeds at acquiring interesting books for his bookshop he goes back to his lover in a special mood… A mood which makes him want to experiment dominance over his lover Lord Vincent Prescot. Vincent does not complain, but he concludes he must accompany Oliver to this next trip in search of new books…Hot, hot, hot. These two are sexy together. This short story is the icing on the cake of this steamy series.

    16. This is a novella to a novella . Each book in the actual series is about 100 pages. This was a historical mm romance. I'm this novella they switch roles and the person who normal tops bottoms and they play with ties and toys. It wasn't terrible but it is an easily forgettable novella. I think if it was included in a normal novella it would be a 3 but to me the conversations seemed forced and uncomfortable

    17. Another fun little snippet with Vincent and Oliver, this time with Oliver being in charge. Again, the sexy times worked for me. I liked Vincent's initial reluctance to submit and how Oliver handled it. All in all, this (along with the other short) leaves me intrigued about the series as a whole.-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal

    18. Love the series. I thought for a few minutes that Oliver was going to turn the tables on Vincent but to each his own. Oliver gave himself over to his lover and Vincent was happy to do whatever Oliver needed to please him. Love this little vignettes. A day in the life type of story. Really helps keep the characters developing and moving forward.Recommended.

    19. Basically one long (well, as long as a short story of 5,500 words can be) kinky sex scene between Oliver and Vincent, involving fingers, dildo, hands being tied It's nice to read this established couple still going strong. And well, it also takes only minutes of your time. It's like eating chips!!PS: It's also free.

    20. I enjoyed this short story of Vincent and Oliver swapping play positions in the bedroom, which makes Vincent very nervous. It's short but sexy and you can feel a connection between these two characthers. Please note this is m/m and includes anal play, it is wrote very sensually though.

    21. It was fun and interesting seeing Oliver and Vincent reverse roles. Vincent really got an eye-opener of what it means to be submissive. The plot and pacing were just right for this short read. The two characters are so good as almost opposite, but knowing each other well.

    22. I loved it! This is why I haven't given up entirely on historical books! Ava is amazing and writes each detail beautifully without exagerating or going over the top.She simply gives you in a way that leaves you wanting for more!!loved it!

    23. Definitely one of the sexiest historical series I’ve read! Oliver seems to find a little inspiration on his latest book acquisition adventure and returns home with a few ideas of his own. Vincent goes with the flow and what ensues is at the heart of what I love about these guys. Wonderful!

    24. very short but hot little interlude. It is only like 16 pages and i think I would have really enjoyed it more if I had read any of the other books. It is not really a story persay, but more a scene from their lives between books.

    25. A final look at Oliver and Vincent's life together. Shows both heroes as comfortable in their relationship and in their position in society. I loved the fact that Vincent allowed Oliver to take control in the bedroom which is very different than the beginning of their series.

    26. A lovely sweet short that shows us Oliver turning the tables on Vincent. Oliver seems to have a novel way of celebrating the successful acquisition of books for his shops & Vincent is the reluctant recipient of those celebrations. Just lovely.

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