Not Always a Saint

Not Always a Saint After the death of his sweetheart when he was at university Daniel Herbert buried his grief in medical studies and his passion for healing Viewed as a saint by those who know him in his own mind he

  • Title: Not Always a Saint
  • Author: Mary Jo Putney
  • ISBN: 9781420127171
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
  • After the death of his sweetheart when he was at university, Daniel Herbert buried his grief in medical studies and his passion for healing Viewed as a saint by those who know him, in his own mind, he never quite manages to live up to his own high standards Most men would be thrilled to learn they ve inherited a title and estate from a distant relative, but Daniel is appAfter the death of his sweetheart when he was at university, Daniel Herbert buried his grief in medical studies and his passion for healing Viewed as a saint by those who know him, in his own mind, he never quite manages to live up to his own high standards Most men would be thrilled to learn they ve inherited a title and estate from a distant relative, but Daniel is appalled because the burden of wealth will interfere with his medical calling Warily he accepts that he must enter society and seek a wife a sensible woman who can oversee his properties, leaving him free to continue his work He does not expect to become intoxicated by a woman called the Black Widow, who is as mysterious as she is shockingly beautiful Jessie Kelham s looks have always been a curse Now alone with a young daughter and a perilous secret, she is in need of protection But dangerously attractive Daniel Herbert is not the kind of husband she has in mind If he recognizes her, the demons of her past will surely erupt Yet they cannot keep apart and soon they are drawn into a union that may bring joy or shattering danger

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    1 thought on “Not Always a Saint”

    1. DNFThe hero was promising. The heroine was promising. But together they just did not work for me.The "instant lust" almost never works for me and that was DEFINITELY the case here. As I wrote in one of my status updates: "Lightning keeps shattering when he looks at her. Enough with the thunderstorm!!" The constant taking-breath-away and electrocution really got on my nerves.I also felt like Putney threw in way too many twist and turns. Jessie was an overdone onion - layer after layer after layer [...]

    2. Beautiful love story for readers who like their romance on the tamer side. Charming characters make this book come alive. As part of The Lost Lords series, it is not necessary to read the others but far more enjoyable if you do. It's nice to have a heroine who is not an innocent miss and can hold her own. Perfect book to savor with no big mysteries here. Be sure to add this author to your summer reading list.

    3. Mary Jo Putney has a gift for making even the most unlikely or incredible situations believable through the very real emotions her characters feel. In Not Always a Saint, Jessie’s past holds far more than her fair share of troubles, but I easily connected with her and even more with Dr. Daniel Herbert, now Lord Romayne – who may not always be a saint but is always a good, kind, and honorable man.The book pulled me in from the very first scene, in which a battered, bleeding, half-strangled wo [...]

    4. This is my first book by Mary Jo Putney, and I guess I am overdue when you consider the fact that I am a historical romance fan and she has written something close to a hundred books in the genre. Obviously, she is doing something right. I didn’t love this one, though I liked it ok. It didn’t move me, but I didn’t have to force myself to finish or anything like that.This is the 7th book in The Lost Lords series, though it holds up fine as a standalone. The hero is Daniel, a doctor and surg [...]

    5. Sigh. This book was very, very boring. And sort of generic. Anddid Mary Jo Putney suddenly find Jesus? Not that that's a problem, but the last couple of her books have started to feel almost inspirational and it's just not for me. This book was just. It's almost impossible for me to comprehend that this is the same writer who gave me The Rake. I didn't hate this like I did the last book in this series, but it was just so utterly forgettable with utterly forgettable characters andgh. I think this [...]

    6. DNF at 15%The writing felt so stilted and off, which is so odd for a Putney novel, if I hadn't read and loved so many of her other books I would have assumed this is a debut author who has yet to find her voice.Can anyone give me a reason to give this book another shot? Does it get better after a plodding beginning?

    7. Since Daniel Herbert lost his young love, Rose, before they could ever marry, he has dedicated his life to being a doctor and helping people. He's a serious man (also a vicar) and isn't the least bit frivolous. When he unexpectedly inherits a barony, instead of being overjoyed, he's unhappy with the burden, as it will take away from his life's calling. He decides that he needs to find a wife, one who can help run his estate, leaving him time to focus on being a doctor and establishing clinics wh [...]

    8. Happy Release Day!!!This is the 7th book in the Lost Lords Series. I've only read the 6thd loved it. I enjoyed this one even more.I liked Daniel a lot. He's a vicar, he's a surgeon, he's a healerd now he's a lord. This last isn't something he's ever wanted. It seems like it will take a lot of time from his vocation of doctor. He begins to see some hope in the title when his brother-in-law (Lord Kirkland from the last book) mentions all the good his newly acquired wealth can do. Buthe's going to [...]

    9. This latest installment from Putney's well-established Lost Lords series offers another solid romance. Our hero, Daniel Herbert, is a very decent guy. He lost his fiancee when younger so he has compensated by devoting himself to medicine. The book begins when the hero and heroine have a brief encounter. They meet again later after Daniel learns that he has inherited a title and estate. Overwhelmed by new responsibilities he confronts the need to take a new direction, such as marrying and produci [...]

    10. First, I fully acknowledge that the plot and all its twists and turns are ridiculous. Worthy of several seasons of soap operas. However, at the heart of it are two good and kind people that I enjoyed and cared for and thoroughly liked reading.

    11. The Seventh Book in The Lost Lords series is amazing!! Daniel is a Doctor and a Vicar who has just inherited a title and estates that he has no real interest in. His sister, Laurel, who is the heroine in "Not Quite A Wife" suggests he go to London for the little season to find a wife. Daniel is a honorable man who's passion is helping his fellow man not attending social functions, but he now has a responsibility to his tenants and his heritage to find a wife and take his place in the House of Lo [...]

    12. Daniel Herbert had buried his grief in medical studies after the death of his childhood sweetheart whom he’d intended to marry. Basically, he’d closed off his heart and was passionate only for his medical studies which of course made him an exceptional doctor whom most who knew him viewed as a saint. Unfortunately, when he learned that he’d inherited a title and estate from a distant relative, Daniel was less than overjoyed as the burden of wealth would interfere with his medical calling. [...]

    13. I really appreciated the presentation of the hero as a Christian. Non-judgmental, not holier-than-thou, actually the kind of person a Christian SHOULD be. And I loved the take on prayer on page 86: "He couldn't pray for deliverance from his desires, because he didn't want to be free of them. But he could pray for the best possible outcome for himself and the woman who was fast becoming his obsession." This is not, per se, a Christian book, and the characters' faith is pretty incidental to the st [...]

    14. I don't read that many historical novels, but I still read Ms. PUtney's books. This is the next installment in The Lost Lords series. You don't read much about Doctors in the 1800's especially not ones who inherit a title and have to learn how to balance his lives. Jessie is a "black widow" who has survived 2 husbands and marries Daniel to protect her daughter from her late husband's nephew,who is trying to take over her fortune.

    15. I believe the problem with my favorite authors is their reliance on sequels which go on and on and on. A sequel implies an ending, this author has beat this series into the ground. Unappealing characters, a tired plot, and no end in sight.

    16. I love the Lost Lord series, and enjoyed this one as well - just not as much as the others. This is really 3.5* but doesn't quite rise to 4*

    17. We often think that virtue and beauty as things to aspire for -- that they are means towards a certain end. We often see in romance novels that it is the hero who is in need of redemption, and, like Dante's Beatrice, it is the heroine who guides him towards salvation.But, what if this wasn't the case? What if we flipped everything over its head?This seems to be Mary Jo Putney's intention when she wrote Daniel and Jessie's story.Daniel Herbert lost his one and only love to fever when he was a you [...]

    18. Wicked Woman Tempts Saintly Man“I don’t belong with a man who is almost a saint!”“I am no saint.”FINAL DECISION: Complex, mature characters (and a woman with a shady past) enliven the story of two people who on the surface are completely wrong for one another and yet fit together perfectly. I love stories where the characters talk and manage their relationship as adults and this one fits the bill. Twists and turns in the plot kept me guessing as to what the ultimate outcome would beE S [...]

    19. Not Always a Saint is the seventh book in the historical romance series, The Lost Lords, by Mary Jo Putney. It is currently scheduled for release on August 25 2015. This is a book that can stand well on its own, but reading the previous books might give a better sense of some of the secondary characters. I have only read one of the previous books.Daniel Herbert has spent most of his life focused on his medical studies and his passion for healing. Viewed as saintly by those who know him, he never [...]

    20. Originally posted on Adria's Romance Reviews* A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss for the purpose of an honest review.I’m not sure what went wrong with this book because up until now I’ve enjoyed this series by Mary Jo Putney so Not Always a Saint was a bit of a letdown and to me seemed like it was part of a totally different series.The plot revolves around Daniel Herbert, a doctor who still grieves for the woman he lost when he was in medical school. When Daniel [...]

    21. Ugh. I read this a few days ago and I've already forgotten most of what happened in this book. It was well written and put together nicely, but just underwhelming, I guess. Nothing like Mary Jo Putney's "The Rake" or the "Diabloical Baron" - those two were masterpieces, in my humble opinion!Let's see. so the hero's name is.(sorry about these ellipsesI'm trying to remember as I type) Daniel and the heroine's name is Jessie (short for Jezebel). Daniel is a doctor who unexpectedly inherits a title [...]

    22. This is a book I have eagerly awaited since I turned the final page of Not Quite a Wife, and I am happy to report that it exceeded my expectations. Putney has indicated in the past that she finds the alpha/beta tags unsatisfactory, preferring to describe her heroes as “warrior poets.” Nevertheless, I suspect most readers will see Daniel as a beta hero. Regardless of labels, he is a rare hero, complex and likeable with a strong sense of honor, a compassionate heart, and a clear vocation in th [...]

    23. After losing beloved betrothed while he was away studying, Daniel Herbert spends his life attempting to help as many people as possible through his work in the medical field, regardless of ability to pay. Not much else matters to Daniel but his work and his sister, Laurel, who finally finds her true love. When Daniel inherits a barony after the entire line is wiped out, he begrudgingly takes on the title. The one thing he knows he must do, is find himself a wife who will be able to help him mana [...]

    24. Originally posted HERE .When I started this book I was unaware it was the seventh in a series. I think that even though it was clear there were some things I’d missed out on from previous books, and some characters I should already know, the author did a really good job of keeping this story separate from her others. So from that point of view I think it’s fine to read this one on its own.This is a dark book in many ways. The heroine has had an endless life of abuse from three different men, [...]

    25. Jessie needs a husband quickly to keep the threat towards her daughter from happening. Daniel, a surgeon and newly a Baron, wants a wife so he can remain a surgeon and she can handle his estates. Will either get what they want?I enjoyed this story. It can be read as a standalone but it is more fulfilling to read in order so you know the back story of the other characters in this story especially Laurel, his sister. I loved Dr. Daniel Herbert. He is so refreshingly honest about what he wants to d [...]

    26. See my profile for explanations of my rating scale.Setting: Bristol, Kent, London, 1806, 1813Genre: RomanceThis is a lovely book about a doctor-turned-reluctant-lord whose search for a wife leads him to a beauty-with-a-turbulent-past. I liked the characters in this story. Daniel is a vicar as well as a doctor, but even though he doesn't practice the vocation beyond weddings, funerals, and baptisms,the fact of makes Jessie push her attraction to him away. Because she was an actress when she met h [...]

    27. Compelling!Little does Daniel Herbert know that the battered and injured woman his sister would stagger into his infirmary with during the dark hours of the night would haunt his future coming to mean more to him that he could imagine.Jessie Kelham takes on the persona of that dark night and vanishes into a new life.Some years later Daniel becomes Lord Romayne his life as a doctor changes, and not necessarily to his liking.Meanwhile, Jessie's life too has changed. She harbours a secret that coul [...]

    28. Mary Jo Putney is such a great author and I was not disappointed at all with this book! It is the seventh book in the "The Lost Lords" series by Ms. Putney. I will say that for me this is a stand alone book as I have been jumping in and out of the order of the series. I haven't found any problems doing so. We find the hero, Daniel Herbert has suffered a tragic lost of his "sweetheart" and that has set the tone for his life of working hard, studying hard and putting his time in to help others wit [...]

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