Part of Me

Part of Me Within minutes of meeting Jessa Paxton already understood that he would not be able to let her go if he ever really let her in Which is why he spent his year in her small Minnesota town playing nice

  • Title: Part of Me
  • Author: Haven Francis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Within minutes of meeting Jessa, Paxton already understood that he would not be able to let her go if he ever really let her in Which is why he spent his year in her small Minnesota town playing nice and being her friend Because Jessa s future was in Chicago and Chicago was the city where every bad memory Paxton has was made It was a city he could never return to And hWithin minutes of meeting Jessa, Paxton already understood that he would not be able to let her go if he ever really let her in Which is why he spent his year in her small Minnesota town playing nice and being her friend Because Jessa s future was in Chicago and Chicago was the city where every bad memory Paxton has was made It was a city he could never return to And he doesn t want to he is finally free from his past and living recklessly in California with his Pops and the rest of his Venice family But now that he has everything he has ever wanted, he can t help but want And he can t help but wonder if that isn t Jessa.When her first real attempt at commitment leads to a disastrous first month of college in Chicago, Jessa has reaffirmed that in a relationship she will only be one thing in control Which means she keeps her relationships filled with sex and void of emotion But it also means that, in this new life where she hoped to find herself, she is absolutely alone That is until Paxton sends his friend Violet her way Suddenly thrust into the life that Paxton left behind and sleeping in the bed in Violet s apartment that Paxton made so his, Jessa is finally starting to feel like herself But she is also discovering that she never really knew the guy she considered her best friend Who the hell is this violent, womanizing, rock god that everyone here is so reluctant to tell her about With Jessa firmly planted in Paxton s past, he can t seem to let her go But is heading back to Chicago, the city he is being paid to stay out of, for a girl who will never want anything than a stable sexual partner worth the risk Maybe Maybe he will just have to slide back into his old bed and convince Jessa that part of her is still firmly planted inside of him Maybe he will have to show her just how well they are made for each other Part of Me can be read as a standalone novel or with book two in the series, Inside of You Due to explicit sexual content, this book is intended for mature readers.

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    1. I loved this story, but I like stories where best friends fall for each other. That's exactly what happens to Paxton, but of course he doesn't realize this until he's left Minnesota for California and Jessa has went to Chicago.For reasons Pax isn't allowed in Chicago anymore so when Jessa is having a hard time he contacts his friend Violet to hang out with Jessa. When she starts getting comfortable in his old crowd and his friends start complaining they feel like babysitters, Pax decides to risk [...]

    2. 4-4.5 Stars!!!I LOVE YOU PAXTON!!!Loved this book. It was funny, it was shady, it was total swoon-worthy. Very well written she even got in the like 'gangsta' mode with some of the conversations.tally badass!! Jessa is from a small little 'country' townjust waiting to go away to school in a real citywhich happens to be Chicagowhich happens to be where Paxton is trying to stay away from. Paxton is sent to River Bluff for a year after some stuff goes down in Chicago. He has signed an agreement tha [...]

    3. I wanted to review this book the minute I finished it, but more than that I wanted to continue Paxton and jesses story and I'm glad I did because the message I really want to convey is READ THE SECOND BOOK IN THIS SERIES. I have read Havens previous books and I have loved them all. There is something about the way she writes that makes me feel more emotionally tied to the charachters than I usually feel when I read a book. This story and the characters were the opposite of her previous stories b [...]

    4. I have to say after reading the two books in The defining love series I could not wait to get my hands on Pax & Jenna's story.These characters were introduced in those books and I was eager to understand what had happened to make Pax the way he was.This story was woweverything I hoped and morePax was damagedJessa was afraid to lovee two had undeniable chemistry but could they be together despite everything?Haven Francis has an amazing talente writing superbI felt the chemistry, the love,the [...]

    5. Reading the book Part of Me took me back and made me remember a part of me when I was a young adult. There were a lot of parallels I could draw between my life and that of Pax and Jessa. Aside from the setting, all of the feelings, frustrations and indecision that goes along with knowing what you want and not having the maturity and tools to attain it. Loving someone during this time in your life is messy and hard and it doesn't always work long term, as was the case in m life. But reading Pax a [...]

    6. I need more stars for this seriesriously it's that good! It is everything you expect from this genre and more. You have your main characters - bad-ass rocker (don't judge a book by it's cover, Paxton is not well portrayed on it) and your small town "anti-relationship/will never depend on anyone" girl. Both have disturbing pasts that you discover in this series and neither have any intention of anything more than being glorified friends with benefitsat is until they meet. They decide that they li [...]

    7. 4.5 fantastic stars!!!Paxton can only run from his past for so long. He thinks he can just forget his year in River Bluff and the girl, Jessa who he befriended. He's finally free from the hell that was Chicago and he can finally live the life he's dreamed of in California with his Pops. Or so he thinksJessa has gone to Chicago to school, but when her fear of commitments hits her in the face she panics and calls Paxton, the boy she met a year ago, who is her best friend and the only boy she truly [...]

    8. I love Jessa and Paxton! I relished that first kiss and couldn't wait for that connection to take over with all of the boundaries forgotten and surpassed. This was a true love story. They loved each other long before they would admit it to each other, let alone themselves. The friendship they developed over that year together set the foundation for their actual relationship to work. The friends they have in Chicago are their real family now. That woman that was biologically linked to him certain [...]

    9. 4.5 StarsPart of Me starts out a year prior to the main time frame of the book. Paxton Alvarado has arrived in rural River Bluff, Minnesota where he’s been exiled by his socialite mother. At a field party the first night he meets free-spirited and stubborn Jessa Fairfield, shares one explosive kiss with her, and then blows her off out of fear of getting too attached.Jessa’s character was first introduced in Love is Relative (her friend Emily’s story) and Paxton was introduced in the follow [...]

    10. Where do I start with this. I freaking loved it! The writing just flows so naturally and you get sucked into their world. This book is a love story based off of true friendship and denial. Jessa is by far one of my favorite characters. She is feisty, foul mouth, confident, beautiful and a just doesn't put up with shit! Her only downfall is she doesn't do relationships. She loves control so no emotions for her just sex. I wonder why? I know there is more to it.Paxton is the ultimate bad boy! He's [...]

    11. Jessa is living in a small town, but is ready for much bigger things. Paxton made it through some rough times, and is now living with an uncle he just learned he had in a small town he wants no part of until his father gets out of jail and he can go be with him in Venice, CA. Jessa isn't about to give her heart to any man, and Paxton isn't going to get attached to anyone in a town he will be leaving ASAP. Complicating matters, Pax and Jessa are able to connect on a level neither have experienced [...]

    12. My first impression when I began this book is that I'm immediately drawn to the writing style, as I'm willingly pulled into the storyline. Putting the book down before finishing it, wasn't an option.It all started with a kiss when Jessa and Paxton meet at a field party in River Bluff, both instant drawn to one another. They then spend their senior year in high school as best friends, keeping their relationship strictly platonic. Then their lives take differing directions leaving them 2000 thousa [...]

    13. I'm just going to keep updating this review as I see fit! Today I'm going to be one of those awesome reviewers who attaches pictures! This Wednesday, September 10th, I'm officially releasing Part of Me. Here is the teaser: From September 10th - 17th both books will be on sale for $.99 and you can follow the blog tour and enter to win a $40 gift card: my blogPart of Me is now available on ! You can purchase it here:amazon/Part-Jessa-PaxtPart of Me and Inside of You will be released July, 2014. R [...]

    14. Part of me by Francis is pure chicklit. I found the relationship thing rather tedious and almost gave up. But I didn't as I wanted to see whether Jessa and Paxton would finally mate. Some people saw parallels with their lives but I didn't have any deep and meaningfuls with my few partners in my growing years. In fact, I took up religious life so I was in sexual denial and made up for it when I left after 5 years. I guess I was like Paxton, wanting a good time, but not possessive of a woman. As t [...]

    15. Cover art is delicious and the dedication to her husband shows a beautiful love shared. Paxton leaves Chicago for small town life but there are conditions set by his "mom" , my goodness what an awful woman !Paxton's path crosses with Jessa and chemistry is instant and intense and they share a kiss of epic proportions ! Paxton pushes her away leaving her wondering what and why !?Paxton he's got me all hot and bothered! Paxton opens to Jessa and bares his soul telling her the story of his childhoo [...]

    16. Paxton has alot of past hurt that he has to overcome and so does jessa. Paxton uses a hard exterior to keep people at arms length and jessa does the same. But when they are together its inevitable their walls are gonna crumble. A great story about how 2 completely different people can be extremely good for eachother l. Full video review posted on YouTube channed Adventures-IN-Print. youtu/GMAP_bh4gB0

    17. 4 1/2 stars I've read both books I love pax I think he's beyond his years! Pax really comes out from himself and you truly understand the way he is in the second book and Jessa needs all pax's help but it's a lovely revelation!!! Loved it

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