A Beautiful Family

A Beautiful Family When Johannesburg socialite Brenda Silverman dies in mysterious circumstance in her palatial well secured home questions are inevitable Did she commit suicide Was it an accidental drug overdose Or d

  • Title: A Beautiful Family
  • Author: Marilyn Cohen de Villiers
  • ISBN: 9780620596473
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Johannesburg socialite Brenda Silverman dies in mysterious circumstance in her palatial, well secured home, questions are inevitable Did she commit suicide Was it an accidental drug overdose Or did her death have something to do with her husband, Alan Alan Silverman is a handsome, charming businessman with impeccable credentials a former political activist who flWhen Johannesburg socialite Brenda Silverman dies in mysterious circumstance in her palatial, well secured home, questions are inevitable Did she commit suicide Was it an accidental drug overdose Or did her death have something to do with her husband, Alan Alan Silverman is a handsome, charming businessman with impeccable credentials a former political activist who fled South Africa in the 1980s and returned to help build the new democracy a loving husband and devoted father a pillar of Johannesburg s Jewish community and an intimate of South Africa s ruling African National Congress elite He is also a man hiding a terrible secret.Tracy Jacobs, a young journalist, is assigned to cover the story but as her investigations start to uncover cracks in the beautiful Silverman family facade, she finds herself in conflict with her own community.Will Brenda s inquest finally reveal the truth Spanning nearly forty years and three countries South Africa, England and Israel , A Beautiful Family confirms a horrible reality that things like that can and do happen to people just like us.

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    1 thought on “A Beautiful Family”

    1. This book has been sitting neglected on my kindle for over a year and now I have finally read it I can't believe I waited so long. A wonderfully epic book about a Jewish family and what goes on behind closed doors. Covering some extremely unsavoury topics including domestic abuse this book follows the lives of The Silverman family via South Africa, London and Israel. Told from various view points I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more from this author.

    2. After a shaky start where I was put off by the 80's homophobic language and attitudes towards gay men and I couldn't empathise with the characters, it gripped me to the point that couldn't put my kindle down. This story brims over with flawed characters, (some downright loathsome) who are woven into a story spanning 30+ years. Deceit; infidelity, abuse, control, delusion and denial in the Jewish community set in South Africa, Israel and London against a back ground of apartheid and the political [...]

    3. Well written and the author gets under the skin of the family and its secrets. An excellent example of domestic abuse and the fear of exposing it particularly within the well heeled set.

    4. Brenda Silverman, renowned socialite, respected member of the Johannesburg Jewish community, and wife to esteemed, philanthropic businessman, Alan Silverman, is found dead in her bed in her luxurious Northern Suburbs home. The close-knit community is shattered by this tragedy; even more so when it emerges that foul play is suspected.Fledgling journalist Tracy Jacobs, who is awkwardly trying to find her place amongst her more confident colleagues is sent to see if she can discover the story behin [...]

    5. A Beautiful Family by Marilyn Cohen de Villiers tells the story of the Silverman family and spans over forty years. The story begins with the death of Brenda Silverman and the speculation from journalist Tracy Jacobs that it wasn't a suicide. Told from multiple points of view, the story tells the romance of Alan and Brenda and how sometimes love takes a dark turn. FYI: This story is not for the faint of heart as it deals with domestic violence and sexual abuse.The characters in this book are so [...]

    6. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased an honest review. When I was asked to read and review this book, I wasn't sure I was going to like it. But it really drew me into the story. When the story starts out, socialite Brenda Silverman dies suddenly in her home. There was no signs of break-in, no struggle, so of course there will be questions. Many questions. Her husband, Alan Silverman, is a pillar in Johannesburg's Jewish community. He is handsome and charming, a former polit [...]

    7. The Silvermans represent the cream of the South African Jewish crop. Most importantly, they are rich and attractive. The family is frum, which means practicing, devout, orthodox. Alan Silverman is not only a successful businessman, but he also helped further the Anti-Apartheid movement. He is a pillar of the community. So why did his wife, Brenda, die suddenly? Most would call it an accident, or suicide, but the formal inquest into her death reveals so much more. Reporter Tracy Jacobs will disco [...]

    8. I found “A Beautiful Family” to be a great read for me. It was not only entertaining, it was also educational. The story takes place over decades, going back and forth through different time periods, with each main character having a few chapters where the story is told from their point of view, before moving on to the next character, and a few chapters with their point of view. This actually lent to the flow of the story, and did not confuse it or make it difficult to read, as you may think [...]

    9. Brenda Silverman, socialite wife of a property mogul dies suddenly. This causes a chain of events that reveal the deep and very dark histories of the Silverman family, which is reported on by a young journalist who went to school with one of the Silverman children. Alan Silverman was born in a tiny Free State town during apartheid and his was the only Jewish family in the area. He had a difficult childhood with abusive parents and his brother died while serving time in the army. Alan moved to Is [...]

    10. I was approached by the author to review this for the blog. I started out fairly apprehensive, not sure of the whole political, religious aspects and I found it fairly difficult to get into. There is a lot of vocabulary that I just didn’t understand. There is a glossary at the end of the book but it’s not convenient to flick back to or even know it’s there on a Kindle.However I persevered and was slowly drawn into the story and began to care what happened to the family. A lot of what happe [...]

    11. I received a copy of this book from TBC,a facebook book club, in exchange for an honest review.Thought it might be a bit dry at first but after the first couple of chapters, it really picked up and held my interest.It is sent against the background of Apartheid in South Africa from the 1980s to the present day and involves the prominent businessman Alan Silverman and the death of his wife Brenda. It switches between different years and the perspective of the different characters which isn't diff [...]

    12. What an amazing story - I finished it with tears in my eyes.Set in South Africa, Israel and England, this family saga begins with the mysterious death of Brenda Silverman, a Johannesburg socialite. As the Jewish community struggles to cope with the tragedy Brenda's inquest sets out to discover the truth. Was it suicide or was her husband, Alan Silverman, involved in her death? The story is told from the perspective of different characters, cleverly weaved together over three decades. I enjoyed t [...]

    13. A family saga set in South Africa , and is mainly about a businessman Alan Silverman who came from quite humble beginnings, and is a member of the only jewish family in a farming community during SA apartheid, and faces bullying of the worst kind, and so decides to go to Israel where he meets naive Brenda who he knows he will marry, and she is the type of wife who never asks questions.They move to London He then forms an attachment to Ben who introduces him to property. All Alan wants is to be a [...]

    14. I doubt if I would have chosen to read this if I hadn't been part of a book club, however I'm glad I did. I know very little about South Africa apart from what I've seen on the news & over the years have read a fair number of books relating to Judaism. Combine these worlds with a story told through many years & from a number of perspectives and you have 'A Beautiful Family' I was left wondering how everyone went on with their lives after the revelations at the end.

    15. I found the first half of this book very slow to get into and I was irritated by some of the loathsome characters. However, because it had come highly recommended by friends I trust, I persevered. The story weaves between past and present, different characters and 3 continents causing the story to be fairly disjointed to start with. The second half of the book is fast paced and all the threads pull together to reach a very unexpected ending. I am really pleased I stuck with this book.

    16. I did find this quite a slow book to begin with. Perhaps it was the style of skipping backwards and forwards in time and reading the same part of the story from each characters perspective making it a little long winded. Once I had got to the second part of the book I found it gripping and then the earlier detail became invaluable to the story. A difficult subject matter to read about. 4 stars

    17. I read this book early last year & have just finished the second book in the series, When Time Fails.As such, I decided to give a clearer view on my rating. I vastly enjoyed all the references to South Africa and the local lingo. I thought the plot was well-thought out and well-paced, and gave great insight into the Jewish community.

    18. 3.5 stars. A good twist or two and an easy read. I found the writing a little too simple compared to other books I have read in this genre.Worth a read if the blurb appeals to you with unexpected twists and storylines but sadly it didn't quite fulfil its promise for me.

    19. This book had all the foundations to be a great book and it so was. As the story unfolded and was told from different angles I still didn't see what was going to happen. A well written book that blew my mind at the end. A fantastic write on a subject that is a taboo

    20. Excellent debutIt is hard to review this book without spoilers. At times I found the overlapping accounts to be slightly repetitive, but believe me, keep going. This is a well researched and written novel.

    21. I thought this was a fantastic book which dealt with so many issues including domestic violance and sexual abuse.

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