Trees #1

Trees Ten years after they landed All over the world And they did nothing standing on the surface of the Earth like trees exerting their silent pressure on the world as if there were no one here and noth

  • Title: Trees #1
  • Author: Warren Ellis Jason Howard
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ten years after they landed All over the world And they did nothing, standing on the surface of the Earth like trees, exerting their silent pressure on the world, as if there were no one here and nothing under foot Ten years since we learned that there is intelligent life in the universe, but that they did not recognize us as intelligent or alive.

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      446 Warren Ellis Jason Howard
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    1 thought on “Trees #1”

    1. It is every telling how the issue description stated that this is "Beginning a new science fiction graphic novel" Aside from the fact that literate comicbooks would only describe themselves as "graphic novels", the description pretty much explains the lack of the first issue satisfaction I normally associate with first issues. Still, I really like the concept by the creators here: remember as children we would poke anthils with sticks? It seems that there is an extraterrestrial intelligence that [...]

    2. “Ten years since we learned that there is intelligent life in the universe but that they did not recognise us as intelligent or alive”Giant alien tubes, or “trees”, have been planted across the globe. They spew noxious green ooze, poisoning cities and melting people, and the presence of this extraterrestrial tech has changed the world. New York City has flooded, while in China, a cultural city has sprouted up around one of the trees. Humanity has been brought to its knees by an unseen al [...]

    3. Comics, ¿por qué no? Al menos las que tienen portadas tan interesantes como las de esta saga.Aunque sería interesante que tuviera una sección especialmente dedicadas a comics, así no los mezclaría con los libros convencionales.Pero les agregaré el tag «comics» para diferenciarlos.Tengo la mira puesta en los comics de MarvelPero, obviamente, no dejaré los libros convencionales atrás. Ahora mismo iremos por un escritor ruso con nombres de personajes inpronunciables.

    4. Great start by a great writer, can't wait to see where this one goes. Also Image is giving this away for free digitally until Tuesday 6/24/14 so go get your copyicvine/articles/ima

    5. Big fun, and a great set up for more great storytelling. The trees are enormous alien invaders, taking root and influencing humanity.Ask for this premiere and subsequent issues, published by Image Comics, at your comics shop.Highly recommended.

    6. Ooo, ahhh - it’s a comic about the world after aliens have come to Earth. And I want more.This first issue really does create this new, crazy world ten years after aliens have landed here. Well, alien trees. No alien being, in the tradition sense that we think we’ll be invaded have shown up. Just the Trees. This is almost creepier, and I’m very much looking forward to what these Trees are doing to Momma Earth, what they want, who they are, and why they are here. I’m just very interested. [...]

    7. La premessa di questa nuova serie sci-fi del veterano dell'industria dei comics Warren Ellis è estremamente interessante e inusuale Il racconto inizia con un'invasione aliena che suona piuttosto banale,ma la parte interessante è che le forme di vita aliena in questo caso sono completamente vegetali,dei giganteschi alberi che non intervengono in alcun modo nella vita degli esseri umani,si limitano a rimanere lì,nel terreno dove sono atterrati,apparentemente inertiLa narrazione riprende anni do [...]

    8. Solid introduction to the world and general feeling of global society in the wake of the "trees" taking root, as it were. It appears like the trees are the foundational pillars of an alien race settling earth (with no clue/care people even exist). It sounds like green polluted/toxic chemicals spew from the bottoms, as if it were a drainage pipe but it kind of sounds like now, ten years later, that they are just passively there. This first issues gives glimpses of the trees impact at different po [...]

    9. As a fan of sci fi this was a series I just couldn't resist picking up. They appeared 10 years ago but no one knows exactly what they are. Alien life forms? Space ships? They can be seen in major cities but aside from randomly dropping their (toxic?) waste on unassuming civilians they haven't done anything. So mankind called them Trees and life moved on around them.Intelligent life forms that done recognize or acknowledge humans in any recognizable way.This first issue shifts attention between t [...]

    10. بداية بطيئة جدا خيال علمي بدا ان فيه احتلال فضائئ بالفعل حصل ع الارضمن 10 سنين ونازل قتل وتدمير ف الارض والسيطرة علي كل حاجة برده ماشيين ف اتجاهين لكن المرة دي ف الاماكنشخصيات كتيره بداية القصة زي قصة الرسام اللي عايش الريف وبيقرر يروح مدينة ف الصين والدكاتره اللي ف التلج اللي [...]

    11. This is not a graphic novel, but the first issue of a new comic series. Set in the not-too-distant future when an alien race arrived, made no direct contact, and planted some extremely large pillars, or trees, across the globe. Some were struck through the middle of cities, spewing a toxic waste, initially. Nowey just seem to be 'there,' with people living and working around them. But of course things have changed. Life has changed, government has changed, all because of the trees. It's an intri [...]

    12. I'm intrigued by the concept but turned off by the scattered feeling of issue 1. Several unconnected plot lines were introduced, leaving me feeling like there was a lack of plot progression or information. Disappointed (as I always am) by the lack of female protagonists. However, I truly love the art in this. Character design, landscape, everything. The outlines have a scribbly feeling which I find really compelling. Will stick around for more issues, trusting that non-intro issues will find mor [...]

    13. Clearly, of course, this is the very first issue of a new series; I don't have a good handle on the series yet. That being said, it looks to be promising: There's a very inventive form of alien, which I'm praying remains non-humanoid; there's a few characters that have been introduced that seem interesting; the art is really nice (I like the pencilling and inking a lot).

    14. A beautiful book, the art is gorgeous, and it is a very interesting world being set up here. I like the idea behind this, an alien invasion where we are completely ignoredI can not imagine a deeper horror for us as a species, and such a blow to how we see ourselvesI will be very interested to see where Ellis will go with this

    15. I read all eight of the comics in one sitting. Partly as I have not read a comic for far too long but also because the story is interesting. Now I am excited in which direction this will go. I have to admit that this can go awry in a number of ways. But so far I enjoyed everything by Ellis very much. I have confidence.

    16. The plot feels really intersting, an alien race who doesnt consider the humans as intelligent. Characters seems good for now, really liked the New York dude. The Narative through Chenglei makes you feel the same excitement and fear about the trees that he feels. The plot around Marsh seems quite interesting too.The art looks really well done, and is perfect for depicting motion in frames.

    17. The premise is promising, strange, mysterious, and alien. Plus I have loved scientists in arctic settings since The Thing!

    18. Very solid start to what I sincerely hope will be a great series. I love the fact that there are several 'storylines.' Can't wait to see what the next issue has in store. This came highly recommended to me, and it seems to fit the bill of what I was looking for quite nicely so far

    19. I'm attached. I have a feeling this is going to be a sci-fi series that Warren Ellis will excel with. While your waiting for next issue read Transopolitian also by Warren Ellis (if you haven't already.)

    20. I really like the premise of this comic - but not entirely convince with this first issue. It didn't really have the things that would pique my interest. Anyway, I'm still going to read it so let's so how it goes!

    21. Intriguing first issue! The concept has lots of potential and allows the reader to attach all kinds of meanings to the alien threat at hand. The dialogue is also very well written, looks like Ellis actually cares about this new series.

    22. Eagerly awaiting the first trade paperback, I'm not used to reading issue by issue so it's hard to judge.

    23. More idea than execution. An excellent piece of worldbuilding but the actual meat of the series doesn't begin until the second volume.

    24. Buena premisa, buen inicio, buenos gráficos. Tiene gancho y seguiré leyendo para descubrir de que va toda la trama.

    25. Invasión alienigena, son árboles y no reconocen a los humanos como vida. Interesante el planteamiento de partida.

    26. no entendí nada, aunque supongo que es una de esas historias donde no entender nada es el objetivo del autor. Espero que no termine con un final shyamalano.

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