Break My Bones

Break My Bones Everyone makes mistakes Crissy s just might kill her Crissy is sure her boyfriend Brad is the one Her mom and sister say he s a great catch although neither of them are known for making good choices

  • Title: Break My Bones
  • Author: Shawn McGuire
  • ISBN: 9780996103527
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback
  • Everyone makes mistakes Crissy s just might kill her Crissy is sure her boyfriend Brad is the one Her mom and sister say he s a great catch, although neither of them are known for making good choices Her best friend thinks he s a jerk and keeps begging Crissy to break up with him Who s right Desperate to avoid the messed up life she s afraid she might be headed for,Everyone makes mistakes Crissy s just might kill her.Crissy is sure her boyfriend Brad is the one Her mom and sister say he s a great catch, although neither of them are known for making good choices Her best friend thinks he s a jerk and keeps begging Crissy to break up with him Who s right Desperate to avoid the messed up life she s afraid she might be headed for, Crissy makes a wish for a better future Just a few simple words uttered as a star shoots by in the night sky Not that it will make a difference, nothing can change fate Then Desiree, a hippie genie with an attitude problem, arrives to grant Crissy s wish by showing her a different path.Crissy was warned that her life could get worse before it got better But when things go from bad to worse to nightmarish, not even magic may be enough to save her.

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      445 Shawn McGuire
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    1. I really connected with this book in so many ways. Chrissy has been forced to grow up before her time due to her mother and older sister not wanting to take responsibility. Chrissy has become mother to her baby sister, infant nephew, older sister and mother. No wonder she fell into an abusive relationship with Brad. She took all the abuse because her mother and sister seemed to support the relationship and turned a blind eye to the reality and at one point her sister told her to do everything sh [...]

    2. Reviewed for my blog, Becky on Books.Who hasn't made a wish or two (or two million) sometime in their lives?Crissy Sheets's life is pretty miserable. Her mother's an alcoholic, and probably a drug addict as well. She and her two sisters all have different fathers, none of whom stuck around to help raise them OR saw fit to remove their daughters from the more than questionable parenting that their mother offered. Her older sister, Vanessa, at the age of nineteen is already the mother of ten-month [...]

    3. I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest reviewMay contain spoilers.Break My Bones is about the main protagonist, a seventeen year old girl named Crissy Sheets. Crissy has no hopes for the foreseeable future. She is in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Brad, who is five years her senior. She stays with him because he treats her like a princess, yet is also physically abusive and a controlling douche. She doesn't want to leave him because he "loves her"d, well, she doesn't hav [...]

    4. **BLOG TOUR ON: athousandwordsamillionbooks.blI wish, I wish, upon a wishing star(Or something- I can't quite remember it right) I mean- from a young age, almost all of us think about wishes (and fairy godmothers and being princesses, am I wrong?) The truth is, even today, I find myself wishing on a daily basis- whether its to get out of a terrible class, or waiting for a book to arrive. Bottom line: we're all wishers.Which is what intrigued me, and made me click on the sign up button. Wishes, o [...]

    5. I was given an ARC book for an honest review free of persuasion from the author or anyone else affiliated with this book. CONTAINS SOME SPOILERSIn Break My Bones, Shawn McGuire deals with an abusive relationship. ANOTHER trigger if this is you please proceed with caution. I almost wish I had known this going into this book, however the way she broached this subject and handled the outcome I give her high praises. I wish I had known self defense when the same situation had happened to me, however [...]

    6. Shawn McGuire sure does know how to write an unputdownable book. Her writing draws me in and keeps me in until I'm done. We pick up this with Mandy (from Sticks and Stones) and her friend Crissy. Now in the first book I felt like Crissy's problems and her relationship with Mandy were shoehorned in. When I learned book two was about her, I understood why. I still feel like it was a bit random in book one and book two holds its own as a standalone. So I like that the McGuire doesn't shy away from [...]

    7. I have won Break My Bones in a giveaway over at Kat's Indie Reads and because it's the second book of a series I read Sticks and Stones first (click HERE for the review). Like the first book, Break My Bones is a very serious read, it's topic being domestic violence, the results of alcoholism, and addiction in general. But thankfully the author didn't get stuck in the very real depiction of the above mentioned tragedies but tells us what is needed to break out. Besides a Wish Mistress, that is. C [...]

    8. All Crissy wants is a new life and one that will have her not turn out like her mother or her sister Vanessa. Her mother is a drunk who brings random guys home and is a druggie/alcoholic and her sister Vanessa is the same and has a kid to who knows who the father is. Crissy thought she had met the guy of her dreams - Brad but it turns out he is just like her mother's and sisters types of guys. He is controlling and abusive and physically abuses Crissy. With her best friend off to University , Cr [...]

    9. Break my Bones by Shawn McGuire 4 of 5 stars Crissy is 17, in an abusive relationship and hoping she doesn't end up like her mom and sister. Her mom is an alcoholic/addict, with several kids to different men and her sister has a 10 month old at 19. Enter Desiree, the Wish Mistress, she doesn't grant Crissy her wish but she does make it possible. Chrissy has for so long put up with her boyfriend Brad controlling her every move, even putting GPS on her phone. He leaves bruises up and down her arms [...]

    10. This is the second book in the Wish Makers series and tells the tale of Crissy. This book was hard to read to begin with as the emotion packs a whallop. Hearing Crissy justify what Brad was doing was hard to read about and so too were the reactions of some of those she told. Seeing both Crissy and Desiree's journey through this book was both amazing and heartbreaking at the same time. You understand further some of the reactions that they both have and it helps to put it all together. One of the [...]

    11. It's hard to find books on difficult topics that are written for teens AND are done well. Break My Bones is both.The 2nd in the series, Break My Bones follows Crissy, who got more than she bargained for in her relationship with abusive Brad. She wants nothing more than to break the cycle her mother and sister are living with bad men, teen pregnancy, and all around bad choices. But when she pulls away from Brad, with the help of a little magic, things go from bad to worse. Love the wishing aspect [...]

    12. OH.GOSH! LOVED this book. I don't know what it was about this book, but I loved it. Crissy, poor Crissy. She has had such a miserable life, and she desperately wants to break the cycle the women of her family have started and perpetuated, but she is on the wrong road! Brad is such a jerk, any guy who hits a girl deserves a whole lot worse than he got. Crissy makes a deep down wish to change her path, and Desiree gets to help it get fulfilled. That's what I love about this series, I like the idea [...]

    13. Much more involved and exciting than the first book in the series. This earns 4.4 out of five stars from me. A word of caution to younger readers, this book explores the tough topics of domestic abuse, child neglect and drug use. It definitely has a dark tone and mood, although in the end, the wish is fulfilled (of course).I never did understand Crissy's motivation, and why she was so different from her mother and sister. It didn't ruin the story for me but it made some things a little harder to [...]

    14. This novel was a powerful and important story that I think everyone should read. There are many life lessons in the story and the author did a really great job of portraying these lessons in a way we all can understand and relate too. One of the main themes in this book is CHOICES. We all have choices and even doing nothing is a choice. Other themes include boyfriend abuse & rape, drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy and young mothers. Although this book has TRIGGERS, its also very thou [...]

    15. I enjoyed this book much more than the first one. This book still deals with teenage years, but more with boyfriends, broken families and dreams coming true - or not. Can you change your path? Come along with this story and find out!

    16. I really enjoyed getting to know more about Chrissy i really felt for her in the first book. I also enjoyed reading more about Desiree the wish granter and really loved how she became a more solid character in this second book. Awesome series, does not disappoint at all.

    17. Very good book. It just goes to show there is a thing called karma and it always catches up to you. I loved the plot felt like you were reading a Cinderella story. Crissy had to go through all this torture in order to have a happy ending.

    18. This was very interesting, I started it thinking that it was going to be a pretty simple fantasy with a bit of fun but nothing to awesome. It surprised me, this entire series is all about empowerment and actually helping yourself to make a change in the world. Very much worth the read.

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