Engaging The Enemy

Engaging The Enemy One building two would be owners and a family feud that spans several generations all relationships have their problems Andrea de Villiers can t lie to save herself But when developer Matt Mahoney

  • Title: Engaging The Enemy
  • Author: Susanne Bellamy
  • ISBN: 9780857991768
  • Page: 116
  • Format: ebook
  • One building, two would be owners and a family feud that spans several generations all relationships have their problems Andrea de Villiers can t lie to save herself But when developer, Matt Mahoney, buys the building she and a friend have established as a safe house in the Melbourne CBD, she decides that protecting The Shelter is important than her aching heart SOne building, two would be owners and a family feud that spans several generations all relationships have their problems Andrea de Villiers can t lie to save herself But when developer, Matt Mahoney, buys the building she and a friend have established as a safe house in the Melbourne CBD, she decides that protecting The Shelter is important than her aching heart She will confront Mr Mahoney, and she will emerge victorious There are no other options But Matt has other plans for Andie, and she soon finds herself ensnared in a web of well meaning lies and benevolent deceit To protect the building and the families that depend on her, Andie agrees to play the part of Matt s fianc e, and play it convincingly But lies soon bleed into truth, and what was once a deception starts to feel all too real Can Andie accomplish her goals and protect The Shelter, without losing her heart to the charming Irish developer

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      116 Susanne Bellamy
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    1. There's an Irish hero in this Aussie romance and he's gorgeous. I'm keeping Matt ;)Susanne Bellamy has a lovely readable style as the story zooms through a lot of emotional drama, both between Matt and Andrea, and between each of them and their families. A forced/fake engagement is one of my favourite romance tropes -- although I'm generally not a big fan of books where the main characters fib. A lot of misunderstandings and deceptions (for the best of reasons) have to be sorted out in a tangled [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this book. Andie and Matt are a wonderful match. They end up in a mutually beneficial relationship that turns into something much more than either could have imagined. The story is full of heart.Definitely recommend.

    3. ‘Engaging the Enemy’ ticks all the boxes for me – strong, likeable characters, great conflict, both internal and external, and great sexual tension. This is a story with layer upon layer of emotion and drama, and misunderstandings that lead to more conflicts that kept me turning the page as I wondered how our hero and heroine Matt and Andie were going to overcome the many issues between them. The characters are richly described, the story is true to life, as are the characters who spring f [...]

    4. Susanne Bellamy has written a charming contemporary story with very likeable and engaging characters.Andie "Trouble” de Villiers is very passionate about keeping the women’s safe house that she and her friend Lexie run open, even though the building has just been bought by developer Matt Mahoney. She will do anything to stop it from closing, including getting engaged.Andie’s first meeting with Matt is hilarious and it does set the tone for the remainder of the story. Humor interspersed wit [...]

    5. I truly loved this book! Having read some questionable reviews I was a little sceptical, however I would happily recommend the book. It ends up being such a sweet love story between Matt and Andie with fantastic characterisation. Thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to future books by Susanne.

    6. There is a reason why the Australian film industry, well, sucks, and that's because it doesn't make films from stories like this. Engaging the Enemy is a delightfully charming romantic comedy that had me eagerly planning my next trip back to Melbourne. Andie, the daughter of a successful businessman determined to forge her own identity through her well-meaning but ramshackle charity located in an old inner city building and Matt, a successful young property develop whose new acquisition means mo [...]

    7. Loved this story set around and old bulding in Melbourne Australia that has caused some problems between two families for a long time and now Andrea de Villiers is fighting to keep this building from the new owner Matt Mahoney. Andie can not lie and is such a caring person but she is also strong but when Matt gets her caught up in a plan that means she has to lie it does not sit well with Andie but there is such a spark between these two people and Matt really is a caring person who has guilt ri [...]

    8. A well done, sweet romance. The hero's Irish accent definitely adds to his appeal in this light-hearted, fun read.

    9. This was a good read for a rainy day. The Melbourne setting is well realised, and I could picture the landmarks and little nooks and crannies easily, having recently been in the same areas. The story of Andie and Matt is full of banter and the age old love/hate saga, not just between the two leads but also between their families from days of old. If I had to choose my favourite of the leads, I would say Matt, as I feel that he is a warm, witty and fun character. He seemed to jump off the page to [...]

    10. Engaging the Enemy was a really enjoyable read. Andie de Villiers was a sweet heroine - with a bit of emotional baggage to sort through - but I really loved her heart-of-gold and the way she fought for what she believed in i.e. saving The Shelter a refuge for women and children in inner city Melbourne. The Irish hero/come property developer, Matt Mahoney - whom she sees as a major threat to her plans - was really all kinds of gorgeous; and his accent was just wellswoon-worthy! Even though Engagi [...]

    11. This is a sweet love story with a hectic pace that kept me reading pretty much from start to finish - allowing only for the interruption of life.Both Andie and Matt have their own deadline-dependent agendas and I was dying to know who'd have to give way or modify their desires to make things work between them. Of course, there was always the question of whether and when Wrong Matt would become Right MattSet in modern-day Melbourne, it has a mix of Australian and Irish flavour, like a fresh-pulle [...]

    12. Thoroughly enjoyable, with a high feel-good factor. Yes, Andie and Matt butt heads, but the antagonism is civilized, grown up, rather than tantrumy. Take two decent, honest, strong-willed individuals, pose a threat to their convictions, and watch them fib themselves into a tricksy mess from which they can’t escape. The harder they wriggle, the tighter the knots fasten. Fun, sweet, and entertaining, the clarity of the writing allows the reader to slip into the skin of Andie and Matt and feel fo [...]

    13. An enemies-to-lovers story that's set in contemporary Melbourne, written with old-style prose that made me keep flipping back to make sure the characters weren't in tall hats and corsets riding in horse carriages. That particular disconnect was a little too strong for me to get fully engaged in the drama playing out over a house and an intense attraction between 2 fairly likeable leads. All things considered, this could have been a Downton Abbey episode minus the modernities vaguely mentioned in [...]

    14. A delightful romance that will keep you entertained from start to finish. The hero, Matt, is completely swoon worthy and draws you in with his yummy Irish accent that you can literally hear jumping off the page. The story develops rapidly and maintains the pace throughout, making for a great holiday read.

    15. I really enjoyed Engaging the Enemy. There is something truly magical about an Irishman, to be sure! A sweet and entertaining romance from Ms Bellamy and I look forward to reading more of her writing.

    16. hotstuffbookreviews.wordpress1.5 to 2 stars.I received this book via Netgalley for an honest review.I was so thrilled to read this book after reading the blurb, but unfortunately it’s not at all what I was expecting. That’s probably the reason why I’m so disappointed.I don’t know you, but when I read the blurb of this book I was sure that it’d be a blend of fun, hot, light and angst. In the end, it’s not deep in places it should have been, not even funny when some scenes or situation [...]

    17. I received a copy of this book from the publisher via netgalley for a honest review. Did not finish. Stopped at 65%.Book needs a lot of attention. The characters thoughts and actions are all over the place, back and forth. Drama is created where it is unnecessary. There is also an underlying secrecy that isn't presented well. The female lead is also too whiney!!At the 62% Mark, there is a big inconsistency in the storyline. That's not why she agreed to the engagement!!! And then finally the rela [...]

    18. Engaging the Enemy is a great read. This book has it allxual tension, great chemistry, intriguing storyline, and feel good characters that you want to root for. I loved the setting and Matt's accent was a highlight for me. I think this author did a great job with this delightful story and I can't wait to read more from her.

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