Wither The world went to hell two weeks ago and twenty one year old Avery Whitlock just watched it happen After an epidemic swept across America like a biblical plague the government leapt into the fray w

  • Title: Wither
  • Author: Amy Miles
  • ISBN: 9781310018978
  • Page: 422
  • Format: ebook
  • The world went to hell two weeks ago and twenty one year old, Avery Whitlock, just watched it happen.After an epidemic swept across America like a biblical plague, the government leapt into the fray with the release of the MONE vaccine What was meant to bring salvation to the remaining survivors instead brought damnation Human mutations began within days of the drug s reThe world went to hell two weeks ago and twenty one year old, Avery Whitlock, just watched it happen.After an epidemic swept across America like a biblical plague, the government leapt into the fray with the release of the MONE vaccine What was meant to bring salvation to the remaining survivors instead brought damnation Human mutations began within days of the drug s release and the Withered Ones were born People not alive but not entirely dead either They walked the streets, unblinking and unaware A zombie, for all intents and purposes, but nothing like anyone anticipated.Growing up on the streets taught Avery how to care for herself, but no amount of self defense classes at the Y could have prepared her for the outbreak of deadly gangs, a corrupt government bent on using her blood for experiments and the depths to which desperate people would go to survive She soon discovered that it was not the Withered Ones that she needed to fear, but those still human The ones who knew how to put a gun to her head when they wanted something from her.Avery was forced to decide how far would she be willing to go to survive just one day.

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    1 thought on “Wither”

    1. **4 WTF Stars**What the hell, man?? Can I catch a break with these sob fests? AgainI'm torn about something that happens ---- I don't know if I can go on with the next book when it is released because I think my heart just withered and died.Great book ---- especially because the heroine wasn't some whiny wimpy waste of time!It's definitely a different take on the zombie apocalypse and yeahI'll read the next in the series.

    2. I've always believed that when the Zombie apocalypse occurs, it's going to be living, breathing humans, not the dead, that are going to be the biggest source of fear. I mean, if there are super quick 28 Days Later style runners, they are going to cause some problems. But it's that feeling of never being safe when you're with other people that would be the hardest to deal with in the long term.So, from the outset, I knew this book was on the right track for me. Miles chucks you straight in with s [...]

    3. Okay, I love the post-apocalyptic/dystopian storylines and this book had me on the edge of my seat.  Seriously, I could not stop turning the pages.  I NEEDED to know what was going to happen to Avery.  It has taken me a long time to write this review because seriously, I needed to digest the entire story, and I needed to recover a little.  I mean, my heart was a shattered broken mess on the floor at one point!The character buildup and emotional buildup throughout this book caused me to flip [...]

    4. I received this ARC from Red Coat Publishing and the author in exchange for an honest review.Wow! And where can I get the second installment, if one exists? A post-apocalyptic, horror, creepy, sci-fi story that captures the reader’s attention and includes such depth is a rare find among books.The characters are complex, and the author keeps most of them shrouded in mystery, which adds to the eerie atmosphere surrounding this story. The main character is not the typical hero/anti-hero and shows [...]

    5. Wither is author Amy Miles' breakneck paced 'zombie' novel. It's her first foray into horror/thriller territory, and in my opinion she did wonderfully. There are truly terrifying aspects of this novel. Avery is hiding out in the hospital people are getting sick, and becoming 'withered'. The government has essentially fallen, and gangs rule the cities. When the hospital is raided by gangs Avery is attacked. Her savior is soldier by the name of Cable. Not one to trust anyone Avery flees the first [...]

    6. Make sure that you are fully prepared for the devastating story enclosed within these pages. When you decide to attempt this daunting quest it will be with the understanding that you are about to be moved in every way possible through this journey, and it the tornado of emotions will be debilitating to say the least. Wither is not your average story, and it will cross every boundary taking you to the depths of despair and the reality of what it truly means to survive. Avery's story is not one to [...]

    7. Seriously. What the hell did i just read?! I dont even understand what the frak was happening majority of the time!I was reading But not really reading it.More like just flipping the pages til i got done. I struggled. And struggled some more to hit that last page. I was so close to throwing this in my "dnf" shelf. Cause shit. The heroine was Class-A stupid. Only great thing about this is the cover. Now that is badass. But the storyline? Charcters? Nah-uh. Not feeling it!I think 2 stars is abit f [...]

    8. I was first attracted to this book because of the cover. After seeing the blurb, I knew I wanted to read it. It has an original spin on the zompoc genre. I believe Wither has the basis for a great story, but it didn't make it there for me. I was unable to understand the cause and effect of situations, behaviors, attitudes, etc. The things the characters did just didn't make any sense to me. I think this is one of those books that will produce very varied opinions so you may want to check it out [...]

    9. Great cover, shame about the story. It had a pretty action-packed start and a lot of stuff happened, apparently. Unfortunately the main character spent most of her time being knocked out or locked up and pretty much nothing gets explained. People are turning into zombies or something, people are stealing each others blood for reasons and according to the characters there's some epic love-story going on this entire time, only it was kind of hard to see because the characters kept telling me what [...]

    10. Absolutely Amazing! Intensely twisted take on your classic zombie novel. Edge of your seat action packed ride of epic proportions. Amy is at her badassery best with Wither! You're forced to go through so many emotions it leaves you begging for more while wanting to be alone with a giant box of chocolates and tissues.

    11. wither by Amy Miles.After an epidemic swept across America like a biblical plague, the government leapt into the fray with the release of the MONE vaccine. What was meant to bring salvation to the remaining survivors instead brought damnation. Human mutations began within days of the drug’s release and the Withered Ones were born. People not alive but not entirely dead either. They walked the streets, unblinking and unaware. A zombie, for all intents and purposes, but nothing like anyone antic [...]

    12. "This world isn't lost until we give up on it and I'm not about to do that." If you're a fan of well written, end of the world filled with zombies, and blurred lines of good and bad, drop everything and pick up Wither. I enjoyed every second of this book and am definitely looking forward to more. Action packed from the first page to the last, Wither is a book of survival. When the world comes crumbling down, who will make it out alive and what will be the cost.Avery Whitlock never had an easy li [...]

    13. Wither is everything an apocalyptic novel should be. It’s dark, gory, violent, it’s full of action. There’s also a touch of romance, because, let’s face it, we would all need a little distraction from the crappy world falling apart around us. It’s definitely for a more mature audience, because of some mild language and scenes containing descriptive violence.Let’s talk zombies. The Withered Ones are unlike anything I’ve ever read before. They’re not the mindless brain-eating machi [...]

    14. It is a great take on the zombie genre. I think that most zombie books and shows always have zombies as the main focal point when really people tend to be the bigger threat. This novel addresses that part of the apocalypse and really makes it terrifying. It is a very suspenseful story with realistic outcomes and a little bit of romance thrown in. My only issue with the book is that sometimes it was hard to follow who was speaking at times in conversations, but I would definitely recommend this b [...]

    15. Originally posted on my blog Live Laugh & Love BooksThis book completely took over my life for a couple days! I read it during ever spare moment I had and I don’t regret it at all! It had me hooked from the very beginning and I loved its fast pace and plot.Wither contains everything that an apocalypse novel should; violence, action, romance, great story line and of course…zombies! Amy is an amazing writer and she doesn’t disappoint in this book either with fantastic characters and ever [...]

    16. Wither is the story of Avery, a young girl who is trying to survive in a post apocalyptic world overrun by zombie like creatures. She starts out the book alone, scared, and very sick. Through a series of events, she winds up becoming a member of a small group who is attempting to flee to a safer locale. She finds herself in precarious situations throughout the story as is expected in any story in this genre. At one point, I actually thought it was going to down a path that's somewhat outside the [...]

    17. Wither by Amy Miles was such an interesting take on “zombies” and what could happen at the end of the world. When I first started reading Wither, I wasn’t quite sure what to think about what was happening. Amy Miles definitely set the storyline up in a way that as a reader, I got to experience what was happening as it went. There wasn’t just a simple explanation and the more I read, the more I learned what was going on. I found I really enjoyed that and it made my experience seem as real [...]

    18. Strong characters and gripping storyWhen I first started to read this, I wasn't sure I would be able to finish it. I am so glad that I did. I became immersed in the story and didn't want to put it down. It's a great read and I look forward to the next story.

    19. Wow! Talk about a roller coasterI was unprepared for the emotional journey that this book took me on. Not your stereotypical zombie apocalypse fiction, Amy Miles weaves her magic once again through these pages and allows you to follow Avery on her path. It left me speechless. So very good.

    20. I found parts of the story difficult to follow, having to go back a few paragraphs to see if I missed something or misread something. Some of it was engaging and interesting but some seemed repetitive.

    21. Amy Miles: Wither In the start of a new series, Amy Miles takes the reader to America two weeks after the world has gone to hell: Avery has been sitting by her mother's hospital bed knowing that she is not going to wake up but she has no where else to go. The streets are crawling with the Withered ones and though they do not seem to be the brain eating zombies of the TV shows and books Avery still does not trust them and their eerie shuffling around. Avery has learned that right now the Withered [...]

    22. This is the first book I've read by Amy Miles. After I finished, I realized I'll be reading more in the future. The book starts off ultra-fast pace. There is plenty of gore/violence/action in this novel, and I enjoyed it highly!What I am most impressed with is the progression of Avery. She starts off incredibly bitter, and throughout she is constantly holding onto her solidarity. It's all she knows. The walls she builds help her survive, to not let herself get hurt emotionally. The Withered Ones [...]

    23. A sickness is spreading, turning everyday people into mindless zombies. Those who aren’t ill are either committing unspeakable evil acts or are trying their best to simply stay alive in sudden anarchy. Avery has found herself in the midst of a catastrophic epidemic and worst of all, she is all alone. Now she must find inner strength and find a way to survive in a nightmare situation. I have to say that it has been a while since a book has completely captured my attention. From the very first p [...]

    24. ******************MUST READ*********************Wow! I just have to say wow! I myself am a walking dead, dawn of the dead, 28 days later, etc. fan so I can handle the gore. The sweet spin Amy has done left me pondering if I would still opt out of that type of world. The answer would be still highly likely! I have to give Amy kudos to the perfect depiction of the foul smell of rotting flesh were so many people in depicting the zombie apocalypse fail and come short with that very realistic factor! [...]

    25. The Walking Dead meets 28 Days Later & I Am Legend and has a baby who doesn’t know who to trust3 stars out of 5This is a tough one for me. I REALLY wanted to like this book, but it had more of a vampire feeling than a zombie/disease book. I know that they’re similar genres but they are not the same. The withered ones that Amy Miles describes reminded me of a mixture of The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later mixed a little with I Am Legend.The main character didn’t have enough back story in th [...]

    26. **** 4.5 Stars!****"Panic floods through me as I'm reminded that I'm not super badass chick with ninja skills. I'm just a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who wishes she could be."Wither is Amy's first horror novel, and she does not disappoint! The withered ones are a different and unique take on zombies. They do not feed on human flesh, they are not to be feared. It is the humans who remain that are the real enemy. Avery must leave the hospital, the only sanctuary she's known since this a [...]

    27. I never thought I would cry at the end of the Zombie novel, but Amy Miles has created a world and characters that I felt for. At the end of the story the emotions I felt for these characters needed to be released and the best way, the most appropriate way, was by the release of tears. Avery is a girl with many layers, much like an onion (I'm sure some get this reference), and sometimes I couldn't quite decide if I liked her. In the end it didn't matter if I liked her or not, I felt for her pligh [...]

    28. Wow, I just finished reading this amazing book and feel spent,literally emotionally drained. The pace of this book starts off relatively fast and takes you into a world gone mad with one young lady trying to survive. The character/relationship development is perfection. I couldn't have been more happy with the whole setting of this book. I felt that I was transported into Avery's world because Amy's writing was so descriptive and detailed.I am not going to lie there is gore and a lot of it. At t [...]

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