12 Rose Street

Rose Street The indomitable Joanne Kilbourn is back From beloved author Gail Bowen comes the th installment in the nationally bestselling series For readers of Louise Penny Ruth Rendell and Peter Robinson Joa

  • Title: 12 Rose Street
  • Author: Gail Bowen
  • ISBN: 9780771024009
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The indomitable Joanne Kilbourn is back From beloved author Gail Bowen comes the 15th installment in the nationally bestselling series For readers of Louise Penny, Ruth Rendell, and Peter Robinson Joanne s husband Zack is the leading progressive candidate in a neck and neck race, with the existing mayor, for Regina s top job The tough campaigning is well underwayThe indomitable Joanne Kilbourn is back From beloved author Gail Bowen comes the 15th installment in the nationally bestselling series For readers of Louise Penny, Ruth Rendell, and Peter Robinson Joanne s husband Zack is the leading progressive candidate in a neck and neck race, with the existing mayor, for Regina s top job The tough campaigning is well underway when a disturbing threat disrupts the celebration for the opening of the Racette Hunter Centre a project Zack has been spearheading, intended to benefit the impoverished community of North Central Regina Joanne soon realizes that sinister interests are working behind the scenes of the election, and another savage act makes clear that someone will stop at nothing to maintain the status quo The Shreve campaign perseveres, but when Zack s opponents share some shocking information about the past, the revelation sends Joanne reeling As tensions around the election build, Joanne tries to hold herself together, keep her family intact, and get to the bottom of why a series of violent incidents, seemingly related to the mayoral race, all lead back to a mysterious property in North Central, 12 Rose Street A gripping novel about family and friendship, competition and betrayal, 12 Rose Street confirms why Gail Bowen is indeed the queen of Canadian crime fiction Winnipeg Free Press.

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    1 thought on “12 Rose Street”

    1. I received a free copy of this book through the First Reads scheme. I have not read any of the previous 14 Joanne Kilburn novels, and perhaps that is why I found the cast of characters introduced in the opening chapters rather overwhelming. There seemed to me to be altogether too many characters, some of whom served no useful purpose (Joanne's sons, the family who randomly joined them at the lake at Thanksgiving, Margot etc), but maybe they appeared in earlier episodes and the author felt the ne [...]

    2. Paperback WinWe are once again finds ourselves with Joanne Kilbourn in the 15th installment of this series.This time Joanne is in the middle of her husband Zack’s run for political office as the race is close. The campaign is not pretty and a disturbing threat threatens to ruin the opening of a center that helps the impoverish people of the community that Zack’s supports.Things get disturbing when an acquaintance of Zack is murdered and leaves him a lot of rundown homes in the community maki [...]

    3. This is my favourite Bowen to date. They just keep getting better. Yes, Joanne Kilbourn is perfect, but isn't what we all aspire to be - that person who always does the right thing despite all odds. Gail Bowen will be in Red Deer on May 11, 2015 at Red Deer Public Library, and I can't wait to see her. It was particularly fun to read this title in light of Alberta's recent election. I'm interested to hear whether or not Ms Bowen has an opinion on the process and the outcome. Or "what would Joanne [...]

    4. There are books as you turn every page it is a fairy tale. 12 Rose Street is not one of them. Yes, there are many loving scenes, but there are disturbing times which show the two sides of power, when it can be used to make rich richer or when power can be used to boost everyone up. The question Bowen asks is when is it right to pull out all the stops so the side of the power you are on can be the winner?

    5. I really liked the latest addition to the Joanne Kilbourn saga. With he husband running for mayor, Joanne is involved in politics, trying to solve a murder and an unexpected betrayal by a friend. Again, one of my favorite parts of this series is the warm family dynamic that is always present, as well as her strong relationship with her husband Zach. This was a terrific read.

    6. Loved this book. Well written, well plotted, well done. Love the main character. And it feels less like a mystery and more like suspense. Definitely cozy. Joanne Kilbourn is a strong, appealing, imperfect female protagonist over 40, which I also love!

    7. Poor Joanne and her friends and family go through more trauma per chapter! And for all that there are times when I look at these people and just shake my head, I cannot get enough of this series. I thought this book ended a little abruptly, but it was still a satisfying and compelling read.

    8. Zack is running for mayor, and the campaign gets brutally ugly. Someone exposes to Joanne audio tapes of her deceased husband having oral sex with her best friend Jill. Joanne must come to grips with the 15 year relationship being the reason Ian was often away from family events. This is an emotional and gripping family political story that is unexcelled.

    9. I keep coming back to this series because of its setting on the prairies (rare for a fun mystery series), and its unconventional older female protagonist. But it is really pushing the boundaries of credibility in this installment. Two of the main characters are running for office and yet, they seem to treat it as a side project. I'm pretty sure running for mayor of a city is a pretty big job.Also, the protagonist is supposedly managing both campaigns but aside from the occasional task or decisio [...]

    10. Joanne turns 58 in this book, and her life is anything but settled and complacent. She has retired from teaching, and is the campaign manager in Zach Shreve’s run to become the mayor of Regina, Saskatchewan. She enjoys a very passionate relationship with her significant other, and also has complex and deeply loving relationships with the 3 children from her first marriage, as well as with her adopted daughter, Taylor. Joanne is absolutely committed to making her city a better place, and one of [...]

    11. This is the first time I've read a book by this author. So it was fairly interesting to start from the 15th installment in the series. Although I started with the 15th book it was pretty easy to pick up on the story line and what was happening in the story. This was a mystery which Joanna and her husband Zack find themselves in the middle of. Zack is running for mayor and the race quickly starts to heat up with an unexpected murder that occurs. The murder shines a light on things Joanne thought [...]

    12. I needed a long hot shower after reading the book. As soon as I finished it, I got it off my Kobo, stat, because I didn't want it contaminating my other digital books.Obviously, Regina city politicians are capable of making Rob Ford (crack-smoking former mayor of Toronto) look like Pee-wee Herman. The bad guys weren't just bad, they were over-the-top bad. And I thought that Saskatchewan was the most boring province in Canada.I remember seeing some reviews on saying how much they missed the Joan [...]

    13. Excellent book and mystery. Gail Bowen captures many of the nuances and challenges of relationships so well, in addition to the well-written mystery. It is a political story again. Zack is running for mayor, to challenge/unseat an unscrupulous mayor and city council which have been in power for too long, with questionable operations. Some of Joanne's past rears its' head with unexpected revelations regarding her first husband, Ian, as part of the dirty tactics of the "other side" in the mayoral [...]

    14. Joanne's husband, Zack, is running for mayor in Regina, Saskatchewan, and faces an uphill battle against the incumbent, Scott Ridgeway. Joanne is an expert at running political campaigns, having helped her first husband, Ian, become the Attorney General of Saskatchewan many years ago. However, when a local slumlord is murdered, it unearths secrets, political mudslinging, and more violence. Will Joanne and her family be able to escape unscathed? This latest book in the long-running Joanne Kilbour [...]

    15. This is what Canada needs.A true Canadian mystery with real Canadian content. Being a Riders fan, I really loved the fact that one of the main characters was an ex-player of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Thank you so much Ms. Bowen.I loved this book as evidenced that I finished this book in two days.This book was great and held my interest from page 1. I will now try to find more books written by Gail Bowen.She is obviously one of Canada's hidden literature gems.If you like Canadian literature a [...]

    16. Had this novel contained richer veins of lyricism, it would have merited more in my estimation. As written, it in a solidly structured plot with suspenseful forward movement--an intriguing mystery clothed in a generous slice of mid-western Canadiana. Set in present day Regina, Saskatchewan, the story offers a wide-angle lens view of the habits and sensibilities of the politically sophisticated, progressively-minded echelons of a large Canadian city. Characterization and dialogue was all within t [...]

    17. Sorry! I am a Gail Bowen fan - but I didn't like this one. I felt that the events and characters in the novel were too highly crafted and lacked in credibility. Much of the dialogue was strained and unlikely - the emerging relationship between Joanne and Jill - unbelievable. Many of the book's happenings were distasteful and some were downright despicable. Who knew that municipal politics could be so ugly! I read that many people really enjoyed this book - I must have missed something because I [...]

    18. Just like visiting old friends, Joanne Kilbourne Shreve provides a wonderfully comfortable experience. Gail Bowen writes about difficult subject matter yet seldom does she veer into preachy. This was a good story, but like previous entries in the series, it was wasn't an "easy" read and the themes will continue to be be in my consciousness for the next while.Joanne is someone I can imagine sitting down and having a drink with, and Zack has really grown on me too.

    19. I'm never sure what I think about these Joanne Kilbourn novels. There's a lot of domestic stuff about Joanne's family and friends, and they're all just a bit too self satisfied and entitled. On the other hand, it's been interesting watching her kids grow up and all the other changes during the series. Also nice to have a series where everything happens in Saskatchewan!As usual, crime is mixed with politics for a fairly well-crafted plot.Three stars.

    20. The Kilbourn books could do with a "Table of Characters" to explain the relationships within Joanne's wide circle of family and friends. This would avoid the necessity for the author to work in so many "asides" that interrupt the flow of the narrative. I enjoyed this story nonetheless. One of her best.

    21. The first of the Joanne Kilborne mysteries I have read and perhaps I should have started with one of the previous ones to get a sense of the family structure and the political commitments. All in all, well written and interesting. Especially the author's first hand knowledge of Regina and Saskatchewan. I look forward to reading more of Gail Bowen.

    22. This latest book in the Joanne Kilbourn Mystery series is one of the best in a while -- Jo's husband Zack is running for mayor of Regina against an intrenched and dishonest slate. The lead-up to the election, with various collateral family and acquaintance issues, makes for a hectic but compelling read.

    23. A good addition to this long-running series. It sheds a jaundiced eye on municipal politics, because Joanne's husband is running for mayor. Of course, dead bodies ensue. Lots of drama on the personal front too. The milieu stayed with me after I finished it, and I was sorry I wasn't going back to read more.

    24. This was an amazing book by a Gail Bowen I enjoyed reading it so much. I also enjoyed meeting Gail Bowen and getting my book signed by her in Calgary. Both the Author and the book are amazing and I hope other people enjoyed this book as much as I did. Gail said that her next book would continue where 12 Rose Street left off so I can't wait to see what happens in the next book in the series.

    25. This was a very good addition to the Joanne Kilbourn series, with a very grim plot line. I've liked this series from the very beginning but if there is one complaint, I do weary of the smoochy smoochy with Joanne and Zak.

    26. It was okay. The characters drift along amidst murder, blackmail and corruption in municipal politics in Regina. The whole thing sorts itself out without much effort or involvement by the central characters and the book ends. I must have missed something.

    27. I found 12 Rose Street to be quite disjointed with too many characters and too many loose ends. If this was the first Gail Bowen book I had read, I doubt I would read another.

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