Voices in the Night: Stories

Voices in the Night Stories From the Pulitzer and Story Prize winner sixteen new stories provocative funny disturbing enchanting that delve into the secret lives and desires of ordinary people alongside retellings of myths a

  • Title: Voices in the Night: Stories
  • Author: Steven Millhauser
  • ISBN: 9780385351591
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the Pulitzer and Story Prize winner sixteen new stories provocative, funny, disturbing, enchanting that delve into the secret lives and desires of ordinary people, alongside retellings of myths and legends that highlight the aspirations of the human spirit Beloved for the lens of the strange he places on small town life, Steven Millhauser further reveals in Voices iFrom the Pulitzer and Story Prize winner sixteen new stories provocative, funny, disturbing, enchanting that delve into the secret lives and desires of ordinary people, alongside retellings of myths and legends that highlight the aspirations of the human spirit Beloved for the lens of the strange he places on small town life, Steven Millhauser further reveals in Voices in the Night the darkest parts of our inner selves to brilliant and dazzling effect Here are stories of wondrously imaginative hyperrealism, stories that pose unforgettably unsettling what ifs, or that find barely perceivable evils within the safe boundaries of our towns, homes, and even within our bodies Here, too, are stories culled from religion and fables Samuel, who hears the voice of God calling him in the night a young, pre enlightenment Buddha, who searches for his purpose in life Rapunzel and her Prince, who struggle to fit the real world to their dream Heightened by magic, the divine, and the uncanny, shot through with sly and winning humor, Voices in the Night seamlessly combines the whimsy and surprise of the familiar with intoxicating fantasies that take us beyond our daily lives, all done with the hallmark sleight of hand and astonishing virtuosity of one of our greatest contemporary storytellers.

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    1. Ο Μιλχάουζεν είναι γνωστός για τον τρόπο του να παντρεύει το αλλόκοτο και το μαγικό, με το καθημερινό - αναπάντεχες καταστάσεις, σαν μαγικές εκπλήξεις που μπλέκουν με την ρουτίνα του σύγχρονου ανθρώπου. Κι αυτό το έκανε με έναν καταπληκτικό τρόπο στο We Others,κερδίζοντάς με δι [...]

    2. I was reminded of this author on a recent episode of The Librarian is In podcast from the NYPL. I had read one book of his short stories and went looking for more, finding this collection from last year. All the stories are from 2011 forward.Short story collections are hard to rate, because the stories vary. Some of these are five-star stories, while some are three, making this a solid five-star collection."No, Yasodhara, the happiest of all women, is unhappy only when she is most happy: when, l [...]

    3. Quirky, twisty, things taken to the max, out of all proportion. A very different style of writing. I really took to the mermaid story, with out culture and trend setting, people following blindly, I could almost see this happening. A few strange tweaking of old favorite tales, makes this a collection to ponder, think and savor.

    4. I rarely sit down and read an entire short story collection cover to cover, but Millhauser's Voices in the Night arrested me from the beginning while I browsed it in the library. It enchanted me, still haunts me, got under my skin, and I suspect it will stay there for quite a while. Voices in the Night takes on the universal theme of the disquiet at the heart of the human condition. We strive for the next degree, the next great job, home, great love, family, yet in spite of our strivings, that a [...]

    5. Voices In The Night (Short Stories)by Steven MillhauserThe Pulitzer and Story Prize winner, Steven Millhauser, has created sixteen new short stories that will thrill readers of his previous works.Several stories view the private musings of ordinary people in an unorthodox way. At times you are in a small town that seems to be infected with something supernatural and extraordinary. In other instances you feel the weight of spiritual reflection as a person struggles to define religion and faith. F [...]

    6. I loved the prose, the writing itself more than the ideas in the stories. I compulsively don't read short story collections in order. Some times they work out better for the collection, and sometimes they don't. This is the time it didn't. I read the different ideas first - American Tall Tale, A Voice in the Night. Enjoyed them immensely. Then I read Arcadia and loved that too. But after Arcadia all stories seemed to have a common theme; darkness, melancholy and death. I can take that in small d [...]

    7. My favorites were "Phantoms" and "Miracle Polish." Unfortunately, these were the first two stories in the collection. I thought the biggest problem with this collection was the resounding sameness. In every story, there was the same town of sameness with the same neighborliness that collided unwillingly with something magical or odd. I also disliked the dividers that separated paragraphs within the stories, like so:IN WHICH I TELL YOU HOW I WOULD HAVE PREFERRED THE COLLECTIONPerhaps as stand alo [...]

    8. The stories in this book are romantic and vivid, despite being short in length. Millhauser manages to get quickly to the heart of his stories without feeling rushed or laboring too long on more philosophical ideas. On the surface, this collection of short stories covers a wide variety of genres and topics, but the magic that Millhauser has spun within these stories are the common themes and symbols that tie the stories together.

    9. Millhauser is doing so many interesting things inside these short stories, and he is reaching into the depths of humans and pulling out some of the darkest pieces to examine them through a unique lens. That being said, this just wasn't for me. I didn't enjoy it in the way I feel books should be enjoyed, regardless of subject matter or material a good book should still make me feel more than an exhaustive weight at the idea of reading more of it.

    10. —He wants to protect the boy, warn him before it's too late. Don't listen to stories! They'll keep you awake at night, suck out your blood, leave teeth marks in your skin. Let him sleep! Let him live!—Sixteen stories set primarily in small off-kilter towns where lines blur and borders crumble.Steven Millhauser delivers the realistic, the fantastic, the reimagined way of things, if things were put back together in such a way their seams could be traced by quiet fingers in the dark.I enjoyed s [...]

    11. Voices in the Night: Stories by Steven Millhauser is a very highly recommended collection of 16 short stories. Get this collection! I enjoyed every story, although, naturally, I do have several favorites. Millhauser is a master at the art of writing short stories. He toyed with my emotions and created an almost unbearable tension in some stories or retold well known stories or fables in others.Contents:Miracle Polish: A man buys a bottle of Miracle Polish from a door to door salesman and discove [...]

    12. Eerie stories! I enjoyed the mix, which tonally fit together really nicely, though genre/concept-wise it was occasionally a stretch. I think the reimaginings - Rapunzel, Siddhartha, Samuel - were a bit of an odd inclusion since the other stories were so similar to one another and different from these. Many of those other stories were reports of very odd things happening in/to very ordinary places/people - "Phantoms," "Mermaid Fever," "A Report on Our Recent Troubles," "The Place," "Elsewhere," " [...]

    13. I really have overall mixed feelings on this book and I really struggled with my rating. I normally don't give reviews buuuuut this book of stories left me kind of conflicted. I'm not usually a reader of short stories but I thought I would give it a go and overall, I'm glad I did. First, I will say that I didn't like all of these stories. Actually I probably liked less than half of them. That being said, even the ones I wasn't a fan of were incredibly well written. I really liked the writing sty [...]

    14. Things that go bump in the night. And the Day. And all around the town. Steven Millhauser has a niche -- his fiction is always left of the center of reality. Even his Pulitzer Prize winner, Martin Dressler, involved an improbably mercantile establishment. These 16 stories are often set against leafy, sun drenched backgrounds, but are for the most part cautionary and in many cases, extremely dark. Even his ode to baseball with its soaring homer in the bottom of the ninth has a tinge of the fantas [...]

    15. The stories within the book were uneven. I really liked "Miracle Polish" as a story about magical realism where nothing much happens. Several of the other stories feel like standard Millhauser fare about strange time in suburbia. "Mermaid Fever" and "Rapunzel" were the other high points until the end of the book. The last three stories were probably the least typical stories in the collection and were fun to read. A home run, Paul Bunyan's brother, and a story about God calling Samuel finish the [...]

    16. "Miracle Polish", "Phantoms" and "A Voice in the Night" are the stand out pieces of a collection that seems otherwise slightly repetitive. The typical Millhauser tale is a deadpan, reportage-like account of perhaps-supernatural events in small town America that you feel inclined to read allegorically - although you're not quite sure that you ought to.

    17. Millhauser has been called one of the greatest American writers and I wouldn’t argue. His short stories are masterful. The short stories here show off his immense talent for leading a reader into a seemingly ordinary situation and then dropping in some strange twist or element of fantasy, and then exploring it in detail. It’s a wonderful show of a story collection, filled with creeping dread, conflicting emotions, and odd thought experiments. Though he loves to veer into the truly fantastic [...]

    18. Full disclosure: I didn't read completely 4 stories. Out of around 17 that's pretty good because I enjoyed all the other ones I read. I'm not going to go into detail about how much I loved each story because I wrote about them one by one along the way. My favorite stories from the book overall The Place, Mermaid Fever, and 13 WIVES. Omg thirteen wives was my alltime fave!!

    19. All of these short stories are weird, which is a good thing. Some are weird in a "what the hell did I just read" way, others show the weirdness that lies underneath a perfectly pleasant, and pretty small town.

    20. Some stories were not as impressive as other stories. However, the stories that impressed me really impressed me. Personal standouts:- Phantoms- Sons and Mothers- Rapunzel- Elsewhere- The Pleasures and Sufferings of Young Gautama- A Voice In The Night

    21. Sixteen Stories, Some Rather SimilarIt is a pity, in a way, that I have been reading this book on deadline to review it, for it is really a collection to be sampled one story at a time, over the course of many weeks. Each of these sixteen stories is superb, developing a distant sense of unease, building on it with lucid writing, exemplary control of detail, and a feeling for the American Northeast to rival Updike. As in this vision of small-town summer, from the first page of the story "Elsewher [...]

    22. I do really enjoy reading story collections and try to do a couple or a few every year. Stephen Millhauser is a favorite, discovered when I realized he was a professor at Skidmore College where my daughter went to college. He is an amazing wordsmith! This collection is called Voices in the Night and the stories are all quite strange, yet mesmerizing because of his ability to write so enchantingly. I wouldn't say these are stories of the paranormal, which is not something I feel drawn tol even th [...]

    23. With more misses than hits, I am giving Voices in the Night three stars because when it hit the mark, it really HITS the MARK. However, it more accurately deserves a two and a half star rating. I really wanted to love this book. I hadn't read any of Millhauser's work before, but upon reading a review of the book, I took the plunge to purchase it because it sounded interesting. Regarding its ability to hold the reader's attention it does that most of the time. Then there are times that the storie [...]

    24. This is just weird because I've read Millhauser before and loved his work. In fact, I once went to a reading he did and it was incredible--the whole audience was in tears of laughter. His work usually has this quality of absurdity, a tingly surreality, that plays up both humor (check out his short story "The Visit") and melancholy ("The Illusionist," which was also turned into a beautiful film which stays very close to the original) wonderfully. This book, for me, just hung too far on the melanc [...]

    25. Classic Millhauser here. Haunting, subtle, sly, uncanny, and at times quietly humorous. Some stories, like, "Miracle Polish" and "A Report on Our Recent Troubles" exhibit comfortable, somewhat recycled forms. In the former, a man tormented with disappointment and loneliness, opens the door to find a salesman offering "miracle polish." He tentatively concedes to buy it and eventually applies it to a mirror in his living room. Suddenly, a new world, crystal clear and augmented, appears before him. [...]

    26. When it comes to the short fiction of Steven Millhauser, there’s nothing like your first time. For me it was “The Knife Thrower and Other Stories” in 1999. I almost couldn’t believe the worlds Millhauser created in 10-20 page chunks. The stories were mind-expanding, creepy, profound, historically erudite, and one of the most attuned takes on the human condition I’d ever read. I quickly combed the Internet and ordered his out-of-print collections, “In the Penny Arcade” and “The Ba [...]

    27. There are some really great stories in this, but it's an uneven collection. Millhauser is like the Borges of small-town America, but without the erudition and faux-academic interests of his masterful predecessor. Perhaps a better analogy is Borges run through Stephen King. Several of these stories feature unsettling encounters or weird geography, hints that something sinister lurks under the American Dream, but without ever fully erupting into horror. It's a good approach and some of those stori [...]

    28. I liked most of the stories individually but collectively they felt like less than the sum of their parts, a little repetitive, a little too much artifice, and I felt like I was not gaining new insights or being dazzled by complete creativity.Many of the stories are about uncanny events in small Northeastern towns that are treated realistically and almost normally as they spread through the town--a mermaid dies on shore and starts a fad in a town; a wave of suicides are described almost like a w [...]

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