Heiress's Defiance

Heiress s Defiance When the heiress meets her match Lucilla Chatsfield is the only person to lead her family s dynasty But when her position is usurped by the intensely arrogant but breathtakingly gorgeous Christos Giat

  • Title: Heiress's Defiance
  • Author: Lynn Raye Harris
  • ISBN: 9780373132959
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
  • When the heiress meets her match Lucilla Chatsfield is the only person to lead her family s dynasty But when her position is usurped by the intensely arrogant but breathtakingly gorgeous Christos Giatrakos, she refuses to lie low because Lucilla is playing for keeps Christos finds the Chatsfield heiress highly amusing, until she raises the stakes risking his reputationWhen the heiress meets her match Lucilla Chatsfield is the only person to lead her family s dynasty But when her position is usurped by the intensely arrogant but breathtakingly gorgeous Christos Giatrakos, she refuses to lie low because Lucilla is playing for keeps Christos finds the Chatsfield heiress highly amusing, until she raises the stakes risking his reputation and forcing him to act Lucilla will be taught a lesson, but to do this Christos must return to a home that almost destroyed him However, facing his past will test him almost as much as the beautiful Lucilla Welcome to The Chatsfield, London

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    1 thought on “Heiress's Defiance”

    1. I couldn’t connect to the characters. And I didn't like the heroine, Lucialla and what she did to Christos. I understand where she's coming from, really. But I didn't like that she hired someone to investigate Christos and willing to use the information for her personal gain. And since book 1, all of these Chatsfield bunch did nothing but complained how bad or how arrogant or cold-blooded Christos was; forcing them to do things they don't want to do. Well, their father hired him, so I guess he [...]

    2. This is book number eight in the Mills and Boon The Chatsfield series, this time we meet the eldest of the Chatsfield's. Lucilla has always been the one to keep the family together, taken care of everything she could, which of course is a great responsibility and as we all know , with great responsibility comes great sacrifice.Lucilla has never really stopped to look for love, she is simply jut too busy trying to keep it all together, she faces each day head on and let's nothing stand in her way [...]

    3. Lucilla Chatsfield knows she is the one that should be the CEO of the family business. The fact that her father puts Christos Giatrakos in charge of the business, and her, is more than she can stand. He might be gorgeous, but he has got to go.Christos Giatrakos has never been one to let a woman distract him form his goals. At least, not until Lucilla works her way under his skin. Even her threat to expose his past does not stop him from taking things a little too far. He know that there will not [...]

    4. My first review after a long time and this book deserves it.I have to say I'm particularly fond of enemies to lover plot. Of course Christos and Lucilla definitely have it! They have sparks and passion. I love them both.And if I could give 6 star for the 'ending', i would. My compliment for the author.(view spoiler)[ there's an exclusive interview with the mighty Christos (hide spoiler)]

    5. First, let me start by saying a big thank you for David Tennant for helping me out with this review. I think his presence makes a lackluster review (or book or movie or TV show or anything really) better. I didn't start out with the intention of making him help me, but he just has so many absolutely perfect facial expressions. (Plus, I've been watching the Netflix "Jessica Jones" series that they made out of Alias, Vol. 1, so I'm in full Tennant-is-a-bad-guy-and-I-find-that-AMAZEBALLS fangirl mo [...]

    6. I was desperately waiting for Christos and Lucilla’s story. The previous Chatsfield books built up an awesome anticipation regarding him and therefore I had really high expectations about this one. Needless to say I was not disappointed and loved every minute of this book.The best thing about Heiress Defiance is the high intensity with which everything is portrayed. Be it the love scenes, the confrontations or even normal dialogue. Christos and Lucilla are both very strong characters in their [...]

    7. I liked Lucilla's story. It was refreshing how the author touched on the whole piece of her playing the good girl, having to be responsible for all of her siblings and bringing them up and still feeling like it was never good enough for her father. And then there is that thin line of hate/love she's been flirting with with Christos. I actually found their sparring amusing and the chemistry between them hot.

    8. Excelente romance. Me encantó la pasión contenido de este par de tercos. Los amé en cada página. Deleite total.

    9. Lucilla should have been the one to take over the Chatsfield business, but her father chose outsider Christos Giatrakos, and now she has to work for him, watching him run the business she worked her entire life to run. And he's arrogant and sexy - which makes things all the worse that Lucilla is attracted to him. In an attempt to oust Christos, she digs into his past and discovers her weapon. But Christos won't let Lucilla use his past against him - so he kidnaps her and takes her to his hometow [...]

    10. "Heiress's Defiance" by Lynn Raye Harris is Book 8 of 'The Chatsfield Series.' This book is great as a read alone or as part of the series. Since I love reading series books I recommend the series. In this story we meet Lucilla Chatsfield who is the heiress to the Chatsfield Hotel chain. She took care of her siblings at the age of 14 when her Mother ran off and left the family. We also meet Christos Giatrakos a multi-millionaire outsider who is brought in to run the hotel, and bring it back up t [...]

    11. 3 1/2 stars in fact.Ok. She's not a virgin heroine. And he's not a complete alpha male. But putting that facts aside, the story is well written and had a few interesting (and surprising) twists that made the book enjoyable.You may ask, why I didn't give it 5 stars? Simple: there were a few things inconclusive in the story, we never knew what happened with Lilliana Chatsfield and Lucilla's reconciliation with her father was reduced to a single paragraph.(view spoiler)[But I have to say that, even [...]

    12. Enjoyed most of the books about the Chatsfield children. Lucilla and Christos needed their own story. It has been foretold from the start that they would. Ambitious and overachievers they finally get to slow down, put some distance and admit first that they love each other and secondly that there's more to life than living up to people's expectations. I would have loved, however, to arrive at some form of reconciliation or at least a showdown between Gene and his children but nope. Lucilla and C [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this romance for the spit-fire bantering between the two main characters and, particularly, for Lucilla's desire to work hard and achieve something. She was not a spoiled princess and the moral dilemma she comes up against when faced with being utterly ruthless to achieve what she wants or keep to her own set of morals is well done. Christos dark secret was also sensitively handled and didn't feel like it was just being trotted out to tick a box. It all worked really well. I'll [...]

    14. I have enjoyed the Chatsfield series, and this book is no exception to that. Although I thought it was the last in the series, it did say at the end that there were more coming! This particular book finally tells the story of Lucilla, the second eldest of the Chatsfield heirs, and the man their father brought in over their heads as CEO.

    15. If this book was not an end to a series I would have rated it four stars, I like Lynn Raye Harris as an author.Ending was a let down!Read entire series and to just have a one liner on all the previous family members was a big let downI see the stories continueshope the ending is better and the stories will not be over killed with this family

    16. 1.5 starsThe writing style was so sloppy, I found myself cringing most of the time. Here we had the new CEO who was brown nosing the siblings for their " bad behavior!" Well, except Lucca, his own behavior was worse than the rest. The chemistry was non existence.

    17. "Harris’ romance is a clash of the titans. Her despotic hero and uptight heroine walk the fine line, trading jabs and fire from boardroom to bedroom. The “ah-ha” moment when love prevails is the icing on the cake" (RT Book Reviews, 4 1/2 stars).Miniseries: The Chatsfield

    18. when I read the earlier books, I could hardly wait for the book about Christos. but now I'm disappointed. he is such a weak hero and i hate that type of heros.

    19. Love❤Me hubiera gustado un poco mas de interacción entre los hermanos, pero al menos tuvimos un epílogo de cierre!!

    20. When two strong people fall in loveThey hate each other for standing in the way of what they think they want but the lines become blurred when angry passion becomes desire

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